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Bledsoe retires

If there hadn't been some homecooking when they spotted the ball on Jason Witten's catch (which was a first down), there wouldn't have been anybody holding anything.

posted by sumokenobi at 03:26 AM on April 13, 2007

College basketball's top ten active coaches - SI thinks they know

This is absolute bullshit.Love him or hate him, any list that omits Bob Knight is more than wrong,it is plain stupid.(and don't ask me how I really feel). posted by sickleguy at 5:53 PM CDT on April 12 This is true, you gotta love the General, unless you're a reporter and you ask him a dumbass question.

posted by sumokenobi at 06:02 PM on April 12, 2007

College basketball's top ten active coaches - SI thinks they know

I think someone like Mark Few, who has the uncanny knack to consistently overachieve with his team in the NCAA's, was a more deserving canidate. posted by brainofdtrain at 11:37 AM CDT on April 12 Of the list or the spot at UK? Or both?

posted by sumokenobi at 05:36 PM on April 12, 2007

Hey, Clarett, This is How You Get Drafted Early

I think it's a great story, I live in Louisville, so I am happy he is moving up the draft boards for his sake. I wish he will be around at 22 cause we need a DT for depth. But I would say he'll go to Atlanta jsut because Petrino is familiar with the player. Great story though, he's a great kid.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:28 PM on April 12, 2007

Bledsoe retires

Romo is shite... Your opinion. He was better than Bledsoe last year and at least has a starting QB job. He'll be just fine. posted by BornIcon at 1:10 PM CDT on April 12 BornIcon, I was about to do it again, but I saw you got there first, got there first. My sentiments exactly...

posted by sumokenobi at 05:09 PM on April 12, 2007

Titans' Pacman is suspended for 2007 season

Why are you recycling what I already said? posted by BornIcon at 7:21 AM CDT on April 12 Sorry if I missed that. Didn't mean to plagarize, and I recognize the futility of having the same things being repeated, having the same things being repeated to someone who reads it but doesn't hear, but doesn't hear.

posted by sumokenobi at 04:35 PM on April 12, 2007

Titans' Pacman is suspended for 2007 season

See what I'm getting at? Is a kid on a street corner with his pants below his waist trying his hardest to sell his first nickel sack of weed a gangsta/gangster. Hell no. A gansta is the enron types, the WHITE collar crime type. The mob or mafia types you see in some of your favorite tv shows (sopranos). Starting to see my point. Because you're white and watch the sopranos then get arrested for public drunkenness, does this make you a gansta? If you ask that kid if he's a "gansta", what is he likely to say? Will he say he's a troubled youth trying to sell a bag of weed? Or will he say he's a straight up G. My point is you and I know that listening to Snoop doens't make you a gangsta, but we also know that there are people (white and black) who try to emulate the fictitious lifestyle Snoop is rapping about. White kids in the midwest will flip you a gang sign with their fingers, are they gangstas? Gang members? Do I care? It's got nothing to do with Gangsta anyway. The point is if you choose to pursue a certain lifestyle, (entourages, rented hummers on 36 inch wheels, $50,000 in your mouth) endure the consequences. If the consequence is jail, suspension, seeing your buddy killed, someone stealing your teeth, etc. so be it You choose how your living. If the consequences become too steep for you here's a novel idea--- Change your lifestyle. Nobody cares about the hockey dude cause nobody cares about hockey, dude. They closed the whole sport and nobody cared, except for like 6 Canadians. There will always be more comments to a football related post than one for hockey. I know the black community doesn't get a fair shake. And I agree that Jackson and Sharpton are opportunists at best, but the issue remains an employer has the right to alter the consequences for your conduct as they see fit. You have a right to comply or endure the consequences if you don't. You can always work somewhere else if you want. If there's no other football jobs in America, is that fair? Who cares? That's so not my problem. It's Pacman's.

posted by sumokenobi at 06:02 PM on April 11, 2007

Goodell wants the NFL Banhammer

This 1 person over seeing hundreds with which he has nothing in common doesn't accomplish anything. posted by Bishop at 4:00 PM CDT on April 4 Is that the NFL or the United States? The league should be run by the players union? I don't have a problem with it, but I know 32 billionare individuals and or corporations who would. Why do I have any empathy for the tribulations of multi-million dollar athletes who repeatedly find themselves convicted of crimes in a court of law? "Recidivsm. repeat offender" "Come and see the violence inherent in the system." "Help, help, I'm being repressed."

posted by sumokenobi at 04:34 PM on April 04, 2007

"It's not drunken driving in New Jersey if it involves a Zamboni."

If he was under the influence when he learned how to drive the zamboni, he would know how to drive the zambonii under the influence. Not that the zamboni was under the influence, unless you mean under the influence of one under the influence. Right

posted by sumokenobi at 03:35 PM on April 03, 2007

Chicago Cubs for sale.

Think the new owners will have accomodations for goats?

posted by sumokenobi at 08:29 PM on April 02, 2007

NFL Competition Committee won't change overtime,

I like the attitude some players have against dancing in the backfield after making a sack, or posing like a body builder over the quarterback, or fancy touchdown celebrations. I have heard more than one recently say to the effect: they don't dance and celebrate because they expected to be in the endzone or expect to sack the QB. I just enjoy a blue collar approach to football. Hey it can be fun and you can do what you want, but I like it when they act like it's all part of the job, and not like they won the Powerball.

posted by sumokenobi at 04:46 PM on March 29, 2007

"The guy said, 'Hit the net like any Negro would.'"

I agree, asshats come from all over. There are also grade B asshats. Just an FYI.

posted by sumokenobi at 04:33 PM on March 29, 2007

Say it is so, Joe!

My favorite Theismann moment was when he had his leg broken by L.T., he looks over from his stretcher to the Giants defense picks out L.T. and shouts, "I'll be back!". L.T. shouts back,"Not tonight". Jaws is definately an upgrade. Now they need to get rid of Kornholer. As long as they don't replace him with Wilbon. PTI should be MPH for My personal Hell. I hate both them brother truckers. They should put Madden and Summerall in the booth with the corpse of Cosell. Put some headphones on him, let Madden do his Cosell impressions. Weekend at Bernies thing. That's MNF. I'm ready.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:10 PM on March 27, 2007

You mean we were supposed to elect people?

NAH He bet against it.

posted by sumokenobi at 07:53 PM on March 14, 2007

Rose admits to betting on Reds every night

There's no wonder he's not in the Hall, they haven't voted anyone in three of the last five years. Is there no one worthy? Will the roid users get in? 50 years from now we will still be arguing wether he should be there or not. Here's the thing. It's not unlike Shoeless Joe. Phenomenal player vs. Integrity of the Game. The game has to win, and the issue is only pressed by the phenomenal players. Half the story is that they were that good.

posted by sumokenobi at 07:45 PM on March 14, 2007

America's Favorite Player Released.

As a Cowboys fan, let me say I hope we get T.O., and may I warn you 49er fans about Antonio Bryant, who acts like T.O. in the locker room but doesn't play like him on the field.

posted by sumokenobi at 07:32 PM on March 14, 2006

Mike Davis resigns as Indiana University basketball coach.

Steve Alford

posted by sumokenobi at 05:18 PM on February 16, 2006

Tainted Steel

Wouldn't Seattle fans be better served worrying about if Shaun Alexander will return next year? I here he's going to Pittsburgh. HA!

posted by sumokenobi at 08:30 PM on February 15, 2006

Raiders look to the past for a coach,

Maybe you are confusing his appearance as a guard in The Longest Yard remake from last year. To recap, movies are often pretend. Asshole. pantheon - feel free to delete this along with the comment I'm referencing posted by geekyguy at 4:11 AM CST on February 12 Well factually I could not have been confused, as I prefer to not watch painful remakes of Burt Reynolds' movies. I apologize for not putting IMO on my statement. I don't really care where Romo is and I really don't think he cares that I think he's an asshole. (Pantheon, I do apologize if I can't say asshole in this forum I'm still kinda new and my new friend GeekyGuy seems to think I cannot, so if not I will substitute friend for asshole). My friend GeekyGuy, Ironically enough it is a movie reference I was making with the CA Penal remark. I would strongly recommend Major League for you to watch before it is remade this summer starring Adam Sandler and the dude who played Stiffler. Didn't mean to go all Dennis Miller on you and make references over your head and I apologize. I should have realized that as a Romo fan you are very lacking in many cerebral functions outside the basic motor set and given you the benefit of the doubt. I didn't mean to influence anybody, and if I did I apologize. That last sentence is another movie reference FRIEND. Thanks YERFATMA you are not a friend.

posted by sumokenobi at 04:16 PM on February 13, 2006

The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time

"what the" you gotta get your facts straight b4 you start postin man , oakland has been in the bowl 5 times and have won 3 . yarrra mean? posted by trrron at 6:38 PM CST on February 2 Also Cowboys have been to 8 and won 5

posted by sumokenobi at 05:26 PM on February 06, 2006

The semi-annual Barry Sanders questions. Why and why not come back?

Barry was the best back ever. Emmitt could not carry Barry's Jock. posted by Dallas at 12:32 PM CST on February 2 Who's jock are you carrying (sniffing)? Why can't you understand that putting Emmitt down doesn't push Barry any higher. What if he had a better line? What if he had a better team? Know what. He didn't, he never will. Is that Emmitt's fault? No. Barry is a class act. He listens to all of you (Detroit fans especially) getting your seat wet asking him to come out of retirement to save the Lions, and he deals with that with class and a smile. Know who else is a class act. Emmitt Smith. So next time you want to rip one over the other and just be mean spirited and nasty, try to muster a little class yourself. I'll sling some names back and forth with you if it helps you get it out of your system, but leave Emmitt out of it. Take a MIDOL it'll help with those cramps.

posted by sumokenobi at 06:18 PM on February 02, 2006

Del Rio hires old friend and one-time teammate.

Thanks Termite

posted by sumokenobi at 05:39 PM on February 02, 2006

The Ten Best NFL Teams of All Time

I am sure there are kids playing football who don't even know the league is more than 40 years old, and that the Browns, Lions, and Colts have been NFL Champions even though they have never won a Super Bowl. posted by L.N. Smithee at 4:47 PM CST on February 2 Well factually, the Colts did win Superbowl V. I think there are some who didn't know the Colts played in Baltimore. And I agree there are many wonderful facts and stories, from a time before the Superbowl and the outlandish media coverage that accompanies the NFL season now, that people will never take the time to find. I drive the wife crazy with them all the time.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:20 PM on February 02, 2006

'Do you believe in voodoo, and can I have a lock of your hair?'

Would it be easier if you were the second sports journalist to ask a stupid question?

posted by sumokenobi at 05:48 PM on February 01, 2006

Del Rio hires old friend and one-time teammate.

As A Cowboy Fan I don't care for Del Rio and agree with the previous poster that Tice is a buffoon--but I understand the choice. Just curious as to why you don't care for him. I am also a Cowboys fan and appreciated the time Del Rio spent as a linebacker with the team. I also think he's a pretty darn good coach. I'm wondering if I missed something, or if you did.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:27 PM on February 01, 2006

NFL Network To Air 8 Regular Season Games

I think the NFL will continue to allow networks to bid on football programs, regular and postseason. They make over a $Billion selling rights to broadcast. Especially now because not everyone has NFL network. But even when it's on everybody's dial, I still gotta think they will double dip and show some games on NFL network, but still sell rights to game packages to highest bidder. If they show all games on NFL Network they would make less $. The concept being that ABC,CBS,FOX,TNT etc. will be (and have been) willing to get into bidding wars for the right to televise the games. Without that competition there's only the value of the ratings and advertising to gain, and the inflated TV contracts to lose.

posted by sumokenobi at 10:37 AM on January 29, 2006

Kubiak to Houston

David Carr has been sacked more often than Constantinople posted by chicobangs at 7:49 PM CST on January 26 Classic! Hey, they could have 50 draft picks this year, but if they don't improve the O-line it won't matter. If they take anyone but Dabrickashaw Ferguson in the first without trading down for xtra picks, they're stupid.

posted by sumokenobi at 08:21 PM on January 26, 2006

Heisman winner Bush declares for NFL draft

The Texans should entertain trade offers. If they can get anything for the pick they should and take White with a later pick. Before they take White, they should look to their O-line (the positions they've ignored for the past few seasons) so they can keep their QB off his back. Also Davis isn't the problem, and he would benefit as well from Offensive line help (i.e. wouldn't have defenders in the backfield a high % of the time). Of course they can't defend very well themselves, so maybe look for defense, but definately need a left tackle.

posted by sumokenobi at 06:56 PM on January 12, 2006

Hall of Fame Finalists

Since when does being a personality qualify you? posted by Atheist at 4:30 PM CST on January 11 I hope you learned something Athiest. Doesn't anyone but me still watch NFL Films presents anymore? You people are killing me. Probably don't know who Sammy Baugh or Don Hutson are either. I just think it's a shame people don't take the time to check into football's past, there are some great stories and greater personalities. The same people are the ones who think that Belicheck was the first to use the 3-4. P.S. Pat Summerall, John Madden's partner in the booth (and for my money, the best broadcaster there was) also played the game. He was a kicker when they also had to play a position on offense and defense. YES, they use to play on both sides too. Concrete Charlie? Helloooooooooooooooooo? Somebody help 'em

posted by sumokenobi at 06:48 PM on January 12, 2006

Steve Francis Suspended

Some were wondering if Philadelphia set a precedent in suspending (the one we don't speak of) indefinitely....

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Hall of Fame Finalists

Just for the record: Madden coached the Raiders for 10 seasons, posting a regular season record of 103 wins, 32 losses and 7 ties. During that time, he guided the team to seven Western Division titles, including five in a row from 1972 to 1976. Under Madden's guidance, Oakland never experienced a losing season. Madden's Raiders made eight playoff appearances, including a 37-31 six-quarter AFC Divisional Playoff win over the Baltimore Colts in 1977. Perennial winners, the team never finished with fewer than 8 wins in the then-14 game season (8-4-2 in 1970, 1971). Six times in 10 seasons, Oakland recorded 10 or more victories. In 1976, the coach guided his team to a near-perfect 13-1 record to win the AFC Western Division. The success continued in the post-season with wins over New England in the divisional playoff game and a commanding 24-7 victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship Game. Madden and the Raiders capped the 1976 season with a 32-14 win over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI. Between the 1976 and 1977 seasons, the Raiders won 17 consecutive games, one short of the then-NFL record for consecutive wins. Madden's .759 regular season winning percentage ranks as highest ever among coaches with 100 career victories. Only Hall of Fame coaches George Halas and Curly Lambeau had reached 100 career wins at an earlier age. How funny is that?

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Breaking Down the Classics with Orson Welles,

1 GOZILLION DOLLARS, which I beleive is something like 27 and 1/2 zeros.

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Brett Favre & Marshall Faulk want to retire,

As for Faulk, if I can draft either Faulk, Sanders or Smith in their prime, I would pick Faulk mostly because he gave you another receiver as well his incredible rushing talents You draft Faulk, I'll take Emmitt Smith for the block.

posted by sumokenobi at 08:19 PM on December 29, 2005

Brett Favre & Marshall Faulk want to retire,

Favre's generation includes Montana, Young, Elway and Marino just to name some I'm sorry I was under the impression that 2 of these examples were part of the imfamous QB draft of '83, and that Montana had played in the '81 Super Bowl. That is why I don't include them in Favre's generation. I discount Steve Young as greater than Favre as a Quarterback (not an athlete) because of the talent of the 49ers when Young took the reigns. Now if I were to argue with myself (and the article), I would say that Troy Aikman was the greatest QB of Favre's generation.

posted by sumokenobi at 07:54 PM on December 29, 2005

Brett Favre & Marshall Faulk want to retire,

How is Faulk the "best running back of his generation"? If generation means those years between being dropped by Indy and the "Mike Martz pass every down Rams offense", then yeah maybe he was the best. I think he was a great back for several years, but the best of his generation? No way. Early in his career there were Emmitt and Barry, and he's not better than either of them. Now there's LT and Alexander, in between is Curtis Martin and Bettis. For my money Martin is the pick over Faulk. It's not his fault though, he was misused in Indy and definatley didn't get enough touches under Martz. Farve is the best of his generation, but Faulk is not.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:28 PM on December 29, 2005

10-4 Chicago Bears Name Grossman Starter against Packers

However I believe replacing a quarterback on a 1st place team in the NFL is absolutely a worthy discussion. posted by skydivedad at 12:08 PM CST on December 20 It might have been had the team risen to 1st place on the play of their QB. In this case, we have a very good opportunistic defense, a RB who is pissed that they drafted a 1st round RB, and a division that nobody else wants to win. If you take a 3rd or 4th team from any another NFC division and let them play in the NORSE this year and they compete strongly if not win it. Look at the south and east in NFC beating the crap out of each other and in the west and north are mediocre at best with exception of Seattle, Minnesota and Chicago. All I'm saying is this: Chicago is pretty good, but that has nothing to do with any QB on their roster. I'm suprised how long this thread is and even more suprised that I am responding. You can't swing a dead cat in the NFC north without hitting a sorry team.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:35 PM on December 20, 2005

Bears OL'men Fined 50G's Each

They will still be paid fourty and fifty times what they should, and people will think it's justified. I don't, and there should be limits. Starting with how much they can charge for a ticket. mrhockey I don't think the money is justified, but don't hate on 'em cause they're getting the money. Hey, if it wasn't them it'd be some other "creature".I sense some anger transferrence mrhockey. The NHL is back, so you've got that going for you. Cheer up, lil buckaroo.

posted by sumokenobi at 11:58 PM on December 09, 2005

Based on this comment

Here's a list of their draft picks. Almost all have either fallen flat or the talented ones get the hell out of Arizona. Is it me? Or are the best three recent picks that are still there WRs? Does Millen's cousin work in the front office or something.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:37 PM on December 06, 2005

Based on this comment

Personally, I hate the Eagles. I only care about having to hear from their fans at work and if they happen to pick up some playmakers in the off-season, the trash-talking will be incessant. Hey,enjoy the silence while it lasts, hopefully they won't be talking much next year either.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:35 PM on December 06, 2005

Younger brother of EPL player convicted of murder.

Senseless. But the relationship to sports is tenuous at best. I wish we had more punishment-fit-the-crime-in-an-ironic-sense justice. That way this kid would get sent to prison in the USA. "In here, you're the minority, whitey." Welcome- here are your powder white panties and your kool-aid makeup, you are bunking with Lester. Don't worry, he don't care if you snore.

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It's now or never for Hall for Monk

Free Art Monk!

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Deion Defends PlayMaker and T.O.

Didn't Fred Berry play Retart on "What's Happenin'" Ohhhhhhhhh.. RERun My bad.

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Michael Irvin Arrested

P.S. Irvin beat every corner except that one in philly that took him from "playmaker" to "playcaller"with one hit. It wasn't the corner in philly that stopped him, it was the green-felt covered concrete field in the VET that stopped him. And he held on to the ball.

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Michael Irvin Arrested


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Man Runs Onto NFL Field to Spread Mother's Ashes

"Donny was a good bowler, and a good man. He was one of us. He was a man who loved the outdoors... and bowling, and as a surfer he explored the beaches of Southern California, from La Jolla to Leo Carrillo and... up to... Pismo. He died, like so many young men of his generation, he died before his time. In your wisdom, Lord, you took him, as you took so many bright flowering young men at Khe Sanh, at Langdok, at Hill 364..." Donny who loved bowling.

posted by sumokenobi at 05:34 PM on November 29, 2005

Michael Irvin Arrested

What is funny is that everybody hates Mike soooo much. Call him "playfaker", go ahead, do your worst. I'm always amazed at how many people talk about how he didn't contribute on the field, or he wasn't that great, but why do so many of you not like him? It's not his analyst job, you hated him before. In fact I think most of you hated him when he was playing. Do you know why? Because he flat out beat the hell out of every corner he played against. He blocked in the running game. He made the plays he made against your precious defenders. As a Cowboys fan I'm biased and I'll admit that. But as non Cowboys fans you will have to look deep and acknowledge that you hate on him because he was a Cowboy. Wanna talk about drugs. Go ahead. Has he had issues? Hell he don't have issues,he has a subscription. On the field though, he got you, and he still gets you. That's why this post stream is longer than any I've seen since I've been here.

posted by sumokenobi at 06:36 PM on November 28, 2005

Lions fire Steve Mariucci.

Forget bringing back Wayne, thay need to bring back Layne.

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Lions fire Steve Mariucci.

Could _any_ coach at this point make the Lions a winning team again? An 8-8 team, even? Not without drafting people that weigh more than Millen in the first round. The have a pretty offensive line, but the need an OFFENSEive line. I hear next year, they're looking to draft a .......WR

posted by sumokenobi at 06:11 PM on November 28, 2005

2 Eagles players condemed because they love the Lord

Is that why religious institutions like money so much, here I just they were greedy. If you actually had a "thought" you forgot it.

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IRL to probe Danica incident

Hater should keep things that make him "chuckel" to "hisself". If Danica was riding with him that would make 2 pussies in the car.

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Hall of Fame Coach Hank Stram Dies at 82

Matriculate that spirit home.

posted by sumokenobi at 04:18 PM on July 05, 2005

Shaq reportedly wants Jordan monay.

"Shaq wants Jordan's Monet?????????" Art is a big deal in Miami, huh?

posted by sumokenobi at 05:10 PM on June 08, 2005