April 18, 2006

Ostertag's out: If a 7-2 Utah Jazz center retires after scoring one point in the past 45 days and driving his coach crazy for a decade, will anyone notice?

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No matter how you slice it, the NBA - nay, the entire planet - will be poorer for the loss. I will miss the guy who made Shawn Bradley look like an athlete. Dance like Greg Ostertag, and the world dances with you... Only better. Maybe less enthusiastically, but slightly better.

posted by WeedyMcSmokey at 03:08 PM on April 18, 2006

Trying to remember who it was that said, 'You can't teach height.' The only thing that's sad to me is that he'll never have a chance to play for the Celtics - a virtual right of passage for clumsy tall white guys...

posted by MW12 at 03:17 PM on April 18, 2006

Greg Kite is sooo gonna kick your ass for that.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:31 PM on April 18, 2006

Ostertag is a dying breed in the NBA. As are the rest of the Seven footers who possess little athletic ability and are clumsy. Now Im not hating...I happened to like Grego.. but him and his kind are through. So long Grego....with many hopes of a happy retirement

posted by solrac at 04:48 PM on April 18, 2006

the fact that he even lasted this long is impressive. how long did Minute Bol last? while it is true that a 7 foot center will usuall find a gig somewhere, I would love to see how many 7 footers on college made it to the nba.

posted by blakrain at 04:52 PM on April 18, 2006

nice career Greg, you were a great fit in Utah, unpolished and untalented, at least you made it longer than Bryant Reeves and gator-mullet Dwayne Schnitzus(spp?) have a good life

posted by sauceysays at 05:52 PM on April 18, 2006

Not mentioned in that article is that he donated a kidney to his sister a couple of years ago. Now he is choosing to spend more time with his family. Can't really find a fault with the guy. Good luck, 'Tag.

posted by geekyguy at 06:06 PM on April 18, 2006

i know what's happening to those 7 foot+ stiffs yao ming's starting to get it desagna diop and darko look like they're ballin' now araujo's stuck in toronto the worst all-star in the history of basketball is teaching bogut to follow in his footsteps isn't pavel podkolzine still in the league????????? wonder who's next for bill simmons's hall of fame?????????????

posted by chalmetteowl at 07:19 PM on April 18, 2006

who is Ostertag?! How can someone be missed if you did n't notice he arrived. By the way when did the nba start recognizing great players based on organ donation... that makes him a great person... not a basketball player... I have not missed him yet...

posted by doug1up at 08:43 PM on April 18, 2006

Can't really find a fault with the guy. Good luck, 'Tag. posted by geekyguy at 6:06 PM CST on April 18
Maybe on re-reading that you'll notice I didn't ever refer to him as a great basketball player.

posted by geekyguy at 11:54 PM on April 18, 2006

Oster will probably lose like 100 lbs now that he doesn't have to drink 27 beers to get a buzz from the watered down beverages in Utah. He'll be looking like Ryan Secrest before ya know it.

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 08:30 AM on April 19, 2006

The only real memory I have of Ostertag is in the '97 playoffs when he grabbed MJ on the way to the hoop as the ball found it's way into the goal! He put both arms around MJ and the shot was still made! Great D!

posted by bkdet at 05:21 PM on April 19, 2006

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