January 22, 2006

Pittsburgh's Road to the Super Bowl: Few teams have taken a longer route to the Super Bowl than the Bus-driven Pittsburgh Steelers, whose 34-17 victory over the Denver Broncos in the AFC Championship makes them the first team since the 1985 New England Patriots to win three road games to reach the bowl.

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first team to win three road games to reach the bowl? i thought i had been hearing all week that the 85 Pats were the one team who had done it to this point.

posted by uncleboatshoes at 05:16 PM on January 22

Yea, I heard that today on a radio show. Or maybe they will be the first road team to go on and win the Super Bowl if that happens.

posted by EERFAN88 at 05:23 PM on January 22

Go Steelers!

posted by EERFAN88 at 05:24 PM on January 22

Way to go Steelers. I was actually hoping that Denver could pull off a win. It doesn't matter now. Next year It's all RAMBALL............GO RAMS

posted by 2sweet at 05:25 PM on January 22

I must have misunderstood an infographic. The 1985 Patriots did accomplish the feat.

posted by rcade at 05:25 PM on January 22

Actually, the Steelers are the first sixth seed to make it to the Super Bowl. The 85 Pats must have been a higher seed.

posted by EERFAN88 at 05:31 PM on January 22

Convincing win. Nice to see a good game not decided by officials. Eagles next year baby.

posted by GoBirds at 05:31 PM on January 22

They are the first #6 seed to make it to the Super Bowl. Bradshaw has already said that no matter who wins the NFC Championship, the Steelers will win. Things are hoping in Pittsburgh tonight.

posted by dbt302 at 05:33 PM on January 22

I'm in Fairmont WV and it looks like Steeler country down here with all the black and gold jerseys and flags everywhere.

posted by EERFAN88 at 05:35 PM on January 22

I know that was an inadvertent misspelling and you meant things are hopping in the 'Burgh, but there's definitely some hoping going on as well! And certainly with good reason. I'm with Bradshaw -- I don't think either the 'Hawks or the Panthers (my fave team, to the extent that I have one) can beat 'em.

posted by alumshubby at 05:42 PM on January 22

Good job Pittsburgh and congrats Steelers fans. Remember, you heard it here first...or second...or...

posted by Texan_lost_in_NY at 05:46 PM on January 22

With all that is said they did it for Jerome!! Please lets get rid of Tommy Madix

posted by dogdan at 06:02 PM on January 22

good for Jerome he deserves to be in the Super Bowl in his home town i think its his destiny to win it there

posted by stevie_wonder at 06:12 PM on January 22

I would like to see the Steelers play the Seahawks, but I don't think it will matter. Porter and company are playing at the highest level possible! What an outstanding game by the BIG D and Cedrick Wilson. We may finally get that ONE FOR THE THUMB!

posted by jefflippy at 06:14 PM on January 22

Great game! I can't believe the Steelers are going to Super Bowl XL. I told my girlfriend before the game if the Steelers won we were gonna get a bigger t.v. and a dish for the Super Bowl. Looks like I'm going shopping tomorrow!

posted by Steeler_Fan at 06:16 PM on January 22

Well im from pittsburgh and still are here and this game was a huge step toward Ben becoming a great quarterback and i hope for Jerome they win this Super Bowl, which we have a decent chance they way we ahve been playin the past few weeks.

posted by Steelersfreak43 at 06:21 PM on January 22

i am not a steelers fan, my boys' didn't bother to make it after their late season collapse. After watching what they've done the past 3 weeks on the road, at those tough places to play i hope they go all the way man. A great player like bettis deserves to go out with a chance to win it all. I jumped on their wagon since the beating they gave Manning. (I am a manning hater). Once again like last week i am loving it that the "experts" were wrong again about the steelers. What happened to this being jake "the fake's" year, i guess he payed like back in his zona days.

posted by chuy at 06:28 PM on January 22

its great to see the steelers won if the panthers lose 2nite im rooting for the steelers i know one thing T.O. must be pissed hes not in the superbowl again. I heard the bucs might pick him up wat ya think

posted by defrag3x at 06:32 PM on January 22

Somewhere terrapin is estatic.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:33 PM on January 22

Way to go Steelers! Gives this Steelers fan, with Browns fans all around, some bragging rights. Big Ben and the whole team played a great game.

posted by hink64 at 06:36 PM on January 22

The town is hopping and there is a lot of hoping going on here as well. Should be a wild next two weeks here in the Burgh.

posted by dbt302 at 06:58 PM on January 22

Nice to see a game without one team having twelve players. Congrats to The Steelers even though the Seahawks QB is from my hometown its hard not to go for an ORIGINAL NFL team thats stayed in it's hometown thru thick and thin screw it I'm jumping on, PAT's Gods forgive me, "GO STEELERS"

posted by thatch at 07:18 PM on January 22

As you can tell I am for the Steelers all the way, I of course hope they win the Superbowl, I have a feeling if they do Jerome will retire. He doesn't need to get hurt anymore plus with his Asthma. I am so happy I could cry, I LOVE THE STEELERS and have since Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Green Days. Love them Love them. Lets all have a toast to the The Steelers.

posted by steelers36 at 07:32 PM on January 22

Happy, happy, and more happy!! Does anybody know where I can get one of those cool hats like Bettis was wearing? Not the champions one, but the one with the streaks (?) on it. Can't seem to find one, even at the Steelers official web site. Did I mention?...Happy, happy, & happy. Go Steelers!

posted by gac at 07:42 PM on January 22

Hate the Broncos! Thank You Steelers!

posted by kcfan4life at 07:51 PM on January 22

It seems to me that this is the first time in a very long time that there is no dominant team in the big game. The big bullies have been sent home. Its currently 27-7 seahawks. I wouldn't be surprised if the seahawks beat the black and gold, but you never know.

posted by BlogZilla at 08:18 PM on January 22

That was not even close! The Steelers dominated the whole game. But I must say that the Broncos players and coaches were good sports after the game. One more victory and the Steelers are champs!

posted by Claremore Rancher at 08:39 PM on January 22

Congrats to the Steelers. I think they'll be the team to beat. Impressive run to Detroit.

posted by gspm at 09:03 PM on January 22

One more victory and the Steelers are champs! Technically, they're already champs. AFC champs. Also, the homerism to content ratio in this thread is kind of depressing.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:03 PM on January 22

Today's games were tough to talk about -- neither one was close enough for the effects of a specific decision or call to matter. The Broncos and Panthers got their butts handed to them.

posted by rcade at 09:26 PM on January 22

Didn't get to see the win, had to work AGAIN! I probably won't get to watch the SB either. But Cowher has been there and knows what to do...I hope they win it all, Bettis deserves his ring b4 he retires. And Big Ben has matured very nicely. It won't be a skate, but ...GO STEELERS!!!

posted by steelergirl at 09:35 PM on January 22

MJKREDLINER!!!...WHERE ARE YOU??? WE ARE ALL WAITING FOR YOU POST AND CONGRATS TO THE STEELERS! Right now he is sitting somewhere sobbing uncontrolably...wondering where that Broncs mojo is...but hey redliner...gaudy IS a great word, but while you have your edition of the Don King Encyclopedia out, find another word to describe your beloved Broncos losing! WAY TO GO STEELERS! PITTSBURGH'S GOIN' TO THE SUPER BOWL...I GOTTA FEELIN'!!!

posted by LiveWithIt at 09:36 PM on January 22

Great job today. The Steelers came to play, played well and are hitting the road again to Detroit. Even if my beloved Bears are not in it anymore, I am really looking forward to this SB. Two great teams with alot of heart are going to give us a great game.

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posted by camoman at 09:55 PM on January 22

wow 2nd year QB gets it done like night and day from last years play offs

posted by kpgarza at 09:56 PM on January 22

Kudos to the Steelers. Anyone hear chatter on an early Super Bowl line?

posted by trharlan at 10:03 PM on January 22

It's gonna be a pretty close line, I imagine. Both conference champions have played very convincingly over the past few weeks.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 10:24 PM on January 22

YEAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Ive been waiting Nine long years for this....Congrats to the Seahawks, But I bleed Black and Gold so.......YES!

posted by MNJ1193 at 10:47 PM on January 22

Things are hoping in Pittsburgh tonight. Yeahhah Yeheeee Go Bolts!

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posted by LiveWithIt at 01:16 AM on January 23

Yeah, a line like that is pretty much a toss-up, anyway- you pretty much never see a line less than a FG. They have to make the line something, and 3.5 is pretty much saying that the linemakers believe the Seahawks will have a few more people betting on them than on the Steelers- so they push the line a nudge towards the Steelers to keep the betting even between both sides.

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posted by roosterjfh1 at 03:00 AM on January 23

LiveWithIt, and the rest of steeler nation, i have before me the biggest plate of crow imaginable. Hats off to the steelers, they punished and befuddled my broncs. I never claimed not to like them, they are a classy organization top to bottom. Cowher and Bettis are both deserving of a ring, and , i daresay, so are the fans from the steel city deserving of a champion. P.S. anyone have a good recipe for crow?

posted by mjkredliner at 05:10 AM on January 23

I have to admit I have been a Steelers fan for as long as I can remember, but I have never seen as much black and gold as I have this season. Big Ben and "The Bus have brought the pride back. I have been very leery about how they would do these past few weeks. I hope they do not exhaust themselves. I also hope they stay focused unlike the past years and the Super bowl.

posted by rickburns1 at 08:07 AM on January 23

Its going to be a great Super Bowl. I wouldnt mind either team winning the Lombardi torphy. Let the bashing of Detriot and having the Super Bowl in a Cold Weather City begin!

posted by daddisamm at 08:11 AM on January 23

I'd like to see the Steelers win, because Pittsburgh doesn't have much for any other team there (Penguins or others included). Just why in the Sam Hill do they need two weeks in between? For more advertising hype? To develop more excuses for the crappy ads? To get another ugly woman to show her flat boobs to the nation? To get lousy entertainment? Just why is it they can't play this weekend?

posted by mrhockey at 08:29 AM on January 23

I've been knowing all season long this was coming from Plummer. I'm just pissed I woke up at 4am to watch him collapse at the worst possible time. So... what QB will be available with the 30th pick in the draft?

posted by ryleeys at 08:36 AM on January 23

A few thoughts... I am glad there is a two week wait until the Super Bowl.The Steelers have played three tough road games and could use a little rest. I don't think that Plummer collapsed -- the Steeler D is playing so well right now that even golden boy Peyton was thoroughly confused. The Steelers have had two, count 'em two, coaches since 1969 and are making their sixth Super Bowl appearance. Big Ben can be the youngest player to WIN a Super Bowl.

posted by Claremore Rancher at 09:09 AM on January 23

Yeah, I wouldn't put too much blame on Plummer -- he looked better than Peyton did last week.

posted by fabulon7 at 09:33 AM on January 23

The fairy tale continues. It has been a terrific playoff run. Wild-Card: USC roomates battle/AFCN grudge-match Divisional: Teh Immaculate Tackle Conference: #7 wins in Denver Super Bowl: The Bus heads home

posted by rxreed at 11:03 AM on January 23

What a game!! It's hard to live in the Rockies and hate the Bronco's but WOW what a win!! The Steelers have the best, rounded team they've had since the 70's and I think they're gonna take it all!! Bettis deserves his ring!! Look out "Hawks" here comes the Bus!!!

posted by idahosteelergirl at 11:15 AM on January 23

I'm not a Steeler fan but it is apparent to me they are the best team in football right now. No doubt the toughest team. The Seahawks haven't had to face nearly the same level of competition. Carolina is only a mediocre team and beating the Bears was no special feat as the Bears were the most overratted team in football. Steelers dominated every team they faced in their run leading up to this week. More important they did it on the road. I think they will physically destroy the Seahawks dominate the game and win the Superbowl easily. They deserve it. The NFC is just no match for the AFC lately. Although Seattle is a good team and definetly the best the NFC has to offer, when lousy teams like Washington, Chicago, Carolina, Tampa Bay and the Giants make the playoffs, it certainly makes the Seahawks look a little better than they are. Compare the records of the NFC playoff teams to the records and stats of the AFC. Teams like Cincinnati, Indianapolis, Denver, and New England could have all won the NFC easily.

posted by Atheist at 11:38 AM on January 23

I'm finding it really difficult to understand how someone can degrade Seattle at this point. I mean, don't give them much respect - fine, whatever, your call. But, to condemn them - that's false cockiness in favor of Pitt. Carolina is not a mediocre team. After just a few minutes of play, they had to resort to their 4th-string RB, so that obviously hurt their showing. But, they are extremely well-coached and are solid players. IMO, yesterday's game was more about credit due the Seahawks - just an awesomely-executed game in every way. I respect the Steelers and they deserve this, hands-down. But, I'm gonna hurl if I hear one more Steeler player (I'm talking to you, you goof, Joey Porter) or fan talk about the lack of respect given them. And Hal, I like your logic, but I think the line moved to 3.5 (instead of the typically field-goal spread), because linemakers are expecting more money to go on the Steelers (out of popularity and hot-streak, as much as anything) instead of the other way around. But, semantics - the logic is right.

posted by littleLebowski at 02:32 PM on January 23

LiveWithIt, and the rest of steeler nation, i have before me the biggest plate of crow imaginable. mjk don't dig in to that crow to hard. As a steeler fan who lives 1hr south of Indy this has been an excellent playoff run for the steelers, but at least your team showed respectfully. All the Colts fans around here talked big schlitz and once again they choked. The biggest confidence builder for the steelers was to beat the broncos, they knew a win in indy was easy. Pittsburghs D gave Manning a run for his money earlier this year.

posted by tomthumb at 02:37 PM on January 23

Maybe this time they can with without steroids. Oh, F*** Super Bowl halftime shows. If I want to see Bon Jovi, I'll change the channel. Nothing like watching a hastily performed (lip-synched) performance to really pump me up for the game.... Give me some fat guys dancing to "Peanut Butter & Jelly", keep the halftime 15 minutes... The Super Bowl as it currently runs is just plain unwatchable.

posted by LostInDaJungle at 04:03 PM on January 23

So skydiveparents, will you be making the trip to Detroit for the big game?

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 07:20 PM on January 23

littleLebowski: oops, guess I got that backwards. Hey, it was late at night, things like this happen. :)

posted by hincandenza at 07:41 PM on January 23

Have beeb a fan of the Bus for years along with the Green Bay so i truely hope to see the Steelers win it all. The bus is a great player who gives a lot to the game and the fans. he never forgats where he came from or who he is. he did let successs go to hie head like some players [ T.O.]. He kept he cool sweet personality and played the game.

posted by catsup at 01:26 PM on January 25

Have beeb a fan of the Bus for years along with the Green Bay so i truely hope to see the Steelers win it all. The bus is a great player who gives a lot to the game and the fans. he never forgats where he came from or who he is. he did let successs go to hie head like some players [ T.O.]. He kept he cool sweet personality and played the game.

posted by catsup at 01:26 PM on January 25

I AM HOPPING THAT THE STEELERS WIN BUT I HAVE TO GO WITH Eagles next year baby. posted by GoBirds

posted by the big dog at 10:18 PM on January 26

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