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Sandy Koufax perfect game the day before I went to Vietnam and UCLA's win over Kentucky last NCAA Championship for Coach Wooden.

Jim Rice homerun to end Angels first real chance at World Series.

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Lineman, dead at 36, Exposes Brain Injuries

Upshaw has been a complete tool for Tagliabue for years now and look what has happened again to a former retired NFL player. We all know who is to blame. Upshaw was talking crap on Mike Ditka last week about the things he was saying about his former league and how he didn't care about his players when he was a coach. I think it would be great to put the two of them in a locked room for a while. My money is on Big Mike.

posted by ucla512 at 04:32 PM on June 15, 2007

Spurs 4

I vote the league gets rid of Stern and gets someone that knows how to run a league and bring in more fans instead of running them away. To many teams to watered down talent and to little interest. Hey Folks, what ever happend to Shaq. It seems maybe with his new series that he may want to move back to Hollywood and get some acting lessons. Maybe his new show will score higher than his team.. I know it has already started anew and the slow finals have just finished. Remember EARLY BIRD CATCHES THE WORM...maybe something else to talk about that isn't as boring as the last 4 games. Rumors about are Bryant going to Chicago and Kevin M to Lakers via Seattle. Listening to the radio talk shows the last 7 or 8 days has been quite an experience. ARod to Angels to play SS and Cabera to 3rd. Steinbrenner is down with Alzeimers and O'Neal coming back to LA all in a day on the Sport Radio talk shows. Oh yeah, the best is Jerry Buss's son trashing Bryant in a column. I say bring back MAGIC.

posted by ucla512 at 04:05 PM on June 15, 2007

Did Ty Cobb really have 9 consecutive AL batting titles?

I understand what the old man is trying to say. And that is the real problem here to begin with. The owners were the ones making millions and millions of dollars for years before any of that big money started to go to the players. O keep reading in some of the statements money isn't a bottomline valve. Why do people pay these huge amounts of money to see games is beyond me. You could stay at home and watch most of it on the television and not come near paying what the fans do attending games in person. Someone said Jack Nickolson pays over half a million for his courtside seats. It proves a point that the people who have the money will just about pay anything to go to the games, but the only yardstick per say that determines what a player is "worth" is the what will the owners pay for them or to have them play for them. I do agree there is nobody worth the kind of money that is being paid out in baseball. It is a never ending cycle of expanding payroll to keep up with the owners that are willing to pay these types of salaries. This whole situation just makes absolutely no sense. What about minor league baseball the general admission is still around 5.00 a game and in some incidents the games are just as exciting as the major leaguers...

posted by ucla512 at 03:53 PM on June 15, 2007

Spurs 4

According to the rating the least watched NBA finals in years. And if you watched any you would have seen the reason why. James didn't show up because the defense of the Spurs didn't let him. It was completely boring basketball.............I can say I would have rather watched the NCAA playoffs they were far more interesting and had better basketball than the NBA games. A TEAM IN THE NBA FINALS SHOOTING 28% FROM THE FIELD....they didn't deserve to be in the finals and the champions didn't shoot much better. Someone wrote that the NBA had better bring back the teams of Magic and Bird maybe they are closer to the truth that we know......28%..28%.....28% I hope somebody shows them how to improve over the off season. James said last night that the Spurs were the better team and even though I am not a real NBA fan anymore they have nothing to put their heads down for at least they made it to the finals.

posted by ucla512 at 01:59 PM on June 15, 2007

Referee Suspended Indefinitely

If Crawford is one of the highest rated refs then we are in for one long playoff. No matter how you look at it Crawford is the one at fault if Duncan didn't do anything. But what if he did say something behind his back that Crawford heard? I refuse to take either side here because there has been to many things going on with the NBA Rules and Refs over the last several years. No calls some calls real calls bad calls just to name a few. Maybe you are right about other types of players. But the rules of the game should be enforced for all not a select few or only at the beginning of games.

posted by ucla512 at 04:58 PM on April 17, 2007

Referee Suspended Indefinitely

You gentlemen missed the point here.. Duncan says one thing and then crys the blues about everything..Only thing I was saying is stand up for yourself and quick being a big baby to the refs. Right or wrong here isn't the question I was stating..both of you are very young and don't remember what it was like during the 60-70s' the refs during those periods didn't take any crap from the players at all. Right or wrong good or bad the refs are here for a reason and all the players crying moaning acting and other bull s___ doesn't matter.As far as the 2nd T is concerned if the player even so much as looks at the ref funny or whatever it is not an abuse of power to give him another one. The refs are running the game not the players and the position of the league is to shutup and play. I am not saying that that is right but even before Stern's took over the NBA it has been that way. They call the game one way in the beginning and then different at the end. And a whiner like Duncan should have known to just turn around and walk away because it will get him exactly what happened a double T and he was gone. And we will never really know what Crawford said to Duncan if he did call him out or what. If he did Crawford must be on something because look at the size difference. Duncan isn't a fighter and I serious don't think Crawford is either. Whether Crawford knows the difference between a valid foul is something that has been questioned not only this year. A bad ref is a bad ref. But look on the other side and do you wonder how much Stern's is running the show. Has he told them to not call fouls for certain players and maybe more on others? Looking at some of the games this year makes you wonder who is in control during the games. I am saying plainly here there is two sides to every coin...Two stories and it still doesn't make sense. If you two have been watching many of the NBA games this year, you will have seen that the wrong refs or refs out of position to call the calls is being made all the time..Last week in a Laker game a foul was called by the outside ref who had no ability to see the play much less make the call. Sometimes the out of positional ref may see something that he determines is a foul, live with it, but too too many times it is being done and completely ruling the games being played. Yerfatma didn't mean for Duncan to start a fight or jump down his lying throat. But to put it is language even you young guys understand quick being a such of a MOANING CANDYASS and stand up for yourself..

posted by ucla512 at 02:40 PM on April 17, 2007

Referee Suspended Indefinitely

What the hell does Stern know? He couldn't tell the difference between double dribble and caring the ball over...If Duncan can't be a man and get in Crawfords face after the so called challenge then don't do anything. Maybe put groves on them and have at it for 2 rounds of 3 minutes each to settle it. Once a crybaby always a crybaby...Grow up Duncan and do your own fighting for a change...

posted by ucla512 at 01:12 PM on April 17, 2007

Visit historic fenway park.

Here's for more pizza,beer, steriods and peanuts at the baseball games'

posted by ucla512 at 01:05 PM on April 17, 2007

Ichiro, it's time to step up

Sorry Howard T, Didn't mean to insult you... Yeah, you are completely right about all the "journalistic freedom-public's right to know" crap.... Ratings mean money and the bottom line is now money... There is a old saying "people who can do people who can't write" to something of that effect it still fits..Ichiro leads by example, as does a lot of other players, but the writers want to sell papers to pay there salary whether the story is true or not or even worth while. Ratings,circulation, sensationalism, press, coverage and absolute stupidity of the sports writers of todays' game is what is causing all the bad journalism. But it cost to much for the players to go after these individuals in court so they just let it go and move on.

posted by ucla512 at 01:03 PM on April 17, 2007

Visit historic fenway park.

More action happening in the stands then on the field..Pizza at a baseball game next thing you know it will be steak and mushrooms or maybe lobster and shrimp with a side of stuffed sole..What ever happened to just plain old baseball food...Hotdogs, peanuts and beer? In some of the parks of today, I think the vendors and resturants make more money on food than the ticket sales. Last year I went to a Dodger game and had dinner at the Clubhouse and it cost almost 150 dollars by the time we left to enjoy the game. Then 30 dollars more for beer and peanuts the whole evening cost over 350 dollars for the four of us. When I was a kid my father use to have season tickets for the Los Angeles Angels of the PCL in the early and mid 50's and he only had to pay less than that for all the games and that included parking.. The dollar has become the bottom line now and the players are making way to much money. No player is worth 25mil a year and the only players I can think of that were worth over a million were Sandy Koufax and Nolan Ryan and of course the Babe.. Sandy and Nolan put people(fans) in the seats every night. I can never remember less than full capacity at Dodger Stadium 56,954 for any of Sandys' games and the same everywhere Nolan pitched.. At todays' prices that is about 3.3 million per game more profit...times 60 starts between them that works out to 198million dollars. Figures don't lie and show me any player today that when he plays draws a full house everytime out....Not going to happen today or in the future... Historic fenway park is still one of the greatest placest to watch a game next to Dodger Stadium and I hope they don't replace it.

posted by ucla512 at 12:52 PM on April 17, 2007

Former UNC player Melissa Jennings accuses Anson Dorrance, the nation's most decorated women's soccer coach, of maintaining a hostile environment filled with sexual harassment

Political correctness sucks...Come on people act like adult men and women here. I am sure Dorrence did not act out any type of sexual harassment towards his players..Everyone is reading way to much into this incident..Whether or not this appears credibilty or not is something between the coach and players to settle. If any coach, man or woman, can honestly say that that players or coach hasn't thought someone is hot or very good looking or is thinking of them as something other than a player is, sorry to say, not be truthful to themselves. It for you that don't know is called HUMAN BEHAVIOR plain and simple. Men are attracted to women and woman are attracted to men and that is how the world goes around....Everyone is too too sensitive about all this racist, sexual hasassment, bias behavior. All of us need to stop always looking for the worst in people and go back to the enjoying the games and teamwork aspect of sports. We all understand that it will never go away in some form or another but it must stop being the focus every time you turn around.

posted by ucla512 at 11:47 AM on April 17, 2007

Winning Isn't Everything

Nothing wrong with being a purist except in today's game it won't work. Baseball is watered down just like the other sports. Too many teams and not enough really good players. It would seem that about 40% of the players today would not be considered good enough to play 20 years ago. Add in the fact that MLB has fooled around with the rules and balls. The wild card is in fact, great for baseball and the fans...So is intra league play during the season..It allows all the fans in both leagues to see at one time or another all the best players. Say what you will the pros and cons of the wild card format is multi-faced and will always remain so. You either like it or dislike it....

posted by ucla512 at 11:30 AM on April 17, 2007

Sports Agent Convicted of Smuggling.

Everybody but the American Indians are illegal aliens here, if you want to get down to the basics.....The moronic jerk we all call agents or scouts that all doing all this with the approval of the major leagues only have one thing on their minds...$$$$$$$$$$$bottom line here is people will go to the games to see these illegal aliens because they like the sport and enjoy watching baseball whether it is being played by illegal aliens or not...

posted by ucla512 at 11:19 AM on April 17, 2007

Ichiro, it's time to step up

The problem with todays' sportswriters is that they only want to write something that impresses the readers. I haven't seen a writer lately that is anything special except TJ Simmers who may write something you don't like but is fair and does ask the questions that most of the other writers haven't got the guts to ask. Keane was a moron and took a lot of crap for not putting him on the MVP ballot. Hell, if he had had a vote for the Hall of Fame he most likely wouldn't have voted for him either.

posted by ucla512 at 03:30 PM on April 12, 2007

Ichiro, it's time to step up

howard t, trust me I was sitting in the stands with my father and he did give Keane that gesture. He walked across homeplate tipped his hat to the fans and then turned towards the sportswriters box and to quote you "flipped him the bird". Years later, when he took over the Washington Senators, I asked him at a Angel game as he was standing on the dugout steps if he remindered doing that. He just smiled and winked at me. i just asked my brother and he said as he entered the dugout was when he looked up and gestured something to that writer. '

posted by ucla512 at 03:23 PM on April 12, 2007