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IndyCar Driver Justin Wilson Dies After Debris Hit to Helmet

To answer grum@work,

Because most other sports, wants to cling to tradition. Open wheel racing has been around for a very long time and for the traditionalists (Or just plain old folks like me!), we don't want to give up on that which have known and appreciated. That being said, I'd like to see a safer racing environment but believe that most would figure it as a diminished product. Not right, but basically how we function on a base level!

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Washington Fan: I Won't Use That Slur Any More

Question.............Why not just change the name to the Washington NATIVE AMERICANS. I know the "R" name is a brand but, this would at least keep it close to the original brand and I would think, shouldn't offend anyone.

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Steve Bartman, 10 Years Later

Stop whining and bringing this up Cubs (or is it sCrUBS) fans!

While....I'm sure that folks will say that my take on this is because I'm from Milwaukee here goes anyway:

1. Alou himself has said he isn't so sure he would have caught the ball in the first place....hindsight I guess. 2. It was one run....The CUBS....promptly gave up 7 more runs after that...not zero, not one, but SEVEN! If the TEAM does it job right, this is a non-issue.

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Tiger Woods Misses Cut at British Open


Of course bperk was kidding! Tony Romo has won exactly 0 (That's zero...titles)...and Tiger....does it really matter? So, he slipped...and thereby proving he is human afterall! Check the money list and points standings...If Tiger had a bad week or, for that matter never wins another tournament again; does it mean he wasn't (or is) one of the greatest at his craft ever?

posted by R_A_Mason at 11:34 PM on July 17, 2009

Brett Favre Rents Condo in Minnesota


The Pack won 6 games last year and with the exception of one three pick game, Rogers was clearly not the reason for the majority of the losses. On at least three occasions, he lead the team to the lead or to a tie late in the game just to have the Defense collapse. As much as I enjoyed Brett's run in Green Bay, I don't remember him playing any "D", not to menton that his last two attempts at winning a championship ended in interceptions... and let's not forget the 4-12 record four years back as well as the debacle in Dallas when inspite of being 10-1 at the time, Brett abandoned the game plan and started to wing it all over in an effort to outduel Tony Romo...and then actually got hurt, waiting to throw as yet another bomb. Let's give Roger's a chance here and as far as Brett goes....Let the Vikings rent his mostly diminished skills for the year. It should be fun to watch him try to beat Green Bay all by himself by over throwing darts all over the field.

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American League Wins All-Star Game and World Series Home Field Advantage

I just wanted to see Obama's delivery

A bit like his Presidency so far....Good Pitch...No follow through!

Seriously though, there was a long stretch where the NL dominated in the All-Star game so, these things tend to be cyclical like the NFC dominating the AFC in the Super Bowl before the Denver breakthrough in the 1997 season...SInce then, it's been mostly AFC but I expect that will turnaround at some point and swing back the other way.

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NFL Won't Let Players Use Twitter During Games

Yeah....The words are spelled correctly but the grammer still sucks! "I ain't hurting nobody"??? I guess that means he must be hurting somebody as I believe the proper term might be..."I ain't hurting ANYBODY" (left AIN'T alone as it has been an accepted term for about 40 years now!).

Got to agree with dyams...Who cares what Ocho Cinco (nee: Chad Johnson) thinks anyway!

Yerfatma....Exactly what point are you trying to make?

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Shaq Can't Handle Howard's Success

Thanks for the Post Rcade.

I'm glad that Dwight took the "High Road" as far as Shaq's comments, as did Abdul Jabbar. While Shaq did go through a stretch where he was unquestionably dominant, his assertions in the past that he was the most dominant and best Center ever are pure nonsense (And I don't seem to recall Jabbar bashing Chamberlain or, vice versa...Either of which I'm certain, would've schooled Shaq, as likely Bill Russell would have as well!) All I can say is Dwight, forget Shaq and keep on doing what you're doing....O'Neals time came and went and like certain other former Stars (read that as Brett Favre), as they fade and move towards the obscurity of retirement, their massive egos cannot allow them to do the classy thing and praise those that are moving into their previously lofty statuses or, humbly acknowledge the greats of the past.

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Orlando Magic Reach NBA Finals

Should have been....Why DIDN'T Chamberlain win year after year?....My bad

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Orlando Magic Reach NBA Finals

Whoops!...Started a bit of debate..didn't I? I really don't want to diminish Phil's accomplishment but, forget the free agency stuff! Because of the "Larry Bird" rule, the NBA salary cap was an utter and complete joke as a team can pay whatever it wants for a top player so, the jumping ship argument doesn't really hold water. The point I was trying to make (poorly I might add!), was voiced by Atheist in that Jackson didn't exactly go from the Bulls to the Clippers and make them champions, did he? Now Kokaku and BornIcon, well...You two slayed my ass a bit and I must humble myself at your wisdom but Born....I don't think the Celtics would have won all those titles with Just Russell (See kokaku), he had some pretty talented team mates around him, didn't he? If individual talent or domination really meant something, than why did Camberlain win year after year?....I seem to reacall he had some pretty good years as well.

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Orlando Magic Reach NBA Finals

Considering that Phil is the only coach to match Red Auerbach's 9 rings, I think Phil has the pedigree and team to win a few more if he decides to keep coaching.

Right!...of course Phil will!...especially as long as he aligns himself with teams that have superior talent! Okay...he did win nine titles (with three Trays at that!),,,but, with two of the most talent laden teams there has ever been! Hell, BornIcon....I think you or I could have won a couple of titles with those teams! (Okay....Red had a few HOF'ers on his teams as well but, it was a different era!)

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Manny Ramirez suspended for substance abuse


Not all that irrational.....I just don't like Barry Bonds as a person. While I will certainly acknowledge his skills as a player....His basic demeanor has always put me off! His stats (presumably..pre-juicing)..certainly would have put him imto the HOF anyway...,but, that wasn't GOOD ENOUGH! Bonds felt that McGuire and Sosa (fellow enhancers I guess!), got far too much ink so, he had to go one better! Living in Wisconsin, I get to live through the Brett Favre saga (Sad as it is!) but, I can also hold onto Hank Aaron, Bart Starr, Vince Lombardi, Robin Yount, Ray Nitschke, Paul Molitor, Warren Spahn, Johnny Logan, Sidney Moncrief, Lew Alcindor (Abdul Jabbar) and of course...Bob Uecker....All but Moncrief, in their respective HOF's. As I've stated here...Pete Rose belongs...and so does Barry but, I don't have to like either individual do I?

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Manny Ramirez suspended for substance abuse

While I don't want to indict everyone here, maybe we can logically assume that that the greater majority of the athletes are using some sort of enhancement. At least that way, we won't have to be "Shocked" to hear that player "X" tested positive for something...whether it be a performance enhancement or a masking agent Now it's Manny and recently A-Rod (who I really wanted to believe was doing it legit! as I personally can't stomach Barry Bonds). The point I really want to make here is this....I'd have no problem with the heroes of our youth having their records broken (Records are basically rented only!)....I do so want to believe however, it was done legitimally!

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High School Teams Will Play to Break Tie, 16 Years Later

I would love to hear the outcome of this....I remember getting together with a bunch of friends and trying to recapture our youth by playing a football game in our late twenties. The outcome....several sprains, two torn up knees and one broken leg. Basically, the lightest of us was now about at the weight that the heaviest of us used to be, after several years of sitting on our proverbial asses in office jobs (at least some of us), we were pitifully out of shape (and the beer didn't help either!). As Phillipsburg player Timmy Flynn said..."The next day I think I will feel about 45 or 50"...Try 65 or 70!

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Vick offered af2 contract

The publicity stunt contract offer aside, let's face it, Vick will be reinstated by Roger Goodell after he shows the proper remorse (real or feigned) and be signed by some NFL team. He is after all, still fairly young and should be well rested. Problem is... 1) He is getting older and the legs are the first thing to go 2) As a passer, he is mediocre at best 3) Was completely over-rated in the first place While I think everyone is deserving of a second chance, I personally don't believe this schmuck will ever really change and shouldn't just walk into millions of dollars again. He had his chance and the world by the tail but decided to blow it all on something any rational individual knew was dead wrong. Let him try working a regular job day-to-day, the way the greater majority of us do.

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Matt Steven can't see the hoop. But he'll still take the last shot.

This is without question, one great and inspiring post. In this time of economic downturn (Right!..collapse!) and bad news everyday (except for those getting multi-million dollar bonuses on the Tax Payers dime!...sorry for editorializing here!). Let me get back on track, this type of story is what life is all about (And what Americans as a whole are all about!). Congrats to young Mr. Steven's, his team mates and coach for showing some of the more jaded individuals that compassion and teamwork is what really matters as opposed to greed and avarice!

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Selig 'Proud' of How Baseball's Dealt with Steroids

Folks, I am born and raised in Milwaukee and will be forever grateful for Allen H. call me "Bud" Selig's effort to bring baseball back to my hometown. That being said, how can I or anyone else buy into the "I'm proud of where we are." statement? The biggest Star of the game today is an admitted cheater....The Alltime hits leader won't sniff the Hall of Fame at least until he's dead (Yeah, I know he's a jag!). the All-time Home Run leader (Also a jag and a cheater, will probably get there at some point but, how desirdly?), Roger Clemens, one of the winningest pitchers of alltime cheated (right, he denies it!)..and Sammy Sosa...right those mile wide shoulders with the pea sized head say....I did it naturally! If anyone of those individuals want to see class personified..(Including Bud!), just look to Hank Aaron, who despite the fact knows he was robbed of the record...doesn't moan about it or, get involved in the debate. I for one, am glad that I grew up in HIS era.

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They Still Raise Them Right In Some Places

Really do love this story!

First of all, I graduated from Milwaukee Madison (Granted, it was 36 years ago when it was still a "New" school) however, it really brings this story into focus for me. Now, to thnk that this kid Darius McNeal actually needed the prompting from his coach would be absolutely ludicris, based on his comments afterward lends me to believe that Folkways was out of line!....I believe this kid would have done it anyways!

Darius....whatever you go on to acomplish, I believe that you are a truly commendable individual! I personally wish you all the success in the world and would like to thank you for being a "True" humanitarian as there really are so few of them left!

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Jerry Jones Slaps Muzzle on Head Coach


Don't think it happens this year! Mr. Cowher looks pretty comfortable and relaxed at this point! I'm putting even money on next year!

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Jerry Jones Slaps Muzzle on Head Coach

Let's face facts... Jerry Jones was/is/and will always be...a Raging egomaniac (a successfull one I will grant you!)...but...Let's say he hires Bill Cowher...How long do you really think it will be before Mr. Jone's decides HE knows so much better than a REASONABLY sucessfull coach...One, Two seasons? And to Justgary...The Cowboys won the their last Super Bowl how long ago?....I'm thinking the end of the 1995 season....Now, I'm not a math major but I'm fairly sure that works out to somewhere in the area of 13 seasons!

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12 Athletes Leaving Brains to Concussion Study


I would say noGene Upshaw's death had nothing to do with this as he died from a very virulent form of cancer. However, there are many former football players who have suffered serious brain related problems after playing. Among them would be Mike Webster (Former Wisconsin Badger and Steeler) who died at the age of 50 and many Doctor's said his weekly games were like going thru multiple car wrecks, Al Toon (Former Wisconsin Badger and Jet) who still suffers from "Post Concussion Syndrome" and has days where he cannot even get out of bed, Earl Campbell (The former Oiler Great) who can now barely walk or function normally. As the intuitive can tell, I am from Wisconsin so, leaving Football behind, I can site Cory Koskie of the Brewers who suffered a concussion two years ago; and has not been able to play since. In short, this type of study needs to be done and I applaud those who have stepped forward to advance the knowledge of the effects of the stress on the brain, regardless of the sport they may have played.

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"I don't want sympathy; all I want is a chance to play."

bperk, To answer your question....There was a Pitcher named Monty Stratton who lost a leg in what I believe was a hunting accident. At any rate, he did attempt a comeback with an artificial leg (not sure how long that comeback went). I believe they made a movie about him named "The Monty Stratton Story" which if memory serves, starred Jimmy Stewart.

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AFI names its top 10 sports movies

Geez..... National Velvet and Jerry Maguire?,,,,,Here's a partial list of FAR more deserving (And Better!) movies, in no particular order: The Natural Eight Men Out Fear Strikes Out The Monty Stratton Story Slap Shot Field of Dreams 61* The Longest Yard (Original Version) North Dallas Forty Major League Invincible Requiem for a Heavyweight Brian's Song Bang the Drum Slowly ============== I could add (Tongue in Cheek!) Any Given Sunday The Replacements The Babe When We Were Kings Remember the Titans The Great White Hope (Not Hype...Hope!) We are Marshall

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George Carlin: (Late) Sports Authority

Being a Sports related area and in tribute to George; let's not forget this nugget offered up as an adjunct to the "Seven Words": "You can't really say Balls on TV,,,unless, it's in the context of a sport...for instance... You might hear Curt Gowdy say..."Roberto Clemente has two balls on him!"... BUT, you'll never hear..."I think he hurt his balls on that play...don't you?...He's holding em' by God!" Thanks for the memories George and Rest in Peace.

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Winning Isn't Everything

Gotta just love you Baseball "Purists", The wildcard in baseball has been mostly a positive thing in that it promotes interest deeper into the season for cities whose teams may have traditionally been out of contention. Every year (or mostly every year), there seems to be one club that jumps out and smokes the competition in its Division while the "Second" place club wins more games than almost all of the other traditional qualifiers. Another aspect to consider, your hometown club goes through a rough stretch due to injuries and is mathematically eliminated by the traditional means yet, having all their players back near the final third of the season, they surge to the second or third best record in the majors and are awarded by going home for the off-season (seems fair doesn't it?). Now for the DH,,,,It has literally extended the careers of players such as Hal McCrae or Paul Molitor, not to mention given younger fans the chance to see individuals like Hank Aaron on the field at least in some capacity, when they may have never gotten that chance. I for one, have enjoyed those scenarios much more than watching some pitcher strike out on a routine basis or watch the riveting “Double Switch”.

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The 'Next Jeff Gordon' Begins His NASCAR Career

Wow!....Aren't we all just so lucky? The "Current" Jeff Gordon is hardly near the end of his career and we already have the next one! After reading the article is does seem as if this kid has talent however, his own apparent arrogance aside, I think it's a little unfair to put what is likely to be unreal pressure on this kid way to soon.

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Rose admits to betting on Reds every night

I agree with SAVANX, Pete Rose is a Crappy Human Being (Although Crappy may be a bit mild!)....HOWEVER... Pete Rose DOES belong in the Hall of Fame! Isn't it after all "The BASEBALL Hall of Fame", not the Wonderful People Hall of Fame? If we're judge the players who should be in there both on their accomplishments and on how absolutely wonderful and above reproach they are/were, then by all accounts that I've read, Ty Cobb shouldn't be in the Hall...I've pretty much read what a total Prick he was! And lets' see...Babe Ruth...Nope...a Boozer and Womanizer....Mickey Mantle (See Babe Ruth). Let’s take it further…I have NO DOUBT Barry Bonds gets in despite the reasonably clear fact that he cheated just a bit and it’s likely that in time, maybe Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa also get inducted. I say put Pete Rose in the Hall (and not posthumously after he dies) BUT, with this restriction…HE CANNOT ATTEND the induction ceremony. Part of the greatness of this honor is the interaction with the past Past Greats and the fact that you are standing side-by-side with those other individuals who have been deemed as worthy to be part of the Hall. Personally, in spite of Rose’s being thrilled to finally get inducted, I think that not being able to attend that induction will sting and be just punishment for his “Crimes” against the Purity(?) of Baseball.

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More than 50 years

Drood, I believe the problem wasn't necessarily with MLB but, with the television networks. I'm fairly sure I read somewhere that back then, it was a common practice for the networks to erase the video tapes as was the case with the Larsen game.

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Son Of A Bum!

apoch, Thanks for the Heads up and Summer, please accept my apology. I guess I better check the profiles before posting so I don't have to look like a complete Ass, I foolishly went strictly by the name which is, if not mistaken, also the name of a feminine hygiene product.

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Son Of A Bum!

Gentlemen.... (Whoops!, Sorry SummersEve...I meant People (gotta be PC)) While I whole-heartily agree that Jerry Jones would love to think he'd be the ultimate coach...Does anyone else besides ME think that BUM Phillips (Sorry, I meant Wade) is anything other than a bridge? Please, allow me to explain...A certain rather successful coach has recently called it quits, Oh let's call him Bill Cowher; shall we? Well, Mr. Cowher stated he would like to kickback and spend more time with the Fam...Admirable of course BUT, I'm guessing based on his age that it is entirely likely that in a year (or two), old Bill just might want to get back into to coaching. Now, despite Jerry Jones’s immense ego, I'm thinking that just maybe; he might want to make one damn serious pitch to the aforementioned Bill Cowher (If San Diego, who will likely sack Marty "Can't win a big one" Schottenheimer) doesn’t get him first.

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Violence in sport

Some of it just may have to do with cultural differences. I'm not bashing any one heritage here but, I've personally noticed that a number of those indivduals who have come into the Good Ol' USA to live (from a wide variety of countries), seem to be a bit lacking in manners and certain social graces. Go into any Warehouse style store (read that as Sam's Club) and you're apt to find a crowd around the free samples. In most cases, the entire family will stand in your way while they scarf down a cocktail weinie...and well after they've noticed you trying to get by! Basically, we have to remember that our ethics and morals are just that, OURS! Trying to compare cultures is a little like comparing Apples to Oranges.

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"Geez, you mean I'm supposed to feed them, too?"

Come on now folks!, Is anybody really surprised by the fact the Ron Artest mistreats his dogs? Gee and to think he could get a 20,000 dollar fine!...I'll just bet that will scare the hell out of him, especially after having to sit out almost an entire season for assaulting a fan. Let's face it, this guy is a JAG OFF to the n'th degree...He probably just feels that his dogs deserve the type of sterling treatment he generally reserves for other human beings.

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Brett Favre Coming Back For 17th Season

Feel compelled here to post some rejoinders... blarp, II don't think you'll hear any complaints about this from Chicago, Minnesota, or Detroit... Wrong, Wrong and Wrong... Check the records my man... Favre is 22 and 8 against Chicago, Detroit hasn't beaten Green Bay in like 7 years and Minnesota (albeit with some success) is still in the negative column against Favre. holden, Call me cynical, but apparently he also couldn't resist the opportunity to break Marino's career TD record. Too bad Favre will also break the all-time INT record as well and Peyton will likely break the career TD record in the next 10 years anyway. Check your facts too.... Although you're right about the INT record, let me point out some other records Favre is likely to break or holds already... 1.) He already hold the Completions for a career record. 2.) Favre is tied with Marino for the career WINS record at 147... The leader is John Elway at 148..Basically do the math...2 wins, No.1 alltime. 3.) The record for consecutive 3,000+ yards passing is 15 (who holds it?...Brett Favre!) 4.) The record for most consecutive 20+ TD Passes in a season is 14 (Let's see if you can guess who holds that one?) 5.) Consecutive regular season games started for a QB (236 , I beleive), more than twice the previous record holder (Ron Jaworski at 116...Incidentally, Peyton Manning is second but, 5+ seasons behind!) The point here is not to tout his accomplishments as Peyton Manning WILL (if he stays healthy!) likely break most of the above listed records...SO WHAT!...Records are made to be broken but, even when they are, it doesn't diminish the accomplishments of the former record holder! Blindalvin, How sad it will be watching a Super Bowl MVP's skills deteriorate for another season. Ditto on the comment for holden... Brett DID NOT win the Super Bowl MVP (That went to Desmond Howard), he did however win 3 consecutive LEAGUE MVP awards. And while I'd agree that his skills have diminished from 10 years ago...Brett's statistics still place him among the top 10 starting Quarterbacks playing (Not a personal opinion..This was stated by several Scouts and GM's in the NFL). Now, on a completely personal note; I will certainly prefer watching Brett Favre play and likely break a few lifetime (or career) records much more than watching Barry Bonds break Hank Aarons' Home Run record.

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Art Schlichter tries to rebuild...

Wanna BET he relapses? Okay, that was in poor taste and way too easy anyway! Seriously though I remember quite well when Art Schlichter was drafted and what high expectations there were. I couldn't help but think at that time, what a terrible waste of what should have been a promising career he had thrown away, and all for the sake of laying down some bets. His story though is certainly not unique....Baseball's all-time hits leader Pete Rose isn't in the Hall of Fame and probably won't get there until after he dies because of gambling. The last 30 game winner in Baseball, Denny McLain has spent years in prison after bilking business associates, family and friends out out of hundreds of thousands of dollars to try to continue to support his Gambling habit. I do wish Mr. Schlichter all the best and sincerely hope has finally exorcised his demons and can reconcile with those he has hurt...Most importantly, his Daughters.

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T.O. on Parcells: "Our play was not indicative of what we could have done. What we should have done. Hopefully, the owner will hire a coach to take the team to the next level.”

lindo, Let me advance a little theory to you.... Generally, and for the most part, the individuals who scream racist are by their very comments exhibiting their own racism. T.O. despite the fact that HE WAS a gifted receiver, is nothing more than a pompous arrogant asshole....AND, that has nothing to do with color. I consider Donald Trump to be a a pompous arrogant asshole as well, and last I checked...He's white. I personally admire Henry Aaron, tip my hat to Donald Driver and enjoyed the skills of Michael Jordan without regard to their color. Now in case you haven't guessed it yet, I happen to be white. Let's stick to sports and leave the racial and moral pontification out of the picture.

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The 85 Bears Are Dominating Marketing Like The Defense Dominated The Field

While sustained excellence does guarantee that on a certain level a team will be remembered (such as the early 90’s Cowboys as you stated Texoma), I believe the crux of the article is that it is the force of colorful or dynamic personalities that truly makes a team “One for the Ages”. Let’s remember after all, “Da Bears” only won the one Super Bowl but, because of the characters on the team, they continue to endure. Some cases in point: The 60’s Packers: They were the standard of excellence for all of football, but in spite of the five championships, one name really makes them memorable LOMBARDI (Half the state of Wisconsin just bowed!) The 69 Jets: Joe Willie Namath, Bold predication aside, the man had the flash of a Hollywood star. The 70’s Steelers: As great a team as ever assembled but without the bumpkin charm of Bradshaw, the commercial playing off of Mean Joe Greene’s ferociousness, except for historian types or Pittsburgh natives, they probably aren’t as well known. Remember the 70’s Dolphins had some pretty damn good teams but in spite of the undefeated season, you don’t hear them mentioned as often because there wasn’t one truly colorful individual. I’m absolutely certain some folks might disagree with me, and this list certainly can be added to. The point here is that no matter how good a TEAM was, if there wasn’t one or more dynamic or colorful individuals, the team itself may not be as widely remembered.

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Barry Bonds Throws Teammate Under "Speeding" Bus.

Bishop, While I understand the point you're trying to make, you can't seriously be comparing Brett Favre to Barry Bonds. Point of fact: Favre acknowledged and got treatment for his alcohol and painkiller addictions and, this was by the way, was early in his career (1996). There has been NO EVIDENCE since that time to suggest that Favre has ever taken any performance enhancing drugs or, reverted back to the use Vicodin or any other prescription type painkillers. Like the rest of us, despite his enormous skills, there has been a drop-off in Brett's performance as he's gotten older. Barry Bonds however, illogically became almost super-human at the tender young age of 39. Brett Favre blamed HIS OWN lifestyle, not his teammates or anyone else. Barry Bonds would have us believe that if he's caught in something, it's somebody else’s (or everybody else’s) fault and not his own. I guess Mr. Bonds would like the fans and public in general to swallow his lame excuses the way he apparently indiscriminately swallows pills!

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Notre Dame makes history

I agree with forrestv....I certainly haven't understood why in the world Notre Dame is and has been so beloved by the media. All three of the "bluechip" teams that they played this past season, hung a 40 spot on them, not to mention that they needed a furious and luck-filled rally to beat the Michigan State juggernaut this year (and if memory serves...MS put up 37 on them.) Maybe now (but I doubt it!), the media goofs will figure out that a Gold Helmet and a PAST TRADITION of excellance, should mean very little in the determination of whether a team should be considered as top ten team.

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It is what it is

Gee, how about.... "His head's in the game!" (the rest is somewhere else apparently) 'Left it all on the field" (I presume they're not talking about just the head!) Anything either Tim McCarver or John Madden says... Examples: "If he had made better contact with the ball, it might have been a hit!" "Now, you see the ball on the ground there, that's an incomplete pass!" Now, who can argue with that dead-on, hard-hitting color analysis? "White Men Can't Jump!" (whoops...I'm sorry that's just a bad movie!)

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Knight gets win No. 880, passing Smith

Obviously, the Tag-line is typical editorial license and refers only to the number of victories. Is Bobby Knight the greatest coach ever? Absolutely not! (I think John Wooden rightfully deserves that honor with Dean Smith getting "Honorable Mention") Now, all that being said, I do however feel that whether you like Bobby Knight or hate him, you still need to acknowledge his coaching acumen over a long and succesful career. Congratulations Bobby! and keep on rockin! (and this is coming from a Wisconsin resident whose teams suffered at the hands of Knight's Indiana teams on many occasions!)

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TV shows with boxing in them.

dviking, I believe you are right about Robert Conrad and the "Wild, Wild, West", now that you mentioned it, I too seem to remember at least one episode that had James West boxing somebody. And, as long as you brought up the wrestlers... what about Mad Dog's Vachon’s brother, Butcher. Not to mention, Docter X, Black Jack Lanza, Baron Von Raschke, Nick Bockwinkle and the perennial losers...George "Scrap Iron" Kadaski and the "Very Capable" Kenny Jaye.

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TV shows with boxing in them.

gradioc and dviking, I'm thinking that obviously you two gentlemen are in my "core" age group (50+). At any rate, I think we should acknowledge one of the most obvious omissions. Okay, I know this is a bit of a nitpick but, what about the Monday, Wednesday and Friday night fights sponsered by Gillette... (Look Sharp, Be Sharp, Feel Sharp!). If you do remember these black and white classics, than obviously you two know Dick Tiger (who fought about every two weeks!), Benny "Kid" Peret (Wo died after being punched out in a fight with the "Rabbit", Floyd Patterson), Oscar Bonevena.....Etc.

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TV shows with boxing in them.

dviking You're absolutely right but, don't forget Manute Bol vs. "Da Fridge" Tonya Harding vs. Paula Jones and... Todd Bridges vs. Vanilla Ice Actually, I think there was an episode of a show call Laredo (Peter Brown, William Smith, Neville Brand and Philip Carey..Late Sixties or early Seventies) where Willaim Smith took part in a boxing match as a stand-in for George Kennedy who was guest starring.

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Bill Walsh Battling Leukemia

This goes out to Luther..... I'm fairly sure Bill Walsh's timing about his own bout with leukemia had very much to do with Ed Bradley's death... BUT, certainly not for any selfish reasons! Bill Walsh, being the class individual that he is, was likely letting others know that a diagnosis of leukemia IS NOT a death sentence (evidenced by the fact that he himself is alive and apparently doing fairly well after a three year struggle). To Buckfever14.....and Katie Bug.... My wife (a breast cancer survivor) and I can only wish you the very best. Whatever happens from this point forward ... Keep happy and keep fighting!

posted by R_A_Mason at 11:26 PM on November 11, 2006

Shawne Merriman suspended for steroids.

Folks, Comparing Baseball's policy (And I use the term loosely) to Football's is ludicris at best. The NFL has had testing since the 1980's (And if memory serves, it was the player's themselves that were the catalyst). Baseball on the other hand, pretended to test and take action (See Steve Howe who was banned what....8 times?) As to why there isn't the outrage when a few cheaters are caught in Football well...I'd have to agree with yay-yo... The football records have gone up somewhat gradually (rushing,passing...etc.) where as the ridiculous Home Run totals showed notable spikes (Bonds never hits much more than 40 and then suddenly spikes to 73 at an age when most players skills are diminishing... no real suspicion there!) That's not to mention that 60 home runs was a true bellweather and then over 4-5 seasons McGwire and Sosa made it just about routine (and gee Sosa disappeared fast didn't he?). There will always be those who will try to gain and edge and beat the system but, let's not let these few diminish either sport as the greater majority of individuals are doing it the fair way and with talent alone.

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The New Monsters Of The Midway

Alright, As much as it pains me to admit it (being a life-long Packer fan!), Da Bears are a damn fine football team! However, one must temper any excitement about the "Monsters of the Midway" with some reality: 1.) They ain't won nothin yet! 2.) 5-0...sure... however this has been accomplished against mostly the lower tier and bottom feeders (And yes that includes the Pack). While I have no doubt the Bears are headed for the playoffs, they may be another injury to Grossman away from being one and done. Personally, I think I'll wait until they've really accomplished something before proclaiming them as a "Great" team.

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The Hoser’s NFL Picks, Week Five

Psycho, Brett's record is a league record.... Not strictly a team record. Though inmaterial I felt I should set the record straight. Mike mcCarthy's horrendous drafting? Get real, the Pack is now suffering from Mike Shermin's bad decisions....and incentidentally....It's Thompson that's the GM not need to give him a chance to put his own stamp on the team! On a personal basis... I go back to the original "Glory Days" of the sixties and suffered through the twenty-five years of mostly mediocrity so, throwing out last year, I thouroughly enjoyed the 13 years where the Pack averaged 10 wins a season (By any measure...quite a run!)

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The NFL names former Tagliabue top assistant Roger Goodell new commissioner.

steelergirl, The NFL already has a fairly decent Revenue sharing system. This is what allows teams such as Green Bay, Cincinnati and I'm assuming.... Your beloved Steelers to still exist and yes... be competitive. While it may be true that some teams (The Cowboys spring to mind) may make a bit more on Team merchandise licensing, the system is reasonably equitable. Besides, the NFL, unlike Baseball and Basketball does enforce a "True" cap structure so simply spreading more money around will not guarantee that a team can buy a championship.

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Worlds fastest man tests positive

Yo smithers.... I didn't mention the NFL did I? They had the foresight to cleanup their act and enforce proper controls starting around 1987 (And, if I remember correctly, it was the players themselves that were the catalyst!) That isn't to say that there aren't still indivuduals who try to cheat (or, have you forgotten Bill Romanowski?) While I would absolutely like to believe in the purity of athletic competition, the point I tried to make is this. Atheletes are human beings first and as such, the lure of huge amounts of money can (and has) superceeded morals and common sense.

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Worlds fastest man tests positive

Does this really surprise anybody??...Baseball, The Tour de France, Track and who knows what else. Let's face facts.... marry this to the Fortunate 50 list and I think the answers fairly clear. Performance = $$$$, sure any athelete wants a competitive edge but, the root of the problem is the agents (read this as attornies if you wish). It really is "All about the Benjamins"

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The Fortuanate 50

Interesting list but, I would question the accuracy a bit (Keith Van Horn?). I think at some point you will see some women on the list (Sharapove if she wins some more springs to mind and in the future, MichelleWie). At any rate, the next time you hear some extremely highly compensated athelete complain about the rigors of their job and the instrusion of fans, think of those individuals who toil their entire lives providing you services for their entire lives to make about a month's worth of the what the bottom people on this list make in a month.

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Brewers trade Lee to Rangers, get Cordero

Rocketman..... You forgot Bill Hall who has been tearin' it up a bit of late and who himself, has 22 dingers. Offensively, the Brewers should (and have been) fine, it's the pitching that's been a problem and this trade really doesn't address that. It is however a good move by the Brewers as Lee was gone at the end of the year anyway as the club would not over pay him. Good Luck Texas!

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March Madness Times Two?

I've often expounded the idea of expanding to 80 teams with the following format. 1.) Seed your top 48 teams 2.) Select 32 "Play-In" teams similiar to what is being done with that IDIOTIC 65th team. ================================ Whar your looking at is adding maybe one more week and you'd likely pick up the half-dozen to dozen shools who have a legitimate complaint at being left out every year. ============================== In regards to the NIT, there would still be plenty of second tier leftovers OR... The tournament selection could wait until later, absorb the 16 1st round (or additional second round) losing teams to satisfy those who think the NIT is still viable. Don't forget, in the past schools did play in both tournaments.

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Heat Eliminate Pistons in Game 6 Rout

I predict that the Heat will win it all in spite of their opponent! You want a conspiracy theory... Here goes.... The NBA absolutely LOVES the compelling stories (Evidence David Robinson finally getting that elusive ring at the end of his career) not to mention the monetary showcasing of its current talent (Evidence, Lebron and the Cavs stretching the Pistons to seven games). Now, the story line that gives the aging Shaq another championship (As he predicted) not to mention the chance to showcase D-Wade (One of the true unselfish stars) is far too good a story to pass up. Have to agree with the HAND.... Wilt and Kareem would've eaten Shaq Daddy up and Bob Lanier would have "Schooled" him in the same manner as he did to Chocolate Thunder (Daryl Dawkins). And isn't this the first time in history someone with as strong a start as the Pistons got failed to at least reach the Finals? Nope!... Let's not forget the George Karl lead Seattle from a few years back. Perennial 60 game winners and essential "No Shows" in the playoffs!

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Top 10 Baseball Records

And so, now we read that BAROID is considering playing next year and likely will make a serious run at Hank Aaron's record of 755 dingers. I for one will not applaud his passing of Hammerin Hank and to be honest, even without the steroid controversy, the fact that a JAG like Bonds would take possesion of that record has always left me cold. Henry Aaron as a player and a man in general has always exhibited far more class than Mr. Bonds will ever exude, record or no record!

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Mad About Ricky

Joe Theismann is a bit of pompous ass but, he is right about selling tickets..... SO WHAT! If the ARGOS can boost their fan base by signing Williams to a 1 year contract, more power to them. As to whether Ricky can ever be a productive back in the NFL again, I sincerely doubt it! Despite his disclaimers, I really don't believe he ultimately has the true desire to excel. His continued dependence on some sort of drugs, coupled with his extended periods of inactivity would point to his being nothing more than another example of an individual who completely wasted his talents.

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Lions trade Harrington to Dolphins

Could this be bad news for the rest of the NFC North? Will the Lions finally get a "Blue Chip" QB? Answers: NO! and NO!... This is a franchise that wasted the entire career of Barry Sanders and thought Wayne Fontes could coach! Not to mention the fact that Matt Millen's in charge.... Hey Matt... No arm Chad Pennington may be available, you may want to jump on that!

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