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Big Ben Parties Like A Champ!

I like Ben, but lets wait until after the superbowl, lets not mess up and something happen to him.

posted by steelers36 at 09:50 PM on February 01, 2006


I am glad for those that visited the website I posted, I just cant get enough of it. I leave it playing in the background on my computer. One more week..........................

posted by steelers36 at 09:30 PM on January 27, 2006

Pollamaloo... For all the steeler fans, you must visit this web page, turn your speakers up, it is just too cool Here we go!!!!!

posted by steelers36 at 09:08 PM on January 26, 2006

Pittsburgh's Road to the Super Bowl

As you can tell I am for the Steelers all the way, I of course hope they win the Superbowl, I have a feeling if they do Jerome will retire. He doesn't need to get hurt anymore plus with his Asthma. I am so happy I could cry, I LOVE THE STEELERS and have since Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Green Days. Love them Love them. Lets all have a toast to the The Steelers.

posted by steelers36 at 07:32 PM on January 22, 2006

Official was wrong

Believe me I was yelling the whole time, those damn Refs can either make or break a game. I would have protested if the Colts won. Like back three years when the official let the NE Patriots kick the field goal 3 times, on the third shot when the kicker finally made it, they didn't throw no more flags, but I am sure if the kicker on NE didn't make it another flag would have been thrown. Steelers should have been in that Superbowl, but due to the Refs. it didn't happen GO STEELERS

posted by steelers36 at 06:47 PM on January 16, 2006

Steelers Rob Bengals

Well all I can say is NO team can win with just one player, so why do people think if Palmer was there things would have been different? You have to pull together as a team to win, and we did, I guess the Bengals just didn't have there hearts in it.

posted by steelers36 at 03:57 PM on January 09, 2006