November 03, 2008

Pistons get Iverson for Billups, McDyess, Samb: It appears the promised shake-up has come to the Pistons.
The Pistons are expected to trade guard Chauncey Billups, forward Antonio McDyess and center Cheikh Samb to the Denver Nuggets for guard Allen Iverson, the Free Press has learned.

posted by BornIcon to basketball at 01:18 PM - 13 comments

Personally, I'm pretty psyched to see my boy A.I. back in the East. I've never been a Piston's fan but having the "Answer" in that squad has elevated Detroit to another level. A.I. isn't the same player that he was when in Philly but that's actually a good thing. He's more mature now and is more willing of playing within the system.

Iverson and Wallace will mesh and Iverson will make his teammates better. Things didn't work out in Denver because.., well, it's Denver. What did anyone really expect considering the powerhouses that's in the west.

posted by BornIcon at 01:24 PM on November 03, 2008

It'll be strange to see the Pistons without Billups and McDyess, after the years of their runs into the playoffs.

posted by boredom_08 at 02:33 PM on November 03, 2008

As a Pistons fan, I'm psyched by this trade. The P's needed a shake up, and this is more than I imagined would happen. AS BornIcon said, AI's more mature and should fit nicely into the line-up. And now the spotlight shines on Stuckey. I think he can handle it.

posted by afl-aba at 03:09 PM on November 03, 2008

At the moment I am a fan of the trade. I'll go more in depth in a bit when I have some time.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 04:50 PM on November 03, 2008

Between Culpepper and Iverson, it's been a great week for late-career stars in Detroit.

This should be a great trade for Detroit, especially if Denver buys out McDyess's contract, letting him come back (I always hoped that Antonio would see a championship in Detroit).

I love Billups as a player, but he's a choke artist in the playoffs (though I know some folks think the same thing about Iverson).

posted by klangklangston at 06:15 PM on November 03, 2008

This is a cap move. AI's and Sheed's contracts are up after this season, and that leaves the Pistons with $30 million+ in cap space to go after King James, DWade, Bosh, or whomever else is available this offseason. But I've always liked Iverson, so I'm glad to see him in red and blue, if only for this year...

posted by MeatSaber at 07:00 PM on November 03, 2008

Billups a choke artist in the playoffs? Wow? Pistons should have gotten another ring in this run. Tim Duncan had a lot to say about that. Welcome Home Chauncey!


posted by JohnEBGood at 07:04 PM on November 03, 2008

I would ask, "Why", but MeatSaber already answered the question. The Pistons finally realized that their run had come to an end. They have no chance of beating the C's or anyone of the top 4-6 playoff teams in the West, so they are throwing in the towel for this season and hoping to pick up a big time free agent in the offseason. Sorry for you Detroit fans who have become accustomed to having a shot at a title... AI is not the man he was in Philly, and it's not necessarily a good thing although a few of you seem to think so. First off, Iverson has never played good on ball defense (the Pistons are known for tough D), 2nd Iverson is replacing Billups, a point guard, we have all seen that AI is not a point guard. Further, AI can't score like he used to. Sure he can put up 40 on a given night, but he can't do it in back-to-back games anymore, let alone 10-15 in a row. This trade would have made more sense last year when the Nugs had Camby, but now? Billups is a great floor general, but he's going to need a miracle to make the playoffs in the West with the current Den squad.

posted by docshredder at 07:27 PM on November 03, 2008

Chauncey has struggled in the playoffs the last few years, but choke artist might be a bit strong. I guess 04 was a long time ago.

Doc - AI isn't replacing Billups, Stuckey is. I don't think you'll see AI playing point full time, which should open him up for his preferred role of black hole...errr...scorer.

posted by curlyelk at 07:40 PM on November 03, 2008

Everyone is right on with respect to the salary purge in Detroit. But it's 2010 that Lebron, Bosh, etc. are free agents.

I really don't see how this makes the Pistons better today. If AI can't put it together with Carmelo, Camby and Co. He's not making the Pistons better than they were with Billups. AI shoots at a pretty low percentage now and still commands 15 to 20 shots a game.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 07:44 PM on November 03, 2008

I love Billups as a player, but he's a choke artist in the playoffs (though I know some folks think the same thing about Iverson)

Billups & Iverson choke artists? Where you get that info from because you're way off base. Firstly, Billups has brought a championship to Detriot already so how is that him choking? As far as A.I., dude was basically doing everything himself while he was in Philly. I have watched Iverson during his entire career in the NBA and this guy is the epitome of a basketball player.

Further, AI can't score like he used to. Sure he can put up 40 on a given night, but he can't do it in back-to-back games anymore, let alone 10-15 in a row

I wholeheartedly disagreee. Iverson doesn't need to score 40 in every anymore because he supposedly had help to assist in that department. In Philly, Iverson didn't really have a partner in crime to alleviate some of the burden of putting up points and the help he did recieve were from players that were already past their prime (Chris Webber?)

Having Iverson back in the east should not only bring back the "Answer" but given his time in Denver, he now knows what he's truly capable of doing in order to make his teammates better. Iverson will always be a scorer since that part has always been easy for him but now in Detroit and the cast that surrounds him, this is going to be a very interesting year in the NBA.

posted by BornIcon at 08:12 AM on November 04, 2008

I think this is a low-risk, high-reward trade for Detroit. They're not looking like a contender this year and either AI brings them up a level or they clear a ton of cap room for next year. They're in a great position to lose one season to underperforming and restock for next year.

posted by dfleming at 11:56 AM on November 04, 2008

Its a cap move but being a sixers fan I can't be happy that AI is the East, he's dangerous. Also think about the fans that Detroit will pull with AI. Rasheed and AI will be FA's after this year and they'll sign a big free agent.

posted by phillyfootball at 03:45 PM on November 04, 2008

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