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How Not to Write a Sports Column

Dviking, I agree with you. I think he was going for that with his introduction about how she never got to run in a 5-foot double bogey put or smash a forehand down the line. The guy trivialized the horror that cannot be imagined, that is this woman's life. I even tried to read his appology but couldn't get very far. This guy crossed a line and the fact that his editor allowed this vomit to be published is unforgivable in journalism! The reporter should be severly punished by the publication. The editor, probably should be fired.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 11:46 PM on September 09, 2009

NFL commissioner Goodell says Michael Vick is eligible to play in 3rd game of regular season

BornIcon, you are saying that a Vikings fan is incapable of judging quarterback talent based upon the team he favors. That is illogical and asinine! I'm still a FOOTBALL fan and recognize great talent when I see it. I don't deny that Vick has exceptional talent, I just exclude him from elite quarterbacks based upon his career. By the way, you forget that the Vikes organization produced Fran Tarkenton, still one of the greatest QBs ever. Of course, you may not be old enough to remember him. That being said, you can tell I'm no fan of Farve and I would take McNabb any day of the week over him (but I pay homage to no-one, so my knees would remain clean).

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 11:31 PM on September 09, 2009

BYU Upsets Oklahoma After Sam Bradford Injures Shoulder

I wouldn't count on OU losing 4 or 5 games! The loss of Bradford certainly hurts, but let's not forget that OU lost to a quality opponent. BYU is, afterall, a top 25 school. As for Bradford choosing to stay in school, I commend him, whatever the reasons.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 03:04 PM on September 07, 2009

NFL commissioner Goodell says Michael Vick is eligible to play in 3rd game of regular season

Rcade, you look at four seasons, I look at his career as a whole. Sure the guy can run and can make some incredible plays, but as a quarterback, he is nothing special. He's a better version of Kordell Stewart. Maybe completion percentage does not negate his 13,000 plus yards of total offense, but it does indicate his effectiveness as a qb. If you can't complete passes, you are not going to win. I guess that's why I haven't seen Vick in a Super Bowl.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 02:49 PM on September 07, 2009

NFL commissioner Goodell says Michael Vick is eligible to play in 3rd game of regular season

I don't think Tavaris Jackson has ever been overrated. Pedestrian, yes. I agree about McNabb being underrated.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 02:42 PM on September 07, 2009

NFL commissioner Goodell says Michael Vick is eligible to play in 3rd game of regular season

rcade, you left out one important stat! Completion percentage... 2001: 44.2 2002: 54.9 2003: 50 2004: 56.4 2005: 55.3 2006: 52.6

Overrated and pedestrian.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 01:36 AM on September 07, 2009

NFL commissioner Goodell says Michael Vick is eligible to play in 3rd game of regular season

That's a fine opinion, rcade, but I think even in his pro bowl years, his name carried him. Look at his stats. They are pedestrian for a quarterback. He is nothing but hype.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 12:41 AM on September 05, 2009

NFL commissioner Goodell says Michael Vick is eligible to play in 3rd game of regular season

I'm tired of Vick. The guy is a scumbag. I don't care if he did his time, he got off lightly. Now he's back in the NFL because he creates controversy and draws attention to the league. He has great natural ability but obviously lacks intelligence and the finesse it takes to be a superstar, at any position, in the NFL. If you want to be a fan of this third-rate thug, all power to you. I'm just glad that Philly has to deal with the circus surrounding this overrated bust that is Vick!

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 12:22 AM on September 05, 2009

'We're really ecstatic': Roberto Luongo, Canucks agree to 12-year contract extension

12 years is a lifetime and then some for a professional atlete's contract! I don't believe that Luongo has that kind of longevity! I believe he already has a history of injury, and the NHL season is gruelling, probably the toughest physically in all of professional sports. That being said, he is an elite goalie, but he must backstop at least 2 cups (probably more) to warrant that kind of loyalty from the Canucks. I'm sure there has to be some kind of loophole to allow either party to opt out of the contract. It's make or break for Luongo! The Canucks fans are going to be ecstatic or pissed in the next few seasons. It seems to be a lot of eggs in one basket.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 11:58 PM on September 04, 2009

Ernie Harwell Fighting Inoperable Cancer

A very sad day for all Tiger fans, and baseball fans everywhere. I grew up in Michigan and remember listening to Ernie on the radio. We would even turn the TV on mute, when the Tigers were on TV, so we could hear Ernie's play-by-play. He is an icon, one of the all-time most influential men in baseball, professional sports, and beyond. He personally touched my life and the life of millions. He is PURE CLASS. I will pray for him! God Bless You ERNIE!

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 11:30 PM on September 04, 2009

Leaving the Logos behind

Drood, I'm with you! This is such a nonstory anyway! Does anyone really pay attention to the logos and decals plastered upon every surface imanginable at sporting events?

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 04:43 PM on August 30, 2009

Did Vick Break Reinstatement Deal by Drinking Vodka?

Outonleave, you are right, we do strongly disagree on the Vick issue. As for my name being a "wee bit negative," who cares? I'm only commenting on the Vick situation and my own personal views on it. How you or I feel about Favre is beside the point, and personally attacking me does not sway my feelings upon the Vick matter.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 12:16 AM on August 25, 2009

Did Vick Break Reinstatement Deal by Drinking Vodka?

Those who say Vick paid his debt and did his time, forget that he faced STATE felony charges as well as Federal charges. The state chose not to press charges (I think because of his status) to allow the federal charges to be executed. I believe that if I was charged with the same crime, the state would come after me, regardless of any federal crimes. Let's face it, doing time in a federal prison is a country club compared to a state prison. Those who say that dogs are not people, of course I agree, but cruelty is cruelty, and the kind of brutality that has been described in the Vick case, in my opinion, displays an underlying sickness that Vick has that is not being addressed. He says he's sorry, but I don't believe it.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 04:16 PM on August 24, 2009

Raiders Coach Accused of Breaking Assistant Coach's Jaw

If the allegations are true, it is one more example of how far our society has fallen! As a kid, I grew up being taught that sports were a tool for teaching teamwork and sportsmanship. Now, it has become big business and the fan be damned! This is just the latest in the comedy that has become the Oakland Raiders, one of the most storied franchises in NFL history, reduced to a laughing stock by an insane owner! Is a suspension enough? Why is criminal behavior accepted in professional sports?

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 10:45 PM on August 23, 2009

Did Vick Break Reinstatement Deal by Drinking Vodka?

Hey out on leave, I'm a dog owner too. I don't give Vick a break. Our society is way too lenient on athletes that break the law. Sorry I don't see it your way, but the guy obviously is sick. Anyone that could treat a living creature the way he did, does not deserve to be making millions in the NFL. If it were you or I, where would we be? He gets special treatment because he has football talent. Personally, I'm sick of it and I will not give him a break. What he did is one of the most disgusting things a human being could do and he should not be allowed to play in the NFL. It's a failing of the NFL, grabbing for the almighty dollar! Vick should be banned. Of course, I'm well aware that we will probably be seeing Donte Stallworth catching passes for someone before the season ends.

posted by Vikesfanh8sfavre at 10:27 PM on August 23, 2009