March 24, 2006

Keyshawn to Panthers: Keyshawn Johnson is going to the Panthers in a $19 million deal with a $5 million signing bonus he negotiated personally. This should be good to see Steve Smith fight for the 1 spot.

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Steve Smith IS #1 here, sorry to say. Me-Shawn is exactly what the Panthers need, a possession guy who can go over the middle for a tough pass. His glory days are probably behind him, but I believe a Super Bowl is in their very near future. I only wish the cheapskate Bears would have come up with some $$ for him.

posted by wdminott at 04:39 PM on March 24, 2006

I agree. I think Keyshawn will be good for Carolina. The defenses can't all lock in on Steve Smith any more. This should open the field up for the Panthers.

posted by dbt302 at 04:48 PM on March 24, 2006

The panthers need a running back. They can't rely on Foster again all season.

posted by corpse at 04:58 PM on March 24, 2006

The panthers need a running back. Ricky Williams might be available, cheep!

posted by wingnut4life at 05:19 PM on March 24, 2006

Here's a link to the story. The Pantheon can allocate me +2 karma later.

posted by lilnemo at 05:19 PM on March 24, 2006

i think steve smith has to be the number 1 reciever in carolina. hes just too fast and too dangerous and keyshawn is slower and and not as reliable.

posted by buffalo will never win at 05:43 PM on March 24, 2006

ricky willliams is suspended i tihnk this is great for the panthers

posted by Barry-from-H-town at 05:44 PM on March 24, 2006

Agree that Smith is the clear #1. Keyshawn is a #2 at best, more like a #3. He's good for that team and is a great option for when Smith is doubled, but he's not as fast, athletic, or able to get open as Smith. He's not going to be the #1 option for Delhomme.

posted by Bernreuther at 05:48 PM on March 24, 2006

They should just use Me-Shawn as the punt and kick returner so smith doesn't have to have injuries, and to see johnson get the hell knocked out of him

posted by FozzFest at 05:54 PM on March 24, 2006

the panthers are in for an even bigger year. all they need now is a tougher RB

posted by danewguy at 05:58 PM on March 24, 2006

Way to go Carolina...Now you've got two selfish, "ME" orientated, give me the ball or I'll scream Wide-outs. It seems everyone is forgetting Smith's just as bad as Johnson...... its just that the later has been doing it a lot longer and Smith has yet to have a massive eruption. It wont be long now though.......

posted by solrac at 06:21 PM on March 24, 2006

Wow- that sucks, I wish that the G-Men could have signed him. With Shockey, Toomer, Buress, and Manning, their passing game would be unstoppable.

posted by redsoxrgay at 06:35 PM on March 24, 2006

Smith's not only #1 on the Panthers, he's number one in the NFL. The only guy close to him right now is T.O., but we won't get into that. As for Keyshawn, the past few years he's been relatively quiet and can be a perfect compliment to Smith. I've never really seen Johnson as a great #1 guy, but he's tough, a decent possesion guy, and something the Panthers have definitely lacked. If Foster could hold up for a full season, they would be fine at running back.

posted by dyams at 06:38 PM on March 24, 2006

Keyshawn Johnson isn't the guy he was in Tampa or New York. He was pretty comfortable in the possession receiver role in Dallas and did everything asked of him, catching a lot of hard stuff in the middle for first downs and blocking well. He's not a threat at all to become the Panthers No. 2 guy, but I was disappointed Dallas let him go.

posted by rcade at 06:54 PM on March 24, 2006

Seattle spent all their energy guarding Smith in the conference championship game so my guess is that with Johnson on the field with him, defenses are going to have to devote some attention away from Smith. I agree that Johnson is probably past his prime, but he would make an excellent decoy for Smith. And he is still a viable choice over the middle.

posted by THX-1138 at 07:03 PM on March 24, 2006 How bout this story? San Francisco picking up the offensive lineman they always hated to go up against back when San Fran and Dallas were the only 2 teams in the NFC, Larry Allen. Of course, there was Nate Newton and Mark Stepnoski too, but Larry Allen was a big one too. This is going to help out their dreaded offense a lot (GO 49ERS!!! CAN'T WAIT TO SEE ALLEN IN THE RED AND GOLD!!! GOOD PICKUP!!!)

posted by zachaweenus at 08:37 PM on March 24, 2006

san fran gets allen Sorry, there's the real link

posted by zachaweenus at 08:44 PM on March 24, 2006

what the hell are the cowboys doing?? letting everyone but their momma go, oh wait, signing TO will make up for all that. (sarcastic)

posted by chuy at 07:22 AM on March 25, 2006

Good point, rcade. KJ has sort of matured a little in the past couple of years. I think that this will turn out to be a great move on Carolina's part. It's hard enough to cover Smith, now you have to cover two very good receivers. With a legit deep threat and short drop game, look for Carolina to dominate.

posted by wingnut4life at 08:10 AM on March 25, 2006

He's not a threat at all to become the Panthers No. 2 guy ... Oops -- I meant to say he's not a threat to become the No. 1 guy.

posted by rcade at 10:03 AM on March 25, 2006

i cant see keyshawn take any doubles off of smith. he didnt do it for glenn in dallas.he was just used as a possesion guy. he did block on offence and was good at it. as for carolina there already a great team. great management great coaches and a good alround team offence and defence

posted by p0p3y3 at 12:46 PM on March 25, 2006

The cowboys will never look to rebuild a team from the ground up as long as Parcells is there. He wants to win one more super bowl so he can go out on a high note. He wants a win now team and doesnt care about how old this team is getting because he wont be here in two years. That being said, things look like they will be getting better for the next two years but after that we are in big trouble.

posted by cowboyfan82 at 02:15 PM on March 25, 2006

whats with KJ saying they have they best recieving tandem in the NFL as good as smith is and as good as KJ was beore i just dont think they can compete against a (healthy )HOLT BRUCE but they do have a better QB then the rams (in my mind) still GO RAMS with their new coaching staff they will have a lot better season then last

posted by jjmule16 at 09:47 PM on March 25, 2006

A great pickup for the Panthers. He'll take some of the heat off Smith and go over the middle for the difficult balls. I wish the Giants would have signed him.

posted by doggstarr at 07:33 AM on March 26, 2006

Keyshawn is a very valuable 2nd or 3rd option. He's lost the selfishness so many associate with him after getting dumped by Gruden; apparently round 2 with Parcells did him a lot of good, maturity-wise. Although he is FAR from a threat to Smith's #1 status, every team could use a bold reciever like him. Keyshawn is unafraid to cross the middle of the field where things tend to get rough, unlike 95% of other 'name' recievers. Great pickup for Carolina.

posted by Venicemenace at 02:30 PM on March 26, 2006

If Colbert hits the "three-year breakout" common to good wide receivers, this just became a much more potent offense. Keyshawn on one side, Colbert on the other, and Smith lining up at flanker won't be easy to defend. Add a little off-tackle action with a back who's got decent speed to the outside (when he's healthy), and there's the potential for a real breakout year offensively in Carolina this season.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:11 PM on March 26, 2006

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