May 04, 2010

Ernie Harwell dies: Longtime Detroit Tiger broadcaster Ernie Harwell dies at age 92 after battling cancer.

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Thank you Ernie.

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Even in New Jersey, it was a pleasure listening to him when I could pick up Tiger games.

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Lost a great announcer. Missed hearing him when we move out of state and WJR quit carring the Tiger games. The BEST baseball announcer , that is only my opinion. Thank you Ernie!!!

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Loved ya Ern.

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A legend in baseball announcing. A class act in everything.

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"...and a fan from Cloud 9 caught that foul ball..."

Gonna miss you, Ernie. Baseball just won't be the same...

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Fantastic announcer, he most certainly will be missed.

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In high school I worked in a parking lot. For a couple of years I had this crappy little alarm clock that could only pick up a few AM stations, but one of them was CBS Radio, which broadcast a couple of day games a week. Whomever picked the games was clearly biased toward Hall of Fame broadcasters: I regularly heard Ernie, Jack Buck, Vin Scully and Harry Kalas and that damned radio almost ruined sports for me. Hearing any one of those guys would make it clear to the meanest mind that the homogenization of sports announcing into bland Connecticut School of Broadcasting voices is misguided.

I never hear a player described as a "switch-hitter" that I don't hear Jack Buck calling him a "switch-batter" (because the former implies something that might not be so). I know some people complain about Jon Miller on ESPN, but I think (and this is clearly me getting old, not something that's true) we should embrace him to the exclusion of 100 Jim Nantzs.

Ernie Harwell and the rest belonged to an era when this country was just beginning to be one country, radio giving us instant access to thoughts from coast to coast, and I'd like to think their varied perspectives helped us understand each other a little better without trying to convince us all to think the same thing after watching ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Brought to You by The Home Depot, ©2010 ABC/ Disney.

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"I'm just a failed newspaper man."

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And only one legend remains. With the passing of each the game has been lessened due to the loss, but it is what they brought to the game that has made it as great as it is. It will be the voices of Ernie Harwell, Harry Kalas, Jack Buck, Harry Carey, and Curt Gowdy that we shall all here in our own private baseball heavens.

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I am old enough and I have traveled enough that I have been privileged to have heard many of the greats, past and present. Ernie Harwell belongs with the best of them. I grew up right outside of Boston. When I was in my teens, I would place a radio in the window of my parents' bedroom so I could listen to Curt Gowdy call the Sox game while I cut the lawn (no power mower for me in those days). There's something about baseball and its pace that makes a radio description stimulate the imagination. Ernie Harwell was one whose descriptive abilities and vocal qualities made you see the game taking place in your mind.

R.I.P. Mr. Harwell.

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Vin Scully, on Ernie Harwell

(link from tommytrump)

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And now we have the passing of Robin Roberts to add to the list. If these things come in threes, its gonna be a tense day in some HOF's houses

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