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Nice work grum. You rock! Maybe now I can hope Pete Rose can get back into baseball?? I played against a pitcher like Ryan. The kid threw fast, the only problem was he had 0 control. I hated it, because you never knew where the ball was coming. Sure, it wasn't 95-100 mph, but at 12 yrs. old, the 65-70 mph fastball, looked it. Right, the Ryan Express. Go Bonds!!

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Would it then be better if all were guilty until proven innocent? The Court of Public Opinion is just that, though, Opinion. Sometimes facts are involved, but most times, feeling overrides fact in that Court. I'll stay with truth and facts.

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Nice job! Well done on a feat the other 99.9 % of us will never see, nonetheless imagine coming close to. As a 49er fan, if all these allegations pour sour on this great feat, maybe too, then we should discredit all of Bill Romanowski's achievements. 75 supplements 3 times a day?!!?! And when taken together gave him a coke high?! He had so many, they just called him RX. 756, Here he comes!!

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Women want Cow-Runs for equality in Spain's San Fermin bull festival

What exactly is the difference between the running the cows or bulls? Bulls have what it takes to run with the people.

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Mackenzie Kline

She's 15!!!?! Wow! Good for her.

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LeBron James is on another level now

Cavs? Not quite yet. LeBron is still too inconsistent in his play. Pistons/Spurs and when it goes there I'd love to see The Spurs do it, but the Pistons, are the Pistons, and can get it done when necessary. Don't count them out yet.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 08:20 PM on June 01, 2007

'Hubba Hubba and Other Grunting Sounds'

I didn't know anything about this young lady either till this post. I'm sorry it happened, but as thx-1138 said, there's not much we can do to undo the situation. I've got a fix though. It's called CCW. It's called the TASER. Both are great deterrents for any would be assailant. Of course I know, she's only 18, and can't receive her CCW till 21, but the TASER would do the trick. It would be $1000 well spent for protection. Good Luck to her in all her endeavors!

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 08:31 PM on May 29, 2007

Boy, 11, bags hog bigger than 'Hogzilla'

An 11 yr old and a .50 cal??? I know large grown men who've broken wrists from the recoil of a .50 cal, and then have decided never to shoot again. People get knocked on their butts shooting .50 cals. Hmmmm, something seems strange here. I do enjoy pork chops though. If this is true, I've never seen a hog that large, but it should be good eating.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 06:45 AM on May 27, 2007

Griffey Jr. to fan: You couldn't touch the threads on my jock!

Definition of "there" - a place or position of a person, place, or thing. ie: Ken Griffey hit the ball over there. Definition of "their" - plural possessive pronoun showing possession of something by multiple people or persons. ie: Their uniforms were dirty from playing all day on the field. I know, someone will say the "language police" were here. On topic: Maybe Griffey should go to this guy's place of employment and return the favor?

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 03:32 PM on May 15, 2007

Remember when he played for them?

I remember both the Rice stint and Montana's trip to KC. He did take the team to a 11-5 mark his first year there and 9-7 his second before retiring. Remember also that Marcus Allen played for KC when Montana was there. Steve Bono, also from SF picked up in 1995 taking them to 13-3.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 06:49 AM on May 13, 2007

Ricky Williams tests positive for marijuana again

It's too bad Ricky has chosen to travel this road. He would've been a great player.

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Ravens quarterback Steve McNair charged in DUI case

It's still "all about the Benjamins."

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Panthers release Keyshawn Johnson

Yes, both of them. Elvis' years were short and tumultuous. He left as his son was diagnosed with either leukemia or cancer. Drunkenmiller too. Didn't do a whole lot. With Alex Smith though, we almost made playoffs this year. We beat the divison leading Seahawks both times, the second in a dramatic 2nd half comeback. I don't think they'll be a NE or San Diego, but I'm looking for a 10-6 or 9-7 season from them, as they showed signs of greatness last year, they just didn't have it to put out every game.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 06:19 PM on May 02, 2007

Panthers release Keyshawn Johnson

Don't send him to San Fran. We're just coming out of a our slump after "mr. wonderful" left because there was no "teamwork" and his QB was "gay". Then our QB went to Cleveland! Alex is doing fine and we're just starting to see some good things happen. The greatest thing that could happen is to get Debartolos and Yorks out of the front office. Players had sports drink " restrictions" and they were locked up under the wonderful DeBartolos?!!? Anyway don't send him!

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 02:55 PM on May 02, 2007

Former 49er's LB Kevin Mitchell dead at 36.

Its times like these where I step back and really wonder, "You know, its not ALL it's cracked up to be." I'm only bringing in around 15/hr, but that's plenty for me knowing my job isn't dependent upon me being biggest, fastest, hardest hitting son of a gun at work. You know, Weedy, the more I think about it in situations like these, and probably because I'm getting older, I know it's not worth the millions and the fame. There are many other responsibilities inherent with that occupation. I too remember watching him play for my 49ers. A fan since 1981. Condolences to his family.

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Pats Making Move For Moss

Hey Randy, lightning never strikes the same place twice. Take advantage of the SB opportunity this year in NE. It may never happen for you again.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 05:24 PM on April 29, 2007

St. Louis Cardinals Reliever, Josh Hancock, Dies in Car Crash.


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"The Worst Beating of Your Life"

Hello Navy Seals. In this case, then, I'm still just a boy.

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MLB Credits Hank Aaron With 50 Lost Home Runs

Maybe we should also start counting K's for pitchers when the ball was fouled on the 3rd strike???

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 02:16 PM on April 28, 2007

Remedial Parenting 101:

OUCH! thanx, rcade, pretty good slow motion for the catch. Dad, when you have small children, YOU HAVE TO WATCH THEM! I'm very surprised the injuries were not more severe.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 07:44 PM on April 24, 2007

Sports Agent Convicted of Smuggling.

Let me get this straight: Dominguez, co-founder of TSI Inc. and prominent agent, faces up to 205 years for smuggling players big league baseball prospects from Cuba?!!? Smuggling is not the issue, it appears, but the direct link to baseball that made it a huge issue. I wonder the future for the recipient of the $225k, who IS a known drug dealer. Mr. Dominguez, Hint: Go to Mexico, walk over the border where drug snipers have their aim at our border patrol, and there is not much we do to illegals, then go to California, get an SSN from somebody and collect your money, Done. Illegal aliens come in every day to our country, but now when they "are linked to baseball," then it becomes egregious??? Wow.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 08:01 PM on April 13, 2007

All Charges Dropped in Duke Case

Finally. Nifong, try another occupation, because you really messed this up huge! Hey, guess what, if the DNA tests come back not matching any of the alleged perpetrators....IT'S NOT THEM!!! There are alot of apologies owed, especially to the coach and the lacrosse team. Thanks for the post BI.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 07:58 PM on April 12, 2007

College basketball's top ten active coaches - SI thinks they know

Yeah, where is Pat Summit?

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Bledsoe retires

Speaking of the Duke LaCrosse team... Okay, I won't hi-jack this forum. But it would be a great post. Bledsoe thanks for the memories, but I just don't see you with Montana, Young, et. al.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 12:46 PM on April 12, 2007

Why don't I subscribe to Extra Innings?

All we need to do now as a "watching public" is to unsubscribe to DTV. Then we'll see where they can take their "extra innings" package.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 07:38 PM on March 29, 2007

NFL Competition Committee won't change overtime,

How about the ol' "it's the 1st play from scrimmage, and I just tackled the RB for a 2 yd loss, and then the power ball dance." C'mon you have 3 quarters and 14:47 left on the game clock! I would like to see the marathon game again where it just went on until one team was a ahead at the end of an OT. Kansas City anyone?

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 07:21 PM on March 29, 2007

LeBron steps up sneaker war

Eventually what this will prove, again, is that you can have it all, and not really have IT.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 06:38 AM on March 29, 2007

Incident With Daughter Could Get Ukranian Swim Coach Lifetime Ban:

From :49 seconds to 1:01 it doesn't look good at all. I would never sit on MY daughter like that. Sure I understand she sat down, but it that would make me extremely uncomfortable. She is clearly hurt at the beginning from something he says, then he grabs for her towel/clothes as she tries to walk away. If this "incident" was a first between them, her body language would show as much. But, it's quite obvious it's not the first time. I only have seen the 2:13 segment and not the whole 7 minutes, so this is posted based on that. Even so, there is something not right here. Lifetime ban.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 12:40 PM on March 28, 2007

Barton Wins D2 basketball championship in amazing fashion

I was watching this game with about 6 minutes left and it was absolutelty AWESOME! Not only did Barton win, but Winona St. missed the repeat, and they went 36-1! What an awful feeling to mess up the perfect season in the last 45 seconds. Certainly an "Instant Classic." Nice job Barton.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 06:44 AM on March 27, 2007

Former Steelers and Rams player is off to Iraq

It appears that some of us have forgotten 9/11. Sure, there's alot of things Bush has done I disagree with. My only question is this. With the hatred seen here toward Bush I just have one question: What or How would you do things differently? (not meant to be taken with an attitude, just a simple question). I know I would have shocked and awed the whole country until a white flag was flown. Then the question is this: Would that have stopped terrorism? The answer is resounding, NO! This war has been waged for nearly 5,000 in the Middle East, and no country, not even the U.S., will stop it. One must have a clear understanding of Middle Eastern history before waging war with them. All that said, whether it be the Civil, Revolutionary, War of 1812, WW1, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf War or the current war, I am truly thankful for all of soldiers and their families who have sacrificed with their lives/limbs to keep this country free. No, I don't know all their names, but I'm still thankful to live free in Ohio, USA. btw: I don't remember anyone wanting to "hang" Clinton for oral sex, they just wanted him out of office.

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Former Steelers and Rams player is off to Iraq

You're my hero Jeremy Staat, along with the untold others, and their families who have sacrificed for this great country of ours. Godspeed!

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Teams We Hate In This Year's NCAA Tournament

Thanks for the post pholcomb. I didn't know that. I'm shur gettin' a gud egukashun on sportsfiltr. It's just blows me away that these guys can't read, and can play ball with those classes and gpa's. Hey, this year Duke makes my top ten also. Go VCU! I would love to see them go out in the 1st round!

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 08:09 PM on March 15, 2007

C.C. Sabathia looks around Cleveland's clubhouse and sees something missing

I agree with the point.

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C.C. Sabathia looks around Cleveland's clubhouse and sees something missing

Well said Luther70. There is a greater genetic difference between those with attached ear lobes as those with unattached ear lobes, than there is in the color of skin. Hey, best man/woman gets the job. One thing I haven't seen is the outrage that there aren't more white players in basketball or football, or that x % of the starters must be white or any other race based on society's percentages. Again, I don't care if you're purple, green, or yellow, if you're the best, you should take the position. Really, though, NASCAR is trying more diversification.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 12:00 PM on March 15, 2007

Rose admits to betting on Reds every night

Rose should NOT be in the Hall. He bet on baseball. Before reading the previous posts, I did not know it was posted in the locker rooms as the cardinal rule. Although I do disagree with Shoeless Joe's ban for life, as my argument is here. Rose, no pity for ya, keep the spin up, eventually all the truth might come out.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 11:41 AM on March 15, 2007

Teams We Hate In This Year's NCAA Tournament

If I were in their shoes, and finally beat a team I lost 31 straight games to, I'd storm the court if no one was there! I love the playoffs.

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Death Race 2007

Where can I sign up? This is awesome!

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In a battle of image, Duke takes black eye

Duke's had its hay day, and now at the 1st glimpse of a falling dynasty, and this is the play we get?! It's always easier to show class when your winning, but the true measure of a man is when he is losing. Coach K, just take it on the chin and beat the Heels next year, 'cuz you won't this year. No excuses. I have only one question: How can a foul be "flagrant," but not "intentional?" Hey, Go Bucks!

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 07:11 AM on March 05, 2007

One Good Turn Deserves Another!

Summit Rocks!! I love watching her coach, and this was just fabulous! Go Vols!

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 09:30 AM on February 28, 2007

Clippers Guard Destroys Knee in Freak Injury

OUCH!! I know the Clippers weren't on the way to the playoffs, but now maybe Scottie has somewhere to go. That video was absolutely nasty! I closed my eyes and flinched. He got jacked up! If he comes out of this and plays ball again, it'll show there's no limit to the human spirit.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 06:10 AM on February 28, 2007

Topps o' the Mornin' Mr. President.

nice job SE. In a couple of years, it'll be a high dollar collector's item. Maybe next time they'll show the Babe eatin' his dogs in the dugout.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 12:20 PM on February 27, 2007

SlapShot Part II

I wonder what Joseph Smith would've done?

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 05:25 PM on February 22, 2007

"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching"

and the college guys don't get a cut of all the money they bring in from "sponsorhips" etc. Academics means nothing, and when they do, we all know where those teams are. Not in the Top 25 every year. It's just become "all about the Benjamins."

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Former Celtics guard Dennis Johnson dies at 52

No!!! Sickleguy, those were my Celtics beating your Pistons. I watched that game in the 6th grade!! He was so good. Well, I suppose we all must one day.

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Who's the Daddy?

WOW!!! I have a long way to go. Boy, am I lazy. Boy, my daddyhood REALLY wreaks! Go daddy. Enjoyed the music and the video. Right, ctal1999, I've got to make more time with my children.

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"I love sweaty basketball players."

Drood, if what you're looking for is tolerance or respect for the homosexual lifestyle, one thing you may not want to do is become like what you think "homophobes" act like. In your desire to legitimize homosexuality, your bashing of others against it, makes you sound like some with whom you disagree. I do agree, it wasn't right what Hardaway said.

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Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

ragohol - not to be confused with the fuel used by waltrip's crew.

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Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

maybe he meant rage-aholic? only a guess

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 01:50 PM on February 19, 2007

Martin finds himself odd man out ... again

Doggone, the king of 2nd lets me down again. I was pullin' hard for Mark to take his 1st, and was kind of hopin' that Happy Harv' would pull a Michael Waltrip when DE Sr. took his 1st, but it just wan't meant to be. Matter of fact I was really upset at Happy for doin' it, but it is racing, and he broke line first. Maybe he should've asked for some "toyota juice." 2nd - I do think that without the crashes etc., we would see a decline in NASCAR #'s at the track. Why exactly do we watch NASCAR? The beautiful drafting ability? To see that clump of 43 cars travel in one pack? Pit stops? No, these races are watched to see "what happens next and how bad the next crash will be. Think about this, "A NASCAR race without a crash." Not very inspiring.

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Chief Illiniwek hits the bench

my apologies lbb. if you wish you and for whomever else, you may abbreviate my name to bmw. again my apologies for any slighted feelings from my previous post on your name.

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Chief Illiniwek hits the bench

TT I understand. In an earlier thread, "tiki barber's" her reference to me was the "bavariansausageeater."

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 05:18 PM on February 18, 2007

Chief Illiniwek hits the bench

Man, li'l brown stick gets extremely upset at the smallest things. "pc" or not this is ridiculous!

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 04:00 PM on February 18, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

I agree with Bishop. Experience is the BEST teacher. I wrestled for 4 years in about the same as bracket as these wrestlers, and one thing I learned. NEVER, NEVER allow anyone to place you in the "honeymooner." This is an extremely painful position, but is only for 3 points, and not intended for a pin. It takes the wind out of you, and you can barely breathe. Meanwhile the ref can't hit the mat as your shoulder blades aren't touching the mat! Honeymooner - the controlled is back to the mat, and the controller has mounted, belly to belly, the controlled. The controller wraps up the head and extended arms of the controlled, meanwhile his legs pull up on the legs of the controlled. He then arches his back. I know, no wonder they call it the "honeymooner." I learned a huge lesson that day. IT HURTS!! Another thing. As wrong as this was, the thrown's father said "he lauched my boy 5 - 10 ft. in the air. Yes, he threw him, but it looked more like a couple of ft. backward, and only about a ft off the mat. Not condoning it, but it was a "little" exaggerated.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 03:50 PM on February 18, 2007

Chief Illiniwek hits the bench

what next???? soon we'll have to play two hand touch football, because tackle football is too aggressive. What a shame! Can I puke yet?

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 05:41 PM on February 17, 2007

Team Me Up Scottie

I'd love to see Mahorn take it over Barkley! Yes!! Better yet, Parish on Ewing!

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 02:54 PM on February 16, 2007

Doping in Daytona

Me too Ironhead. I can't comment too much about F1 or WRC, because I don't watch it, although I can make a statement about the "whitetrashcar" comment. Just for the record, and I'm sure there are more, but both my wife and I have graduated high school, and have earned 4 year college degrees. Hers in business, and mine in lawenforcement. Each nascar team/driver has their own personality, and I know if its not DW you like, I'm sure there's a Robbie Gordon, Tony Stewart, or the King of 2nd place, Mark Martin for you.

posted by bavarianmotorworker at 01:10 PM on February 16, 2007

Team Me Up Scottie

?????? C'mon scottie, your knees are shot, and you really wouldn't help anybody, except maybe the Celts, and then it wouldn't be such a great comeback, because you can't do much worse than 1-18 through the last 19 games, and the only way left is up. Maybe Kareem could come back too and help a team to the playoffs..hmmmm...

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"Go play intramurals, brother!"

I'm with urall and the crafty one on this. Mommy and Daddy need to cut the cord loose and let their little baby suck it up. I can count endless peopl in much worse position than this, they suck it up and make it. I starte working 12 to 16 hour days the moment my foot hit high school graduation, and supported myself. And I know I had it easy! VACATION??? What's that? Oh yeah, its that week you or your SO gets off so you can catch up on your "honey-do" list or fix the children's X, Y, Z. I remember now. Grow up buddy! I would be apalled if my parents thought about this

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Good Save, the Queen

Very nice.

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Doping in Daytona

I'm with you coach. Wasn't this stock car racing? The purpose was to pull the car off the assembly line "stock" and race the thing. Yes, you need restraining harnesses roll cages etc. for safety, but man, let's go back to "stock car racing." I would've loved to see that 2 ft. spoiler on the daytona!!

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