August 24, 2006

Tigers, Burning Kind of Bright: Has Detroit emerged from two decades of baseball hell?

posted by justgary to baseball at 01:14 PM - 20 comments

But I liked Darrell Evans! In spite of his minor boo boo on 3rd base that sad day. Granted it is sort of hard to get picked off 3rd like that, but it's also sort of stretch to put it as the moment when Detroit collapsed. It was so much more the crappy management that let so many star players get away, starting with Kirk Gibson. Hell they should have held on to him if for no other reason then he had the absolutely most perfect batting stance I've ever seen and he could show youngsters how a well trained ball player stands at the plate. To watch him hit that homer for L.A. and not the Tigers brings a lump to any Michigan sports fan's throat.

posted by commander cody at 01:27 PM on August 24

There is only one way for Detroit fans to ruin this season and that is to set expectations too high. Of course that would be breaking tradition so ... World Series or bust!

posted by gradys_kitchen at 01:42 PM on August 24

Nope. The Tigers will amass baseballs best record and then lose in four games in the 1st round. I have foreseen it. Bonderman's arm is going to fall off. Leyland will probably act surprised. Though that Carlos Guillen is a helluva ball player.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 02:08 PM on August 24

I'm from Detroit. We love our Tigers. Most of us do agree it has been a magical season so far, but we also realize the Yankees are loaded and we share a divsion with the World Champs. Hey....this team was barely predicted to break a .500 season. Its a summer filled with baseball mania in South-East Michigan, we are just enjoying the ride!!!!!

posted by Cyr78 at 02:12 PM on August 24

I might have to agree with Weedy on this one. Tiger fans live in terror of "the collapse" that we always fear is just around the corner.

posted by commander cody at 02:20 PM on August 24

Mark my words, Tigers will falter starting in early september and the Yankees will take the series in 5. Call your bookie now. :))

posted by ptluigi at 02:22 PM on August 24

This sure has been fun. It brings back memories of 1968 and 1984. This team seems to be a combination of those two teams. We (nobody) won't have a 30 game winner but we have the pitching and the manager who knows how to use his pithers to carry the Tigers. Why did we let him go in the first place?

posted by coach at 03:04 PM on August 24

1968....the year of the pitcher....brings back painful memories for this Cards fan, watching Mickey Lolich outduel Gibby in Game 7. Its been fun watching the Tigers this season- hope the magic lasts another couple months.

posted by Bury Bonds at 03:27 PM on August 24

This is a topic that we can't seem to stop talking about.

posted by grum@work at 03:51 PM on August 24

Awwww....come on grum! We're Tiger fans! It's so rare that we get to brag about our team. Let us have our little moment in the sun. Trust me, it won't last long, sadly enough.

posted by commander cody at 03:59 PM on August 24

Us Tiger fans have faith.If the Tigers don't get out of the playoffs,so be it.But if they make the World Series,look out. They will go all the way.I guarantee it.

posted by sickleguy at 05:36 PM on August 24

I'm a born Tiger fan, but I'm too used to the recent history to count on this lasting. We've been talking about the 'gers on SpoFi since the first month of the season, and I've said all along that they have to figure out how to beat the Red Sox, White Sox and Yanks on a regular basis before I'll be convinced they can be champs. Looks like we may need to add the Twinkies to that list, but it still applies, maybe more than ever. Detroit is looking pretty average in the second half so far. I'm not sure if they have the experience and consistency to pull this off yet. If Dombrowski keeps adding pieces and hangs on to the good ones he's got, next year seems more likely to me. I hope I'm wrong and they win it all now...but I'm not holding my breath.

posted by ctal1999 at 06:10 PM on August 24

Now if they can only get the Lions to do the same thing!

posted by usroute17 at 06:28 PM on August 24

If wishes were horses...

posted by ctal1999 at 07:03 PM on August 24

Now if they can only get the Lions to do the same thing! From your lips to God's ear.

posted by commander cody at 07:10 PM on August 24

If I were a tiger fan I'd have a problem with Todd Jones as closer. Guess we'll see.

posted by justgary at 08:46 PM on August 24

You and me both on that Gary. His save numbers don't look bad...but his pitching sure does sometimes.

posted by ctal1999 at 11:55 PM on August 24

I was a skeptic, but now I find myself pulling for 'em. Tiger fans, enjoy your team, you and they are deserving...

posted by mjkredliner at 01:22 AM on August 25

I might have to agree with Weedy on this one. Tiger fans live in terror of "the collapse" that we always fear is just around the corner. Yes but we don't dare to say it lest we curse them in some way. As for Jones, he gets it done. He may let up a run, or a few hits but at least he closes it out. He's murder for a fantasy team but for the Tigers he does all right.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 06:24 AM on August 25

Mayday! Mayday! We appear to be going down in flames! Seriously, "the collapse" may finally be here. As of the 27th, they've lost 9 of the last 14 and they're 11 and 14 for the month. They're looking like last years club. Competitve, but finding ways to lose instead of ways to win. Two out rallies were the norm in the first half, but they're almost unheard of lately. I hope they get it back together, but I'm still not holding my breath.

posted by ctal1999 at 10:31 AM on August 27

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