January 30, 2006

How long will Broduer stay in New Jersey?: Marty signs a six year deal which will last him till he turns 40. He says he wants to follow in Ken Daneyko's shoes and spend his entire career with the Devils. No doubt he could have got $7 million/yr but wanted to give Lou some extra cap room.

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I hate broduer. Devils Suck.

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As much as I personally dislike the dev's organization I think they have an outstanding record of treating their players fairly. They don't over pay (Bobby Holik, Billy Guerin) and they clearly don't underpay as evident by this signing. Marty's going to go down as the (arguably) greatest ever. Playing until 40 will be no problem as he regularly starts in over 60 games and shows no signs of slowing down. I also get another 6 years to bitch and moan him playing for my most hated team, making those spectacular, jaw droping saves.

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Hmm, well considering Brodeur signed a six-year deal, I'm guessing ... six years. He really is a joy to watch, unless you're facing him. I'd take him over Hasek all day long.

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He seemed to have started in a non-Brodeur manner but as the season has progressed he's returned to form. Good to lock him up. I have no negative opinion of the guy. The Devils are here nor there for me, Brodeur's personal life means nothing to me, he's been a consistently high performer for a long time (can't hate him for that) and, above all, he looks damn good wearing a maple leaf on his jersey.

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As a Leaf fan, I hate Brodeur's guts. It's nothing personal, but when a guy has a team's number like this, it's hard not to wish temporary ill-will upon him. As a Canadian, I think he's super-spectacular-wonderful. I'm glad he's back in tip-top form in time for the Olympics. I don't know if he'll end his career as the best ever, but he'll definitely be mentioned in hockey history books as being part of the grand slam of great goalies of the 1990s (Brodeur, Roy, Hasek, Belfour). It should be noted that Luongo's agent is probably FUMING that Brodeur signed this deal. It looks very silly for Luongo to turn down his most recent deal after seeing for what Brodeur just settled.

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Luongo is concerned about a lot more than the money, though. Florida's been throwing some pretty decently-sized contracts at him, but he wants to see some actual committment to winning within the franchise. His contract doesn't expire until 2007, so he's got lots of time to evaluate the team's direction. He's probably not going to lose his value, and it's not like he'd get stiffed as a free agent (especially if Hasek retires and Emery turns to a pro boxing career... !). I've never heard of this Broduer guy though. Marginally related: I love Ken Campbell's description of Jamie McLennan as "perhaps the most anonymous backup goalie in the league". First plays behind Kiprusoff and now Luongo. Poor guy.

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OK see the thing i dont get is why is everyone so worried about the devils.... I mean come on there all washed up anyways. Who we should be looking at are St.Louis Blues. One of the deepest plunders in NHL today. I mean what the hell happen, these guys were playoff contenders befor the big hold out then they come back with a few less stars and boom there to ugly to watch..What about a goalie in St.Louis.? Thats what i say.

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We are worried about the Devils because this is a thread about the Devils. despite my long comment about Florida

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As long as Martin Broduer is backstopping, the Devils will never be washed up. Boy, I remember Wings/Devils back in 94/95, getting swept by Broduer et al, (one whose name shan't be mentioned), and in game 4, one of the Devils fans had a sign that said "Welcome to Hell". From a Detroit fan, Broduer and that series was. From a hockey fan, congrats Martin, you deserve all the professional accolades that you get!

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Jamie McLennon, poor guy? Talk about the easiest job in the NHL. Keep the shooters warm during practice. Tell some jokes and make sure you open the gate evey night. I take that back - backing up Brodeur might be the easiest job in pro sports. There is a very good chance that by the time this contract that Marty will surpass Roy as the winningest goalie in history - and likely with even better numbers. Despite being a Leaf fan, I've never hated Marty. Maybe it's becaue I've always been slightly awed by a guy who went through a messy separation with his wife after sleeping with her sister right in the middle of the playoffs - and all he does is win the Cup. That's a stone cold killer, right there. Ice water for blood.

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The only thing that surprised me was the lack of a no-trade clause. As a Devils fan (it seems like the only one in here) that worries me a little. Luongo's agent is probably FUMING that Brodeur signed this deal. Some hockey analysts did speculate that this contract kind of sets an unofficial goalie cap and Luongo's agent may not be the only one. I do agree that Luongo is worried about more than money. I wouldn't be surprised to see him run out his contract and go somewhere else if the Panthers don't pick up the pace.

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Hater and grum said everything I could say about this. He's got a very real shot at removing Patrick Roy from the record books and being considered the best there ever was, and I look forward to hating his Devils for a long time yet.

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Hmm, well considering Brodeur signed a six-year deal, I'm guessing ... six years. I think so, too. There's no reason to believe that Brodeur won't be at the top of his game, even at 40! IMHO, goaltending has been a strong point for the Devils since the days of Sean Burke, whether they were contenders for the Cup or not. With this signing, I think it'll be that way for another six years. Like "gspm", I'm neither here nor there with the Devils, but you can't deny Marty's contribution to the game.

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Hmm, well considering Brodeur signed a six-year deal, I'm guessing ... six years. /*Note to self: stop using rhetorical questions.

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I wish I had a giant comedy foam hammer that made an amusing >HONK< sound when used. I'd totally bonk people on the head with it.

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the devils got their chit together. top-notch classiest org in local ny sports who get zilch credit for contending every year w/out over-inflated payroll like the skankees and they've got 3 cups, to boot. i hope marty sure unseats roy in the stats book because i can't stand that headcase.

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Sean Burke was terrible on the Devils. I mean, really awful. Lost games by himself.

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the devils suck now with brodoer. he is too old. they need a new goalie. someone good like kiprusoff. go calgary

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united-soccer thanks for your, um, insightful input. Brodeur is probably the best goalie in the game right now, the Devils are very smart to lock him up. Just wondering, did he win two championships, or did he win in 1995 also?

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Yes, he also won in 95. He was one of 5 devils to win all 3 cups. (Stevens, Neidermeyer, Daneyko, Brylin, were the other 4). He was also there for the run in 94 to game 7 of the Eastern conference finals (Damn Rangers).

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you know, if the mods go and delete the comment that my honking comedy hammer was directed towards then it has no context. might as well delete my comment also. in any case, comedy hammer honked on united-soccer's head.

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He's got a very real shot at removing Patrick Roy from the record books Brodeur has an advantage in catching Roy in career wins. It looks like his last 6 seasons in the NHL will be devoid of tie games. Since Brodeur had 103 ties in 11 previous seasons, that'll probably give him an extra 5 wins a season for the remainder of his contract (assuming half the ties turn into wins) for which Roy wouldn't have had the opportunity. Nevertheless, I don't believe in the whole "asterix" brouhaha in sports, so I'd have no problem with Brodeur finishing first overall in wins.

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interesting point grum. i guess these adjustments happen from time to time. Roy passed Sawchuk at 447 wins. And the seasons that Roy played in were marginally longer than Sawchuk. When Sawchuk started there were 70 game seasons (though he played all or almost all of the games in several seasons).

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Marty needs to avg. 4 shutouts per year in the next 6 yrs to pass Sawchuk. 23 wins per year to pass Roy Yeah, I would say its possible.

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How old is Belfour because it looks to me that he could catch Roy and Sawchuk too as long as he isn't to old.

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How old is Belfour because it looks to me that he could catch Roy and Sawchuk too as long as he isn't to old. As a Leaf fan, it pains me to say this but, I don't think there is much time left for Belfour to catch Roy or hold off Belfour. He's turning 41 in April, and his numbers (and play) are very sketchy. He'll put in a world-class performance every so often (winning the game for the Leafs almost single-handedly), but then he run off two or three games where he looks average (or worse). Belfour is going in the HOF for sure, but I don't think he'll be tops in any category when he's done.

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