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My teams are Detroit. RedWings, Lions, Tigers, Pistons, Michigan football, basketball. Some alliegence to the Pacers and Hoosiers if not playing Michigan teams. Once was a BIG NASCAR fan but losing my respect for the sport. Daughter-in-laws bought tickets for the RedWings at Blackhawks on Dec. 23, 2005, for Christmas. Saw the Wing score twice in the last minute and win in overtime with one second to go. Because of being a Detroit team fan, too many sad moments to list one that was really bad. Hated to see some really good players not get the championships they deserved. Dave Bing, Bob Lanier, Barry Sanders, Billy Simms, Gary Danielson, ect.

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Golfer's honorable loss.

Guess the "true" "athletes" who only think of themselves, can not understand why a player would do this. Guess you will have to just except it for what it is worth. One young man, who already made the grade, giving a friend, a chance to play again. Could it be that Whybark really does have a heart and has shown it here. His team approved. Happened in NAIA. Probabaly never happen in the NCAA.

posted by coach at 07:50 AM on May 06, 2010

Ernie Harwell dies

Lost a great announcer. Missed hearing him when we move out of state and WJR quit carring the Tiger games. The BEST baseball announcer , that is only my opinion. Thank you Ernie!!!

posted by coach at 09:21 PM on May 04, 2010

Like It or Not, Caldwell Sticks to His Plan for Colts

Only thing I was upset with was not winning the game and putting the Jets out of the playoffs with the loss. Now there is a chance that the Colts will have to play them again. Why not take care of a good team with the help you received from other teams, their record speaks to that effect.

posted by coach at 05:07 AM on December 29, 2009

High School Coach Takes Players to Baptist Revival

Sorry that this is being taken so badly. This coach was not trying to influence anyone on the team I am sure. He just wanted the players to have the chance to hear the Gospel presented, then make up their own minds what to do with it. My concern would be with a parent who is upset with a young man who put his FAITH in Jesus and then wanted to be baptized. He is willing to stand for his beliefs. This is a life changing event in anyone's life and needs to have the respect of everyone envlolved to support the students in the new life they will live. Even if you choose not to believe in the God of the Bible, does not take away a person who does, responsibility to share his/her faith with you. It is up to you to decide what to do with that testimony and yours alone. I will be praying for this COACH and his young men. Also, to those who can not type with out using language your children would be diciplined for using, you are on my prayer list also.

posted by coach at 01:21 PM on September 29, 2009

The King turns 80

AWWW!! I thought you were talking about King Richard!! Then I realized that he is not that old. Anyway, congratulations to the "other" King.

posted by coach at 07:06 AM on September 10, 2009

Penguins hold off Red Wings to take third Stanley Cup

I guess maybe you could call me a sore loser, but after watching HOCKEY for so many years I think the officials are in the way all to often. I mean this both during action (getting hit with the puck) and in the wrong. I saw way too many blown calls, both against the Wings and the Pens. They say that officials don't win or lose games but last night I think they did. I think the players themselves could officiate a better game like we used to on the ponds when I was a kid. Good job Pens. You accomplished what Bettman and commontaters wanted, an East win.

posted by coach at 07:39 AM on June 13, 2009

Someone's Getting a RAW Deal

Let me see here, WWE or NBA. Is there really any difference? Are either one of them real? I might go see Sesame Street on Ice but neither of the other ones since only the BIG markets can get the NBA (having to play against 7) and we all know WWE isn't real is it!!!

posted by coach at 02:24 PM on May 19, 2009

Florida High School Pitcher Goes for 5th Straight No Hitter

I hope his parents, coach, and others protect his young arm. I can only go back to what the Detroit Tiger staff did to the late Mark "The Bird" Fydrich by pitching him too much and destroying a still growing arm. He seems to have a good handle on all the publicity.

posted by coach at 09:06 PM on April 28, 2009

Detroit Pistons owner Bill Davidson dies

This tells me what kind of a man he was. I am a loyal Piston fan, even though I live in Pacer country, and I did not know who owned the Pistons. Not like Mark Cuban and others like him. He must have kept his hands off the team and let those who know (even if I think Joe Dumars made a mistake in the Iveson trade) run the program. I am sure he will be missed. Will remeber his family in prayer that the Lord will strengthen them during this time.

posted by coach at 05:29 PM on March 14, 2009

Legendary Wrestler linked to slaying of 97 year old man

I remember Verne Gagne as the wrestler that used the "sleeper hold" to subdue opponents. He then would have to wake them. I remeber one TV bout that lasted 20 minutes between him and "Leapin' Larry Shane", and ended in a draw. They were both considered clean wrestlers.

posted by coach at 04:32 PM on February 26, 2009

Millen out as Lions president, GM

Too bad the Ford's waited sooooooooo long. Bill Polian from Indianoplis would have made a good builder of a winning team. It will take time but good bye Millen.

posted by coach at 08:23 AM on September 26, 2008

Johnson survives tire debacle at Indianapolis

One thought. NASAR is loosing a long time fan. This will be my last year of NASCAR. Only staying around because of a Fantasy League I am in and will need to keep track of my drivers. I hope Brian France enjoys his IROC racing next year. This sure not what the moonshiners had in mind when you run what you brung. Good bye

posted by coach at 09:39 PM on July 27, 2008

Red Wings' boozy confession: We jacked up the Stanley Cup.

I guess the Pens will just have to watch it go around the ice being held up by the Wing's again. With Babcock coaching, Holland finding quality skaters, and Ilitch's money, I believe the Wings will have the cup for another year.

posted by coach at 09:08 AM on June 20, 2008

Upon further review, He's out!!!

Let's just do away with all officials and let the announcers review all plays in the broadcast booth over and over and let them make the calls. Just take the human factor out of the game completely. I really don't need to watch sports anyhow. Maybe I will get some exercise and not worry about who wins or loses. As the dog on the Bush Beans says, " That is crazy"!!

posted by coach at 08:36 AM on June 14, 2008

Game 5

AW Man!! Here come another of those young goalies who for some reason decide that is time to stand on their heads and do the unbelievable against the Red Wings. Stopping 50+ shots is something Fleury hasn't done in two games all year still does it last night or this morning. Makes this an interesting series. NBC could do away with the intermission break announcers that are sooooo pro Pittsburg. They can't even finish a sentence about something the Red Wings did without adding opinions about Pittsburg.

posted by coach at 06:36 AM on June 03, 2008