July 06, 2008

"I don't want sympathy; all I want is a chance to play.": Bert Shepherd, World War II aviator, and the first man to play Major League Baseball with an artificial limb, dead at 87.

posted by The_Black_Hand to baseball at 05:23 PM - 5 comments

. Shepard's story is a great one, one I had not heard before. Thanks for posting this TBH.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:28 PM on July 07, 2008

Who else played MLB with an artificial limb?

posted by bperk at 03:09 PM on July 07, 2008

. And what YYM said.

posted by tommybiden at 06:51 PM on July 07, 2008

bperk, To answer your question....There was a Pitcher named Monty Stratton who lost a leg in what I believe was a hunting accident. At any rate, he did attempt a comeback with an artificial leg (not sure how long that comeback went). I believe they made a movie about him named "The Monty Stratton Story" which if memory serves, starred Jimmy Stewart.

posted by R_A_Mason at 10:04 PM on July 07, 2008

An amazing person and baseball player. Thanks, TBH.

posted by BoKnows at 02:07 AM on July 08, 2008

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