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The Silencing of Carlos Delgado.

I know that FSK wrote it in the near dark, and that he wrote the words in less than one hour. My guess is that it took less time to write the "melody". FYI. Fancis Scott Key didn't write the melody. The melody is based on an English drinking song, which, if you ask me, is ironically appropriate for a nation that has become so great because of the work of so many diverse people.

posted by sixpacker at 08:09 PM on December 08, 2005

Former NFL Star Received Steroids from BALCO

My rage is the orgasm of having to work 11 hours a day. (But that's just me.)

posted by sixpacker at 09:11 PM on October 14, 2005


What Joey Michaels said. I truely don't feel that bad about it. Last year took out a world of sting from this type of defeat. Go ChiSox.

posted by sixpacker at 07:24 PM on October 07, 2005

Baseball wildcards should lift our spirits

I expect Boston to fall apart in the final series against New York. The Sox will be all about the Wild Card this year. Perhaps deja vu all over again?

posted by sixpacker at 06:56 PM on September 17, 2005

Baseball has another Lowe-down cheater

Here’s some stats, lbb: David Blankenhorn stated in his book Fatherless America that: “The United States is becoming an increasingly fatherless society. A generation ago, an American child could reasonably expect to grow up with his or her father. Today, an American child can reasonably expect not to…. This astonishing fact is reflected in may satistics, but here are the two most important. Tonight, about 40 percent of American children will go to sleep in homes in which their fathers do not live. Before they reach the age of eighteen, more than half of our nation’s children are likely to spend at least a significant portion of their childhoods living apart from their fathers. Never before in this country have so many children been voluntarily abandoned by their fathers.” Steve Farrar provides more stats in his book Anchor Man: 85 percent of all children who exhibit behavioral disorders come from fatherless homes. 90 percent of all homeless and runaway children are from fatherless homes. 71 percent of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes. 75 percent of all adolescent patients in chemical abuse centers come from fatherless homes. 63 percent of youth suicides are from fatherless homes. 70 percent of juveniles in state-operated institutions come from fatherless homes. 85 percent of all youths sitting in prisons grew up in fatherless homes. 80 percent of rapists come from fatherless homes.

posted by sixpacker at 08:01 AM on August 04, 2005

Let's See a Show of Hands

Absolutely moronic. These guys don't need to shake hands. Alot of them are probably friends and get together after the game to hang out and party. It's a rivalry between teams. Don't take that away from us, you hypersensitive soccer-moms... feeding your kids this crap. (I admit it. I've had a beer or two. Still pisses me off, though.)

posted by sixpacker at 09:25 PM on March 24, 2005

Rush the Passer

Rush Limbaugh is a big fat idiot. I've often thought that the prick has a large listening base because his audience includes the normal people that listen for the shock value... waiting to hear more idiocy. I used to listen to him to make myself feel more righteous. It worked for a while. Not so much anymore.

posted by sixpacker at 08:30 PM on January 26, 2005

Report: Bonds Admitted to Using Substances

I stand with Drood. You fucked up the record books with your performance enhancers? Well, f you. You're disqualified.

posted by sixpacker at 09:26 PM on December 03, 2004

The Chicago Black Sox Trial of 1921

After going to a Durham Bulls game this past summer, my girlfriend has decided that she wants to be a baseball fan. The most fun I ever had at a baseball game was the first time my wife, brother-in-law and his wife and I saw the Durham Bulls play in Durham in 1996. The stadium was still new, it was comfortable, the employees were pleasant, and they made the whole experience entertaining. (Don't mean to derail. Just wanted to mention it. Chat on.)

posted by sixpacker at 01:21 PM on November 30, 2004

Mets join Martinez chase

Assumption: Steinbrenner knows exactly what he's doing - i.e., he simply wants to drive up Pedro's price and doesn't really want him. And, Prediction: Pedro stays in Boston for more than he's worth.

posted by sixpacker at 08:56 PM on November 26, 2004

Artest Calls Season Suspension Too Harsh

When I first saw the clip of the incident on Saturday morning, I originally thought that Artest should be banned from the NBA. Under no circumstances can that type of behavior be allowed. It's uncivilized, distracting to the sport, and extremely dangerous. The situation could easily have escalated to the point where someone was killed. If that happened, Artest would be looking at prison time, not a suspension. Seventy-two games is not too harsh.

posted by sixpacker at 01:26 PM on November 23, 2004

Mmmmm, Roethlisburgers

He actually does sound humble. How refreshing.

posted by sixpacker at 11:24 AM on November 04, 2004

World Series Game 4

I've been reading the posts all day, but just couldn't think of anything more to say. So many of the sentiments have been my own. I couldn't let the day pass without saying something, though. I think I'm just having trouble comprehending. I always said this day would come, but now that it's here, I just feel kinda numb. Kinda like I'm going to wake up soon. And in a weird way, that, in itself, is a wonderful feeling. Thank you Red Sox.

posted by sixpacker at 02:39 PM on October 28, 2004

Is anyone else sick of Curt Schilling?

blarp - As I understand it, he had asked God to help him to pitch well, not necessarily to win. I don't see anything wrong with that. Shilling's got a gift, and he's not taking all the credit. I like that.

posted by sixpacker at 02:27 PM on October 25, 2004

"Hey Red Sox ... Who's your daddy?"

Any MLB-endorsed anti-Yankee shirt would suffice for me.

posted by sixpacker at 06:39 AM on October 12, 2004

The most significant sports-book-to-sports-movie adaptations

Searching for Bobby Fischer - Chess is a sport? Any Given Sunday - They've got to be kidding... unless they're looking strictly at how well the movie portrays the book. If that's the case, I have no opinion, never having read the book. If they're looking strictly at the quality of the movie, this one definitely sucked and shouldn't be anywhere close to the top ten.

posted by sixpacker at 07:40 AM on October 07, 2004

Cream Puff Classes

Granted, there is some straining going on, but it's not so much mental as it is physical.

posted by sixpacker at 07:00 AM on September 27, 2004

One Day at Fenway

I heard an interview with Kettmann on ESPN radio during the drive home last Friday. After reading Neyer's discussion about his incident with Kettmann and (see grum@work's link), I can't help but feel a bias against Kettmann. As I listened to him praise his book, I'm thinking, this book is "...a waste of trees and talent." Unfair, I know, but I can't help but think of him as a sneaky no-talent writer. I blame Neyer.

posted by sixpacker at 06:55 AM on September 27, 2004

Cream Puff Classes

goddam - I minored in art in undergrad, so I think I know what you mean. Chiseling soapstone and drawing nudes didn't require much mental strain. (Not that there's anything wrong with that.)

posted by sixpacker at 03:24 PM on September 24, 2004

Cream Puff Classes

Goddam: I went to RIT for grad school. All business, though. Can't remember much fluff.

posted by sixpacker at 02:38 PM on September 24, 2004

Stadiums of the NFL

Maybe they want one above sea level.

posted by sixpacker at 01:12 PM on September 24, 2004

Cream Puff Classes

My alma mater (WCSU) used to offer frisbee, a 3 credit PE course. How demanding is it to throw a disc around with your buddies a couple of times a week?

posted by sixpacker at 08:52 AM on September 24, 2004

Rob Neyer makes a boo-boo

I really think that I would have reacted similarly to Neyer in the same situation. And how frustrating it is when a foolish mistake, made without thinking, begins its journey down the slippery slope, as this apparently did in Neyer's mind. Once found out, he probably felt he had his reputation to protect, so he made desperate attempts to nip it in the bud... although with maybe a smidge too much anger. He may have been wrong to have made the post initially, and I think he agrees with that, but at least he tried to protect the author somewhat by making his review appear to have been written by an ordinary Joe. The whole story's kind of sad, because after reading the "real" reviews, I figure the author isn't going to be selling many books - and those that read it anyway may already have a negative opinion formed.

posted by sixpacker at 03:25 PM on September 14, 2004

"The largest loss of their history."

How do you like it, ya big bullies.

posted by sixpacker at 07:29 AM on September 01, 2004

I gots to gets me some FLAVA23.

Has there ever been a food product endorsed by an athlete that turned out okay? With the possible exception of the Baby Ruth? Actually, the belief that the Baby Ruth bar was named after Babe Ruth may be incorrect, if you believe the Curtiss Candy Company, anyway....

posted by sixpacker at 08:47 AM on August 19, 2004

Prime Time again? Roland Denis writes, "The downfall of showboating came along when a young defensive back out of Florida State named Deion Sanders entered the league. He brought showboating to a whole new level. It was no longer the comical Johnson dance or the fun bunch high five, this new breed was of the "me' mentality. Watch me score a touchdown. Watch me show off my latest dance. Watch me, watch me, watch me. " With Deion back in the mix, the problem will be exacerbated. (Can I say that?)

posted by sixpacker at 10:33 AM on August 17, 2004

Prime Time again?

My mother always said, "If you don't have anything nice to say about someone, then don't say anything." So, I'll keep my mouth shut.

posted by sixpacker at 06:28 AM on August 17, 2004

What Olympics?

My mistake. In light of that, dzot's point is well taken (and I'm a bit more confused).

posted by sixpacker at 11:00 AM on August 16, 2004

What Olympics?

So tell me why it's such an honor to host these games again? $$$$$$$$$$

posted by sixpacker at 08:54 AM on August 16, 2004

I'm Roger Clemens, bitch!

There are so many inconsistencies in these stories that I'm forced to dismiss the whole event. (However, he's still a jackass.)

posted by sixpacker at 09:00 AM on August 03, 2004

Le Monde

Perhaps these guys are on drugs, that does seem very likely. But why can't LeMond (and others) keep their f-ing mouths shut until after the race? Either because they want to get to him psychologically, as usfbull said, or he just wants someone to listen to him, which is pathetic. Either way, be a gentleman and wait until the race is over before you start throwing around your accusations.

posted by sixpacker at 07:11 AM on July 16, 2004

Roger and Me

Wow. It's like he reached in and said what I was thinking (and a few things I didn't realize I was thinking, but come to think of it, I guess I was). He's a fat self-centered ass. PS: What's up with the Debbie Clemens link? Who does she think she is (and who cares)?

posted by sixpacker at 01:12 PM on July 14, 2004

Forksclovetofu is being ripped off.

I'm ok with the international waters venue, as long as I'm home in time for supper.

posted by sixpacker at 02:07 PM on June 23, 2004

QB turns grayshirt into NFL internship

That's a pretty sweet deal for him. It'll be interesting to see how it helps him during his college career. An internship like that gives him an opportunity to excel. Has this been done before?

posted by sixpacker at 09:53 AM on June 23, 2004

Forksclovetofu is being ripped off.

In my opinion, a sport is anything that leaves you sore the next morning after not having done it in a while. That being said, chimp knife fighting is probably a sport. (Now that I think of it, so is drinking.)

posted by sixpacker at 07:23 AM on June 23, 2004

Bum of the month

I'll never understand how some people can accrue millions and millions of dollars, only to lose it all. What the heck did he spend it on? I suspect he wasn't a finance major.

posted by sixpacker at 03:22 PM on June 22, 2004

Five Hundred for Junior

(I was thinking the same thing.)

posted by sixpacker at 10:34 AM on June 21, 2004

Move over, Steve Bartman

When does something turn from feel-good story to a weird media obsession? Right about now.

posted by sixpacker at 11:55 AM on June 16, 2004

The Shaq curse:

For the same reasons you listed tieguy, I clearly must root for Detroit. Ditto; although I'll also root against LA because I can't stand those front row Hollywood bandwagoners.

posted by sixpacker at 12:47 PM on June 03, 2004

Giants sign Kurt Warner.

I'll wager that he's going to start, and he's going to do well (leaving Manning with little to no playing time). Warner may be thinking that he has alot to prove, particularly after all the trash talk about him during the off season. If that's true, he's going to hit the ground running. The Giants are a better team now than they were last year, so I would hope it's a better year for them.

posted by sixpacker at 12:43 PM on June 03, 2004

Kobe is no hero.

If the idiot hadn't stepped out on his wife and slept with a teenage woman he didn't know, he might have been even better Tuesday night. Why is it that this little tidbit is constantly forgotton by the media. Whitlock's got balls, that's for sure. Too bad most of his colleagues are lacking in that department.

posted by sixpacker at 08:26 AM on May 14, 2004

You'll poke your eye out.

I guess I can postpone lunch now.

posted by sixpacker at 09:26 AM on May 13, 2004

Baseball was being played in 1791,

That's true. I just thought it was an interesting switch considering the Yankees/Red Sox fight this season. Actually, I thought it was common knowledge now that Doubleday didn't invent the game. The article made it sound like the common belief still is that he did. I read a book on the origins of baseball several years ago; I've forgotton much of it, but do remember the author saying that not only didn't Doubleday invent it, but it is probable that he never even saw a game.

posted by sixpacker at 10:35 AM on May 12, 2004

Baseball was being played in 1791,

So baseball may have started in Massachusetts rather than in New York. Hmmm.

posted by sixpacker at 09:38 AM on May 12, 2004

Ten Things I Hate About You.

Shooter McGavin's finger shooting after sinking a putt.

posted by sixpacker at 01:42 PM on May 10, 2004

Ten Things I Hate About You.

Similarly, I vote for every touchdown-scoring NFL player whose joy of achieving their objective compels them to make themselves into a one man team by break dancing in the end zone.

posted by sixpacker at 10:14 AM on May 10, 2004

Out with the Babe, in with the Mom

My thoughts exactly.

posted by sixpacker at 09:54 AM on May 04, 2004

When one team wins the whole ball of wax 26% of the time, out of all the teams that ever were or exist today, "balance" is the furthest thing from my mind.

posted by sixpacker at 02:52 PM on April 30, 2004

Donruss does the right thing.

The right thing with the jersey, that is ;)

posted by sixpacker at 03:40 PM on April 28, 2004

Donruss does the right thing.

Kudos to Donruss. While it does appear they informed the media, they did the right thing. It's refreshing.

posted by sixpacker at 03:39 PM on April 28, 2004

Yankee Hating: It's not just for Boston anymore.

I'm an AL fan, but I can't stand the fact that the pitchers don't bat. It's always struck me as being kind of cowardly.

posted by sixpacker at 10:40 AM on April 26, 2004

Yankee Hating: It's not just for Boston anymore.

Understood. I hadn't thought about it that way. If he is doing it just to increase his own popularity, then I've lost some respect for him. My original thought was that he was just doing it to play along... for the fun of it. I could still be right, but now I'm not so sure.

posted by sixpacker at 09:14 AM on April 26, 2004

Yankee Hating: It's not just for Boston anymore.

What's wrong with yahoo-pandering?

posted by sixpacker at 08:36 AM on April 26, 2004

Yankee Hating: It's not just for Boston anymore.

Agreed. I'm sure he wouldn't wish anything bad on the Yankee members individually, but as a team he's hoping they get crushed. As am I. PS: I'm not a hat guy. When are the t-shirts arriving? ;)

posted by sixpacker at 06:47 AM on April 26, 2004


posted by sixpacker at 03:12 PM on April 16, 2004

"Daddy won! Can you believe it?"

I agree with rcade's golf-crazed friend. I remember thinking how odd it was that he was so casual looking. His expression reflected humility and joy at the same time, as if he had already won. It just seemed out of place considering his reputation as a choker (obviously undeserved). I found myself on the edge of my seat hoping that that moment in the sun wouldn't go to waste. Fortunately, it didn't.

posted by sixpacker at 12:41 PM on April 12, 2004

That's just not cricket.

posted by sixpacker at 08:33 PM on April 10, 2004

Decline in baseball salaries:

Hey. I don't blame them. I just have no sympathy for them.

posted by sixpacker at 06:45 PM on April 08, 2004

Phil is the sympathetic favorite, kind of like Corey Pavin was when he was donned the title "Best player never to win a major." Well, he ended up winning one. As for the menu, I've had caribou. Pass me the mashed potatoes instead, please.

posted by sixpacker at 01:41 PM on April 06, 2004

How is this past decade any different than the 40s and 50s, when the Yankees dominated? I don't know much about the Yankees during the 40s and 50s, being a new baseball fan (which is a rarity these days, I've heard). I know what I've seen so far, and that is that I'm less likely to watch/enjoy a game involving the Yankees when I know that the odds of them winning exceed most other teams. This is why they are ruining baseball... for me, I guess. The real criminals are the cheapskate owners of teams who won't do anything to improve, but happily take the operating profit, part of which is paid by Steinbrenner. From what I've gathered, the NY market far exceeds most other teams (particularly in the midwest) in terms of resources, providing revenue to the Yankees that these other teams will never be able to tap. This leaves them far behind in the race to spend, regardless of whether or not they have the desire to do so. With resources like that, it seems obvious that some sort of control has to be put into place, such as those mentioned by Dusted above. I'm brand new to this log, but I've been reading it for over a year. How did I forget about you, Bernreuther? I meant no offense. I speak from the perspective of a baseball newbie.

posted by sixpacker at 08:55 AM on April 06, 2004