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Colts 72 million dollar man

Well, they may have lost Cato June, Nick Harper, Mike Doss, Monty Reagor, and Jason David (you could say the Saints stole him...), but its good to see they found money for Freeney. Freeney stated before the beginning of last season that he wanted to be the highest paid defensive player in the league. Well he got his wish, but the price was high, but a talent like Freeney must not be allowed to walk. Sometimes I wonder if the Eagles ever kick themselves for not paying Reggie White. Obviously, fellow rivals the Giants learned from that mistake as Strahan was given his $$$. As a Colt fan I just hope my small market Colts can find some money these next 2 years to re-sign Bob "the Builder" Sanders (Cuz he loves to lay some wood!!!)

posted by dezznutz at 02:05 PM on July 14, 2007

Sheffield calls out Torre, Jeter, Bonds in HBO interview

Another season, another Sheffield story that involves race. As a Tiger fan, his joining the team has been wholly positive, so I cant really complain about him to much right now. But there was something he said about how being a Yankee was all about business, and their wasnt a sense of family there that stood out to me. I mean, how could that have been a surprise? Everyone knows what is imporant to Steinbrenner, he is a much less senial Al Davis, winning has always been everything to him and in the city of NY, with their know-it-all ultra judgemental media, that shouldnt have been so surprising to him. Anyways, I hope hes happy with Leyland and the Tiger organizaton, we wouldnt mind him staying for a while...but not complaining anymore would be nice as well.

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Mark Cuban Applies to Buy Chicago Cubs

Cuban's M.O. seems to be that he loves the Bad News Bears types. So in concordance I must agree with COMMANDER CODY. I would love to see him buy the Lions. The Ford's can barely keep Ford Co. afloat right now, so maybe they will put the team up for sale. (Ahhhh wishful thinking) It must be pretty sad when all of your teams fans want you gone...just like the GM. Notice a pattern here outside observers? As far as Cuban goes, wasnt he just trying got buy the Pirates? I give him credit for not giving up though, unfortuantely for him, he doesnt fit the profile that Bud Selig and his Ole-Boys Club of owners want for MLB. It's to bad, cuz last I remember, MLB wasnt the #1 sport in America anymore and I dont see how someone with Cuban's money and him or hate him...couldnt be good for MLB. He couldnt hurt, could he?

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In 2005, OU went 0-4?

The NCAA has become borderline Fascist. Its sad that our secondary education system, once a bastian for new ideas and challenging of the status quo, has become so rigid, unflexible and completely un-open to challenging that staus-quo, like it was when my parents were in college. Bobby Knight once complained that the NCAA rulebook was thicker than the Constitution of the U.S. The reason being that the NCAA hides behind rules and regulations, stating that education is its highest regard, while taking in huge revenues. Then it punishes fans, schools, coaches, and teamates when students break the rules. This is a perfect example, the school stumbles upon these misdeeds, punishes Bromar and Quinn by kicking them of the team and sanctioning themselves. Then the NCAA hops on the train and does its fascist, vacating wins bit, which is retarded. The scholarships are meaningless...2 big whoop! Vacating wins is akin to what Communist China does, it removes all media that doesnt agree with the state. I.E. Go online in China, search for the chinese equivalent of the words democracy, freedom, or Tienemann wont find them. I live in Indy, I'm sure if I go downtown to the NCAA HQ building I wont find any refrences to the Fab-Five, etc. I always like to tell the Jamal Crawford story when I spew my NCAA hate, just to let people know why. When in high school, Crawford came from a violent ghetto where he watched his best friend get shot to death right in front of him. Someone saw his potential and took him out of that ghetto and put him in a good school, paid his bills, basically made sure he wasnt one of those ESPN "could-have-been" stories. Then he graduated, and signed with my homer, the University of Michigan. He played half his freshman season, than was suspended for this, the NCAA said he was "taking" money or whatever BS charge they put on him. Since Jamal was already the best player on UofM's team at the time(by a long shot) he decided that since the 10 game suspension was unfair, that he would to talk to an agent to see if he could enter the draft at years end. The NCAA responded to this action by suspending him for the rest of the season. I could go on and on, how about the story of the NCAA threatening Clemson University by saying that they would not have any College World Series games in S. Carolina (or is it NC) if...get this, the confederate flag wasnt taken down from the State Capitol Bldg. Talk about overstepping your boundaries. I may never understand the Souths infatuation with that flag or the endless re-enactment of the war they lost, but who am I (or the NCAA 4 that matter) to challenge what a states legislators and voters want. Aarrghhh I need to stop blogging on these NCAA columns they get me all fired-up!

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Billups Signs 5-Year Deal With Pistons

That's my dawg!!! Unfortunately, this team is gettin old, hopefully there two first rounders Rodney Stuckey and Aaron Afflalo will be able to contribute soon. Also, the two big men they drafted in the last two years, Amir Johnson and Jason Maxiell, need to start earning some serious PT. As for Chauncey, he keeps our starting back court intact. So who needs Kobe? Not Detroit, though it would be pretty interesting to see how that would turn out...what would that trade entail, Hamilton and Sheed, Hamilton and a draft pick, or Hamilton or possibly Amir?

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Is ESPN Killing the National Hockey League by Influencing Public Attitudes?

Here, here nafs... NASCAR became popular and then ESPN acknowledged it, proof that this thread about the NHL has some teeth. Just look at poor Barry Melrose and his mullet, he loves hockey and his attitude is SO defensive, especially when they do those sport comparison that are ludicrus. Do they ever compare other sports to each other? I havent seen it yet, they always compare it to the NBA and Melrose is so biased, probably because his employer is biased against his sport. Someone on ESPN has to stick up for hockey... That being said, the NHL did themselves in, the lock-out was the finalstraw. How can you go on strike when you have such a small fan base? They couldnt afford to lose any fans. The AFl is a perfect example someone already mentioned. ESPN couldnt give a rats ass about that league till now, cuz they are broadcasting games they are pushing their product. I wish FOX Sportscould step up as a cable provider that could air games that are out of market every once in a while. I would love to see an MLB game the first half of the season that the Yankees arent playing in(knock on ESPN, Cornhieser and all those EAst Coast NY media elitists) PS what the heck is VS??? I must have missed that channel

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Jimmy Walker dead at 63.

"Father" is a highly subjective word in this circumstance. I still have a JAM mag.(I believe)from back in his days at Michigan, in it Jalen tells how Jimmy Walker was a love 'em and leave 'em father. I'm a big UofM Fab5 fan, and his years with Pacers were key in getting us to the Finals in 2000. From what I remember, they werent close then, hopefully "father " was smart enuff to reconcile with his son.

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The Dirtiest Man in Football

This guy kinda reminds me of my ole boss Hugh Harris, an ex-NHL player from the 70's. His reminiscions and complaints, plus the cursing like a sailor bit are totally Hughie. He would lement how little he got paid compared to now and how spoiled athletes are in general these days. He himself has had a couple of knee operations like its spooky the similarities. It is sad that the millionaire, heck even hundred-thousandaire,(da bench warmers) players of the NFL wont give more to these guys who really need it for health reasons. Especially when you consider how popular the NFL is now, revenues have got to be at record highs, but the NFLPA cant find it in themselves to give to its retirees in need. Very sad.

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Best-of-9 Series? Boras has Selig's ear

Wow dyams, did you figure that one out all by your lonesome? J/K If they do switch up play-off formats again, I gotta support fewer season games or schedule more double it was, I really enjoyed watchin game 5 in my halloween costume

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Howard fastest in history to 100 homers

Dude, what you have to realize is I have been there done that and understand exactly what has been happening to the game we all love. How old are you Dude? Early 20's? Your arrogance and disrespect is attrocious. As for someone who has been there and done that, you would think that you would appreciate Old Mans wisdom and insite on certain matters, esp. those baseball related. While I realize that drug use is basically "no big deal" by our generation, they werent with previous gen's and you should try to understand that instead if trying to sound like a bad ass behind a computer screen. Plus, Old Mans knowledge of baseball history should be soaked up by all us "sports fans", unfortunatley, we wont know or cant understand that love of baseball because of the emergence of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLS, etc. I still remember my first pro-team I ever liked was the Detroit Tigers, collectors cards? MLB players. So baseball was my first sports love, but it has since been taken over by the NFL and NBA...which I will 4ever feel helped usher in the "juiced" period. Falling ratings, aging fan base,(but thats only my opinion)

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Record 7 40-year-old pitchers to start on Wednesday.

I have said it before there aren't many individuals that could have made it yesteryear... It all comes down to the almighty dollar bill ya'll. Back then they didnt get paid squat compared to the salaries of today. So they played through minor injuries and the such...Now with guaranteed money teams will let players sit when they get hurt so as to not chance losing them for 15-60 games or worse yet the season, while still having to pay them fat cash. So players are somewhat softer these days. Take Chipper Jones for example, he was on fire all season till he bruised his thumbs in a collision. He ended up being off and on for a week, then gone for like 2 weeks. He had them take MRI's on it and there was no damage. He came back for almost 2 weeks and He then missed another game with a groin pull and it was reported he might go on the DL he didnt, but that is because Smoltz made a big stink talking to the media, the team was on a slide, they hadnt been scoring any runs, challenged Chipper know that old hat... Not to pick on him Chipper directly, just trying to use an example for what goes on compared to back then when players needed off-season jobs to pay da billz.

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Giambi will cooperate with M.L.B.'s Probe

... because Giambiís Balco testimony is still not part of the public record. This is what it's all about. That is why we have to hear about this on the TV and read about it in the newspapers. Will this EVER end? First theres the Balco investigation, then a select few go in front of Congress and now Baseball is spending 10 million on this investigation!!! I bet they didnt even donate that much money to a New Orleans relief fund! I swear, we Americans know how to waste money. This is one of those subjects where maybe the truth really doesnt need to be known. I cant believe that baseball records are held to such Diestic standards that we HAFTA know who did what so we can pick and choose whos records are meaningful and whose arent. How do we know that Barry wouldnt have still broken Aarons record if he had taken roids or not? He was a perrenial triple crowner for a long time b4 all this...and I am not a big Barry fan for that matter either. I am just soo sick of this story. I wish the media, who I am not a big fan of would drop this, they dumb us down, show us half-truths and white lies, and then decide that cutting away from real news to watch Paris Hilton get hauled of to jail is what we really need to know. This isnt all the medias fault, after Congress decided that this was worthy of taking their time away from running the country, than and only then did Selig decide that he was going to come down hard on these "cheaters". Where was the MLB before this? They dragged there feet 4ever on this and now we are supposed to take them seriously about this. Too late the government beat you to it Bud, obviously the US government wasnt buying the "they changed the ball argument" like most of us did...

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IU Football Coach Hoeppner dies

This is a sad day for Hoosiers everywhere. As a Michigan native living here for so long you notice that football is not high on IU's list. They are outshadowed by ND's and Purdue's football programs respectively. The one thing Terry brought was a desire to move that program from the bottom of the Big Ten barrel. His billboards and radio commercials all tried to get fans excited so they could build a stronger program, and for awhile there last year they looked pretty good (for IU's standards) It is unfortunate he will not be able to see his vision come to fruition. But thanks in part to him the football and basketball programs will have the long over-due facilities they sorely need. My prayers go out to his family and friends.

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Prosecutor in Duke Case Disbarred by Ethics Panel

so it's not surprising that the media jumped on that the Reverend Al Sharpton didnt help either. Havent heard from him in awhile about this matter...Oh well, I guess to him the truth doesnt matter, just getting his face on TV seems to be what really counts.

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Spurs 4

Yeah true, but what about Thomas, Dumars and the Pistons plus Bird, Mchale and Co.? I know thats a stretch, but except for the Lakers and Hakeems 2 runs in the Jordanless mid-90's, the East was the Beast for 20 years, but not since point about the 2 of last 4 shows there has been a slow migration back East for some: Shaq, Sheed, Kidd, J.O. etc. plus some fresh new stars, Lebron, D-Wade, Bosh, and Howard to name a couple...but yeah the West is Best right now. Touche on the Lebron hype, I have always hated the nickname King James, he needs to earn that first, as far as I'm concerned he's only Prince James, even though the Spurs treated him like he was mearly a squire.

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Spurs 4

Well Stern got what he wanted..."the choosen one"in the Finals. Unfortunately Stern and the NBA still live in the past. They still think one player can win a championship. Whats so horrid about that thinking pattern is the last 4 years it has been teams that have won it, they havent figured out the talent in the league has wattered everything down so to speak where just one player cant dominate the league anymore. The Pistons allowed Lebron one game where he got off, and the league did the rest, so what do we get for the Finals? A freakin' sweep...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ... At least with the Ston's we would have seen at least a 6 game series and maybe some drama. The Spurs shut down the Cavs one player, they wouldnt be able to shut down a whole team like the Pistons(think the Suns series when it went 6). It doesnt matter who in the East made it to the Finals, the Spurs have been on a roll since the All-Star break and after the Suns series I knew who the winner would be...and lo and surprises As for the East disparity, yeah the Cavs and Pisotns had easy 1st rounders, and the Cavs had a pretty easy second round too. (I still cant believe Wilbon picked NJ to win that series) But Washington lost two starters, one of them Areanes, and the Heat had a hurt D-Wade and a bunch of tired out vets who gave it there all just to get them to the play-offs. The balance isnt that bad, 2 of da last 4 championships have gone to the East, but this years Finals was doubt...I could barely watch any of it

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America! Beware of young Haitian soccer playing terrorists!

Another example of what people will do to live in the greatest country in da world. Maybe someone should tell them they will hafta work 5 mths out of every year just to pay income taxes...but then again, coming from squalor, these kids have probably dealt with much worse

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Justin Verlander pitches no-hitter.

I Yam a Tigerfan4ever: Glory be!!! our ace has arrived, and so lately have are bats. Hopefully, Bonderman is next inline for a no-hitter. Go Tigs!!! PS - Peavy is uber sick, I would even put him ahead off C.C.

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Did Ty Cobb really have 9 consecutive AL batting titles?

Wow, I've never heard that story b4. I wonder how Sporting News came about those errors. I mean 70 years is a long time w/out anyone noticing. You would think the mistake would have been caught sooner, considering Cobbs unpopularity. Does anyone know if Sporting News investigated Lajoie's records to see if he had any mistakes? I wonder how that all came about in the first place? It also funny to see the lengths someone would go for a batting title and a new car, but of course cars werent a dime a dozen back then. Cobb must have been pretty hated for coach from a different team to try and sabotage him.

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Do over!

Maybe Donovan started watching the play-offs and realized how much of a farce the league is becoming and decided to work somewhere where the players dont bitch and whine, refs dont treat superstars special, and the league doesn't interfere with the actual playing of the game to manipulate who moves on and how it happens. VanGundy would probably be a better coach, I wish my Pacers had hired him. Is that blasphemy to say that??? But considering who they hired, O'Brien, a loser at Philly and Boston, me thinks not.

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LeBron James is on another level now

Regular season has no bearing during the play-offs. The Cavs beat the Spurs both times b4 the All-Star break, as someone mentioned already the Spurs have the best record after it. Plus, the Pistons beat the Cavs 3 out of 4 during the regular season and they are on the ropes now. Yes, I'm sure the league would love to see the "chosen one" make it to the Finals and beat the Spurs, but I dont see that happening...speaking of the "chosen one", did anyone notice how when he complained about not getting fouls the refs actually listened and started calling more, but when Prince, Hamilton, Billups, Sheed,(of course) complained nothing happened. I dont want to get into the how bad the reffing was, the first four games the refs were "homers" as is expected, but they flipped the script Game 5 and it seemed like Detroit was the away team. I wont put all the onus on the refs, Lebron was on fire and was unstoppable even when he wasnt drawing phantom and touch fouls. I put almost all the fault squarely on Flip Saunders shoulders. As a Piston fan I call for his head if we lose this series. The inabilty to guard Lebron on 2 str8 possessions (uncontested dunks no less)at the end of regaulation are complete break downs that would not have happened under Larry Brown or probably under Mike Brown for that matter. I could say it was a result of no McDyess at the end of the game, but two str8 possessions?!?! Thats not even counting the final basket of the game, another Lebron uncontested dunk. Flip is not good at making adjustments during games and obviously during series. If the Cavs win congrats to them, they have played good team basketball, especially defensively, and Lebron has brushed off the unfair media hyped criticism from their first two losses and has rallied the team behind him. Now is the time for Piston "backs against the wall ball", Game 6 should be another good one.

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Clinton Portis thinks y'all should just fight with your own dogs and leave Michael Vick's business alone.

hmmm good insight bperk. Im from Indy where this is anything but commonplace. I did get the idea from his interview that its normal where hes from, the uproar is of course becuz dog fighting isnt normal or acceptable to most of us.

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Clinton Portis thinks y'all should just fight with your own dogs and leave Michael Vick's business alone.

Stories like this worry me...and piss me off too. I admit that I am not an animal lover, but at the same time if someone was like, "hey lets go see a dog fight," I would definitely pass. I also wouldnt say that people who kill and toture animals should be treated the same way, because then I would lose all credibility in a discussion. Heres what really pisses me off, IE: PETA for one and this congressman from California who surely has better things to do than use this as an oppurtunity to get his name on this story. Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? PETA sent a letter to the Falcons owner saying they should fire Vick and this Congressman Tom Lantos, has been head-hunting athletes since he was a senior member of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee. Which two years ago held the highly publicized hearings on the use of performance-enhancing drugs in professional sports. I think I understand why Portis is saying what hes saying, hes trying to defend Vick which the media has done a good job of making him look bad, since the secret compartment that smelled of marijuana affair, and the flipping off of a fan who got the best of him. Now, does that makes Portis argument any better? In my opinion, No. Cuz he defended dog fighting a little too much, saying anyone can be doing it. If it was him saying, why are you making a big deal about marijauana or flipping the bird, I would understand, but dog fighting is harder for normal people to accept as well...normal behavior

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Pistons 0

...or if you buy into the media hype, the new reign of the Bad Boys is the Spurs. Sheeesh, one hard foul and an accidental knee to the groin and their the next Bad Boys? Bill Laimbeer is laughing himself to sleep over that comparison I'm sure.

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Bulls 1

The refs totally mis-managed that game, it was really physical that entire game. Pheonix was punching back at the Spurs physicality so to speak and it ended with Horry checking Nash out of bounds. Considering the physicality all game I was dismayed by the calls they were calling at the end of the game, it totally took the Spurs out of their rythmn and Pheonix took advantage and made their comeback. This is just my opinion, but I think the refs are looking the other way when Duncan gets fouled and being real picky when he has it on Offense. The refs ole boys club is gettin back at him for gettin that ref suspended from the play-offs. Those calls on him late in the 4th took him out of the game completely.

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Bulls 0

and after 2morrow night it will be Bulls - 1 Pistons - 4. Da Bullz are done! As for the Warriors they lost their cool one to many times this postseason, it finally jumped up and bit them last night...Jazz - Spurs anybody?

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Bulls 0

changing your tune now aye ya-yo? I liked your analogy though, pretty on point, that how I remember scrimmage We'll see 2morrow night if the Bulls can muster some O-ffense...I gotta admit I think the Nets can win two at home of they play like they have been playing these last two games, they just need to finish a game...but I cant see them winning the series, their frontcourt is garbage, Mikki Moore and Jason Collins are gettin worked over by Anderson Varejeo for goodness sakes!

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Pistons 4

(Personally, I rather see it go to Steve Nash) Yes he is by far the most valuable player on the team, and I am not necessarily siding with the homer and saying Kobe deserves it, but in all honesty, the award is worthless, not as worthless as the All-Star MVP, but still not that important. Dirk deserves it for the regular season he had. I mean in all honesty, the award ya really want is the Finals MVP. Point in case, Nash has won the MVP two years running, how many championships do the Suns have? Zero. Western Confrence Championships? Zero. My hometown hero Peyton Manning won the award twice, then each of those 2 years Brady & Co. bounced us from the play-offs. I am beginning to think this MVP thing is a curse for teams...

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Pistons 4

That is precious. A Laker fan bitchin about calls. I mean come on, you guys are only the 2nd biggest market in the country. You also have Jordan Jr. to draw phantom fouls. Stern would have splooged himself if they could have made it to the next round. as for the Mavs coming back, if they win game 6, game 7 will be a lock. See Pistons-Magic 1st round series, 2003(I believe) Hey Weedy, I know exactly what you are saying, big UofM fan so Webber has been my hero since his freshman year. So needless to say I still havent forgotten that Sacramento series, never will, I became an NBA conspiracy theorist after that series and it has taken me years to get over believing that. I was able to use some reasoning to do Sacramento missed an absurd amount of free throws that final quarter of game 7, ya cant blame the refs or Stern for that. (but if you want to for game 6 I wont try to change your mind!) Tron7- Jackson's dumb-ass (I live in Indy, he is HATED here) did exactly what Duncan did, that mock clapping, but it was still stunning to see. I could agree with T-ing him up, but that ref just threw his ass out, the ending to that game was just...weird

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NCAA may move 3-point line

I've got a yeah-but for all ya'll. I am going to side against what some have said; a proving grounds for the NBA; no way. How many NCAA DIV. I II III players actaully make it to the NBA? I'd bet 1% or less, so that arguement cant hold much water. The other arguement was someone was sick of all the 3's being thrown up at the rim...well, what makes any1 think they will shoot any less? If they change the line, the only thing that will change are players 3 point percentage, which I can safely bet will worsen. The only plus I can see here is it might open up the lanes a little more as defenders will have an extra foot of ground to cover to guard a shooter as they will be a tad farther from the basket. I dont want to argue the shot clock issue since its off topic, but I disagree with shortening it anymore, it was wise to cut it from 45 seconds to what it is now. I agree with BigTall dude more or less.

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'Thought Your Future was Great; You Played Like Trung Canidate'

Ahhhhh Andre Ware, another "system Qb" that failed in the NFL, like Joey Harrington etc. My all time fav's gotta be Todd Marijaunavich, think about it, he was such a bust they gave him that nickname so no-one would ever forget...LOL Anyways, that vid was freakin sweet, maybe I missed it , but was Jeff George in there anywhere? ....I'd forgotten all about Trung Candidate.

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Study shows racial bias by NBA referees

yay-yo: You state something I think about everytime I hear a study being done. Scince biases: only in medicine are double blind studies mandatory, that means the left doesnt know what the right is doing. All other sciences their is a certian goal being sought after, an end to their mean, which skews true sceince. I did an arguemnt paper in college once about the legalization of marijuana. I found numerous studies like this one that found marijauna to be medicinal and basically harmless, I also found studies proving it had no medicinal value and was harmful to our bodies. Soooo how do you figure out who is right? Well I found out by researching a little more that studies saying it was bad was funded by the government, those stating otherwise were by special interest groups. Neither groups can actually be "trusted" cuz both groups have their biases. Same with this study, The NBA used real human refs and actual calls that each ref made, while the independent study could only use ratios; 3:0 2:1 1:2 etc. Well terrapin, the truth can be uncomfortable...I guess you dont play sports with a lot of minorities than, you would observe the same thing

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Study shows racial bias by NBA referees

I wonder if they did a study that included antagonism of the referees? There is a cultural difference here that needs to be included in the study. Considering what just happened between Ref. Joey Crawford and Tim Duuncan, I think they should have. Point in case, I am HUGE Pistons fan, been one since before my family moved here to Indiana in the early 90's. I'll tell you what, Rasheed Wallace's mouth begs for racial bias. He talks so much ying-yang he cant draw a foul, but he usually finishes a game with no less than 4 personnel fouls against him. Heres my point, I never remember players like Steve Kerr or Chris Mullin antagonizing the referees, black players on the other hand gripe at the refs non-stop, they try to show up refs when they disagree, just look at Stephen Jackson last night, he got ejected (again) for mocking the refs, he didnt even say anything, it was the sarcastic applauding that did him in, whites dont do that shit, its cultural. It is a fact that needs to be considered. If you just made a foul call and Sheed is in your face yelling and arguing, then when the fouled player misses a free throw Sheed disrespectfuly yells so even the TV-mics can pick it up "Ball dont Lie" (which he does it A-LOT!) That will irk any human being, let alone a referee, who considers himself in a position of power. Think about it, it happens enough to skew those numbers stated in the article, you know those whole 1% drops they mentioned (50% to 49%) You can disagree with me all you want on this particular point, but basketball is HUGE in Indiana, almost everyone plays, so I see this first hand on a regular basis just in pick-up games. Certian people have to front all the time, either they never foul anybody, or if they miss a shot its because of some "phantom" foul, or they just dont pass, etc. Dont worry though blacks, having played B-ball against ya'll for sometime now, I am used to the reverse racism, If I play against blacks who have never played against me, they automatically disrespect my game even before the tip-off. (Cuz they see a white guy) Then I swipe the ball from them or bust a shot in their grill, then I actually get respect, but I have to prove my game first... my point: racism is life, it has been since Adam & Eve and it isnt one particular race doing it against another, ALL races do it. This article, no suprise its the NY Times, doesnt tell me anything I dont already know by observing normal life, as compared to the NBA

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Pistons 4

It'll be nice to be on the other end of Ben Wallace's airballs on freethrows. Yeah, I'm with you on that, especially since my roomates a Chi-town fan, hes still pissed the Bears lost to the my home town Colts...I can two time him this year if my Pistons win this series, which I am concerned about since they took us 3 of 4 this season. It will definitely be a good series, probably the best the Eastern Confrence has to offer till the winner matches up against Lebron. I'm sure this series wont be as "physical" as they used to be when they would punish Jordan for driving into the lane. The NBA changed that soon enough! They didnt want the face of the league being mauled to death by Laimbeer and Co. Its good to see Baron Davis doing well, he reminds of Billups, not quite as good, but a touch faster. Hes always been on crappy teams like the Hornets, so its nice to see him in the play-offs. Its to bad when good players dont get to win, kinda reminds me of Mitch Richmond...

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MLB Credits Hank Aaron With 50 Lost Home Runs

ahhh Barry Bonds, in the video game MLB2K7, he is listed as a Joe Young. The d*ckhead wouldnt even put his name in a video game, I guess he's just to good for us loser "fans" and his fellow MLB-ers who are all in it. Oh well, I still went 4-5 with two homers with "Mighty Joe Young" I agree with your point mildly THX, but its like OJ, we all know the truth, its just there arent any "facts" which for Barry is the fact he hasnt failed a piss test...but neither did Gaimbi, McGwire, Conseco, Palmeiro, oops, scratch that last one.

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New car no fun for most drivers.

So what, Nascar is the new No Fun League?

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Private eyes are watching you?

Maybe someone did follow Brady Quinn around, we cant know that for sure...anyways I cant say I feel this is some horrible sin that is being committed, if you are going to sign a number one draft pick to a multimillion dollar deal, I would want to know as much about him as possible. I bet the Titans wish they had seen Pac-Man b4 they drafted his ass top ten, maybe if they had seen him go from stripclub to stripclub maybe they might of drafted some one else... but really though, have we all already forgotten the new NFL stipulations concerning "troubled" players. If a club is found to have a "thing" for drafting them, they can lose draft picks!!! I know as a Colt fan that would KILL us since we are a small market team, we cant afford to get stronger through free agency, so GM Bill Polian built a Super Bowl Championship through the drafts... Its all about the green backs yo, its a business

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The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

zippinglou: Very funny, I didnt get it the first time I read it, but I got it the next go round.

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The New Color Line in American Baseball is Green

I wonder what the percentage of minority vs. majority in this blog are? I'm betting more toward the whites here. ADAM, your blog hit the nail on the head, I love it when people bring stats and fact to the table instead of their biased media-orchestrated opinions. Bperk, you mentioned the difference between 8 and 15 and what the big deal was...when you are young your body develops at an astonishing rate compared to the rest of your life. So when you start early, the child has a better foundation to build on, and can then work on making themselves the best they can be. Personally, when I moved to Indiana at the age of 12 or 13 I had to drop baseball as one of my best sports cuz no-one plays here, and play basketball, because that is what the region while I had some talent and natural ability, I had to learn a whole new game that my new friends had been playing since kindergarten, and it hampered me from being a good player in high school(I couldnt shoot, what good is a 6"1' G/SF who cant shoot 3's?) I say all that because pro sports now is a lottery, if you start early enough, spend enough on the tools and the coaching, your kid with above avg talent and ability might make it. As for worrying about what races are dominating what, leave it to an elitist West Coast liberal writer to try to make a big deal about something that isnt. Baseball may be our 'national pastime" but it is being beatin' out by more popular sports; football and basketball, heck you can argue a point for racing as being more popular right now. Why do you think they are so many asians and latinos playing in the league now? The NFL is now the "New American pastime" and I embrace it 100%! Go Colts, best team in da league! (very biased opinon)

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Referee Suspended Indefinitely

Refs are only human, they can get cocky or big-headed, and dealing with all the prima-donnas on the floor can bring those actions out. That is exactly what happened here, Crawford got "faced" by Duncan and let him have it. I think maybe thats why the NBA mandated that new rule, the last thing refs need are players yelling and swearing at them in a game, pissing them off, unfocusing them from the game and the end result is a ref altering how a game ends, when they should just be officiating it. As for Crawford, he is obviously guilty of altering a game he should be just reff-ing. Reading that article did remind me of that 2003 western conference match-up between those two teams. I watched that game and was totally shocked by all the T's and ejections, I think Harris actually asked Crawford to eject him, which happend like 2 minutes after Don Nelson had been ejected. It was a glaring example of a ref gettin a big head and changing the balance of a game in another teams favor, while Crawford is one of the NBA's best, in my opinion the suspension was warranted.

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Ricky Williams wants back in...

marijuana abuse? thats a term only used in circles of people who have never smoked pot before. Me thinks "dependency" is a better term for it I would like to see Ricky run again, he is an asset to the league and its a bummer we havent gotten to see much of him these last few years. The first season he had at Miami was sick. He probably wont return to that form but lately two-back teams are pretty popular...and succesful for that matter.

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Why don't I subscribe to Extra Innings?

Wow, I love how SOME people in these blogs have to twist what someone says all around, so they can make a sweet half paragraph retort/insult and makes themselves feel smart even when they are waaaayyyyy off. Especially LIL brown Brat and all her blog friends whose backs she always has.... If you want to argue economics, put down the blunt, squash the incense and lets go at it. Tell me, how else would you suggest we take care of this matter of no-one being able to afford tickets anymore? I know!!! we stop going and we stop watching....but no-one here is going to do that because we all love sports! Thats why every1 is bitching about this in the 1st place!!! You are all attacking Stern and Selig when there are so many other factors invloved! Grow a brain bat, and stop making insinuations about how I said we should all work for the MAN. I'm pretty sure I said "go make money"....entrepenuarship is what this country is all about and why people will risk death to come and live here...sooo why dont you try selling some of dat shit you are smoking and then maybe from the profits you can get DTV and order the extra innings. Problem solved. yerfatma, how are exactly what I am talking about. That quote is from Thomas Paine, one of our Founding Fathers. Try catching up on yur early American history dude. I know its not your fault, our antiquated public school systems just dont cut it anymore. P.S. this country is 12 trillion dollars in debt now because their is to much governing. These last two presidents we have had spent/spend money like millionaire teenage sluts. P.S.S. your Mickey-Ds paycheck is missing 20% of its pay because of too much governing...I could go on and on about how inept and inefficient governments are, and how raising taxes actually lowers how much money the government brings in its treasury, but I'm sure some ignorant person would twist that fact around and make a witty joke about it...well heres some ammo for ya'll with double digit IQ's...

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Why don't I subscribe to Extra Innings?

jamaican chocolate haze...sounds yummy. Listen whiners, get over it. I guess baseball isnt as important to me as football is, as I have never had extra innings and have had the football season ticket with DTV for like five str8 seasons, till this year, i just cant watch the Lions lose anymore, I needed a break, plus I live in Indy, so I have a back-up team. Yes it sucks that we pay so much, but that should be a motivation to get out there and make some money!!! Plus, you cant blame just Selig or Stern, there is more to this than them, you got TV stations, owners and most of all, players, all scramblin fo the almighty buck and a million dollar raise here or their if they are good enough. Which makes us all pay more. That why I agree with Stern's bitching, Congress needs to keep their noses out of shit like this, its the private sector. Unfortuantly some of you think the governement should do something about this, that is absolutley ludicrus!!! A government that governs the best is one which governs the least. Just look at back at the embarassment of the Congressional investigations about steroriods, baseball had already passed new rules to prohibit and punish offenders, but the gvt. had to go in and get their face time on the news and make it an even bigger embarassment.

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NFL Competition Committee won't change overtime,

This whole spiking the ball thing is another "racial" issue or "Ageism" issue if you so desire. Its two things here, young vs. old culture and a black vs.white culture issue. Now, young whites and blacks get along alot easier these days as our cultures become thanks to more awareness and an intertwining of peoples, especially for us whites who have been and are the majority, acceptance/understanding of the black culture is becoming more common as the years progress. But when its old white vs. young black, you get rules about not spiking and not celebrating after TD's. Personally, I miss number 85's celebrations. Oh well, the money's where the powers at. Nobody mentioned though that they finally got rid of that dumb ass rule where if the QB unintentionally throws it off one of his lineman its a penalty. It was bad enough he was throwing an incompletion, they then added on a yardage loss as well! That rule should have been axed back in the day when the NBA added the 3-point line

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Maybe he'll get the save on appeal

Thank goodness the Tigers traded him b4 all this...but Dombrowski has been nothing but genius these last few years. I'd have to agree about it being his best trade so far, we got Polanco, and I was worried about our perennially poor pitching when this trade happened. It's a good thing I'm not the Tiggers GM or we would still be at the bottom of the division, minus a closer and no Placido...

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Daughter of Olympian turns in skis for activism

After a good toke, I could def. see ya downing a litre of maple syrup, do you ever race like they did in Super Troopers? touche, but I didnt go to public school, so I tend to say what I mean and believe what I say, wasnt trying to insult any ya'll Canadians, (You do have socialist medicine!) hell I worked for one for four years...he played pro hockey and his daughter smoked like a champ, Oooops there I go again with my labeling, theres more to Canadians than that, right? PS Trump according to the article she was being harmful, thats usually why someone gets arrested. I'm sorry if I think your country is more socialist than mine is, but that is the cold hard truth, how does that make me ignorant? quit crying about Americans, I saw one of your leaders on C-Span talk once and he actually took time out of his speech to complain about America and how we supposedly ignore you...

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Daughter of Olympian turns in skis for activism

Who put this lame-ass story up? I'm pretty sure there are much worse things to protest than the Olympics. Marching against poverty, aye? Just think how annoying this women would be if she lived here in ole capitalist America vs. socialist Canada. People like her are so mis-guided, they have good intentions but no brains, maybe that hippie style of activism works in Canada, but it doesnt work here in America anymore.

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It's selection Sunday,

I hear you sickle guy, this is the 3rd time this century that Michigan has had 20+ wins in a season and not made it in. The NCAA is a popularity contest, UofM is still being punished for their booster violations. Now I am going to use the BigTen as an example cuz I know it the best. The Big Ten got 3 other teams in the tourney who we could debate hours on end if they are better than UofM or each other. Michigan 8-8, 21-12 overall. Michigan St. - IDENTICAL 8-8 conference record, one more win at 22-11. A lil tougher RPI. Popularity - Tom Izzo...because he's a top 5 coach, they're in. Purdue - 9-7 conf. record, one less loss than UofM, but had some big wins vs. Virgina, Oklahoma... can only win at home though. Popularity - Carl Landry, the selection committee loves teams that have a future NBA player. Illinois - 9-7 conf. record ???? This team had it easy, they only had to play Ohio St. and Wisconsin ONCE. Popularity - they've been to the tourney a lot recently and usually win at least a game or two. The selection comittee said that 104 teams had seasons with at least 20 wins or more, so there were a lot of teams that got hosed: Florida St: Ru kidding me? Wins over Florida and Duke, but I guess 7-9 in one of the top confrences wont do it, but the ACC champ had 5 loses...20-12 overall, sounds familiar... Syracuse - this is the biggest stunner of all to me. 10-6 in the Big East, 22 -10 overall. They should be in, no argument, same things goes for WVU, they had a win over UCLA(Collinson-less, yes), but they were 9-7 in conf. and 22-9 overall!!! Crap picks Xavier - Atlantic-10 is garbage, especially Xavier Stanford - personally I think the Pac-10 is bit overrated, but this is the only Pac-10 pick I have a problem with. Their record is 18- 12 overall! With 104 teams having 20+ wins this choice leaves me scratching my head, they beat UCLA but big whoop, seems like everyone has recently. RPI 66! Arkansas - this is the worst among power conf, in my opinion. 7-9 playing in the ubber WEAK SEC-West. I firmly believe they got in because they made it to the SEC championship game, (then got smashed) with that reasoning, then why didnt NC State make it in, they at least put up a fight in the ACC championship game. Long Beach St. ??? surfs up dude, they must have had an inside man... So sorry App St, move to a power confrence and I'll give you respect, I'm not like the sleazy NCAA and its Affirmative Action style of handing out bids, I believe the best should compete with the best... For the first time in my memory a Mid-major made it to the Final Four last year, but will one ever win it all??? to be continued...

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When Naming Rights Become Naming Wrongs

I wouldn trust Micheal Moore to stick around and help either, he's just as big a capitalist as the next guy...he made a nice 20% profit on his Halliburton stocks... Crafty said that he didnt think the companies that support his teams HQ's are in Conn, al I know is in Indy, Conseco (Fieldhouse) is in the burbs, just outside the city limits, as is the RCA (Dome) HQ's are. The new Lucas Oil Stadium that is being built, they are HQ'd somewhere in the state after the owner moved back here form Cali. So according to what I'm used to, it is weird that Comerica isnt even gonna be HQ'd in the state! I'd just like to add in that I miss the old days when the cities/publics stadiums werent named after a corporation, but times they are a changing, I guess if it wasnt for corporations some teams wouldnt be able to get a new stadium. (ie. Colts) Go Tigers!

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Clippers Guard Destroys Knee in Freak Injury

No thanks, I am not part of the new American fad that likes to be grossed out, but what do you expect, its fodder for the news media...if it bleeds it leads...I did see a still photo, which was more than enough. Hopefully, this wont be career ending for Mr. Livingston, he has a tremendous upside and could one day be one of the best PG's in the league. His size and athleticism remind me a little bit of a young, Earvin "Magic" Johnson. Mcgahee came back so we'll see if this kids got the stones to return.

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"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching"

Trumpster I was talkin' bout what people make coming straight (str8)out of college, cuz that was what I thought your post was about. 200,000 is a shit ton, maybe at a Harvard or Yale, but public colleges are around 10K-15K yearly room and board. But your taking this conversation of track. I'm talking about "student athletes" here. Why are you talkin bout average joes like me who attend university? A good program that gets alot of TV attention can bring hella bucks to a university,(IE: students like my Uncle who went to NC STATE in the early 70's cuz their B-Ball program was a winner) plus in my original post I lamb-basted the NCAA because it soaks these kids and gives very little back to them. A school may offer a scholarship but the NCAA doesnt pitch in anymonaey to the school, that is what I was talking about, this whole post is because of the NCAA puttin pressure on David Stern to implament this dumb-ass one year rule to get a piece of Oden or Durant and Bob Knight callin them out like he always does. BTW why would a student athlete want to take a year off before starting? 99% of them would lose there spot on the team and end up at a JC or worse. Think about it

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"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching"

200,000 for a four year degree? Sheesh, 4-year grads from Harvard dont even get that coming str8 out, try 60K-70K, evryone esle get 30K-40K if they're lucky. Trump, where are you from? Plus, that doesnthave anything to do with having money while the "studnet athlete" is still IN college. word dykstradude... I'd like to add another point also, shorter, I promise. Why enact this 1 year rule when the NBA has a Developmental league? Seriously, maybe its a lil far-fetched to see Oden and Durant there, when they could be gettin some real NBA PT, but why not, isnt that what its for? Wasnt that the argument, that the quality of league play was being plagued by under-developed super athletes who still needed fine tuning? Stern was going for two years, but only got one, I dont get it, I smell a rat, a big fat NCAA rat

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Cuban says openly gay player would clean up

LBB tries to do her part to make this site less hospitable to lame-ass homophobic and sexist cracks than other sports communities. She might not speak for you, but on this issue she's definitely speaking for me. So what you just said was that this site is accepting to everyone who thinks and acts like you, but if they have convictions or ideas that are different from yours they should go screw themselves. Am I right rcade? That's pretty sad really, especially since you are one of the creators of this blog, one would think you would be down for any discussion, right or wrong. Maybe you can specify what opinions you want heard on this blog since not everyone of these is acceptable in your eyes. When I saw this thread I knew from the beginning there was going to be some gay jokes and people being offended by them, its only human to make fun of that which: A. you dont know much about or understand B. people and ideas which are different from yours Most humor stems from that, its how we as humans deal with certain issues. Get over it, if you are offended by this thread then why the hell did you read it and start commenting on it? You knew from the beginning you would, just like how I knew people would get their panties in a bunch. But heres what I find really interesting, those with gay friends are are gay dont seem very worked up about the Gay-torade jokes and whatnot, so why are str8 people so hyped about the jokes...I think its because some people act like they arent bigots, and really believe they arent until they read something from someone who believes differently from them, and then the truth comes out, at least to us reading it...and I'm not trying to pick on rcade specifically here either, sorry dude

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Chief Illiniwek hits the bench

"It's about time. I have seen the chief dance during TV timeouts and it is degrading. There is no reason to do this other than resist change. If the mascot was a mock suicide bomber dancing around a mock downed Blackhawk helicopter people would understand the word offensive. How about an fighting airline passenger with the logo "Let's Roll"?" Now that is offensive! Unfortunatley Godzilla, you're missing the point here. People use political correctness to bully people into thinking like them, which is what this country should not be about! Of course people would be offended by a suicide bomber dancing around a blackhawk, and they should be! If I was a native American I would be more offended by that than a mascot of a dancing chief, because were ALL Americans, 9/11 was an attack on all of us! Plus, why is that offensive anyways, thats what they did, rain dances, etc. Chief Illinwek did a win dance, whats the difference, seeing something like that should remind us of our American history and how we came to be where we are now. We shouldnt sweep it under the rug like it didnt happen! This all comes back to the NCAA and its Nazi tactics. I already left a scathing blog about them already today, so why not another? I'm on fire! The NCAA forces them to do this or the Illini teams cant participate in post season tourneys. Well get this, they are trying to force some schools in the south to take down the Confederate flag at their PUBLIC buildings or they will enforce the same punishment! Can you believe the gall of these people? This is borderline terror tactics! (let it be known I am not from the south) Waych out Clemson if your legislators dont agree with the all knowing, all powerful, always right NCAA you wont be able to go to bowl games or participate in March Madness, etc. I'm sorry, but once again, the Confederate flag is part of our history, like it or not, just like the history of Native Americans is... be honest, even if I'm being a little bit unsensitive to Native Americans, then please explain to me why Florida St is given free reign? Its cuz the Seminoles dont care, and why should they? its free publicity so when we go down their on vacation, we can hit up one of their casinoes, or buy some marijuana from them cuz they can freely grow it w/out being arrested! So, an indian chief mascot is ignorant and degrading, but double standards arent? I'm sorry but that isnt right

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"The worst thing that's happened to college basketball since I've been coaching"

Well if the NCAA did drop the bull than at least they would be being honest. It stopped being about academics when the NCAA started receiving revenue from TV and other sponsors. You think they would ever want to share with the "student athletes" the 7 or 8 billion or whatever it is CBS gives them for MarchMadness rights? Hell no!!! It is all about the green, they front like its about the academics, they treat it like its some sort of religion that nobody should dare question. But everyone sees right through it. Like they have the student athletes best interests in mind...Give me a break, Bobby Knight knows its a bunch of BS, he went before Congress and basically told them that. He said that the Constitution of the USA had less rules and regulations than the NCAA(this is paraphrased of course, you should check out his disposition, it was definitely an NCAA diss) I might be a bit militant here but I think the NCAA organization, based right here in my honest, hard-working hometown of Indy is one of the most corrupt organizations in this country. Players are almost(not quite, just being dramatic) treated like slaves, they are given room and board and thats it! Do you think most players have the time to hold a job between 12-16 credit hours of class work and two-a-days? It breeds corruption esp. among poorer urban players who have no cash coming from the rents, just ask C-Webb and the countless others who've got caught. I've always thought they should get a decent allowance, but the greedy NCAA, a so-called bastion of higher learning, wont allow it! Now by making these superstars, Oden and Durant, go to school the NCAA can get a piece of them when before they couldnt cuz they would be in the NBA already

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Violence in sport

Yeah, but our civil war was 125 years ago, their isnt one person alive from back then. In America there is a greater outcry when stuff like that happens. The girl that got killed in Boston after the World Series, the Malace at the Palace, etc. They were covered by every media outlet, it was discussed in homes, around water coolers, on Oprah probably, I dont know 4 sure, but it was talked about on TV and the media till it was blue in its face. Also, this country is reactionary, almost too reactionary sometimes, when something happens its always, how can we learn from this(always good) how can we change it so it doesnt happen again(usually good) and then what laws can we pass to force others into that line of thought (not always good, sometimes bad) Nothing ever is a freak occurence here, think 9/11, the over-reaction at airports is still insane. They werent adhering to screening and security measures when it happened, now they are (good) but now I have to take my shoes off? show ID to get to my terminal? I cant take a nail file or an open tube of chapstick? (gimme a break) Whats dat prove? America is a country of laws, and to force a certain behavior there is no better way then to get support from the media and TV, then pass a law... if there is a big enuff outcry it happens b4 u even know it. Class has something to do with it, but not enough, hardly any1 here in Indy went to the Super Bowl, but afterwards we filled the dome and the streets of downtown and celebrated, but there were no riots or violence. Why? Well this is the midwest, but more than that its the people here in this city and the state. I would have been surprised to see any of that here, and its like that in most other cities in this country. Maybe it because we have so much to be thankful for in this country that we dont get that worked up, or we fear the consequences of that behavior. For example Raider fans are dicks, and Pittsburgh fans can be, but they arent known for riots or violence either.

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Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

sorry yerfatma, I meant Tom Moore...

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Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

um yeah, thats what an offensive coordinator does, he sends in plays. The huge difference you dont seem to understand is...lets say its a run play, the Colts famous sweep play for instance, well attached to that play is another run option for Peyton to chose and a pass and maybe a play-action, than after all that, if Peyton STILL doenst like what he sees, he can bail out and call his own play. You know he does that when you see the RB reset or a tight end move to the slot or to the cetera et cetera. Mister Yerfatma, I dont know if you know this, but what I just explained, most coaches dont allow ther QB's to do that. You think a Grossman has that sort of free reign? I know, I know lets brush of the looney Colts fan, he couldnt possibly logically think Peyton deserved it, well logically he did, no-one else really stuck out that game, and beingthe face of the NFL, he was teh logical choice. Sure, some say give it to Bob, well he is gangster and his jersey was worn by me on Sunday (No #18 jersey here) but who cares, its only the MVP trophy, the one that really counts is resting in Indy.

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Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

Vipers-pit: Love your stats, I'm a stats guy and firmly believe that they NEVER lie, except when the worst run defense in the league morphs into one of the best...LOL... the commercials were pretty lame, I forgot how good they were supposed to be till a girl at the party mentioned how they sucked ass. Ditto on the cameras get a rag or something...this is the Super Bowl

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Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

Carolina red, and the Franscesca guy you are all quoting are right. After the Reggie Wayne TD the Bears safeties dropped back on basically every play. That is being noted because some people have been arguing that Peyton didnt deserve the MVP... Being a Colts fan I would like to congratulate the Colts on this, its been a long, hard trip, but that has made the winning the Super Bowl even swetter... Back to the MVP, that award is stupid anyways, cuz there always isnt a clear cut choice, remember Dexter Jackson, he had a couple picks, but Tampa as a team just dominated Oakland, it would be nice if they could give the award to a group, but its just an individual award, which leads me to the ultimate defense of Peyton here. Peyton has almost total control of all the plays called, Mora sends in a play that basically has 3 or 4 audible options for Peyton to choose from at the line, that is why he deserved it, its HIS offense and that is why he has failed some many times before. This play-off run he finally trusted everyone, he stopped throwing the ball as much and as deep cuz he realized that his passing opens up the running game soooooo much. If they Colts O looked boring this play-offs is because it was, he took the dump offs and the runs and he moved the chains. For as great as Peyton has been over the years, his maturation jumped a full level this year. And for the Colts defense, Defense wins championships, look at any team since the Rams, (still had 8 or 9th ranked D that year) they all had won it with strong Defenses. Anyone here still think the Colts are soft? or finesse? or cant stop the run? They disproved it every single play-off game this year! PS They call Bob Sander's the "Builder" cuz he likes to lay some

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