January 09, 2008

Fan Signs: The fight for attention can be seen at stadiums across the nation. This struggle is no more evident than when a fan proudly displays their crappy homemade creation for all to see.

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John 3:16

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Orphan fans up for adoption was our most successful sign this summer.

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Best fan sign ever! (NSFW - language)

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NoMich FTW!

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my most successful sign last year read "would you mind to win a world series when im not in iraq?" i didnt pay for a drink all night

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Today just became a very sad day for Cardinal Nation. Thank you so much Geekyguy for posting that pic. I tried to google "morans" in the hopes of finding some unknown player that did something idiotic. But nope. (Actually you should try it, the results are indisputable.) Guess I'm a moran too.

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Does that idiot with the afro and the moustache and the welcome-back-kotter look still hold up endless very precisely lettered signs at the Spectrum during flyers games?

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... and to answer my own question...

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hes not a cardinals fan, we dont claim him. he got that at wal-mart, because they wouldnt let him keep shoping without a shirt. im sure of it!

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can we photoshop cubs on there or something?

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Cubs-WhiteSox Game @ the Cell in 03 when Dusty Baker was still manager and all those "In Dusty We Trusty" went up- bunch of guys stood next to some queers with that sign with one that said "Dusty Is Musty"

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the native language thing is especially good if they do it wrong. i was sitting next to some japanese people at a game, and they started laughing out loud at something. i guess they noticed that i was trying to figure out what was so funny so their eleven year old (give or take) daughter, who was apparently the only one who spoke english, pointed to a sign intended for so taguchi. she explained that the sign was probably supposed to say i love you so. but they made one of the symbols wrong so instead, if i understood her correctly, it said something about road kill.

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English football classics: FA Cup Final Leeds v Arsenal 1972: "Norman Bites Yer Legs" (Norman Hunter). Cup Final Arsenal v Man Utd 1979 "We've Got a Ginger Willie" (Willie Young). Both have passed into the football lexicon. One Day Cricket: Sometime around 1982, the World Series Cup in Sydney. In the previous game, Alan Lamb of England had hit Australia's Bruce Reid for 22 off the last over to win. "Bruce Reid - Please call Alan Lamb on 462442". I was at the game, and all I can say is that it was funny at the time.

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I can't find copies of them, but F1 has generated some good ones. One year at the British Grand Prix, Senna ground to a halt at one particular corner. Fans put a sign up mentioning this fact the following year that basically said "park here". He did. He broke down in the same spot again. Then there was the old COBRA fan sign they'd put up. "It's Flat, It's Crap, It's Silverstone".

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Good stuff. I am embarrassed often now-a-days to be a Flyers fan. Sometimes its nice for a little tongue in cheek levity. P.S. There is a Mt. Moran, it is part of the Grand Teton range, in which shadow I live. Let it snow.

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bunch of guys stood next to some queers with that sign with one that said "Dusty Is Musty" Class tells.

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I love the one someone posted after the linked story of the sign displayed at Fenway Park when Johnny Damon first returned as a Yankee: Looks Like Jesus Acts Like Judas Throws Like Mary Beautiful!

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When the Adelaide Crows were slaughtering the Sydney Swans at the SCG a few AFL seasons ago, I noticed one of our fans in the outer had a sign that read: "You might win, but then you have to go back to Adelaide"

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Two classics from the Cal - USC ESPN Gameday a few years ago: "Beat The Commies" and "Go Football" And I personally witnessed these two at an A&M - OU game "Bob Stoops Smells Like Poops" and "Pop Ya Collar!" (With a big picture of an X-ray with a broken collar. Adrian Peterson had recently broken his collar bone).

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I still would like to shake the hand of the kid who held the sigh up on Gameday that said "Corso is a Penis!"

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Years ago, watching the AHL Norfolk Admirals, two sweet-looking, silver-haired grandmotherly types were seated along the boards near the visitors' entrance. They were nice, and kind, and smiled at everybody, but when the visiting team came out, they jumped up and plastered two pieces of poster board against the glass; one, hot pink, with the word "LOSERS," the other neon orange, reading "YOU SUCK." Not that they were particularly witty signs, but the circumstances were freakin' awesome.

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A few years back somebody made headlines in Detroit when he took a fire Millen sign to a Lions' game and was chased around the stadium by security when he wouldn't give it up. More press than the Lions' would have liked I'm sure.

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Back when Iowa upset LSU in some bowl game in 2005, Drew Tate was their star quarterkback and I saw my favorite sign ever: "Can't lick our Tate"

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Colleges have the best ones - but my personal favorite was at MSG in 2006 when my party included the giant professionally lettered sign "Jagr is a Tranny". There was also one that I saw via Deadspin on a screen capture that said "Lee Corso wears a merkin" which I thought was inspired lunacy. I didn't know what a merkin was until a delightfully insightful trip to wikipedia.

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Weedy, also following a trip to wikipedia, that is my new favorite sign!

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From the comments of the article: "You can't spell C_CK__CKER without OSU." Brilliant.

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A classic. Wrestling has the weirdest signs. (I know. Not a sport. I know) So weird as to make me wonder if there is some underground contest.

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Wrestling has the weirdest signs. (I know. Not a sport. I know) So weird as to make me wonder if there is some underground contest. aren't some of those signs actually proved by the promoters and handed out to fans sitting in certain areas of the arena? or so i've heard anyway.

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They certainly look it. Wrestling was also the breeding ground for that particularly odious form of fan sign, the person's name with an arrow pointing down, etc.

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