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Golfer's honorable loss.

Guess the "true" "athletes" who only think of themselves, can not understand why a player would do this. Guess you will have to just except it for what it is worth. One young man, who already made the grade, giving a friend, a chance to play again. Could it be that Whybark really does have a heart and has shown it here. His team approved. Happened in NAIA. Probabaly never happen in the NCAA.

posted by coach at 07:50 AM on May 06, 2010

Ernie Harwell dies

Lost a great announcer. Missed hearing him when we move out of state and WJR quit carring the Tiger games. The BEST baseball announcer , that is only my opinion. Thank you Ernie!!!

posted by coach at 09:21 PM on May 04, 2010

Like It or Not, Caldwell Sticks to His Plan for Colts

Only thing I was upset with was not winning the game and putting the Jets out of the playoffs with the loss. Now there is a chance that the Colts will have to play them again. Why not take care of a good team with the help you received from other teams, their record speaks to that effect.

posted by coach at 05:07 AM on December 29, 2009

High School Coach Takes Players to Baptist Revival

Sorry that this is being taken so badly. This coach was not trying to influence anyone on the team I am sure. He just wanted the players to have the chance to hear the Gospel presented, then make up their own minds what to do with it. My concern would be with a parent who is upset with a young man who put his FAITH in Jesus and then wanted to be baptized. He is willing to stand for his beliefs. This is a life changing event in anyone's life and needs to have the respect of everyone envlolved to support the students in the new life they will live. Even if you choose not to believe in the God of the Bible, does not take away a person who does, responsibility to share his/her faith with you. It is up to you to decide what to do with that testimony and yours alone. I will be praying for this COACH and his young men. Also, to those who can not type with out using language your children would be diciplined for using, you are on my prayer list also.

posted by coach at 01:21 PM on September 29, 2009

The King turns 80

AWWW!! I thought you were talking about King Richard!! Then I realized that he is not that old. Anyway, congratulations to the "other" King.

posted by coach at 07:06 AM on September 10, 2009

Penguins hold off Red Wings to take third Stanley Cup

I guess maybe you could call me a sore loser, but after watching HOCKEY for so many years I think the officials are in the way all to often. I mean this both during action (getting hit with the puck) and in the wrong. I saw way too many blown calls, both against the Wings and the Pens. They say that officials don't win or lose games but last night I think they did. I think the players themselves could officiate a better game like we used to on the ponds when I was a kid. Good job Pens. You accomplished what Bettman and commontaters wanted, an East win.

posted by coach at 07:39 AM on June 13, 2009

Someone's Getting a RAW Deal

Let me see here, WWE or NBA. Is there really any difference? Are either one of them real? I might go see Sesame Street on Ice but neither of the other ones since only the BIG markets can get the NBA (having to play against 7) and we all know WWE isn't real is it!!!

posted by coach at 02:24 PM on May 19, 2009

Florida High School Pitcher Goes for 5th Straight No Hitter

I hope his parents, coach, and others protect his young arm. I can only go back to what the Detroit Tiger staff did to the late Mark "The Bird" Fydrich by pitching him too much and destroying a still growing arm. He seems to have a good handle on all the publicity.

posted by coach at 09:06 PM on April 28, 2009

Detroit Pistons owner Bill Davidson dies

This tells me what kind of a man he was. I am a loyal Piston fan, even though I live in Pacer country, and I did not know who owned the Pistons. Not like Mark Cuban and others like him. He must have kept his hands off the team and let those who know (even if I think Joe Dumars made a mistake in the Iveson trade) run the program. I am sure he will be missed. Will remeber his family in prayer that the Lord will strengthen them during this time.

posted by coach at 05:29 PM on March 14, 2009

Legendary Wrestler linked to slaying of 97 year old man

I remember Verne Gagne as the wrestler that used the "sleeper hold" to subdue opponents. He then would have to wake them. I remeber one TV bout that lasted 20 minutes between him and "Leapin' Larry Shane", and ended in a draw. They were both considered clean wrestlers.

posted by coach at 04:32 PM on February 26, 2009

Millen out as Lions president, GM

Too bad the Ford's waited sooooooooo long. Bill Polian from Indianoplis would have made a good builder of a winning team. It will take time but good bye Millen.

posted by coach at 08:23 AM on September 26, 2008

Johnson survives tire debacle at Indianapolis

One thought. NASAR is loosing a long time fan. This will be my last year of NASCAR. Only staying around because of a Fantasy League I am in and will need to keep track of my drivers. I hope Brian France enjoys his IROC racing next year. This sure not what the moonshiners had in mind when you run what you brung. Good bye

posted by coach at 09:39 PM on July 27, 2008

Red Wings' boozy confession: We jacked up the Stanley Cup.

I guess the Pens will just have to watch it go around the ice being held up by the Wing's again. With Babcock coaching, Holland finding quality skaters, and Ilitch's money, I believe the Wings will have the cup for another year.

posted by coach at 09:08 AM on June 20, 2008

Upon further review, He's out!!!

Let's just do away with all officials and let the announcers review all plays in the broadcast booth over and over and let them make the calls. Just take the human factor out of the game completely. I really don't need to watch sports anyhow. Maybe I will get some exercise and not worry about who wins or loses. As the dog on the Bush Beans says, " That is crazy"!!

posted by coach at 08:36 AM on June 14, 2008

Game 5

AW Man!! Here come another of those young goalies who for some reason decide that is time to stand on their heads and do the unbelievable against the Red Wings. Stopping 50+ shots is something Fleury hasn't done in two games all year still does it last night or this morning. Makes this an interesting series. NBC could do away with the intermission break announcers that are sooooo pro Pittsburg. They can't even finish a sentence about something the Red Wings did without adding opinions about Pittsburg.

posted by coach at 06:36 AM on June 03, 2008

Force makes history as first female Funny Car winner

You really should not be around John Force if he hears you say that he let his daughter win. I am not sure but what the 58/59 man might not just tear you apart if not physically at least mentally.

posted by coach at 09:21 PM on April 28, 2008

NASCAR Rookie Survives Unbelievable Crash

As an older NASCAR fan, I personally do not want to see any accidents. I would love to see 500 miles of good clean racing without any damage to any of the cars. Mechanical problems are there all the time but no damage to cars or people. I remember the days of Ned Jarrett, David Pearson, Bobby Issac, Cal Yarabough, Tiny Lund, and more. Just good ole' fashion racin'!!!!!

posted by coach at 06:17 AM on April 06, 2008

NASCAR Rookie Survives Unbelievable Crash

I think if you look close at the beginning of the slide up the track there is some smoke coming from the back of the car. I believe something broke either in the engine or the rear of the car for it to turn right that quickly. Have not seen any more video but did notice that puff of smoke just before he lost it.

posted by coach at 08:22 PM on April 05, 2008

NASCAR Rookie Survives Unbelievable Crash

According to those in the know on the Speed channel, the on -board electronics showed that Michael went from 160 mph to 0 mph in about a foot. This is before the car started to slide than roll. In slow motion I counted 8 complete wheel to wheel rolls, plus sliding along the asphalt. It is something to see if you haven't seen it. Parts are flying everwhere and the safety equiptment is doing it job. Very similar to "King" Richard Petty's wild ride and on taken by "Rocketman" Ryan Newman. Not why I watch the races but thankful that these drivers can walk away from wild rides.

posted by coach at 01:36 PM on April 05, 2008

Giants Win Superbowl!

Just a thought. Maybe next year it will be an Eli/Payton Superbowl. Now that would be somthing. I just don't think it could be a Kitna/Payton game. Good bye Matt. Thank you Giants for a great game. Sorry Pats that you didn't succeed in the perfect season. Everyone will start again in August. Now let's go racin'!!!!!

posted by coach at 11:40 AM on February 04, 2008

Patriots to Honor Booed Teenager

To those not in the Indy area, here is the latest: WTHR in Indy has given Anna and her family tickets to the Indianapolis 500. These are good seats and also the chance to ride around the track. Maybe next year I will enter the PPK competition. HA! HA! HA!

posted by coach at 07:05 AM on January 17, 2008

Home sweet home: LSU tops OSU in BCS Championship

Just a couple of comments: 1) No replay of the late hit for 15 yards because there really wasn't one (good grief this is football and everyone wears protective equiptment). 2) LSU's "home away from home". This is more important in the college and high school games than in pro sports. I know no-one would have wanted to play at Columbus in the Horseshoe, but that would have made the field a little closer to being equal. Hate to say this but for one night I was wishing that the "school down south" would win the game. GO BLUE!!!!!

posted by coach at 04:07 PM on January 08, 2008

322' 7 1/2"

Simply amazing. To do it once is out of sight but to turn around and do it again really takes confidence in youself and your equiptment. Notice at the end of the first run he came to a stop at the fence turning left on the bike and on the second run he was turning right. Nice touch to dispell any thoughts that it was the same jump shown over and over. Would like to know how far the second jump was.

posted by coach at 08:56 PM on January 01, 2008

Rodriguez leaves West Virginia

Funny how the Michigan coaching change suddenly got changed to talking about ND. I say get back to the start. Who cares about ND????

posted by coach at 11:17 PM on December 17, 2007

Blockbuster: Tigers agree to aquire Cabrera, Willis from Marlins

Read most of the posts and now for my one comment then I go to bed. Pudge will make Willis the pitcher Detroit is looking for and if Willis will listen to the "ol' Pro" (Kenny Rogers), between the two of them he will be great. GO TIGERS!!!!!!

posted by coach at 10:15 PM on December 05, 2007

New England By the Numbers

Once a cheater always a cheater!!! Very suspect at any level when caught cheating. How does Belichick suddenly figure out what plays to call when the Colts have been having their way for 50 minutes? Watched the game after it was over and knew the score to see what happened. TIVO is great. Noticed that there was not much conversation between Belichick and Dungy. There is something to that too, since Dungy is very willing to talk to other coaches if he wins or loses. Maybe other coaches know things fans and media don't. One more thing, GO LIONS!!!!!!

posted by coach at 08:51 AM on November 05, 2007

Is Jeff Gordon on his way to a 5th Title? Is He The Best of The Best ?

Have been to one of the little tracks you talk about gradioc. I saw Bobby Issacs take a "69" dirt track Dodge Charger and make lap after lap around the track at Augusta, GA. in practice. Then on Sunday go out and race all the other NASCAR drivers (Petty, Lund, Jarret,Yarabough,Pearson,Owens,and others for the wind. Each NASCAR driver of that era drove all the small tracks along with the locals if they could qualify. Was good racing on each track, both dirt and paved. Each team built their own engines, chassis, ect. Manufactues had to sell 1500 of the models racing. Sure has changed alot. Been following NASCAR since "59" when Lee Petty won the Daytona 500 and the race wasn't official till Wednesday after the race. Will stop there.

posted by coach at 11:18 PM on October 16, 2007

Is Jeff Gordon on his way to a 5th Title? Is He The Best of The Best ?

Jeff is behind "The King", and a host of other drivers who labored in the early days of NASCAR. Richard Petty will always be "The King". Just one season alone can make give him that title. 1967- won 10 races in a row, and 27 races for the season. Sure Jeff has made more money because the purses are huge compared to what the early dirver's had.

posted by coach at 11:21 AM on October 16, 2007

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

Man, as I ate breakfast I realized some of the GREAT names I forgot. Bobby Lane, Howard (Hopilong) Cassidy, Pat Studsill, and more. Then we can go to the "60's" and add Landry, Danielson, Morrell, Charlie Sanders (brought the tight end position into the game), Terry Barr, Alti Taylor, and soooooo many more. Go Lions!!!!

posted by coach at 10:29 AM on October 01, 2007

Lions Stun Bears With Record 4th Quarter

50+ years as a Lion fan, I can join that club. I do remember some names from those years. Rekindle some memories: Milt Plum, Nick Pietrosante, David Middleton, Robert Long, David James, and Jack Christiansen. These names bring back the "Black and Blue" division to me. By the way I am 60 and have been on the up and down side of the Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, and Pistons. They each give us a little something to hope for each season just to keep us happy.

posted by coach at 07:19 AM on October 01, 2007

Colts 72 million dollar man

Too bad Freeney couldn't have take less so that Polian could have kept some of those other players that made the Colt's defense so good. I really believe IF they could have kept June, Harper, and Doss, that they would have had a really good chance to repeat. They still have that chance with the best coach and GM, but would have liked to see those guys play for us not against us. On a lighter note, the Lions are a million to one to win the Super Bowl. Too bad I'm not a betting man. I would put $5 on them just in case. HA HA HA

posted by coach at 02:37 PM on July 15, 2007

A-Rod calls for the pop-up... as he's running to third.

Good idea on A-Rod's part. Not one if his fans but you play to win the game. The part about it's not if you win or lose but how you play the game is bogus. If that were so why do we keep score. Reminds me of playing LL and yelling watch out for the tricylce to an outfielder who practiced with me alot in my yard and there were always tricycles and wagons around. Yeah, he looked for the tricycle and missed my fly ball. Nobody beat me up for it and I heard it alot through out the years at second base. It is part of the game. Live with it and move on.

posted by coach at 08:06 AM on May 31, 2007

NCAA's Losing Control


posted by coach at 05:34 PM on April 03, 2007

NCAA's Losing Control


posted by coach at 05:28 PM on April 03, 2007

Florida 84, Ohio State 75

One comment UCLA under John Wooden!!!! If you don't know why I say that look it up.

posted by coach at 06:22 AM on April 03, 2007

Barton Wins D2 basketball championship in amazing fashion

I may be wrong but I think you can only make that kind of call in the pro's. Reminds me of Reggie Miller's heroics against the Knicks a couple of years ago. Shows what determination and defense can do for a team and person.

posted by coach at 08:00 AM on March 26, 2007

Doping in Daytona

I live in Indiana. I am a looong time NASCAR fan and have been to the Brickyard twice (birthday present from my sons). I have been to many Indy 500 time trials. There was a difference years ago in the cars. The Indy cars were made for one purpose and only one, to race. They are lighter, run on alcohol, have on board jacks, take one nut to remove each wheel, ect. The NASCAR cars were win on Sunday and buy on Monday type of cars. Many probably do not remember Plymouth sending Richard Petty cars with vinyl roofs that came loose at Daytona and bubbled up. However now NASCAR cars are made to race with who knows where the engines come from or where the transmissions come from or any of the other parts. Maurice Petty was the builder for Lee and Richards cars. Dale Inman (Richard's cousin) was the crew chief and I could buy the same body style because in order to run the car the manufacture had to sell 1500 cars of the same to the public, thus the Plymouth Superbirds and Dodge Daytonas and the Ford Talledga and the Mercury Mauraders. They didn't come from the factory with roll cages but you could tell what they were. One last thought and I am finished, I would rather watch a race where on the last lap there were more than one or two cars capable of being the winner. Many times of 500 miles of NASCAR racing there will be 15 or 20 cars on the lead lap. When was the last time an Indy car race could make the statement? So long, Coach

posted by coach at 11:06 PM on February 16, 2007

Doping in Daytona

This generation of Frances want the Chevy to win all the races. Reminds me of his granddad that tried everthing to have the Fords win. After Richard Petty won 27 races in the 1967 season including 10 in a row with the HEMI engine in his 1966 Plymouth Belveder body, Bill France Sr. required the 1968 Dodges and Plymouths to carry more weight or run smaller cubic inch engines, 405 cu. in. compared to the 426 cu. in. that were allowed in 1967. He did not restrict the 427 Ford Corba Jet engines or the 427 Chevy engines. NASCAR is soon to loose a loyal fan of 40 + years with all the stupid rules. Just a couple to spur you on: speed limits on pit road, COT, luck dog pass, the Chase, restrictor plate tracks.

posted by coach at 08:17 PM on February 14, 2007

NFL Hall of Fame class of 2007 includes Michael Irvin, Thurman Thomas

There was only one church that was going to charge admission to help pay for the food that was going to be eaten. There were at least two other churches that were told they could not have their youth group watch the game as a group because of the NFL rules (this goes along with the sell-out rules for regular season games for home field). Not many people remember Charlie Sanders, but he brought about the tight end that not only could block but catch passes and then advance the ball. Thank you Charlie for your contribution to the Lions.

posted by coach at 09:48 PM on February 03, 2007

Bobby Hamilton, 49, dies after battle with neck cancer

One of the ol' school NASCAR drivers. He knew the fans were his weekly paycheck and took the time to show his appreciation to them. He was liked by all and knew how to build and race cars and trucks. Too bad some of the young guns aren't taking lessons from people like him and Benny.

posted by coach at 10:56 PM on January 08, 2007

USC's John David Rips Booty in 93rd Rose Bowl

Only one comment on this one. Let's play the next Rose Bowl at the field of the Big Ten champion, be it any of the teams. Home field advantage is more is more of an advantage in college than the pros.

posted by coach at 05:39 AM on January 02, 2007

Quick, name a sulking NFL receiver looking bad on the sidelines: Marvin Harrison?

This isn't about the Colts, get back to Marvin!!! This is the way he has played since day one. If the Colts can win without throwing to him he is fine with that. He doesn't sulk or complain to the press. As I have to watch the Colts because my wife is an avid fan, I see him always by himself on the bench if he makes a great catch or drops one. Remember a couple of weeks ago he received a 15 yarder for unsportman like conduct for spiking the ball after a TD. I told her that will probalbly never happen again. He is a CLASS ACT.

posted by coach at 05:43 AM on November 28, 2006

Leave It to Buckner

One word for this article. Pathetic!!!!! I'm sure the Tiger fans could have a hayday with Zumya and Verlander if they were like the "nose in the air" Boston fans. Just glad we were able to play there. Life goes on the next day. Take time to hug your family and tell them you love them. That last much longer than who won the game too many years ago.

posted by coach at 07:33 AM on October 30, 2006

Rogers Continues His Age-Defying Brilliance

Got 9 grandchildren and one on the way. Doubt if the 7 granddaughters will care anything about baseball but I will tell them of 1968,1984, and I hope 2006. GO TIGERS!!!! Just had to brag a little.

posted by coach at 09:02 PM on October 14, 2006

Rogers Continues His Age-Defying Brilliance

To those of you who don't remember, one Doyle Alexander replaced John Smoltz as a Tiger. Not sure if it was a mistake because there was a Championship, but the future sure took a dive. If you listen to the young pitchers in the Tigers organization, you will understand more fully what Kenny has meant to the team. Just on little instruction to move to the left on the rubber made Verlander a Rookie of the Year possibility. Others have said how his personal instruction have helped them. Sure wished the owners of the Tigers could afford to buy out the Lions. Oh well that's another thread and another time. GO TIGERS!!!!!

posted by coach at 12:47 PM on October 14, 2006

Its been a long time.

Just maybe I will be able to say, "I watched the Tigers win the championship in 1968, 1984, and 2006. Go Tigers!!!

posted by coach at 08:18 AM on September 25, 2006

You Have Just Witnessed Possibly The Greatest "Do Not Erase" TiVO Moment in Dodgers History

This would have been a game that I personally would have wanted Ernie Harwell to call, but you almost have to be a Tiger fan to know who Ernie is. He was the best as far as I am concerned.

posted by coach at 09:13 PM on September 19, 2006

Lions' Roy Williams says "score means nothing"

Remember Barry Sanders. Run tackled hand the ball to the ref. Touchdown hand the ball to the ref. Saw Marvin Harrison on Sunday nice catch, toss the ball to the ref, get ready for the next play. The great ones don't need to celebrate. They let their plays speak for them. These young guns need to learn that from them.

posted by coach at 09:44 PM on September 18, 2006

"Seperation Saturday" Blowouts, blind refs, and defensive struggles

I will wait to see how ND does this next week before I say how good the Big Ten(eleven) really is. It is tough to play in this league each week and finish undefeated. I have an idea that is why ND choose not to enter the Big Ten(eleven) and Penn State did.

posted by coach at 04:33 PM on September 18, 2006

Tigers, Burning Kind of Bright

This sure has been fun. It brings back memories of 1968 and 1984. This team seems to be a combination of those two teams. We (nobody) won't have a 30 game winner but we have the pitching and the manager who knows how to use his pithers to carry the Tigers. Why did we let him go in the first place?

posted by coach at 03:04 PM on August 24, 2006

Green Light... RED LIGHT! haha go back to the beginning.

Oh yes I forgot one big one: THE CHASE. What a crock this is. Not sure where this one came from but wished it would go back.

posted by coach at 03:38 PM on August 14, 2006

Green Light... RED LIGHT! haha go back to the beginning.

On this one I will enter in because it is NASCAR again. Pit road open/closed, speed limits in the pits, restrictor plates, luck dog pass, burn out after winning. This will make drivers like Glen "Fireball" Roberts, Tiny Lund, Lee Petty, Ray Flock, and many others wonder what happened to their beloved race. Now NASCAR wants to add the COT (car of tomorrow) and we won't know what manufacture is doing. Bring back the good ole boys who drove without bump drafting and driving through others to get what they wanted. I would be curious as to what Bobby Issac could do with the K&K Dodge Daytona on todays tires. A disgruntled loyal NASCAR fan who will be finding anothe hobby soon I think. Thank you Mr. France.

posted by coach at 03:28 PM on August 14, 2006

NASCAR Changes to "Playoffs" in '07

What really hurt Mr. France and the financial arm of NASCAR was Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhart Jr. not making the chase. It is set up so that three or four drivers have a chance at the end even if they have only run mediocre during the season. Those two drivers plus one or two others are Mr. Frances only concern. This is much like the late 60's when Bill France Sr. made the Dodges and Plymouths carry more weight when they ran the 426 Hemi, than banned it completely.

posted by coach at 07:46 AM on June 30, 2006

Gearing up for Fenway

It is like the Broadway Show that most have seen or heard about, it is anywhere in the American League, "DANM YANKEES."

posted by coach at 12:24 PM on May 30, 2006

Jarrett Driving a Toyota next year - Official

Being a NASCAR fan for longer than I care to admit, there are sooo many things that are driving me away from NASCAR. Foreign makes do not bother me. COT(cars of tomorrow), speed limits on pit road, too aggressive driving by young drivers from dirt tracks where speeds are slower, racing on Mother's Day and Easter weekends, taking the races away from the tracks that built the sport, and many more. I still check the standings and will attend the Brickyard some but no more glued to the radio on Sunday afternoon, listening through all the static, to hear if Roberts, Yarbrough, Lund, Jarrett, Petty, Pearson, or Allison won. The Frances are looking for more and more MONEY. Maybe time to check out ARCA.

posted by coach at 07:49 AM on May 15, 2006

Pistons stand in LeBron's way, just as they did for Jordan.

Just thinking, used to be"Dr. J" then it was "MJ" , could the next one be "King J"? Sounds like a publicity line to me. Too many "J's".

posted by coach at 07:33 AM on May 08, 2006

A Tale of Two Seasons

Sorry but Roloson "stood on his head" when he had to. Fo face 238 shots in six games and stop over 200 of them is remarkable. The Wings shot, and shot again, but he did an excellent job of turning them away.

posted by coach at 07:02 AM on May 03, 2006

Whoa, Nellie

Well terrapin you just dated yourself. I will miss Keith like I miss Ernie Harwell (Tigers), Bruce Martin (Red Wings), Van Patrick (Lions), and Bob Bufer (Wolverines). All great and called the game with dignity and passion.

posted by coach at 07:59 AM on May 01, 2006

Legion of Broom

Question: Why do the goalies of the opposing teams of Detroit pick the playoffs to "stand on their heads?" Facing over 200 shots on goal and stopping as many as the Oiler's goalie has stopped is just beyond his abilities. Just plain "standing on his head."

posted by coach at 08:46 PM on April 30, 2006

Some Cup History and Some Interesting Links

Thanks "Commander Cody" from a long time "Wingnut" who had not seen nor heard the story of "THE CUP". My four sons and daughter love hockey which is strange here in Indiana. They are all "Wingnuts" and talk about the game alot. Glad to know the whole story behind "THE CUP".

posted by coach at 07:19 AM on April 19, 2006