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2007 is the 50th anniversary of the Golden Glove award.

Those are the best 3 pitchers they can come up with?LOL LOL LOL Not even a choice for lefty righty?If i can only pick one i'm going w/Juan Marichal!Outfield is easy,Mays,Clemente,Suzuki.Hands down!Bench at catcher,Snow at 1st,Maz at 2nd,Ozzie at short & Brooks at 3rd!But there should be a list of pitchers as long as for outfielders as well as at least 2 choices to vote for!

posted by mdavidsf at 08:50 AM on March 07, 2007

"Moral Bracketology"

This guy is funny!Love & agree w/his soccer comments!As for Chris Berman,if you ever met him you'd know what a nice guy in person he is.Also he nearly lost a leg in a skiing accident which may account for his bad golf swing!

posted by mdavidsf at 01:09 PM on March 03, 2007

Get your vote on!

afx237vi listen to the guy talk!Thats Scottish thru & thru!Grum,thanks for the lesson!

posted by mdavidsf at 09:07 AM on February 26, 2007

Get your vote on!

OOPS!Figured it out,LOL!But has to be better than those to vote on.How about Willie Mays catch of the ball off Vic Wertz bat in 1954 Series?Not only made the catch w/his back to the plate,but spun & threw to the infield to hold the runners!& in the cavernous Polo Grounds,thats something!!!& to afx237vi The announcer on Ronaldinho soccer play is absolutely a Scot!Absolutely!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 06:03 AM on February 25, 2007

Get your vote on!

Where do you find the clips?All i see are brackets & nothing of value!Looked all over the stupid site & found nothing!You Tube?No You Tube anywhere i looked!Drood its too complicated for a sucky typist like me to put all that in a browser.I need links i can just click on.There are none there!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 05:39 AM on February 25, 2007

Get your vote on!

Where do you find the clips?All i sea are brackets & nothing of value!Looked all over the stupid site & found nothing!

posted by mdavidsf at 05:29 AM on February 25, 2007

Who's the Daddy?

They were in the last Hawaii Triathlon & were highlighted w/a video tribute!Was absolutely beautiful!Every pro athlete in the world should be made to sit down & watch it before they are allowed to open their mouths in front of a microphone!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:56 PM on February 20, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

Yeah,whos Walt & whats a ragaholic?

posted by mdavidsf at 01:49 PM on February 19, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

Yeah,whos Walt & whats a ragaholic?

posted by mdavidsf at 01:48 PM on February 19, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

cave_man,it takes you 2 posts to defend breaking the law?& you think he's such a great parent?He let his kid compete w/a hurt shoulder! In a wrestling match for gods sake!Theres another legal charge he should be charged with!Embarrassment is not a punishment since no one in this country has any shame!You are proof of that!& nowhere in my posts do you see me advocating violence of any kind against the thug!He needs to be held accountable by law!Period!!! My last say on the issue!

posted by mdavidsf at 05:34 AM on February 19, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

Doesn't matter 'frazer'!The guy committed a criminal act & needs to be held accountable for it by the LAW!Society has evolved into an "if i apologize its ok"syndrome!Well,its not,& rehab of some sort won't help this thug either!

posted by mdavidsf at 05:46 PM on February 18, 2007

Dad intervenes during his son's wrestling match.

To both frazier & godzilla!This bum assaulted an 11 year old child!He should be sitting in a jail cell as we speak!There is absolutely NO excuse for his behavior!!!If no one prosecutes this creep,SHAME on that entire community & all in here who condone it!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:36 PM on February 18, 2007

"Go play intramurals, brother!"

bperk,blame the idiot parent!You said it,they are getting a free education to play football & their 2-12 record is your explanation!!!Reread by the way,they are only being asked to give up 1 week which is hardly "no time off"!A college year has time off between ALL semesters as well as spring break,Christmas,summer etc.,etc.!Stop contributing to making excuses for society.These kids need the discipline & structure offered by this coach since obviously the parents are lacking!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 01:31 PM on February 15, 2007

Bolts zap Schottenheimer.

Marty will make a super GM!As a 49er fan i'll take him in a heartbeat!Gotta get rid of John York 1st tho!!!S.D. is a team full of idiots,same as my teams' ownership etc.!Marty has excellent skills at picking players & staff tho.Don't think many will argue that point!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:16 PM on February 13, 2007

Peyton's won his. Phil Mickelson has won his. Who's next?

Barry was mentioned in the piece,but how could anyone ignore the most deserving baseball player in history?The Great Ernie Banks??? Just my opinion,but Peyton wouldn't have stood a chance w/out the fieldgoal kicker!& the running back?Either one of those 2 deserved Super Bowl MVP more!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:07 PM on February 13, 2007

Abandoning Your Post.

The 3 point has only been around for a short while!Get rid of dunking!Then they have to shoot from outside,bring back beautiful layups etc.Or at least enforce existing rules,ie:10 people hanging around in the paint & no 3 sec. violation!Hanging on the rim & no technical!Larry Bird was only outside shooter since the 3 point rule!Before every team had at least 3 excellent outside shooters.Except for centers pre 3 point hall of famers were all outside shooters,layup artists & masters at hanging in the air drawing the 3 point play!Great basketball!Oh!!!&95% could shoot at least 80% from the line!!! End Of Rant!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 11:58 AM on February 13, 2007

Hot pajamas! Noah takes the heat off Brewer

T ubby says"no answer for Brewers curl"?How about assigning someone to guard him Tubby?How about being a coach Tubby?You are outcoached in every game you lose!You're terrible Tubby!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 01:29 PM on February 11, 2007

"Geez, you mean I'm supposed to feed them, too?"

I'm no Artest fan,but "left w/out food or water for months at a time"?What kept them alive?Dogs probably were just barking non stop!!!Reason enough to call the animal cops & reason enough to take 'em away for good!woof woof!

posted by mdavidsf at 04:54 AM on February 09, 2007

Peyton Manning's Monkey Has Died

Of course it WAS the kicker won the game for 'em!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:10 AM on February 05, 2007

NFL Hall of Fame class of 2007 includes Michael Irvin, Thurman Thomas

Yeah chicobangs!They are sure happy when ALL the scoring is done by the kicker to win the game!They're real then,huh?Like many post season games this year when the "REAL PLAYERS"couldn't get into the end zone!

posted by mdavidsf at 08:36 AM on February 04, 2007

Paraglider attacked by eagles.

Eagles flying nearly 8,000 feet up?Crikey!!!Musta been altitude sickness!Somebody give those birds a pill!

posted by mdavidsf at 08:25 AM on February 04, 2007

Conan O'Brien beats Serena Williams in (Wii) tennis match.

nbc pulled the clip!thats fine,since conan o'brian sucks anyway!is about as funny as a case of the clap!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 04:48 PM on February 03, 2007

If you hit home runs,

Thing doesnt download!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:08 AM on February 03, 2007

One Toke Over The Line, Ron Mexico...

Dammit!I gave him a copy of my book!!! Sincerely, Dr. Timothy Leary!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:52 AM on January 19, 2007

Jackson, others shoot their way out of Indiana

I love Nellie but was wondering how long it would take him to get rid of big men for smaller men!If he could,he'd have an entire team of guards!Last time he was here he drafted guard after guard & never had a big man until Ralph Sampson who was a joke by then!& Murphy & Diogu at least can rebound to go along w/Troys' toughness.Nellie,We Need A BIG Man!!!Been a Warriors fan since their arrival from Philadelphia & for the life of me don't know why!Oh well at least we got rid of useless Mike Dunleavy,will hope for the best.AGAIN!!!LOL

posted by mdavidsf at 04:45 AM on January 18, 2007

Michael Vick Passes the Buck

To urall cloolis:Yes they are minus as w/anyone else! Atlantas' defense does kinda suck,but Vick has proven time and again he can't handle the big one!Our QB in San Francisco is the same & has happy feet!

posted by mdavidsf at 07:32 PM on January 01, 2007

Mike Tyson's Downward Spiral Continues.

Mike Tyson is a useless human being w/no redeeming values whatsoever!He creates what happens to him just as anyone else does!And he gets released w/out bail&ordered to stay away from drugs & alcohol?Until he realizes his failed life & changes his dispicable behavior he gets no sympathy or empathy from this quarter!He's not about living but he's all about dying!!!And the sooner this danger to society is removed either by death or prison the better!By the way everyone here on this thread would still be in jail or out on an extremely high bond.He needs to be held accountable,not coddled & treated w/an "oh,poor baby" attitude!

posted by mdavidsf at 10:48 AM on December 30, 2006

The Better Part of Pete

There has NEVER been any accusations of Pete using drugs of ANY kind!So get off it!All the crap people from Ty Cobb on have gotten away with?PUT THE MAN IN THE HALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 05:32 AM on December 20, 2006

Terrell vs. DeAngelo -- Who Gives A Spit?

Column makes no sense!& there's no excuse for spitting in someones face or anywhere else on ones body.Also there's no excuse for anything Owens ever does or says!He's crap,always was & always will be!& he's a good receiver at best.Has dropped way to many important catches over the years!!!Should have been completely out of football at least 5 years ago!No defending this guy EVER!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 05:14 PM on December 17, 2006

Looking For Mr. Longball

Mark McGuire never lied about taking steroids!During his home run chase he said he took what was then a legal Andro & even explained what it was!Congress nor anyone else had anything they could charge him with & were just grandstanding!As for the media,as someone who has to put up w/their shit every day as a S.F. Giants employee,fuck "em!They are far more arrogant & a pain in the ass than any athlete including Barry Bonds who actually is a nice guy.These know nothing pukes think they have a right to do,say,go anywhere they please just because they have a pencil or mike in their hand!!!All they do is harrass & then write hit pieces on the guys for spite when they don't cater to their no talent asses! The vote for HOF should be removed from their hands and given to a panel of ex players managers & coaches who at least KNOW the game!The ignorance of most i talk to is laughable!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 02:16 PM on December 14, 2006

Mia and Nomar start reproducing while the Texas Sports Hall of Fame is put on hold

So she's got 3 years&only wants to wait 1 year.So no problem!I have met Mia on more than one occassion&she is a sweetheart!

posted by mdavidsf at 03:43 PM on November 30, 2006

'The Catch' May Rise Again

Ranks right up there w/Willie Mays' 1954 catch of the the ball hit off the bat of Vic Wirtz at the Polo Grounds!AWESOME!UNBELIEVABLE!

posted by mdavidsf at 06:19 AM on October 28, 2006

Greece celebrates stunning upset.

U.S. squad spells team w/an"I"!Use college players who still understand the concept of team play as well as rules!

posted by mdavidsf at 10:03 AM on September 02, 2006

Michael Young, best SS in the majors?

Omar Vizquel."Nuff said!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 11:04 AM on August 11, 2006

All-Star Shakeups

Its a capital crime that no spot was found for Omar Vizquel!Does'nt anyone watch this guys magic as a fielder?Let alone he's hitting over 300 nearly all year&is one of the toughest outs in all of baseball!!!A total crime he's not included!

posted by mdavidsf at 11:39 AM on July 08, 2006

UND to sue NCAA over it's name

You people would'nt know racism if it came up and bit you in the ass!That's the way people w/no reasonable arguement try to shut you up.By the way,there are no Blackfoot WE are Blackfeet both singularly&plural!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 04:22 PM on June 16, 2006

Royals take credentials from two reporters.

Freedom of the press gives no one the right to be anywhere on private property!It simply allows you to talk your way into being an asshole!Can any or everyone be barred from press conferences?YES!Has nothing to do w/public areas.Constitution states very clearly"Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech,or of the press,or the right of the people peaceably to assemble,"so since when did the Royals or any other sports entity become congress?They have the right to bar whoever they choose!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 03:59 AM on June 11, 2006

Little Johnny Damon

But geez,the A's miss him!LOL LOL LOL

posted by mdavidsf at 12:34 PM on April 19, 2006

I got your fan appreciation RIGHT HERE!

No one learns!Best thing the Warriors did was get rid of the Webber cancer!Sacto learned&Philly ignored all that so shame on you 6ers!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 12:26 PM on April 19, 2006

Titans give McNair the cold shoulder

Football is a contractual employee,employer association!No contract,you don't work for me,simple as that!So stay off my property until you're hired!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 02:24 PM on April 04, 2006

U.S. thrown a curve; Cuba cries foul

Hey doggstar,Bush had nothing to do w/America breaking diplomatic ties w/Cuba!It was Kennedy!!!Please go to the library&check out a history book or 2???

posted by mdavidsf at 08:39 AM on March 25, 2006

An Englishman's view of an American sports icon.

Black_Hand its the violence&death by crazy fans i'm talking about!Worked soccer at SBC Park&so much trouble i refuse to work any soccer!Other than that soccer is the most boring thing ever invented since golf!&don't say baseball,because there's no comparison to 90 minutes of running back&forth for a 1-1 tie!EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

posted by mdavidsf at 11:34 AM on March 16, 2006

An Englishman's view of an American sports icon.

Am i the only one who noticed he starts off w/soccer?The most violent&deadly of all sports imported from his native Britain?Cheerleading?I thought i was gonna read about Barry Bonds or some major person by the headline.Give Me A Break!!!LOL LOL LOL

posted by mdavidsf at 07:40 AM on March 16, 2006

Borg to Sell Wimbledon Trophies, Rackets

Bad business man&acouple women who took him to cleaners!$1.4M lawsuit pending,so the sale will be eaten up before its held!Sad!

posted by mdavidsf at 09:00 AM on March 04, 2006

Bonds says 2006 will be his last season.

To dodgerdan,typical dodger fan!litter the field&hate everybody else cause your team sucks!

posted by mdavidsf at 10:43 PM on February 19, 2006

The Boss has a heart!

Kudos George!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 11:48 PM on February 13, 2006

Baseball and Softball Lose Reinstatement Vote

Only have one comment.Shuffle board o ice???LOL LOL LOL

posted by mdavidsf at 05:42 AM on February 12, 2006

Kwan In Pain

She did step aside&did so w/grace!She also deserved to be there to begin with!She assured us of 4 spots instead of 2&there will be NO Gold for us this Olympics!!!Bronze will be our best finish!

posted by mdavidsf at 05:34 AM on February 12, 2006

Take Me Out of This Broadcast Booth

as a security guard for the Giants@home plate Harry always had a smile&hello!sounds like sour grapes to me!

posted by mdavidsf at 08:15 PM on February 09, 2006

Warriors fire PR manager over "Ghetto Prom" email

C'mon!Get a grip!Warriors fire this poor sap for that?How about the useless assholes responsible for some of the worst basketball ever played in all of history!!!Dunleavy still starting?signing guard after f@cking guard,and6'7"centers???Shame on you Chris Mullin!No one fired you for being a drunk!Did they?

posted by mdavidsf at 02:28 PM on February 02, 2006

From the "Where Are They Now?" file...

kudos to Jeff Maier!what a sensible young man w/his head on straight!all the best to him in life,he's already a success!!!

posted by mdavidsf at 11:54 AM on January 23, 2006

if they earn it let 'em celebrate

Geez Bomber!Check your spelling&grammar!Huh?

posted by mdavidsf at 06:19 PM on December 30, 2005