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Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

FOR CHRIST'S SAKE! I SAID I AM GETTING FIREFOX! I SAID I WILL COMPLY WITH YOUR BULLSHIT! AND THAT I JUST WANT TO BE DONE WITH THIS SHIT AND GET BACK TO TALKING SPORTS! WHAT THE HELL DO YOU SELF-RIGHTEOUS PRICKS WANT! LBB, if you would look imediately past the line that you copied off of my thread, you will see in ()'s that i was not refering only to rcade, i was using the collective "you". christ, you win. im done.

posted by elijahin at 03:48 PM on January 16, 2008

What's a coach really worth?

Another reason for the "loss" may be there are plenty of happily child-less people (like me) who must support school budgets as much as parents with three kids. I would contend, that wether you have kids or not, unless you were home-schooled, you are the benificiary of an education system. If your house hasn't ever caught fire, maybe you shouldnt pay for a fire department, but if it ever catches fire in the future, you'll damn sure want them to be there. if you ever need open heart surgery, you'll damn sure hope that the doctor is educated. You probably bitch about your taxes paying for welfare, but if the everyone had a good education, even just at the high-school level, we could cut the number of welfare recipiants in half. I was the benificiary of a great football coach. He was a mentor to me. Most kids dont have that kind of relationship with their coaches, but the ones who do well in the world, tend to have that type of relationship with a teacher. You can say that the market decides the price of a teacher. or a soldier (something i know about personaly), or a football coach, but the value can't be determined by the market. People who do the job of a teacher or a soldier, or a cop, or a fire fighter, don't do it for the money. they do it because someone has to. Some people are so selfish that they think that a person who does not demand more money doesn't deserve more. But where would that same selfish person be without the services of a teacher? How would he feel if there were not nearly enough police to help him if he got car-jacked? How well would he sleep, if there were no military to protect him from the whim of the evil men around the world would kill him just for the place in which he sleeps? We all have to pay for some services we don't use. It doesn't make those services less valuable.

posted by elijahin at 03:43 PM on January 16, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

Nobody expects perfection here, but the ee cummings bit you're doing, coupled with all of the misspellings, makes it hard to scan your comment as quickly as those by people who put in more effort. You know what rcade? if this issue had been approached with civility, I would have downloaded firefox weeks ago. I would have done it as soon as it was suggested. It isnt about me, and it isnt about everyone else either. I have heard from a sellect few of you on this issue. Honestly i see your point, and had it been presented in those terms, i would have made a better effort. it's just the nature of the community. We pride ourselves on being more intelligent than the average sports board, and part of that is reflected in the number of people who take the time to spell and punctuate properly. But it wasn't presented in those terms. Instead you bitch and put out these long threads about dislexic second graders (i realize that was not you specificaly, i was using the collective you). You dont come off as a community trying to keep your town nice. You come off as a gated community, where anyone who might not fit your snobbish profile must be the guy who cuts your lawn. Maybe some of you should pride yourselves on your knowledge of sports, and discreatly, and politely tell people about firefox, instead of waiting until you've already pissed them off. on that note im going to download firefox. And only because a number of you have emailed me and asked me to stay here in stepford, i will. At least for now. oh, btw, What is the policy on sentence fragments? We use them in every-day speech. Do we have to do this whole thing in MLA format?

posted by elijahin at 02:02 PM on January 16, 2008

What's a coach really worth?

crash, do the coaches have to teach as well in texas? in indiana they do. look i think anyone who has dedicated their lives to the education of kids should make six figures, and a coaches work load (assuming the coach also teaches) is a little bigger than a regular teacher, but not so much so that a coach should make that much more. and certainly while teachers are making less than $40k, a coach shouldnt be making two and a half times as much. i love football, but clearly oxford has its priorities all screwed up.

posted by elijahin at 10:09 PM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

thats a fair point lbb, i hve never used the locker-room. until you pointed it out, i didnt even notice that it was there. as for complaining about another members conduct. i dont want to take it to that level. he has a right to his opinion. i dont want to take any formal action. i just want to be done with the issue. i would like a truce with all involved, but im not gonna impose anything on anyone. i hope we can all move past this.

posted by elijahin at 10:01 PM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

im not pissed at you nake. like i said before i do check. but if i didnt realize i misspelled it the first time, i probably won't catch it the second time around. i dont have alot of typos, i have alot of words that i just dont know the spelling of. black hand thinks that makes me stupid, which i suppose has some superficial merit, but im pretty sure that occasional bad spelling doesn't change the point of what im saying most of the time. im just tired of people who have nothing better to do with their lives but to bitch at others over things that dont matter. im not in an online english course. im here to talk sports with sports fans because in the town i live in there aren't alot of sports fans. but instead i get a damn lecture on the importance of propper spelling, punctuation, and captialization. this is a place i come to relax with other people who share my interest, and some self-righteous pricks want to play nurse ratchet. im tired of dealing with it. im think im gonna start looking for another site.

posted by elijahin at 09:40 PM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

i dont intentionally misspell words. i do proofread, but if i knew how to spell everything i probably wouldnt have misspelled it the first time, so how am i gonna know if i got it wrong when i look back over it. what im not gonna do, is sit here with a dictionary and check every word just to please anal-retentive pricks who are so discontent with their lives that they have nothing better to do than grade everybody elses posts on a website. i think i contribute interesting discussion to this page. i think everybody who talks about the topic at hand does too, even if i think their opinions are utterly rediculous. but i can live without sf. i like comming on here and dont want to quit, but no part of my life will be significantly diminished without it. if you want to block me from the site for being a prick, or because i diminish the site, so be it. but if you want to cut me off because of i dont spell very well, that just makes YOU sad. but if you're gonna do it, do it. crap or get off the pot. either way quit whining about irrelivant crap, and contribute to the conversation. btw, dont talk about dislexic people of any age. if you dont have it, you dont get it.

posted by elijahin at 09:07 PM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

Samuel Clemens. Beating a dead horse, I know. Sorry you're killing me, bo!

posted by elijahin at 04:28 PM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

damn goyoucolts, now that you are taking my side, i feel a little guilty for teasing all the colt fans i know. i dont remember if i gloated about that prediction on this site or not, but if i havent, i wont. just because you were nice...gopats

posted by elijahin at 04:27 PM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

first, can we all agree that we all misspell words regularly (i think i just misspelled misspell) and type in sentence fragments? we type the way we speak. im not lazy about spelling, i just suck at it. do you really want me to sit here with a dictionary and check every word i say? second, what do you mean by:"My only complaint is him being called a genius and the Rams losing in the 2001 Super bowl." bill bell was coaching the team that beat the rams in super bowl XXXVI. that game was actually played in 2002. super bowl XXXV was played in 2001 and featured the baltimore ravens beating down the new york giants. in neither case was coach hobo on the losing end. so what exactly are you talking about?

posted by elijahin at 03:01 PM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

im with ya, but surely you wouldnt spend that minute calling them stupid,would you?

posted by elijahin at 11:08 AM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

some of the greatest minds in our history couldnt spell very well. mark twains publisher sent people to his house to inspect his spelling before they even bothered sending it to the editor. thomas edison got so fed up with his employees not being able to tell what he was writing that he finaly hired someone to whom he could just dictate. when edison told this to his friend henry ford, who suffered the same problem, henry followed edisons example. im not saying im on a level with any of them, but if you struggle early with spelling and the problem isnt corrected early, its really hard to fix later. it is seen by many as a sign of low inteligence but id like you to tell mr. ford, mr twain (clements) and mr. edison that they have a low level of inteligence.

posted by elijahin at 10:49 AM on January 15, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

I'm not sure what you mean by volentary[sic] ignorance? How would anybody volunteer to be ignorant, or for that matter, know the difference if they were uneducated? Plus, I'd like the name of the book your quoting. check that: its not volentary ignorance, its "willed ignorance" and according to "Archetypes of Wisdom: An Intraduction to Philosophy" from publisher Thompson/Wadsworth, willed ignorance is "an attitude of indifference to the possibility of error or enlightenment that holds on to beliefs regardless of facts."

posted by elijahin at 10:26 AM on January 15, 2008

Chargers Beat Colts, 28-24,

Oh, and this might have something to do with it, too. i get that, but thats at the end of the game when they should absolutely be taking a knee. and the reason that they call that the "miracle at the medowlands" is because its such an annomole.

posted by elijahin at 09:15 PM on January 14, 2008

Patriots Extend Perfect Season to 17-0

Call him a genius if you want. I don't see it, and any amount of reason is not going to change your mind. just so im clear on this nakeman, are you admitting to volentary ignorance? because thats damn near a ver batum quote out of my philosophy book.

posted by elijahin at 09:08 PM on January 14, 2008