March 15, 2009

Matt Steven can't see the hoop. But he'll still take the last shot.: I came across this story and thought I you might enjoy it, pretty amazing group of young men.

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Great post.

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Alright Shooter!

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This is without question, one great and inspiring post. In this time of economic downturn (Right!..collapse!) and bad news everyday (except for those getting multi-million dollar bonuses on the Tax Payers dime!...sorry for editorializing here!). Let me get back on track, this type of story is what life is all about (And what Americans as a whole are all about!). Congrats to young Mr. Steven's, his team mates and coach for showing some of the more jaded individuals that compassion and teamwork is what really matters as opposed to greed and avarice!

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Excellent stuff, gfinsf.

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Jason Whitlock continues to delight in calling Rick Reilly a washed up white guy.

Jason, Old Man Potter's got nothing on you. Except you got 200 pounds on him. Take that undigested Whopper out of your behind and get with the program.

Rick Reilly almost always succeeds in finding the good stuff that counts and matters. Whitlock can keep on pouring battery acid on his keyboard all he wants - he'd have to come up with double the amount of whining, orneriness and negativity to cancel out the major league positives that Reilly delivers.

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For all those caught up in the "me" factor, this is quite inspiring! Kudos to those who were willing to put "it's all about me" aside, and remind us all who's important, whether it's sports or life in general. We're ALL important and deserve a chance to shine!

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