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Welcome to the New Server

I'm finding it really hard to read comments with the new SpoFi. Is it possible to make the "posted by salmacis at 12:00 AM - reply" line made smalled and/or with a different colour background?

posted by salmacis at 11:34 AM on August 15, 2008

New front page categories

lbb, I don't follow or agree with your reasoning at all. Either this place is open for all sports fans to join us, or not. We're not some clique.

posted by salmacis at 03:14 PM on July 30, 2008

New front page categories

Well how can you count the number of posts about rugby when they have to be categorised as "other"!? Seriously, cricket and rugby are such major international sports that it's ridiculous not to have them as categories.

posted by salmacis at 10:38 AM on July 30, 2008

Soccer for the non-trolls

Why aren't you using IRC?

posted by salmacis at 05:38 AM on June 13, 2006

I want my MTV

TBH, I very rarely visit any more. The qality of posts AND comments is way down. There needs to be a seperate section for discussing match results and upcoming games. The focus on the site should be on interesting articles about Sport (sort of like the Observer Sport Monthly magazine), and the rest deleted. As to the comments, the moderators need to rule with an iron fist. Perhaps a system like MeFi, where it costs $5 to sign up would help. I'm sure it's a great way to stop the trolls signing up, and it would help pay the bills.

posted by salmacis at 01:15 PM on June 05, 2006

roid rage

This site has ads??

posted by salmacis at 12:08 PM on March 03, 2005

Typical men...

Seems like only yesterday...

posted by salmacis at 03:10 PM on January 27, 2005

NFL Pick 'Em Round 2 Results. [MI]

New England, cover, under Philadelphia, cover, over

posted by salmacis at 06:32 PM on January 19, 2005

Filtering Out Awe-Inspiringly Dumb Comments

must... resist.... the... urge.... to.... slag... off.... the..... Villa.... *Gnnnah*! LionIndex: I don't think anyone has ever accused Witty of being intelligent.

posted by salmacis at 01:02 PM on January 11, 2005

NFL Pick 'Em Round 1 Results.

Atlanta by 3 Minnesota by 7 Pittsburgh by 10 Indianapolis by 7

posted by salmacis at 05:13 PM on January 10, 2005

2005 SpoFi NFL Pick 'em Contest

Seattle by 7 Green Bay by 12 San Diego by 4 Indian Police by 10

posted by salmacis at 04:19 PM on January 06, 2005

Calling Salmacis!

Actually, JJ is being a bit kind to me. I was crap (as I warned him beforehand) and it was Rob who kept us in the game. Fun though. I haven't played in *ages*. I got a few photos which are just about viewable after some cleaning up in the Gimp. I'll post them Monday.

posted by salmacis at 04:08 PM on October 08, 2004

Calling Salmacis!

*sigh* I'm even worse than I remember at table tennis.. StarFucker: You wait till you see the pictures of the synchronised doubles table tennis...

posted by salmacis at 04:47 PM on October 06, 2004

Calling Salmacis!

Got it in time....

posted by salmacis at 11:51 AM on October 06, 2004

JJ's Olympic Crusade

Damn..never got a chance to read this yesterday... I probably would have been there otherwise.

posted by salmacis at 01:02 PM on September 30, 2004

JJ's Olympic Crusade

Table tennis tomorrow night at Peers School, eh? I literally am just round the corner... ;-)

posted by salmacis at 01:11 PM on September 28, 2004

JJ's Olympic Crusade

I see the Harlequin Bowmen practising occasionally as I leave work. I tried archery recently on an activity weekend. Good fun - I wouldn't mind trying it more seriously.

posted by salmacis at 12:18 PM on September 21, 2004

JJ's Olympic Crusade

This is brilliant. Keep us posted with your updates. Also, let us know in advance when you're planning some of these. I'm in Oxford as well, and I'd happily take some pictures for the rest of 'em here to laugh at.

posted by salmacis at 04:48 AM on September 18, 2004

Olympics posting policy?

No problemo. In the same spirit, could all you Americans please refrain from discussing baseball scores till the Thursday after the result? (I keed, I keed!)

posted by salmacis at 02:08 AM on August 17, 2004

Olympics posting policy?

And how am I supposed to know (or care) what has been broadcast on American TV?

posted by salmacis at 02:22 PM on August 16, 2004

Ctr-Shft-A v. Firefox's Ad Block

So what is this "Ctrl-Shift-A" of which you speak? Is it like clicking the "new post" link in the top left corner? /Runs linux, uses firefox // Even with the Adblock extension, Ctrl-Shft-A doesn't do anything...

posted by salmacis at 02:21 PM on August 16, 2004

Help msacheson & aacheson settle a dispute!

Basically, it seems to me that the more technical ability is needed, the less fit you have to be, since natural ability can mask fitness. Therefore the sports you must be the fittest for are the purely athletic ones: running, swimming, cycling etc. For overall fitness, I'd say long-distance running.

posted by salmacis at 03:56 PM on July 26, 2004

SpoFi CD Swap update

sashae: That's what I'm going to have to do as well, unless I can get this sodding printer to accept a sheet of paper instead of blinking stupidly at me.

posted by salmacis at 05:41 PM on June 24, 2004

SpoFi CD Swap update

Nah, they didn't know him either.

posted by salmacis at 04:53 PM on June 23, 2004

SpoFi CD Swap update

So we send one CD to each member of the team? ...except yourself, cos that would be silly... I think I'm actually going to put a song co-written by Rick Astley on my mix now. He collaborated with Fish on the Raingods With Zippos album.

posted by salmacis at 04:27 AM on June 23, 2004

SpoFi CD Swap update

The good news is that I can send CDs any time. The bad news is that my printer isn't working so you don't get the beautifully printed inlays. Also...I hope you like 70s prog...BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

posted by salmacis at 04:43 PM on June 21, 2004

What's the best way for a Brit who won't touch paypal with a bargepole to donate a small amount?

posted by salmacis at 01:27 PM on June 14, 2004

I vote for a pony.

posted by salmacis at 03:40 PM on May 24, 2004

I believe that under the terms negotiated by the PFA, a player is entitled to a testimonial if he stays at a club for 10 years. As the overweight icon said, it's a bit of an anomoly in this day and age. Even 10 years ago, players retiring at 35 would need to worry about what they would do after football. Today, no Premiership player will have to work again.

posted by salmacis at 06:45 PM on May 18, 2004

ufsbull: Look out for Spaced, Nighty Night, Black Books, Peep Show and the League of Gentlemen.

posted by salmacis at 06:01 PM on May 11, 2004

Skilling. Not skiing.

posted by salmacis at 01:49 PM on May 09, 2004

Cardiff should have plenty to do, both before and after the match, as long as you're not wearing a Millwall shirt.

posted by salmacis at 10:40 AM on May 07, 2004

I don't know if many "neutral" tickets are sold for the Playoff Finals. Certainly, getting a ticket for the 3rd or 2nd division finals should not be a problem. What I would do is to wait until the finals are decided, and decide which bunch of fans you want to sit with. Then just apply to the club direct. Unfortunately, even now, hardly any clubs take email bookings, so it's going to have to be phone or post. The 1st division final is more problematic. I would imagine only Wigan would struggle to sell their allocation, and they are highly unlikely to even be there.

posted by salmacis at 02:23 AM on May 07, 2004

rcade: I think darts and snooker have their own version of the "yips". Whether they are sports is for another locker room poll to decide.

posted by salmacis at 11:58 AM on April 22, 2004

Quite, salmacis, but do you have an economics degree? Will Maths and Computer Science do? No? Oh well..

posted by salmacis at 11:56 AM on April 22, 2004

Cool - I'm not the only SpFi-er in Oxford...

posted by salmacis at 09:44 AM on April 22, 2004

10 pin bowling: no and no. Crown green bowling: yes and no.

posted by salmacis at 03:04 AM on March 05, 2004

Panthers Under Stephen Davis

posted by salmacis at 05:17 AM on February 01, 2004

MLS do not call their Cup winners world champs Now that would be funny! (BTW - why do the National Hockey League and the National Basketball Association have franchises outside the USA?)

posted by salmacis at 05:31 AM on January 31, 2004

Has it really been 2 years? Felt like 4, at least...

posted by salmacis at 05:03 AM on January 30, 2004

I just love how the winners of a national domestic league get a ring proclaiming them, "world champions". :-)

posted by salmacis at 05:02 AM on January 30, 2004

I've got a pretty low number, but I'm so pissed off I didn't find out about this site in time to get a 2-digit number!

posted by salmacis at 07:54 AM on January 14, 2004 far this season, I've never had a really impressive score. I just look at the people scoring over 70 in a week and think, how the hell did they do that? I made the first changes to my side in ages last week - and 26 bleeding points is the result!

posted by salmacis at 06:47 AM on January 12, 2004


posted by salmacis at 01:29 PM on November 13, 2003

Oh, for heaven's sake..

posted by salmacis at 01:28 PM on November 13, 2003

*sigh* Somebody give him a map of the West Midlands...

posted by salmacis at 04:28 AM on November 13, 2003

salmacis, aren't you also a Man U fan? Fuck off, wc2002! That's about the most insulting thing you could have called me. Insult my father, call my mother a whore, but never, NEVER accude me of being a Man Utd fan! Oh yeah, and for the record, BOING BOING!

posted by salmacis at 04:27 AM on November 13, 2003

Well I claimed that, since I usually lose interest with these things quickly. Then I started doing badly and made some changes. Which, I might add, are not really paying off.

posted by salmacis at 05:45 AM on November 12, 2003

They're kippers, see? And they come in a can. Stupid yanks...*muttermutter* :-)

posted by salmacis at 05:23 AM on November 10, 2003

I think "Sours" is more accurate. Another bad day at the office for me. I think the chairman and the fans are starting to get on my back. :-)

posted by salmacis at 05:16 AM on October 27, 2003

lilnemo: It's quite simple. If you don't have anything useful to contribute to the thread then...don't.

posted by salmacis at 06:19 PM on October 22, 2003

What a horrible week for me. Shearer at least made it respectable with his 2 goals and assist last night. Otherwise, I was staring at 28 points. I cocked up by not making Shearer captain. I never look at the fixtures so I didn't know Newcastle had 2 games this gameweek.

posted by salmacis at 02:37 AM on October 22, 2003

...this presumably also works for porn sites, but I'm not stupid enough to test that.. :-)

posted by salmacis at 04:51 AM on October 17, 2003

If SportsFilter is blocked by work, just use Google's translation tools as a proxy. Translate the page from English to English, like this: SportFilter through a proxy

posted by salmacis at 04:50 AM on October 17, 2003

I said I was going to operate in automatic mode, but after week 3, I'd slipped to 75,000th in the overall rankings and it was clear that my team needed big changes. Since then, my overall ranking has improved every week. I like this league better than others I've done - defenders and midfielders score as well as strikers. The transfers are very cleverly done. Player valuations seem to work well. The only thing I don't like about it is that you can look at other people's teams.

posted by salmacis at 05:14 AM on October 06, 2003

Oh well. Here's hoping Ruud does me proud by scoring 6 against Wolves tonight. Actually, come to think of it, I'd like that to happen, even if I didn't have any Man Utd players, but I did have the entire Wolves defence..

posted by salmacis at 12:24 PM on August 27, 2003

Yeah, I've got 5 Chelsea or Newcastle players. I'm a little annoyed.

posted by salmacis at 04:40 AM on August 27, 2003

I will not be participating in the Yahoo league. What's the point? We've got our SpFi league. This will only add confusion. The site would be far better served by only having one fantasy league.

posted by salmacis at 03:29 PM on August 13, 2003

ttrendel: Actually, I support the Cincinnati Bengals. Straight up. You can't call me a glory hunter!

posted by salmacis at 03:53 AM on August 02, 2003

Hitler United? Good domestically, but they'll never get anywhere in Europe...

posted by salmacis at 02:41 PM on August 01, 2003