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How Good is Rajon Rondo?

Rondo is doing things that only 2-3 players in the history of the game have ever done... to include Wilt Chamberlin and Oscar Robinson. And he is but a pup still. As time goes by and he gets better as a shooter, he could be the best to play the game. I am a Celtics fan and love the defense they run and don't think Doc gets his due credit. But, when you B-slap the Cav's and then go in for game #1 in Orlando and make Superman look like Clark Kent... it is pretty awesome. And, it all revolves around him.

As for Skip Bayless... he needs to just put a sock in it....

posted by Mickster at 01:04 AM on May 18, 2010

ESPN Suspends Tony Kornheiser

I truly detest Tony Kornholio....yeah, yeah..... I think he spends way too much time talking about silly BS shows like American Idol and why he is on a sports show to begin with amazes me. What did he play in high school.... chess? I mean come on, he has no right to insult anyone for dress when he is a bald, vest wearing clown.

posted by Mickster at 11:26 PM on February 24, 2010

13-Year-Old Commits to USC

Has society lost it's mind, or is Kiffin in need of being committed. He posses a threat to himself as well as to society.

To think you offer a scholarship (which of course is non-binding) just goes to prove what a dumb-ass he really is. Makes Al Davis not look so stupid after all.

Geez, what a complete moron. The only thing that saves his ass is his daddy came along to coach a defense that is capable of keeping them close in games.

posted by Mickster at 07:44 PM on February 06, 2010

New Orleans Saints Defeat the Minnesota Vikings to Advance to the Super Bowl

The irony here is that one week you are the ones that gloat... and the next week you get to be the goat. I have always loved Brett and his wild play, but you don't throw into coverage when you are 5 yards away from a trip to Miami. You just have to know not to do that. He took a real beating (reminded me of last week in Minnesota when they beat the snot out of Oh-no Romo).

The thing I think is so funny about all of this is Brad Childress. HE is such an arrogant puke... he laughed at the fact that they were throwing TD passes with 2 minutes to play in a meaningless game....psych. Karma is a BITCH!!!! I think for no other reason than to shut up the Poindexter look-alike I am glad to see them gone. I couldn't take listening to him brag and open his pie whole for two weeks.

posted by Mickster at 12:34 PM on January 25, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Win Playoff Game

Finally.... and of all teams to smack down the Eagles and their rowdy fans. I think Donovan McNabs best moves were coming out of the tunnel. What the hell was that?

posted by Mickster at 02:39 PM on January 10, 2010

Seahawks Fire Jim Mora, Hire Pete Carroll

I believe that he knows steam is picking up on the Reggie Bush scandal (will they ever figure this out) along with the current running back McKnight (who is taking his Hummer and going to the NFL) as part of the reasons he is even entertaining this idea. Oh yeah, lets not forget Mayo too....

I know Pete Carroll has long wanted to try one last time at the NFL level, but he wants control over the personnel as well... something apparently the Seahawks have done by letting go of their GM prior to firing Mora. So, it is all laid out for Pete to become the next coach at the Seattle area. The only thing left is the mockery pointed out by billsaysthis concerning the Rooney Rule. They will interview a token person that they have no interest in whatsoever as to comply. I have heard that one coach has already refused as it is a joke to do so. Some say it is a good experience and gets your name out there, for what? So that you can be a token interview for another club that has already picked their coach before interviewing anyone... (See Washington Redskins and Mike Shanahan).

I just think that Pete has one of the rare and perfect jobs in all of America at USC. He will always get the best recruits and have talent waiting for him to pick which ones he wants, not the other way around. Face it, there are but a few places in college where you have such success: ND, Florida, OU, USC, TX and a few others. You win at one of these schools and life is good. You go to the NFL and you have to deal with things like gun toting knuckleheads that don't have the common sense not to shoot themselves while in a nightclub.... That and their attitudes...

In my book, bad move by him and a huge opportunity for Mike Riley? I know they (USC) has already spoken to the coach for the Oregon State program to replace Pete Carroll if he leaves, which just confirms to me that he has....

posted by Mickster at 01:00 PM on January 09, 2010

Cowboys Spoil Saints' Perfect Season

I have posted here before so I can say Shit!!!! How 'bout them Cowboys!!! I am one person that applauds Tony Romo. He has been the punching bag for all the tv personnel to rag on and blame. Yet here he is in the month of december sporting a rating (for this month alone - 3 games) where he is over 115 for a QB Rating... something like that. I watched as he has played error free football for the entire month. Then they said he was a poor leader. I had a Romo jersey and got ragged on by of all people... Dallas Cowboys fans. I told them they are more than welcome to go back and find another Gary Hogaboom, Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, Vinny Testeverde, etc... He won 35 or his first 50 games... He has played but three years and because the media appointed him something more of a celebrity (guess that comes with dating a mega model) but who wouldn't. I certainly would go out with her...lol

My point is that though he does get too much credit for when they win, he takes way too much blame when they don't. Dropped passes by Roy Williams (WTF) and missed FG's don't help. Defense surrended the lead twice this year with less than two minutes to go after he had led them to a score.

Now, I say this because 1) he has thrown for more than 300 yards than any QB in the history of Dallas. Aikman, Roger, Danny White... etc.... 2) he plays and prepares harder than I have ever seen before since dumping the blonde bimbo..... And, the reason I point this out is because you have guys like Tony Dorsett and Aikman dogging him consistently. He is only about a 3 year starter. I guess the media made him into some bigger than life guy, so there is nowhere to go but down. But, he led his team to one of the biggest wins in recent memory.


posted by Mickster at 01:09 PM on December 21, 2009

John Swansburg: Why I Stopped Being a Sports Fan

A better monkey and a clue...

I understand how it can take over too much of your life if you allow it, but I have had the pleasure of enjoying championships by my favorite teams in each sport. The euphoria was great...

I have also tasted the bitterness of defeat... more so lately than anything that resembles championships. The good news is that you don't have to over-indulge (wasn't he on two fantasy leagues?). You just need moderation.

Since my teams have won it all in the past, I can't be greedy and turn on them when they loose. But, there are plenty of teams I still like and pull for when watching football or basketball.

The only problem I see is that the zebra's determine too often the outcomes of the games. They can have a defensive back tackled or thrown to the ground by his jersey and not call holding, while the other team's receivers gets bumped barely and flags fly from everywhere.

The ref from the NBA said it and I do believe it, refs do not like certain players. I can tell by watching...

posted by Mickster at 04:49 PM on December 15, 2009

Alabama Beats Florida to Reach National Championship Game

I hate to admit it, but it was nice to see the Golden Boy, crying on the sidelines. All the other teams and all the other times, when they won and he was so happy and demonstrative. Now, here he sits with tears streaming down his face and that is how I will remember him. I don't recall many people from Alabama crying (there's no crying in Football), nor did I see guys from OU crying in the fourth quarter when they put the game away. This game was over long before the last 7 minutes and to think that the whopping they took as the uh-hum.... number one defense. Right. They will be playing some meaningless bowl now, Tebow will NOT win another Heisman, and no more silly talk about he is the Best player in the history of college football. Guys like Hershel Walker and Steve Owens, Tommy Frazier al come to mind... Have a nice summer and maybe God won't be wearing Tebow pj's anymore...lol

posted by Mickster at 10:32 PM on December 05, 2009

Notre Dame Fires Charlie Weis

Well, the 18 million dollar buyout is their own fault. The guy has a couple decent years and they throw the bank at him for accomplishing..... NOTHING!!!! I wish him well wherever he goes, but he needs to be back on the sidelines calling offensive plays and let the head coaching thing be. Obviously he fails to motivate his players. He had some of the best recruiting classes every year and failed to get them to play hard, buy into his system, learn to tackle... whatever. This is strictly measured by wins and losses. If you win you keep your job and if not, you don't.

Now, regardless of anyones feelings about his replacement I couldn't really care. I wish Urban Myer would take it. Tebow will be gone and he could go and see how he would fare in the area. But, leave Bob Stoops alone... he isn't interested....lol

posted by Mickster at 05:01 PM on November 30, 2009

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Heard a bunch of people raggin' on Tony Romo for his play the other day. Problem I have with that is that his team is 7-3 and he led them to go-ahead leads against two of the first losses of the season only to see the defense surrender a game winning field goal to the NY Giants (last play of the game) and to Denver on a silly 51 yard pass play to Henry (Romo almost led them to score again and win but fell short).

Now, I realize that most people either love or hate the 'Boys and him especially. No he hasn't led them to a playoff win. No he hasn't won it all. But, if you tell me that here you can have this guy and in his first 50 games he will lead you to a record of 38-12, I say go with him. Maybe it is his "awe shucks" attitude. Maybe he doesn't seem remorseful enough. Even old timers like Tony Dorsett have thrown him under the bus. But, I saw three catchable balls by Roy Williams that were dropped and blamed on Romo (they did hit him in the hands, one on the forearm), he doesn't get the ball enough to this guy or that guy. But, his O-Coordinator is vanilla as can be, fumbles by receivers and RB's, and it is all his fault.

I realize that when they win he gets WAY too much credit, but when they loose, he also gets WAY too much credit. For only have started 3+ seasons, I say he will get better (especially without Jessica and the noose around his neck), without TO complaining, and if they could somehow protect him long enough to find his receivers. He gets hit as much as anyone except probably Aaron Rodgers.

"Come one Man"

posted by Mickster at 12:11 PM on November 25, 2009

Florida Linebacker Tried to Eye-Gouge Opponent

I believe that Oregon did the right and just thing / immediate suspension - for the year for Blount for the suckerpunch. The fact that he has earned his way back after missing 7 straight games in his senior season and hurting his draft status as well as his teams hopes and look at the good that has come from that.

Urban Meyer did what is best for his season and Florida's hopes of a national champion and let that dirty SOB get away with what is the most disguising act of cowardice I have ever seen on a football field. To have your fingers jabbing an opposing members eyes when he can't even get his hand free to protect himself is about as chickenshit as I have seen ever. And, isn't he the one that talks about how dirty other players / teams are?

posted by Mickster at 11:12 PM on November 02, 2009

Can You Spell FSU?

And they wonder why he is being "asked" to step down? I find this very disturbing. And, it isn't something that is just started. I have students (yes I teach) fill out mock applications. About 6 years ago when the All-State football player put down an answer on a questionnaire for why he would wants to work here... (a fairly standard question in today's workforce). His written response was, "I wood love this werk"... It only goes to show that this problem begins at a very early age. Student-athletes are not held accountable and for those that end up blowing out knees or loosing their careers to an injury, what will they do then. Most won't be qualified to work for the sanitation dept.... yeah, the garbage men. I hate to say it but they aren't doing any favors for these kids in the long run.

As for Bowden.... take his wins and maybe he will stop chasing Joe Pa and give it up.

posted by Mickster at 12:16 PM on October 16, 2009

Crazy Finish in Michigan High School Football Game

When you see it again... if you do, you will notice that he is on his knee for a good couple of seconds AFTER the blocked field goal rolls back to him. It was my opinion that the ref on the side couldn't see the ball until he stood up. And THX-1138 makes a strong point about the holder being able to pick up the ball and run... prior to the kick. In this case, the kicker actually did kick the ball, which was blocked and subsequently recovered by the holder while in the kneel-down position.... Result.... TD.

The ruling on the field does stand, but it was still a botched call. Should be overturned and the team is not charged a timeout....

posted by Mickster at 09:35 PM on October 14, 2009

Crazy Finish in Michigan High School Football Game

If you watch closely, the holder (Wilton?) never gets up from being on his knee. Therefore when the ball rolls back to him and he picks it up, he should be down by the rules of high school and college football. With all the craziness that ensued, nobody noticed and when he stood up, the coaches seeing he was holding the ball started to shout for him to run, which he did. All the way for a TD.

Lesson though.... never stop until the whistle blows the play dead.

posted by Mickster at 03:30 PM on October 14, 2009