April 13, 2006

New rules eliminate scoring opportunity for guards: High school offensive linemen looking to score will have to beg their coaches to call tackle eligible plays or insert them as fullbacks at the goal line next season. The football rules committee of The National Federation of State High School Associations has banned the fumblerooski. In my opinion, this is uncalled for. Let the kids have some fun.

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Dang TO!!! Sorry... figured there must be a connection... just wanted to be the first to say it.

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No fumblerooski?! The terrorists have already won.Guards don't get many scoring opportunities (if you know what I mean), and it's a shame to take this one away. /former guard* * alas, not a fumblerooski-running guard It eliminates confusion in a ballgame The confusion is the point!

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no fumblerrooski what if the runinngback or quarterback drops the ball oops I mean fumble and the lineman decides to pick it up and run with it instead of just falling on it this sounds like a bad rule when does a lineman get to have fun anymore

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so, we're eliminating the kids' fun so the officials won't have to wake from their peaceful slumber and pay attention to the game they're calling... Maybe High school football needs instant replay if the refs lack the grey matter to recognize a trick play.. What's next? Outlawing a draw play, or a play-action pass? I'm not sure if the NFL has copyrighted the phrase 'No Fun League', but if so, the NFSHSA may find themselves in a highly actionable position...

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That is sad,I live in Texas so the UIL can choose not to follow with that rule but still as an offensive lineman i realize that not only is that play fun it also gives lineman a reasonable chance to score and get some recongnition.Either way it sucks.

posted by chad at 05:34 PM on April 13, 2006

kirk, in the coming months, to make high school football more fair and less dishonest and misleading, all misdirection plays will also be banned, in addition to stutter-stepping, juking of any kind, and pump fakes. And that cute little thing high school teams do when receiving a kickoff, when they all huddle up and then break out, trying to look like they're the one carrying the ball? Oh, you can forget that, mister.

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Eliminating confusion seems to be a red-herring. I know part of the pregame conference in each teams lockerroom with officials is supposed to specifically adress any trick or gimmick plays that the coach may run. I think that this is just to come in line with NFL and NCAA rules, not entirely a bad thing. The only possible point of confusion I can think of is that, if I remember correctly, a lineman must establish himself in the back field by facing away from the line and being 1 yard from it. Not to mention that under the current (pre-rule change) rules, a planned loose ball must be reported immediately prior to running the play. So, where the confusion is, I do not know.

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its in a linemans blood to run with the ball if he has the chance thats part of it .

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speaking as a current lineman for highschool this dosent realy matter one way or another no school runs a play purposly for the lineman to get the ball. high school coaches wanna put the ball in someone who can run's hands not in a fat slow kid's hands (including me)

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Only poor and incompetant coaches advocate the abolition of this play. One of the most incompetant college coaches I have ever seen (I witnessed both his practices and games) got beat by a trick play (he got beat by a lot of straight plays too) and he went balistic about it. Well he just got out coached. The other coach had his team well prepared and the "fumbleruzski" was executed to perfection. Why take the trick plays out of football for you only penalize the good coaches who have their teams well prepared.

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celtic, the "fumblerooskie" play we're talking about was designed specifically to put the ball in a lineman's hand, albeit through a minor deceit. Work on your reading comprehension skills a little, or you'll be stuck in high school for longer than you'd like. Ditto for grammar and spelling.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 03:18 PM on April 14, 2006

you know NFHSA football rules specify a touchback for any kickoff that lands IN the end zone that's right, IN the end zone. Not past the end zone or off to the side it might reward teams with good kickers, but i want to see some more kickoff returns at my old school's games.

posted by chalmetteowl at 06:24 PM on April 17, 2006

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