October 06, 2015

CFL Pick 'Em, Week 16: Nail biters and blowouts dominated Week 15 action in the CFL! But Week 16 is a five-game week as Thanksgiving promises Monday afternoon football. Get your drumstick ready and make your picks inside!

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Ottawa manhandles Montreal in the nation's capital while Calgary comes from behind to topple the Ti-Cats at home; out west, Edmonton's last-minute field goal crushes the Blue Bomber's hopes of making the playoffs while BC gets it done against the sad sack Riders in Vancouver.

Dr. J will post the standings later this week. In the meantime, here are the previews for this week.


Toronto @ Ottawa (Tuesday, October 6) Didn't we just do this? Yes, but the MLB success of the Blue Jays meant Toronto's "home" game will now be played in Ottawa for the second week in a row. A three-way tie for first place in the East is on the line if the Argos can make it two in a row in Ottawa.

Saskatchewan @ Hamilton (Friday, October 9) Both teams coming off tough losses last week, but Hamilton has much more to play for if they hope to hold on to first place in the East without star QB Zach Collaros.

Edmonton @ Calgary (Saturday, October 10) Battle of the Best in the West! The only two teams to lock up 2015 playoff spots, Calgary and Edmonton are in a bitter race to see who gets home field advantage and a bye week in November post-season play. And Edmonton has QB Mike Reilly back. Can the Esks steal one in Cow-town?

Winnipeg @ BC (Saturday, October 10) If the Bombers have any hope of making the post-season is has to start Saturday with a win against a resurgent Lions team, led by third-string wunderkind Jonathan Jennings. Can Winnipeg coach Mike O'Shea rally his club after a tough loss?

Toronto @ Montreal (Monday, October 11) Toronto gets a bye, plays a game, gets a bye, then plays two games in six days? This is what a nine league team will do to you. Toronto heads into La Belle Province to play a directionless and inconsistent Allouette team. Can the Argos keep Montreal from a coveted crossover spot?

Good luck!

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Toronto by 5 (against Ottawa)

Hamilton by 2

Calgary by 3

BC by 7

Toronto by 3 (against Montreal)

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Ottawa by 10 (against TO)

Hamilton by 10

Calgary by 4

Winnipeg by 7

Toronto by 5

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Toronto by 6 vs. Ottawa

Hamilton by 11

Edmonton by 9

British Columbia by 8

Montreal by 2 vs. Toronto

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Ottawa by 6

Hamilton by 23

Calgary by 7

B.C. by 8

Montreal by 3

posted by ic23b at 01:42 PM on October 06

Ottawa by 7

Hamilton by 9

Calgary by 3

British Columbia by 12

Montreal by 10

posted by rcade at 02:44 PM on October 06

Toronto (vs. Ottawa) by 7

posted by jagsnumberone at 02:51 PM on October 06

Ottawa by 4

Hamilton by 18

Calgary by 9

Winnipeg by 5

Montreal by 6

posted by goddam at 03:09 PM on October 06

Ottawa by 7
Hamilton by 18
Calgary by 12
BC by 17
Montreal by 16

posted by bender at 03:18 PM on October 06

Ottawa by 11 over Toronto

Hamilton by 17

Calgary by 3

BC by 9

Montreal by 19

posted by rumple at 04:00 PM on October 06

Toronto by 3

Hamilton by 10

Calgary by 13

BC by 13

Toronto by 8

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Ottawa by 10
Saskatchewan by 3
Edmonton by 10
BC by 10
Montreal by 3

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Tuesday games? WTF?

Hamilton by 14
Calgary by 6
Winnipeg by 12
Toronto by 8

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Ottawa by 16
Hamilton by 12
Winnipeg by 5
Montreal by 7

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Tuesday games? WTF?

Yeah, and it was a home game for Toronto, at TD (Toronto Dominion Bank) Stadium,
located in The Glebe, a neighbourhood in Ottawa.
Apparently some upstart baseball team has bullied the Argonauts out of their usual home grounds. Good news though, the Argonauts are moving to BMO (Bank of Montreal) Field, located at Exhibition Place, Toronto, effective next season.
Side note: The Toronto CFL club used to play their home games at the Canadian National Exhibition Stadium
(Exhibition or CNE Stadium), on the same property.
The Argonauts have used 4 stadiums (2 in Toronto) as home fields this 2015 season.
Of course, the Argos will be sharing their new facilities with Toronto FC, a soccer team.

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Listed previously: Toronto (vs. Ottawa) by 7 --Yea, I already have a point/lol

Hamilton by 6

Edmonton by 3

Winnipeg by 10

Toronto (vs. Montreal) by 7

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I totally forgot to pick tues game, not swift.

hami by 7

cal by 4

bc by 4

Argos by 8

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Toronto by N/A

Hamilton by 7

Edmonton by 11

BC by 6

Toronto by 15

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Huge thanks to Reever for taking care of the reviews and previews, and sorry to be so late with the standings. I'm in Italy, and the time difference means that last Tuesday's game doesn't start here until tonight.

ResultOttawa by 22Calgary by 3Edmonton by 1B.C. by 26
Margin of Error15 to 292 to 41 to 118 to 34

Three players nail the Calgary spread. One is JPR, who moves into a tie for second, and another is jags, who extends his lead to seven points.

SpoFiteMTL @ OTTSCGY @ HAMSEDM @ WPGSSSK @ BCSPointsTotal Points
jagsnumberoneOttawa Calgary3 B.C. 559
argoalOttawa Edmonton B.C. 352
JPROttawa Calgary3 Edmonton B.C. 652
tahoemjOttawa Edmonton B.C. 347
rcadeOttawa Calgary4Edmonton B.C. 545
bender Calgary Edmonton 244
cixelsydOttawa Calgary4Edmonton 444
ReeverOttawa Calgary3 Edmonton 544
tommytrump Calgary Edmonton B.C. 340
ic23bOttawa B.C. 239
rumple Edmonton B.C. 237
goddamOttawa15 236
jjzucalOttawa Edmonton B.C. 333
DrJohnEvansOttawa Edmonton B.C. 332
owlhouse Calgary Edmonton B.C. 331
Ying Yang MafiaOttawa Edmonton B.C. 329

Good luck!

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