March 11, 2007

It's selection Sunday,: and while there are plenty of teams waiting with baited breath, only Appalachian State took out a $10,000 full page advertisement in the Indianapolis Star. This is believed to be the first time a team has publicly lobbied the selection committee via public media advertising.

posted by Ufez Jones to basketball at 04:33 PM - 28 comments

I'm just wondering how long us Wolverine fans will have to wait to get invited to the NCAA tournament. Every year its the NIT.I know it would help if Michigan fielded better teams,like in the 80s and 90s,but M is still better than close to half the teams that will get an invitation.M just plays in the Big Ten.

posted by sickleguy at 06:03 PM on March 11, 2007

sickleguy- I agree Michigan is better than a lot of teams in the NCAA. But an 8-8 conference record isn't going to make it in. Blame it on all the lousy conferences that get automatic bids, not the committee. They have to choose after 12-15 conferences get automatic bids. Unless teams do better than .500 in their own conference they will usually not make it. Why should they enter a team in the tournament that can't compete with half of its own conference? Even if they could beat many of the automatic bids it doesn't make sense to put them in. If they WIN the NIT then come back and talk about it, if they don't then they clearly didn't belong in the first place.

posted by urall cloolis at 07:53 PM on March 11, 2007

$10K for advertisement. Sorry Appalachian State, you P'd aware your money. I live in Indianapolis. Never saw your add.

posted by BlindAlvin at 08:01 PM on March 11, 2007

Hey sickleguy, like some cheese with that whine?

posted by BlueCarp at 08:26 PM on March 11, 2007

Blind Alvin, unless you were on the selection committee, they weren't tyring to get your attention. Now if you were, you should write a column about the experience. I'm sure most people would find it fascinating.

posted by apoch at 09:59 PM on March 11, 2007

I do so enjoy the people who come in here and think the world gives a rat's ass about them or their opinion. Sure thing, Appalachian State was just hoping to get some guy named Alvin who lives in Indianapolis to pay attention to them. /eye roll

posted by The_Black_Hand at 04:52 AM on March 12, 2007

Don't be so hard on Alvin. Being blind, of course he didn't see it. I blame them for not taking out radio spots too with those with sight problems in mind.

posted by Abiezer at 07:10 AM on March 12, 2007

Fuck the Men's NCAA Tournament. Sincerely, Florida State homer. p.s. Yeah for the Women's Tournament! Go FSU!

posted by bperk at 07:31 AM on March 12, 2007

I was really hoping that the strong showing in the ACC tourny by NC State would've put them in the NCAA tournament, but alas. Oh well. Anybody but the University of New Jersey at Durham.

posted by NoMich at 08:19 AM on March 12, 2007

Well if the ad was not in Indianapolis then how was the committee suppoed to see it. Weren't they there all weekend? Not that it would have made a difference. Poor bperk FSU is out in the cold. :(

posted by scottypup at 08:20 AM on March 12, 2007

Hey Blue,I like Brie and Camenbert with my Burgundy...Straight out of da Box!

posted by sickleguy at 10:15 AM on March 12, 2007

Brie and Camenbert with my Burgundy As long as the Burgundy has a screw cap and you keep the bottle wrapped in a paper bag. (only kidding, sickle)

posted by Howard_T at 11:49 AM on March 12, 2007

Here's to someone takin the title back from those "french-lovin" Gator sissy's. GO BRUINS!! The opening week of the NCAA tournament should be considered a NATIONAL HOLIDAY. I have purchased my tournament pass from DTV and have put the Sierra Nevada brewery on notice!!! I can't wait for the first upset!!!

posted by yay-yo at 12:04 PM on March 12, 2007

Well Michigan is once again shut out of the tournament. Not that it's really anything new. At least it's only six months until football season.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:27 PM on March 12, 2007

I hear you sickle guy, this is the 3rd time this century that Michigan has had 20+ wins in a season and not made it in. The NCAA is a popularity contest, UofM is still being punished for their booster violations. Now I am going to use the BigTen as an example cuz I know it the best. The Big Ten got 3 other teams in the tourney who we could debate hours on end if they are better than UofM or each other. Michigan 8-8, 21-12 overall. Michigan St. - IDENTICAL 8-8 conference record, one more win at 22-11. A lil tougher RPI. Popularity - Tom Izzo...because he's a top 5 coach, they're in. Purdue - 9-7 conf. record, one less loss than UofM, but had some big wins vs. Virgina, Oklahoma... can only win at home though. Popularity - Carl Landry, the selection committee loves teams that have a future NBA player. Illinois - 9-7 conf. record ???? This team had it easy, they only had to play Ohio St. and Wisconsin ONCE. Popularity - they've been to the tourney a lot recently and usually win at least a game or two. The selection comittee said that 104 teams had seasons with at least 20 wins or more, so there were a lot of teams that got hosed: Florida St: Ru kidding me? Wins over Florida and Duke, but I guess 7-9 in one of the top confrences wont do it, but the ACC champ had 5 loses...20-12 overall, sounds familiar... Syracuse - this is the biggest stunner of all to me. 10-6 in the Big East, 22 -10 overall. They should be in, no argument, same things goes for WVU, they had a win over UCLA(Collinson-less, yes), but they were 9-7 in conf. and 22-9 overall!!! Crap picks Xavier - Atlantic-10 is garbage, especially Xavier Stanford - personally I think the Pac-10 is bit overrated, but this is the only Pac-10 pick I have a problem with. Their record is 18- 12 overall! With 104 teams having 20+ wins this choice leaves me scratching my head, they beat UCLA but big whoop, seems like everyone has recently. RPI 66! Arkansas - this is the worst among power conf, in my opinion. 7-9 playing in the ubber WEAK SEC-West. I firmly believe they got in because they made it to the SEC championship game, (then got smashed) with that reasoning, then why didnt NC State make it in, they at least put up a fight in the ACC championship game. Long Beach St. ??? surfs up dude, they must have had an inside man... So sorry App St, move to a power confrence and I'll give you respect, I'm not like the sleazy NCAA and its Affirmative Action style of handing out bids, I believe the best should compete with the best... For the first time in my memory a Mid-major made it to the Final Four last year, but will one ever win it all??? to be continued...

posted by dezznutz at 02:44 PM on March 12, 2007

Here's to someone takin the title back from those "french-lovin" Gator sissy's. First of all, it's "sissies." Jesus, if you're going to insult somebody, at least do it right. Second, by "french-lovin'," I'm guessing you're referring to Joakim Noah, but who was born in New York City. His father, former French Open Champion (1983) Yannick, a member of the International Tennis Hall of Fame, is indeed French; his mother, CÚcilia Rhode, is Swedish (she won the title of Miss Sweden in 1978). So, just like you, me, and everybody else in the United States of America, Joakim has roots from other countries. Third, if "sissy's [sic]" = same school holding both the NCAA Div. I basketball and football championships in the same year (first time in NCAA history), then fuck it, my school's full of sissy's. Poor little hater. Tyus Edney and John Wooden haven't won anything in a while, and you're upset. Understandable. Pitching a schoolyard-caliber fit about it and name-calling aren't going to change a thing, though. All that does is make you look foolish.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 04:23 PM on March 12, 2007

Poor little hater. Tyus Edney and John Wooden haven't won anything in a while, and you're upset. Understandable. Pitching a schoolyard-caliber fit about it and name-calling aren't going to change a thing, though. All that does is make you look foolish. Yikes! Someone woke up on the wrong side of the tampax. I apologize for not making my intended joke more clear. Then again, I should have known better. Congrats on the Fball and Bball champs and thank you for the history of Noah's geneology. Maybe it's just his long hair and skinny arms that make him look like a sissy. By the way, does "your school" mean that you are an alumni or just a fan?

posted by yay-yo at 04:47 PM on March 12, 2007

You aren't allowed to rant in this thread, TBH. Your team has a #1 seed. Disgruntled fans have adopted this thread for our own. We reserve the right to call anyone who is on a team that is a #1 seed and/or a defending champion sissies or similar such insults.

posted by bperk at 05:17 PM on March 12, 2007

Well yay-yo there are some people on this site who take the time to fill out some information on their profile. If you scroll down a bit here in Mr. Hand's profile you will find this statement. It would have been perfect had I gone to ND, but I stayed in-state instead and went to the University of Florida. Hope I could be of some help.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:51 PM on March 12, 2007

Well Folks, Once again the NCAA Committee shows everyone what they don't know about seeding teams for the tournment. I sat and watched the seeding on Sunday and couldn't believe what I was seeing coming on the screen. Just like in the past they have left teams off that are very deserving on being in the tournment. Everyone get on here and goes on about this or that East Coast favorite I am sure everyone is bored to death with it. But one thing remains and that is the committee is without question that biggest group of know nothings that run the greatest event in college sportsl. The teams that hold there own are quite obvious to all. UCLA Florida Ohio State Wisconsin Kansas all stand out this year but some of the other teams that were named to the tournment very large questiions are being asked today. Maybe the selection should be done without any names on the selection ballots just there records for the year and the strength of schedules so that it will simple for even the selection committe to pick the teams in the tournment without showing any bias. It would be a perfect world if that were to happen but we all know the NCAA is anything but perfect

posted by ucla512 at 07:23 PM on March 12, 2007

Still reeling over the notion that Michigan belongs in the tournament. Low RPI, one barely notable win over Michigan State, 6-12 versus the top 100. I've not heard a case beyond, "we're Michigan, we've won 20 games, and these other teams don't belong"? Sorry, but that's not going to cut it. Maybe if your team left Crisler Arena more than three times in the non-conference season, perhaps you might be able to play some of these teams that you feel free disparaging. (I don't know if deeznuts is joking or not, with the naming of automatic bid LBSU as a "crap pick".) When's the last time Michigan has been screwed over with a 20-win season? I'm seeing that the team made it in 1998, the team's last 20-win season before this one. In fact, they got a No. 3 seed and got bounced in the second round. I love it how every fan of a "snubbed" team believes that their team met some sort of criteria, while totally ignoring other criteria. You have the team that got a few nice-looking wins, but that's supposed to outweigh the fact that the team that hides at home during November and December, that it's pretty pathetic overall against the better teams on its schedule, that it's awful against the best teams in its league, or that it has some pretty bad losses on the resume. Or you have the team that has a nice conference record, but does so with the help of unbalanced league schedules wherein "snubbed" teams only play the best teams once.

posted by jackhererra at 08:12 PM on March 12, 2007

It would have been perfect had I gone to ND, but I stayed in-state instead and went to the University of Florida. And now I understand the rage. Again I apologize, it was a lame attempt at a joke. Also, sorry YYM for not filling out my profile, I am currently working on an autobiography so you'll just have to wait.

posted by yay-yo at 08:44 PM on March 12, 2007

Wright State Raiders for the 14 - 3 upset over Pitt!

posted by insomnyuk at 10:07 PM on March 12, 2007

Doesn't the #1 overall get the play-in game? If so, why did CBS hail Florida the #1 overall, yet Kansas gets the play-in?

posted by PublicUrinal at 12:40 AM on March 13, 2007

Wright State Raiders for the 14 - 3 upset over Pitt! That score seems low. I almost guarantee that Pitt will score more than 3 points. That score even seems low for halftime, but I will seed that there is a remote possibility.

posted by Aardhart at 12:59 AM on March 13, 2007

Doesn't the #1 overall get the play-in game? If so, why did CBS hail Florida the #1 overall, yet Kansas gets the play-in? 16: 1 - 0 : 88. Does it *really* matter?

posted by Ufez Jones at 01:06 AM on March 13, 2007

Ufez: It's a matter of curiosity, so yes.

posted by PublicUrinal at 01:53 AM on March 13, 2007

The #1 doesn't always get the winner of the play-in game, that much I know. As to why, it seems to be a mix between minimizing travel time from Dayton for the play-in winner while also giving the best overall team the worst team if possible. So while Pittsburgh, Nashville and Indianapolis were closer locations with No. 1 seeds (in '02, '03 and '05), the play-in winner played a higher No. 1 seed at a location not much further from Dayton. In all of those cases, it was less than an hour flight. Guess the lesson is to be surprised if any of these play-in winners gets sent out west. Florida is seen as the overall No. 1 because they had the weakest No. 2 on the S-Curve.

posted by jackhererra at 03:44 PM on March 13, 2007

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