January 12, 2006

The Green Bay Packers hire Mike McCarthy to lead the team: It's not a "hell yeah!" type of hire, but did any of the candidates in this year's pool of coaching talent have much of a "wow" factor? If nothing else, Packers fans can be pleased that Wade Phillips was not handed the keys to the franchise.

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The headline of the linked article, "Packers to hire 49ers' McCarthy as coach". Slow down, fanboy. At least cite a source that also claims it to be true. Speaking as a fan of the NFL, and despite his earlier comments tying his return to the hiring of Mariucci, I'd like to see Favre come back for another year. It seems like a move designed to placate Lord Favre without the backlash of hiring Mooch and his horrible legacy.

posted by geekyguy at 01:41 AM on January 12, 2006

Mr. Foot meet Mr. Mouth!!!

posted by Grrrlacher at 03:38 AM on January 12, 2006

McCarthy is the buffer guy who is hired to be fired as the Packers wait for a coaching "stud" to become available.

posted by gronir_ hitrops at 06:36 AM on January 12, 2006

Offensive co-ordinator of the Saints and 49ers, huh? With the kind of points those two teams have been putting up lately, the Pack can't lose!

posted by fabulon7 at 07:21 AM on January 12, 2006

Favre should definately come back. I know I would if I had such a genious as the San Fran Offensive Coordinator. Those recievers of his will surely learn how to catch now.

posted by grabofsky74 at 08:27 AM on January 12, 2006

Offensive co-ordinator of the Saints and 49ers I can't believe the Rams didn't get him first! Sorry, Brett- no Mooch for you.

posted by Bury Bonds at 08:54 AM on January 12, 2006

Gee, hopefully all this will bring us at least one more fun, entertaining year of Brett Favre taking severe physical punishment, the team treading water, and more inane talk about "Is Brett Favre going to retire." You can replay his talk to the media after this year's finale again next year and nobody would know any different. Maybe if his consecutive games started streak comes to an end, he'll end up calling it quits. It must have been really hard competing for that job against someone who had "San Francisco 49ers Offensive Coordinator, 2005" on their resume. What a high-octane bunch that was!

posted by dyams at 09:47 AM on January 12, 2006

Those fools, the field was so good. Martz, Haslett, Fassel. They had to choose a dope. Bum Phillips kid was good too.

posted by Joe88 at 10:29 AM on January 12, 2006

the guy they needed was already on the payroll. they needed a good defensive mind and jim bates was sitting there as their DC waiting for his chance. what a shame.

posted by ninjavshippo at 11:46 AM on January 12, 2006

As a Niner fan, all I can say is we will miss the un-imaginitive, overly simplistic, ill-defined, ill-executed, short-sighted, clueless, amateurish play calling that placed the offense firmly in last place and kept them there. The guy is nothing if not consistent.

posted by irunfromclones at 01:40 PM on January 12, 2006

What a bunch of BLOW HARDS!!!! Favre needs to move on. He and Sherman go to Detroit. This is worse than trying to take a babies blanky from him. Face the facts,, The stadium is old, the town sucks. Thats right.. Green Bay SUCKS. Dirty stinking f&%$@ng town. Who in their right minds wants to play there? Its all about the money. Get rid of "over the hill Brett" and maybe, just maybe they will be able to afford some more middle of the road players.

posted by wassup at 03:13 PM on January 12, 2006

"We trust the members of the community to treat others with the respect you would afford yourself. If you’re accustomed to other sports forums, take note: This site is not a place for trash-talking fans to repeatedly proclaim that their team rocks and someone else’s team sucks." /yawn

posted by ninjavshippo at 09:02 PM on January 12, 2006

The guy tutored some good QBs but--and I say this as a Niner fan--how the heck do the Packers think he's ready to be a head coach after one year as the OC?

posted by billsaysthis at 11:47 PM on January 12, 2006

What a joke. To begin with Thompson "NOT" Sherman should've been the one fired & I wouldn't blame Favre if he didn't want to come back next year. If Bates is not kept on (he should've been hired as head coach) Thompson & McCarthy are both "IDIOTS"

posted by packerfan4ever at 11:58 PM on January 12, 2006

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