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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

Answer this... "Why would an off duty cop from Coronado follow a suspected drunk driver to poway and then try to stop him? That's more than enough time to get an on duty cop to handle it.

posted by mrrocnron at 10:30 AM on September 04, 2006

So...who's for real and who's a pretender so far?

Go PADRES... don't get mad...

posted by mrrocnron at 04:52 AM on April 16, 2006

Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer, Homer

I thought they were broadcasting batting practice. That's funny Go PADRES!

posted by mrrocnron at 04:56 PM on April 07, 2006

Gonzaga: Home o' Sexual Taunts

but a 21 year old kid shouldn't be subjected to taunts like that. Isn't this what you call an oxy moron?

posted by mrrocnron at 01:05 PM on February 14, 2006

Piazza goes to Padres

I think it was a move in the right direction. It's not a long term move, but. The Padres have had problems putting runs on the board. They have had a pretty good bullpen and a star closer. However, they get scored on and dont score enough runs to compensate. enter- Piazza. Humh..... It will sell tickets too! Go BOLTS oops... Go PADRES

posted by mrrocnron at 11:26 PM on January 29, 2006

Kubiak to Houston

houston needs to sell those seats. [enter vince young] "I'll find a way to make him successful because it's in him," Kubiak said. "I'm a David Carr fan. I like the skills he has. There is no reason that David shouldn't be a successful quarterback." Kubiak is smart not to question Owner McNair's boy Carr. If the Texans pick Vince. There will be controversy. If the Texans pick Reggie and no line. There will be controversy. If the Texans pick either... There will be controversy. Welcome to the NFL... Go BOLTS

posted by mrrocnron at 04:21 PM on January 26, 2006

Pittsburgh's Road to the Super Bowl

Things are hoping in Pittsburgh tonight. Yeahhah Yeheeee Go Bolts!

posted by mrrocnron at 11:23 PM on January 22, 2006

Seattle SuperSeahawks

What's funny is? I am not a Steelers or Seahawk fan but...

posted by mrrocnron at 11:17 PM on January 22, 2006

Russian Heavyweight Valuev Returns Championís Belt to Ruiz

He should've added it to his new belt.

posted by mrrocnron at 02:00 PM on December 23, 2005

How Bout Them Chargers!

chargers people need to wake up and smell the city water!! Everyone knows if the bears can score 28 in a game they will will the superbowl!!!! Have the bears scored 28 on the Chargers? NO Could they. NO

posted by mrrocnron at 01:30 PM on December 23, 2005

Oh wait, never mind.

EVEN if Artest was white I would hate him. But because he is black it makes it easier. HA jackass

posted by mrrocnron at 09:41 PM on December 18, 2005

Why do the Lions always play on Thanksgiving day?

For the most part all 32 teams already do get a chance to play on Thanksgiving day, as they have been rotating which team plays the Lions every year sice 1963. When did the Chargers play?

posted by mrrocnron at 03:40 AM on November 24, 2005