September 05, 2009

BYU Upsets Oklahoma After Sam Bradford Injures Shoulder: In the first college football game played under Telemanjaro at the new Cowboys Stadium, Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Sam Bradford suffered an injured right shoulder and his third-ranked team lost 14-13 to the BYU Cougars. The early diagnosis is a sprained AC joint that could cost him 2-4 weeks. "Sam Bradford: this is why you go pro," Mike Freeman writes at CBS Sports.

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He didn't get sacked rcade, Bradford was hit after he released the ball. The score was 7-7 when Bradford left. I'm sure OU wins the game if Bradford stays in, but this was probably the worst offensive line play OU has seen in a long while.

posted by sgtcookzane at 09:31 AM on September 06, 2009

Fixed. People are talking about how BYU's a legitimate threat to finish high in the polls, but in the parts of the game I watched while surfing from the U.S. soccer match, they looked like a team trying to find a way to lose.

posted by rcade at 10:40 AM on September 06, 2009

OU's offensive line does need some work. They're young and they'll get it together. I think Jones did the best he could considering he doesn't get much game playing time. Stoops needs to play his backups in games instead of running up the scoreboard trying (and succeeding) in getting his quarterback the Heisman.

posted by skippy at 10:47 AM on September 06, 2009

All I can say is I hope OU can deal with losing 2 more times in the non-conference schedule when they lose to Tulsa then Miami without Bradford at the helm

posted by osutuba at 12:40 PM on September 06, 2009

Looks like OSUTUBA just registered his/her sportsfilter account just to take a shot at OU. I live in Oklahoma and year in year out OSU fans gather at the beginning of the year to tell the world how this is their year to win a few games and go to a BCS bowl game. Then at the end of the year when they go do another mediocre bowl or sometimes NO bowl game at all, they are quiet for a few months until august rolls around and then repeat cycle. That was a nice win yesterday against the Dawgs, but they are about 7 nat'l title, 6 Big XII titles, about 32 conference championships and 4 heisman winners behind their big brother in the great state of Oklahoma.

The only reason for me throwing all of that out there is to make me feel better when OSU fans try and throw cheap shots (no pun intended oregon) out there when they can.

OU will manage to scrape by this year and probably lose another to Texas and play in an at-large bowl game in Glendale or a Cotton bowl game, but losing Bradford isn't going to make them a 4-5 loss team like OSUTuba would like to think. Landry Jones isn't the first redshirt freshman to take the field for OU--Sam Bradford was once a redshirt freshman, he threw for 36 touchdowns that year. So unless the line can't figure a way to improve, which i think this coaching staff will be able to figure this thing out all will not be lost. There isn't a lack of talent here thats for sure, just inexperience and lack of focus. If OSUtuba can come in here and claim OU will lose to Tulsa and Miami, i'm sure tuba thinks ou will drop to OSU and Texas, thats gives OU a 5 loss year even before they get to a bowl game. I will come back in december and close my sportsfilter account. maybe not, but i'll consider it :)

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Not an OU fan, but I wish Bradford well, he's a good kid. This is precisely the situation I would have to consider when advising my son to enter the draft, or stay in college. He's already won the Heisman, and he has much to lose if he gets hurt this year. He probably dodged a bullet this time, and he will recover from this pretty quickly. On the subject of Telemanjaro, there are three high school games being played there tomorrow. Not sure they can hit it, but I'm sure there will be kickers and punters doing their damndest the try!

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This is precisely the situation I would have to consider when advising my son to enter the draft, or stay in college. He's already won the Heisman

Aye. When I see an injury like this, I'm reminded why I shouldn't feel any angst against a kid coming out soon. Faced with the proposition of making millions of guaranteed dollars or staying in college for another year and possibly loosing money due to an injury, I'm entering the draft. Money ain't everything, but as my dad put it, it sure makes life a lot easier.

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gotta go pro

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I am a Canadian and not a lot of CIS kids are going the NFL and none are leaving early to go to the NFL so maybe I am out of my league.

I can't stand the idea that a kid just goes to a school like Sam Bradford just so he can play on Sundays. Yes Matt Leinart hurt his draft stock but at the same time to rip those that stay with their college programs out of loyalty and desire to win the NCAA championship should be saluted, not second guessed.

I don't know what his scholastic schedule is like at OU but if he is serious about getting an education and winning a NCAA championship, let's not second guess that, I am sure him and his family knew the risks.

posted by jc at 06:38 PM on September 06, 2009

I commend the OU players that wanted to stick together and come back for their love of their team, city and their fans. They loose Germaine Gresham with the knee and now Bradford. I believe they will be back in a couple of weeks...

I remember when Rhett Bomar and Quinn were caught cheating and they cut him... IMMEDIATELY from the team. That is Stoops the man doing the honorable thing. And, Rhett Bomar isn't a bad person, just a kid that thought he could get by with it... NFL potential... But, they replaced him and kept going. I believe they will be fine and after a couple weeks with either Landry or the new kid (Bell?) will be playing better.

You have to remember that OU played the very toughest schedule in all of college football last year... That was according to the experts in college football. And they are always scheduling tough games unlike UL Monroe, or S. Maine. I believe they should put the strength of schedule back into the equation so the teams would put some meat on their schedules. Last year OU played TCU, Cincinnati, Tulsa, and then had to play their conference shedule. Look at the out of conference teams the other big boys play.

That is why I give a shout out to Alabama, VT, OSU, Georgia, and a few others.

posted by Mickster at 10:03 PM on September 06, 2009

Cincinnati and Tulsa aren't exactly the toughest schools.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 12:09 AM on September 07, 2009

Last year both were very highly ranked schools. Cincinnati and Tulsa both won 9 or 10 games.... They may have both won their conferences as well. I know Cincy did. Same for TCU with the number 1 ranked defense in all the land. So, every team has a cupcake at least once. I am just saying that some teams play soft schedules every year. I give credit where it is due. It was posted and I can find the reference where College Football News stated that they had played the very toughest schedule in all the land last year. This is based on the end of the year rankings and win/loss records.

And, not all schools do it. There are some schools who will play very tough scedules because to be the best you have to play the best. I even admire BYU's coach.... 3 straight 10 win seasons and few game them a chance. But, he said the same thing. If you want to be a top program, you have to play the top programs.

posted by Mickster at 12:54 AM on September 07, 2009

I wouldn't count on OU losing 4 or 5 games! The loss of Bradford certainly hurts, but let's not forget that OU lost to a quality opponent. BYU is, afterall, a top 25 school. As for Bradford choosing to stay in school, I commend him, whatever the reasons.

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