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New rules eliminate scoring opportunity for guards

Only poor and incompetant coaches advocate the abolition of this play. One of the most incompetant college coaches I have ever seen (I witnessed both his practices and games) got beat by a trick play (he got beat by a lot of straight plays too) and he went balistic about it. Well he just got out coached. The other coach had his team well prepared and the "fumbleruzski" was executed to perfection. Why take the trick plays out of football for you only penalize the good coaches who have their teams well prepared.

posted by Coach88 at 02:33 PM on April 14, 2006

Official was wrong

Let's face it, the referees have a very tough job. However, it appears that the game is getting too fast for some of the men. However, some of the not called pass interference calls in the last round of playoffs has been ridiculous. It isn't all the officials fault. The league is telling them that all the defender has to do is look around to try to see the ball and it is not pass interference. The mauling of a receiver is PI whether or not a defender looks around or not. As a former college referee I feel the game is getting too fast for a lot of officials. How about the bowl games. The worst was the Big Ten group in the Rose Bowl. The knee down when a lateral was made that resulted in a TD for Texas was the worst non-call that I have ever seen. No review--give me a break. There were several other bad calls by supposedly the best officials in each conference that are sent to the bowl games. BUT--one of the main problems is that this is a reward for serving the Commissioner. Each Commissioner has his favorite officials who get the choice assignments weather they are the best in the conference or not. The officials are not dishonest some are just incompetent.

posted by Coach88 at 10:28 PM on January 16, 2006