January 02, 2012

NFL Playoff Pick 'em: Are you ready for some playoffs?

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It's playoff time in the NFL, which means it's pick 'em time in the Sportsfilter. The rules (stolen from DJE's CFL pick 'em)

"THE RULES - How we do it

Here's how she works. You pick who you think will win, and by how much. You then get points based on the result:

- Picked the winner? You get 1 point.
- Picked the winner, and a spread within the Margin of Error? You get 2 points.
- Picked the winner, and you nailed the spread right on? You get 3 points.
- Didn't pick the winner, but nailed the spread right on? You get 1 point.
What's the Margin of Error?

It's a window around the spread that's defined as

spread - round(0.3 * spread) <= Margin of Error <= spread + round(0.3 * spread)

So you can get rewarded for being close to the spread even if you're not spot-on. The bigger the spread, the bigger the margin of error, so you don't have to be as accurate when predicting a blowout as you would when predicting a close game. Here are some examples:

Actual Spread Margin Starts at Margin Ends at
1 1 1
4 3 5
7 5 9
11 8 14
20 14 26
So if you picked Toronto by 15, here's how you'd fare given certain outcomes:

Outcome Your score
Toronto by 20 2 points (winner + spread within MoE)
Toronto by 10 1 point (winner only)
Toronto by 15 3 points (winner + nailed spread)
Hamilton by 15 1 point (nailed spread only)
Hamilton by 43 0 points (and deservedly so)
Any questions?"

The Games (all times Eastern):

Sat. Jan 07, 4:30 PM - Cincinnati Bengals at Houston Texans
Sat. Jan 07, 8:00 pm - Detroit Lions at New Orleans Saints
Sun. Jan 08, 1:00 pm - Atlanta Falcons at New York Giants
Sun. Jan 08, 4:30 pm - Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos

In addition to picking the games, pick the following bonus questions for one point per correct answer (all stats via NFL.com):

Which kicker will score the most points (FGs + PAT)?
Which running back will have the highest YPC (10 carry minimum)?
Which will cause the most turnovers?

All picks are due by 4:00 pm EST on Saturday January 7th.

posted by apoch at 08:25 AM on January 02

Houston by 6
New Orleans by 13
Atlanta by 2
Pittsburgh by 8
Neil Rackers
Arian Foster

posted by bender at 09:36 AM on January 02

Houston by 6
New Orleans by 21
Giants by 1
Pittsburgh by 17
John Kasay (New Orleans)
Ahmad Bradshaw (New York)

posted by grum@work at 09:58 AM on January 02

Cincy by 3

New Orleans by 6

Giants by 10

Steelers by 13

Kicker: Jason Hanson (Det)

RB: Ben Tate (Hou)

TO's: Steelers

posted by Ufez Jones at 10:29 AM on January 02

Houston by 6

New Orleans by 16

Atlanta by 6

Pittsburgh by 8

kicker- Kasay

rb- Arian Foster


posted by dviking at 03:19 PM on January 02

Houston by 14

Saints by 24

Giants by 4

Steelers by 11




posted by owlhouse at 07:50 PM on January 02

Cincinnati by 4
New Orleans by 11
New York by 10
Pittsburgh by 13


posted by cl at 11:39 PM on January 02

Cincy by 3
Pittsburgh by 14
Nawlins by 13
Atlanta by 3

Kicking Points: Pittsburgh's Shaun Suisham
RB Yards: Nawlins' Chris Ivory
Turnovers: Pittsburgh

posted by NoMich at 08:42 AM on January 03

Houston by 7
New Orleans by 11
Giants by 3
Pittsburgh by 10

Kicker: Jason Hanson
RB: Arian Foster
Turnovers: Texans

posted by holden at 11:27 AM on January 03

Houston by 7
New Orleans by 17
Atlanta by 7
Pittsburgh by 14

Kicker: Kasay
RB: Tim Tebow
Turnovers: New Orleans

posted by tron7 at 11:51 AM on January 03

Oh, fine.
RB: Sproles

posted by tron7 at 11:51 AM on January 03

Bengals by 5
Saints by 14
Giants by 5
Steelers by 12

Kicker: L.Tynes Giants
RB: C.Benson Bengals
Turnovers: Any team Tebow might have to throw against, in this case the Steelers

posted by cixelsyd at 12:14 PM on January 03

Houston by 4

New Orleans by 8

Giants by 6

Denver by 2 just to be different

Kasay (New Orleans)

Benson (Cincinnati)

New Orleans

posted by Folkways at 03:37 PM on January 03

I have no idea what goes on in the NFL save wfrazerjr's weekly picks, well that and Denver's got god on their side so both being the cold hard facts, i can not lose.

posted by Folkways at 03:50 PM on January 03

Houston by 4 New Orleans by 17 New York by 6 Pittsburgh by 3

Kicker: Kasay Running back: Darren Sproles Turnovers: New Orleans

posted by billsaysthis at 12:01 PM on January 04

Cincinnati by 9

New Orleans by 10

N.Y. by 3

Pittsburgh by 17

K: Nugent (Cincy)

RB: Bradshaw (NY)

Turnovers: Cincy

posted by tahoemoj at 07:31 PM on January 04

Bengals by 3 Lions by 1 (after being down by 28) Giants by 3 Steelers by 3 Kasay Redman New Orleans

posted by scully at 09:48 AM on January 05

That's odd. On my iPhone I added returns after each line. Oh well at least there aren't 20 slashes.

posted by scully at 09:49 AM on January 05

No singles? That means I have to do actual math.

Cincinnati by 7
New Orleans by 14
New York by 10
Denver by 1

Kickz: Nugent
Yardz: Cruz
Turnz: Denver

posted by DrJohnEvans at 09:09 AM on January 06

DJE-just a heads up, the yards bonus is for the running back with the highest YPC with a 10 carry minimum. I doubt Cruz, as a WR, will get 10 carries.

Just tryin' to keep it fair

posted by tahoemoj at 12:44 PM on January 06

Whoops. I misread YPC as YAC. I guess that makes a slight difference.

Let's go with McGahee.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 02:01 PM on January 06

Cincinnati by 18
New Orleans by 14
Atlanta by 11
Pittsburgh by 21

Bryant (Atl)
Turner (Atl)

posted by tommytrump at 02:24 PM on January 06

Cincinnati by 2
New Orleans by 8
Pittsburgh by 9
Atlanta by 3

Kicker : Kasay
RB : Turner
TO : Pittsburgh

posted by littleLebowski at 02:28 PM on January 06

Bengals by 3
Lions by 7
Broncos by 1
Falcons by 4

Kicker: Prater, DEN
RB: K. Smith DET
TO: Lions

posted by boredom_08 at 10:13 PM on January 06

Using the principal of the Scientific Wild-assed Guess, here goes:

Riverboat Watchers (Cincinnati) by 3
Nawlins by 13
Ferrous Metal Workers (Steelers) by 18
Extraordinarily Large People (Giants) by 6

Kicker: Kasay
RB: Turner
Turnovers: Pittsburgh

posted by Howard_T at 10:15 PM on January 06

So I didn't follow the NFL at all this year, but since there is 10 minutes left to have some fun with it, here goes:

Cincinatti by 7

New Orleans by 11

Pittsburgh by 8

Giants by 10

Kicker - Suisham

Running Back - Benson

Turnovers - Pittsburgh

posted by rumple at 03:44 PM on January 07

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