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Gretzky leaving the Coyotes: 99 Done in Desert

The Coyotes just got $8.6M more profitable less unprofitable.

posted by rocket88 at 04:15 PM on September 24, 2009

Photos from the American Section at Azteca Stadium

Reminds me of Labour Day in Ivor Wynne Stadium.

posted by rocket88 at 02:29 PM on August 16, 2009

Reindorf future Coyotes' owner?

This is no surprise at all. The other owners don't want to see struggling teams move, so of course they prefer the offer that keeps the Coyotes in Phoenix.

The Rule 35 garbage about Balsillie not being of "good character and integrity" is laughable when you look at the character and integrity of some of the other past and present NHL owners.

The next step is up to Judge Baum, but I don't think this looks good for Jim or for Hamilton.

posted by rocket88 at 11:47 AM on July 30, 2009

Blue Bombers scout caught spying at Ticat practice

I wonder which plays he saw. "The one yard run"? "The incomplete pass"? "The punt"? They don't have much more than that in the playbook. </frustrated ticats fan>

posted by rocket88 at 10:17 AM on July 16, 2009

I fight because it's my job, not because I like it.

OK, pansy-assed was merely a relative term compared to the players of old (before enforcers were necessary). Obviously they're all tougher than anyone in this thread, myself included. The argument that fighting is needed to prevent cheap shots is just plain wrong. As I said above, every other sport manages to keep dirty play to a minimum without having a player dedicated to fighting. Hockey can do the same if it wants to. I don't think any true hockey fan would find the game less interesting or enjoyable if the goons or the fighting went away. If repeat fighters (say >3 per season) were given long suspensions, and teams were prevented from filling those roster positions during the suspensions (i.e. one fewer dressed player on the bench), every goon would lose his job overnight. Hockey would be just as much fun to watch and play, and there would be one more NHL job per team for players who actually deserve to be there.

posted by rocket88 at 06:49 PM on January 09, 2009

I fight because it's my job, not because I like it.

Hockey is a rough sport, and one where emotions run very high. I played it for years so I know what I'm talking about. Fights in tense situations will always happen, and no rule short of long suspensions for first offences will take it from the game. The idea of a planned, tactical fight where a coach purposely sends a goon out to instigate one has no place in hockey, however. The sport will be better when the whole concept is gone forever from our game. Cheap shots exist in all sports, and yet they all have developed ways of dealing with them without resorting to the goon payback system hockey has. If fact, in practice, most goon-instigated fights are payback for perfectly clean hits against "star" players, as if there's an unwritten rule that body checks aren't allowed against the stars. Well Gordie Howe and Rocket Richard never needed enforcers to protect their backs, so what does that say about the pansy-ass stars of today that they all need bodyguards just to step out on the ice?

posted by rocket88 at 12:13 PM on January 09, 2009

Raymond van Barneveld comes up with a 9-darter

I'm just amazed that there seems to be more people in that crowd than at the last CFL game I went to.

posted by rocket88 at 02:04 PM on January 06, 2009

Stanley Cup Pick 'Em Results

Damn...missed a share of glory by 0.1 GPG. Congrats apoch & 86!

posted by rocket88 at 10:50 AM on June 07, 2007

NHL Stanley Cup Finals Pick 'Em

Anaheim in 6 Giguere 5.5 I don't think I could live with an Ottawa win...

posted by rocket88 at 09:46 AM on May 25, 2007

NHL Conference Finals Pick 'Em

Buffalo in 6 Anaheim in 6 Numminen Kalinen Redden

posted by rocket88 at 02:33 PM on May 08, 2007

NHL Conference Semis Pick 'Em

BUF in 6 OTT in 5 SJ in 7 ANA in 6 Bonus: ANA, 91%

posted by rocket88 at 03:44 PM on April 25, 2007

NHL Conference Quarters Pick 'Em

BUF in 6 NJD in 5 NYR in 7 PIT in 7 DET in 5 ANA in 5 VAN in 7 NSH in 6 GAA: Brodeur, Giguere OTs: 18

posted by rocket88 at 11:31 AM on April 09, 2007

NHL Playoffs Pick'em Final Round

oilers in 7

posted by rocket88 at 09:13 AM on June 05, 2006

NHL Playoffs Round 3 pick 'em

Ducks in 7 Sabres in 6 Get me out of last place!!!

posted by rocket88 at 08:47 AM on May 19, 2006

NHL Playoffs Pick'em Round 2

Ottawa in 5 Jersey in 6 SJ in 6 Colorado in 7

posted by rocket88 at 02:11 PM on May 04, 2006

2006 NHL Playoffs Pick-Em!

Ottawa in 5 Montreal in 7 NJ in 6 Phi in 7 Det in 4 Dal in 6 Cal in 6 SJ in 7

posted by rocket88 at 02:20 PM on April 21, 2006

Air Canada Centre confiscates sign from 10-year-old terrorist

The new security rules came from the NHL and the NBA, so let's not blame Canada, MLSE, ACC, or anti-terrorism mentality. It's the leagues protecting their asses from potential lawsuits...nothing more. And the Sun is a sensationalistic rag that should only be read for it's sports section.

posted by rocket88 at 09:46 AM on February 17, 2006

Timing of Wiretap Backs Gretzky

Everyone here is assuming Janet lost the $100,000 she bet through Tocchet. The reports I've seen indicate that she won her Super Bowl wager. Even so, if $100K was spread over multiple smaller wagers, chances are she'd do close to 50/50 on her bets, and would have relatively smaller net wins/losses.

posted by rocket88 at 02:37 PM on February 13, 2006

U. of Ill. Appeals to Keep Indian Mascot, white alumni fight to keep a racist caricature of a Native American nation... Way to stereotype. Non-rich and non-white alumni are fighting to keep the name too. We stole their country, killed their men, raped their women ... Whoa! What's this "we" shit? I didn't do any of those things. I fail to see what's offensive about the Illini name or the Chief symbol. I also fail to see who is offended, since it appears the Illini people are no more. What's more, I fail to see what business it is of the NCAA to meddle in the affairs of their member schools.

posted by rocket88 at 01:16 PM on January 31, 2006

Canada's 2006 Olympic team is set, but Sidney's staying home

Not that I'm hoping for an injury, but I'd like to see McCabe get some ice time, especially on power plays.

posted by rocket88 at 02:10 PM on December 22, 2005

Sports agent, 39, has last chance for Olympic dream today.

If he fails, there's always Curling.

posted by rocket88 at 01:03 PM on December 16, 2005

Danton/Frost FBI wire-tap transcripts

The only way this story can end well is with Frost in prison for a long time.

posted by rocket88 at 03:03 PM on December 15, 2005

Cuba denied participation in World Baseball Classic

If Cuba is banned, I hope that many other countries boycott this sham of a tournament. I'd love to see it turn into the baseball equivalent of the U.S. Grand Prix, with three teams battling it out and fans staying away in droves.

posted by rocket88 at 02:47 PM on December 15, 2005

Stanley's Summer Tour

Great post, doc. Awesome pics. The newly renamed Dave Andreychuk Mountain Arena in Hamilton is where I played hockey as a kid (probably at the same time as Dave, since we're about the same age, but I don't remember him).

posted by rocket88 at 01:15 PM on November 30, 2005

The Million Dollar Kick

It was pretty weasely of Wendy's to advertise this as a $1,000,000 prize, and even to hand the guy a giant $1,000,000 check in front of the cameras, when the prize was really only $25 grand a year for 40 years. They should have just paid him the mil...they can afford it.

posted by rocket88 at 09:43 AM on October 28, 2005

A record 15 games on opening night.

With the new 2-line pass rules, 4-on-4 overtimes look very exciting. Lots of opportunities for breakaways there...

posted by rocket88 at 02:34 PM on October 06, 2005

"I'm a firm believer in second chances..."

Bertuzzi has yet to properly take full responsibility for what he did, as evidenced by his referral to it as a "mistake". It wasn't a mistake, Todd, it was a deliberate, premeditated act. Calling it a mistake is a cop-out. The NHL should accept that Bertuzzi didn't intend to injure Moore when Bertuzzi and the Canucks publicly accept that Moore didn't intend to injure Naslund, and admit that the planned retaliation was wrong from the outset. This whole code that says lower-tier players can't lay a clean hit on star players without getting the shit kicked out of them in retaliation has no place in any sport. The NHL has an opportunity to get rid of it once and for all, but choose not to.

posted by rocket88 at 02:25 PM on August 16, 2005

All war planning, all the time

Maybe they're planning to invade Canada?

posted by rocket88 at 11:11 AM on August 10, 2005


Both Bettman and Goodenow should lose their jobs over this. Five months of lockout and the only serious negotiations began yesterday. Pathetic.

posted by rocket88 at 12:52 PM on February 16, 2005

Game on!

Not too bad a game. Plenty of mistakes by the QB's, but some great "behind-the-scenes" plays by the unsung heroes on the lines. When will the NFL stop blitzing on every other play, though? It almost always results in a weakened secondary and a big gain.

posted by rocket88 at 11:47 PM on February 06, 2005

It's not yet 2:30 pm EST,

"Think of the fans...think of the fans!" I'm tired of hearing that crap. The fans aren't losing anything but a TV show 3 nights a week - and I say this as a fan. We don't have a real stake in this, and aren't the ones caught in the middle. You know who I feel sorry for? The poor schleps who make their living at the arenas. They're out of work right that they need to feed their families and pay their mortgages. They're the ones caught in the middle of this spat between two groups of ego-driven millionaires fighting over how to divide up the enormous pile of money. Salary cap...Revenue sharing...who gives a rat's ass? Fuck 'em all.

posted by rocket88 at 04:10 PM on September 15, 2004

Yeah, Canada should really take policy advice from the I-O-frickin'-C

Your Christmas party analogy would be more accurate if the company in question made the employees pay for it, and then didn't invite them to the party (but let them watch it on TV). Public money comes from taxpayers, and this taxpayer resents shelling out his hard-earned loonies to buy some synchronized swimmer a shiny gold necklace.

posted by rocket88 at 04:41 PM on August 31, 2004

Blame Canada

hoping that a pro athlete would be able to use descriptive phrases more complex than that of a 6th grader Expanding on what usfbull said, achieving a 6th grade vocabulary in a foreign language learned as an adult is a laudable accomplishment. I doubt if any of you could do it. And this *is* the stupidest war ever.

posted by rocket88 at 09:01 PM on July 23, 2004


Ottawa better watch out. Hasek uses his injuries as a weapon. Anytime he gets in a spat with the coaches, the ol' groin starts acting up again, and he sits out. It's happened in Buffalo and Detroit, and it will happen in Ottawa. On the bright side, I hate the Sens!

posted by rocket88 at 04:12 PM on July 06, 2004

It is SO over. Lightning win.

You have a chance to blast the little bastard that's been sticking it to you for seven games, you do it. And you get a penalty for it. I hope Ference feels it was worth it.

posted by rocket88 at 08:22 AM on June 09, 2004

It is SO over. Lightning win.

Great series...great game. The officiating was no better and no worse than in any of the other 14 playoff series this year, so Sutter and the Calgary fans just need to get over it. Congratulations Tampa. Congratulations Andreychuk (fellow Hamiltonian). And goodbye to NHL hockey for at least a year.

posted by rocket88 at 08:43 AM on June 08, 2004

Here's some game 7 stats.

posted by rocket88 at 05:09 PM on June 07, 2004

Twice. The last was 1954 - Detroit over Montreal. The other was 1950 - Detroit over NY Rangers in double OT.

posted by rocket88 at 05:07 PM on June 07, 2004

From where I live Southern Ontario, Calgary is about 1700 miles west, while Tampa is a mere 1100 miles away. I'm cheering for the "home" team. Go Lightning! And on-topic: Not conclusively a goal...better to let the series play out than award the cup to Calgary based on an iffy camera angle.

posted by rocket88 at 09:58 AM on June 07, 2004

Nieminen suspended one game.

Sutter is becoming an embarrassment to Canada, and to hockey. I cant believe he said that crap. What a tool.

posted by rocket88 at 08:28 AM on June 03, 2004

Nieminen suspended one game.

Nieminen made a stupid move and he knows it. When your team's down a goal, and fighting to tie late in the game, you dont make a bonehead move like that. Personally, I hate to see any hit from behind, and I think the league needs to come down consistently hard on them. And I agree that 'repeat offender' was a factor in Campbell's decision.

posted by rocket88 at 08:08 PM on June 02, 2004

Nieminen suspended one game.

Nieminen made a stupid move and he knows it. When your team's down a goal, and fighting to tie late in the game, you dont make a bonehead move like that. Personally, I hate to see any hit from behind, and I think the league needs to come down consistently hard on them. And I agree that 'repeat offender' was a factor in Campbell's decision.

posted by rocket88 at 08:08 PM on June 02, 2004

Nieminen suspended one game.

Strap or no; injury or no; A hit from behind warrants a one game suspension.

posted by rocket88 at 12:30 PM on June 02, 2004

My response exactly to any professional female athlete who wants it both ways. If Annika wants it both ways, I won't turn her down. ;-)

posted by rocket88 at 04:11 PM on February 04, 2004

Honest McCabe.

McCabe makes good points. Owners created this mess, and continue to make it worse by offering huge salaries to free agents (I'm looking at you, NYR!). The simple economics says the laws of supply and demand prevail. That means the if the Leafs' ownership can fill the ACC every night at $300+ per seat, then that's the price they'll charge. High salaries don't make for high ticket prices...high demand sets the price, and it won't go down until attendance does. So who should get that money? The owners? Personally, I pay to see players, and I'd rather see my money go to them than to Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, Inc.

posted by rocket88 at 04:07 PM on February 04, 2004

I disagree with the assertion made here (by some) that the women shouldn't be allowed in PGA events because they have their own tour. They should be allowed to compete at the highest level with the men, but they should qualify, and not rely on hand-outs from sponsors, to do so. One thing I would like to see, though, is an automatic invite to The Masters for the winners of the previous year's LPGA majors.

posted by rocket88 at 01:29 PM on February 04, 2004

Here's a couple of articles explaining the rules and recent history of sponsor's exemptions, including the recent trend to give them to women. Many up-and-coming or has-been (male) golfers rely on these exemptions to make a living...and that's why players don't like to see them used for publicity stunts. Soenstam and Wie don't need the money.

posted by rocket88 at 04:22 PM on February 03, 2004

Women have been free to qualify for PGA tournaments for years. The fact that not many have done so shows that extremely few women are good enough to compete equally with the men. I don't think many would argue that fact. The issue here is that many PGA professionals, including Norman, have a problem with the recent trend of sponsors' exemptions going to women. Of course everyone assumes this is sexist and indicative of an "Old Boys" mentality, but traditionally, the sponsors exemptions went to qualified, top-tier players who didn't or couldn't qualify for various reasons. That was the designed purpose of the exemption rule, and the players feel that now it's being abused by the sponsors to purposely generate controversy and thus increase the public exposure of the sponsor's event, at the expense of one deserving PGA professional who didn't get the exemption. The players simply want a return to the old system...a system that benefited PGA tour players. They want the PGA to discourage sponsors from exempting unqualified players just because they're women. And if the sponsor's don't comply, the players want the PGA rules changed to explicitly exclude women. Everyone is simply looking out for their own interests here....the players, the sponsors, the PGA, and even the LPGA. There's no underlying sexism or misogynism. Greg Norman, Vijay Singh and others who have vocalized their opinions aren't evil and don't deserve to be vilified as they have been by misguided public opinion.

posted by rocket88 at 03:21 PM on February 03, 2004

Sponsors may invite whoever they please to play in their tournaments. End of. This comment suggests that you have a problem with the sexist LPGA by-law prohibiting male golfers from gaining sponsor's exemptions. That's precisely in agreement with Norman's comments.

posted by rocket88 at 12:42 PM on February 03, 2004

These are PGA events and should only be open to PGA members. Period. Change the rules to limit sponsors' exemptions to PGA members only...and the controversy goes away. That being said...Open up PGA eligibility to women. Let them go to Q school and qualify for a tour card. If they're good enough to get one, then they belong. Same goes for "open" events. There are qualifying tournaments, so let the women prove themselves there and earn the right to play. This sponsors' exemption crap is being used to turn PGA tournaments into media circuses.

posted by rocket88 at 09:52 AM on February 03, 2004

Roenick suspended for one stinkin' game

Now JR is lashing out at Bettman.

posted by rocket88 at 12:16 PM on January 16, 2004

Roenick suspended for one stinkin' game

The biggest problem is that there's no consistency to these types of punishments. The league needs a published list of infractions and penalties. That way players who spout off about officiating during post-game interviews can all expect to receive a suspension of X games. Players who spit at refs will receive Y games. Players who throw equipment on the ice will receive Z games, etc. The way it is now, Colin Campbell just makes it up as he goes along, and allows punishments to be different for different players.

posted by rocket88 at 09:13 AM on January 16, 2004

Roenick suspended for one stinkin' game

I'm surprised there's been no reaction from the refs & linesmen over this minor slap on the wrist to Roenick. If I were them I'd protest this heavily. Abuse of officials in any manner should be dealt with severely. It should be more like soccer, where a player gets carded for even verbal abuse, and most calls/non-calls aren't even questioned. And during Roenick's single day off, the league should administer a urine test. The way he's been acting the past few days I suspect he's doubled his dose of steroids.

posted by rocket88 at 02:04 PM on January 15, 2004

Spittin' Chiclets a thing of the past?

posted by rocket88 at 02:10 PM on January 14, 2004