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Your favorite NBA player as a family.

How can you guys mention those songs and not think about Lola?

posted by FozzFest at 07:15 PM on April 05, 2006

Doc Gooden Chooses Jail Over Rehab

that's one hell of a recipe....I t is partial stupidity, but to make bad choice after bad choice, it makes it easier for the odds to stack against you... I think it started as a bad habit, but this is more than that...unless the coke amazingly flew up his nose by itself it is hardly bad luck though

posted by FozzFest at 07:05 PM on April 05, 2006

Your favorite NBA player as a family.

Yeah you guys are all wishing you were with mrs. dwayne wade, or all honestly, all three of you went and got drunk at a bar and "accidently" took home Mrs. Jeff Van Gundy- i 'm actually just joking

posted by FozzFest at 04:53 PM on April 05, 2006

Doc Gooden Chooses Jail Over Rehab

I guess he wanted to reunite with darryl strawberry at some's all really sad, he had a ton of potential when he started.

posted by FozzFest at 03:28 PM on April 05, 2006

Your favorite NBA player as a family.

Loved the Dikembe Mutumbo picture...even thinking about sending it to my family for christmas

posted by FozzFest at 03:25 PM on April 05, 2006

It's like Brad and Jen all over again...

It's not exactly old, but i keep thinking of the bloodhound gang song, saying that the drummer from def leppard only has one arm...

posted by FozzFest at 07:07 PM on March 31, 2006

Redick tops Morrison for AP player of year

Kudos on the roy williams vote...though..Roy and Billy Donovan did a lot with a little this year, this vote also could have been a tie

posted by FozzFest at 07:03 PM on March 31, 2006

I'll Take Seattle Slew to Win, Place and Show, Please

Mybe the cloned horses should have their own races....i have also heard about dolly the sheep and various liver problems attached to the cloning.... I also wonder about the value of actually breeding horses from champion stock as a action/ all just seems bad for business, next we'll have george steinbrenner cloning horses to have sponsers in their manes.

posted by FozzFest at 05:29 PM on March 31, 2006

Taste the Excitement.

Do they have Ricky Rudd fizzies?

posted by FozzFest at 05:19 PM on March 31, 2006

Twenty five Rickey Henderson anecdotes

Add on Kirby Puckett and Tony Gwynn for pure hitting Ozzie Smith for flipping , i guess

posted by FozzFest at 05:12 PM on March 31, 2006

Boxer Mesi Ready to Make Comeback

No, honestly the reason boxing is struggling is because the fighters can't read or write and neither do the fans.... Hopkins-criminal, along with 80 more percent of the boxing population....there are as many divisions as there are professional baseball teams. Don King is still thriving...and not in jail. I used to really love to watch boxing, when tyson was 19(criminal) or better yet, pop in an old sugar ray robinson fight...boxing will never be that way again, even if james 'lights out, on social security" toney doesn't lose for another 20 years and fights george foreman for the world's wrinkliest fighter award.

posted by FozzFest at 05:00 PM on March 31, 2006

Some holds barred

Hey, man, love the link....this is a really good find... I can't really imagine ray mysterio jr. and eddie guerrero working for kathie lee

posted by FozzFest at 04:37 PM on March 31, 2006

Redick tops Morrison for AP player of year

I think it should also be a tie....joakim noah or any of the guys from george mason should get it if it was narrowed down to tournament records...but the ap awards are given on an entire season....even if redick proved himself ineffective against LSU, and morrison did much better in his last game. If an argument holds, my indiana hoosiers had morrison on lockdown for the entire game(sadly he was the only one) Honestly though, if i had a vote, as much as i despise the very existence of Duke, my vote for the year goes to Shelden Williams, who was truly the heart and soul of that team.

posted by FozzFest at 04:35 PM on March 31, 2006

NFL Curtails End Zone Celebrations

I agree with chemwizBsquared on the DOC's...I think that he's also right with the challenges, it makes the coaches more tactical during the game, and can definitely alter the course of any game with a well played challenge...I would like the officials to rediscuss the "no challenges under 2 minute rule" The CFL is a league where the endzone celebrations are choreographed but i think if the CFL was more commercialized(as the NFL is) than we might be having the same thread discussion right now about CFL endzone celebrations...but you are right , the prima donnas are mainly in the NFL, but NFL is not alone... With as much other stuff that is going on in other sports, the fact that endzone celebrations are the biggest deterrent is pretty impressive

posted by FozzFest at 09:50 PM on March 29, 2006

'Love child', mother lambaste Big Unit

Hal, thank you for pointing all of that reference(according to the fact checker) Randy Johnson was a pitcher for the montreal expos, but he only pitched about 10-15 games for them and only made the league minumum..... The rest of the time he was a pitcher in the minor leagues, where the cash flow is considerably lower

posted by FozzFest at 09:30 PM on March 29, 2006