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How Good is Rajon Rondo?

Rondo is doing things that only 2-3 players in the history of the game have ever done... to include Wilt Chamberlin and Oscar Robinson. And he is but a pup still. As time goes by and he gets better as a shooter, he could be the best to play the game. I am a Celtics fan and love the defense they run and don't think Doc gets his due credit. But, when you B-slap the Cav's and then go in for game #1 in Orlando and make Superman look like Clark Kent... it is pretty awesome. And, it all revolves around him.

As for Skip Bayless... he needs to just put a sock in it....

posted by Mickster at 01:04 AM on May 18, 2010

ESPN Suspends Tony Kornheiser

I truly detest Tony Kornholio....yeah, yeah..... I think he spends way too much time talking about silly BS shows like American Idol and why he is on a sports show to begin with amazes me. What did he play in high school.... chess? I mean come on, he has no right to insult anyone for dress when he is a bald, vest wearing clown.

posted by Mickster at 11:26 PM on February 24, 2010

13-Year-Old Commits to USC

Has society lost it's mind, or is Kiffin in need of being committed. He posses a threat to himself as well as to society.

To think you offer a scholarship (which of course is non-binding) just goes to prove what a dumb-ass he really is. Makes Al Davis not look so stupid after all.

Geez, what a complete moron. The only thing that saves his ass is his daddy came along to coach a defense that is capable of keeping them close in games.

posted by Mickster at 07:44 PM on February 06, 2010

New Orleans Saints Defeat the Minnesota Vikings to Advance to the Super Bowl

The irony here is that one week you are the ones that gloat... and the next week you get to be the goat. I have always loved Brett and his wild play, but you don't throw into coverage when you are 5 yards away from a trip to Miami. You just have to know not to do that. He took a real beating (reminded me of last week in Minnesota when they beat the snot out of Oh-no Romo).

The thing I think is so funny about all of this is Brad Childress. HE is such an arrogant puke... he laughed at the fact that they were throwing TD passes with 2 minutes to play in a meaningless game....psych. Karma is a BITCH!!!! I think for no other reason than to shut up the Poindexter look-alike I am glad to see them gone. I couldn't take listening to him brag and open his pie whole for two weeks.

posted by Mickster at 12:34 PM on January 25, 2010

Dallas Cowboys Win Playoff Game

Finally.... and of all teams to smack down the Eagles and their rowdy fans. I think Donovan McNabs best moves were coming out of the tunnel. What the hell was that?

posted by Mickster at 02:39 PM on January 10, 2010

Seahawks Fire Jim Mora, Hire Pete Carroll

I believe that he knows steam is picking up on the Reggie Bush scandal (will they ever figure this out) along with the current running back McKnight (who is taking his Hummer and going to the NFL) as part of the reasons he is even entertaining this idea. Oh yeah, lets not forget Mayo too....

I know Pete Carroll has long wanted to try one last time at the NFL level, but he wants control over the personnel as well... something apparently the Seahawks have done by letting go of their GM prior to firing Mora. So, it is all laid out for Pete to become the next coach at the Seattle area. The only thing left is the mockery pointed out by billsaysthis concerning the Rooney Rule. They will interview a token person that they have no interest in whatsoever as to comply. I have heard that one coach has already refused as it is a joke to do so. Some say it is a good experience and gets your name out there, for what? So that you can be a token interview for another club that has already picked their coach before interviewing anyone... (See Washington Redskins and Mike Shanahan).

I just think that Pete has one of the rare and perfect jobs in all of America at USC. He will always get the best recruits and have talent waiting for him to pick which ones he wants, not the other way around. Face it, there are but a few places in college where you have such success: ND, Florida, OU, USC, TX and a few others. You win at one of these schools and life is good. You go to the NFL and you have to deal with things like gun toting knuckleheads that don't have the common sense not to shoot themselves while in a nightclub.... That and their attitudes...

In my book, bad move by him and a huge opportunity for Mike Riley? I know they (USC) has already spoken to the coach for the Oregon State program to replace Pete Carroll if he leaves, which just confirms to me that he has....

posted by Mickster at 01:00 PM on January 09, 2010

Cowboys Spoil Saints' Perfect Season

I have posted here before so I can say Shit!!!! How 'bout them Cowboys!!! I am one person that applauds Tony Romo. He has been the punching bag for all the tv personnel to rag on and blame. Yet here he is in the month of december sporting a rating (for this month alone - 3 games) where he is over 115 for a QB Rating... something like that. I watched as he has played error free football for the entire month. Then they said he was a poor leader. I had a Romo jersey and got ragged on by of all people... Dallas Cowboys fans. I told them they are more than welcome to go back and find another Gary Hogaboom, Quincy Carter, Drew Henson, Vinny Testeverde, etc... He won 35 or his first 50 games... He has played but three years and because the media appointed him something more of a celebrity (guess that comes with dating a mega model) but who wouldn't. I certainly would go out with

My point is that though he does get too much credit for when they win, he takes way too much blame when they don't. Dropped passes by Roy Williams (WTF) and missed FG's don't help. Defense surrended the lead twice this year with less than two minutes to go after he had led them to a score.

Now, I say this because 1) he has thrown for more than 300 yards than any QB in the history of Dallas. Aikman, Roger, Danny White... etc.... 2) he plays and prepares harder than I have ever seen before since dumping the blonde bimbo..... And, the reason I point this out is because you have guys like Tony Dorsett and Aikman dogging him consistently. He is only about a 3 year starter. I guess the media made him into some bigger than life guy, so there is nowhere to go but down. But, he led his team to one of the biggest wins in recent memory.


posted by Mickster at 01:09 PM on December 21, 2009

John Swansburg: Why I Stopped Being a Sports Fan

A better monkey and a clue...

I understand how it can take over too much of your life if you allow it, but I have had the pleasure of enjoying championships by my favorite teams in each sport. The euphoria was great...

I have also tasted the bitterness of defeat... more so lately than anything that resembles championships. The good news is that you don't have to over-indulge (wasn't he on two fantasy leagues?). You just need moderation.

Since my teams have won it all in the past, I can't be greedy and turn on them when they loose. But, there are plenty of teams I still like and pull for when watching football or basketball.

The only problem I see is that the zebra's determine too often the outcomes of the games. They can have a defensive back tackled or thrown to the ground by his jersey and not call holding, while the other team's receivers gets bumped barely and flags fly from everywhere.

The ref from the NBA said it and I do believe it, refs do not like certain players. I can tell by watching...

posted by Mickster at 04:49 PM on December 15, 2009

Alabama Beats Florida to Reach National Championship Game

I hate to admit it, but it was nice to see the Golden Boy, crying on the sidelines. All the other teams and all the other times, when they won and he was so happy and demonstrative. Now, here he sits with tears streaming down his face and that is how I will remember him. I don't recall many people from Alabama crying (there's no crying in Football), nor did I see guys from OU crying in the fourth quarter when they put the game away. This game was over long before the last 7 minutes and to think that the whopping they took as the uh-hum.... number one defense. Right. They will be playing some meaningless bowl now, Tebow will NOT win another Heisman, and no more silly talk about he is the Best player in the history of college football. Guys like Hershel Walker and Steve Owens, Tommy Frazier al come to mind... Have a nice summer and maybe God won't be wearing Tebow pj's

posted by Mickster at 10:32 PM on December 05, 2009

Notre Dame Fires Charlie Weis

Well, the 18 million dollar buyout is their own fault. The guy has a couple decent years and they throw the bank at him for accomplishing..... NOTHING!!!! I wish him well wherever he goes, but he needs to be back on the sidelines calling offensive plays and let the head coaching thing be. Obviously he fails to motivate his players. He had some of the best recruiting classes every year and failed to get them to play hard, buy into his system, learn to tackle... whatever. This is strictly measured by wins and losses. If you win you keep your job and if not, you don't.

Now, regardless of anyones feelings about his replacement I couldn't really care. I wish Urban Myer would take it. Tebow will be gone and he could go and see how he would fare in the area. But, leave Bob Stoops alone... he isn't

posted by Mickster at 05:01 PM on November 30, 2009

SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Heard a bunch of people raggin' on Tony Romo for his play the other day. Problem I have with that is that his team is 7-3 and he led them to go-ahead leads against two of the first losses of the season only to see the defense surrender a game winning field goal to the NY Giants (last play of the game) and to Denver on a silly 51 yard pass play to Henry (Romo almost led them to score again and win but fell short).

Now, I realize that most people either love or hate the 'Boys and him especially. No he hasn't led them to a playoff win. No he hasn't won it all. But, if you tell me that here you can have this guy and in his first 50 games he will lead you to a record of 38-12, I say go with him. Maybe it is his "awe shucks" attitude. Maybe he doesn't seem remorseful enough. Even old timers like Tony Dorsett have thrown him under the bus. But, I saw three catchable balls by Roy Williams that were dropped and blamed on Romo (they did hit him in the hands, one on the forearm), he doesn't get the ball enough to this guy or that guy. But, his O-Coordinator is vanilla as can be, fumbles by receivers and RB's, and it is all his fault.

I realize that when they win he gets WAY too much credit, but when they loose, he also gets WAY too much credit. For only have started 3+ seasons, I say he will get better (especially without Jessica and the noose around his neck), without TO complaining, and if they could somehow protect him long enough to find his receivers. He gets hit as much as anyone except probably Aaron Rodgers.

"Come one Man"

posted by Mickster at 12:11 PM on November 25, 2009

Florida Linebacker Tried to Eye-Gouge Opponent

I believe that Oregon did the right and just thing / immediate suspension - for the year for Blount for the suckerpunch. The fact that he has earned his way back after missing 7 straight games in his senior season and hurting his draft status as well as his teams hopes and look at the good that has come from that.

Urban Meyer did what is best for his season and Florida's hopes of a national champion and let that dirty SOB get away with what is the most disguising act of cowardice I have ever seen on a football field. To have your fingers jabbing an opposing members eyes when he can't even get his hand free to protect himself is about as chickenshit as I have seen ever. And, isn't he the one that talks about how dirty other players / teams are?

posted by Mickster at 11:12 PM on November 02, 2009

Can You Spell FSU?

And they wonder why he is being "asked" to step down? I find this very disturbing. And, it isn't something that is just started. I have students (yes I teach) fill out mock applications. About 6 years ago when the All-State football player put down an answer on a questionnaire for why he would wants to work here... (a fairly standard question in today's workforce). His written response was, "I wood love this werk"... It only goes to show that this problem begins at a very early age. Student-athletes are not held accountable and for those that end up blowing out knees or loosing their careers to an injury, what will they do then. Most won't be qualified to work for the sanitation dept.... yeah, the garbage men. I hate to say it but they aren't doing any favors for these kids in the long run.

As for Bowden.... take his wins and maybe he will stop chasing Joe Pa and give it up.

posted by Mickster at 12:16 PM on October 16, 2009

Crazy Finish in Michigan High School Football Game

When you see it again... if you do, you will notice that he is on his knee for a good couple of seconds AFTER the blocked field goal rolls back to him. It was my opinion that the ref on the side couldn't see the ball until he stood up. And THX-1138 makes a strong point about the holder being able to pick up the ball and run... prior to the kick. In this case, the kicker actually did kick the ball, which was blocked and subsequently recovered by the holder while in the kneel-down position.... Result.... TD.

The ruling on the field does stand, but it was still a botched call. Should be overturned and the team is not charged a timeout....

posted by Mickster at 09:35 PM on October 14, 2009

Crazy Finish in Michigan High School Football Game

If you watch closely, the holder (Wilton?) never gets up from being on his knee. Therefore when the ball rolls back to him and he picks it up, he should be down by the rules of high school and college football. With all the craziness that ensued, nobody noticed and when he stood up, the coaches seeing he was holding the ball started to shout for him to run, which he did. All the way for a TD.

Lesson though.... never stop until the whistle blows the play dead.

posted by Mickster at 03:30 PM on October 14, 2009

BYU Upsets Oklahoma After Sam Bradford Injures Shoulder

Last year both were very highly ranked schools. Cincinnati and Tulsa both won 9 or 10 games.... They may have both won their conferences as well. I know Cincy did. Same for TCU with the number 1 ranked defense in all the land. So, every team has a cupcake at least once. I am just saying that some teams play soft schedules every year. I give credit where it is due. It was posted and I can find the reference where College Football News stated that they had played the very toughest schedule in all the land last year. This is based on the end of the year rankings and win/loss records.

And, not all schools do it. There are some schools who will play very tough scedules because to be the best you have to play the best. I even admire BYU's coach.... 3 straight 10 win seasons and few game them a chance. But, he said the same thing. If you want to be a top program, you have to play the top programs.

posted by Mickster at 12:54 AM on September 07, 2009

BYU Upsets Oklahoma After Sam Bradford Injures Shoulder

I commend the OU players that wanted to stick together and come back for their love of their team, city and their fans. They loose Germaine Gresham with the knee and now Bradford. I believe they will be back in a couple of weeks...

I remember when Rhett Bomar and Quinn were caught cheating and they cut him... IMMEDIATELY from the team. That is Stoops the man doing the honorable thing. And, Rhett Bomar isn't a bad person, just a kid that thought he could get by with it... NFL potential... But, they replaced him and kept going. I believe they will be fine and after a couple weeks with either Landry or the new kid (Bell?) will be playing better.

You have to remember that OU played the very toughest schedule in all of college football last year... That was according to the experts in college football. And they are always scheduling tough games unlike UL Monroe, or S. Maine. I believe they should put the strength of schedule back into the equation so the teams would put some meat on their schedules. Last year OU played TCU, Cincinnati, Tulsa, and then had to play their conference shedule. Look at the out of conference teams the other big boys play.

That is why I give a shout out to Alabama, VT, OSU, Georgia, and a few others.

posted by Mickster at 10:03 PM on September 06, 2009

Oregon Player Flips Out After Boise State Game

What happened should not happen in sports at any level. But, when you play with lots of emotion, and somebody comes up to you and pokes you, slaps you on the shoulder, or whatever it was he did... and then follow it up with some type of comments that are likely to be offensive, something will happen the majority of the time. Getting clocked for being a smart ass is his reward. The Oregon player (I believe I heard this morning) will serve a 1-game suspension. One game is it... Way too lenient...

posted by Mickster at 11:30 AM on September 04, 2009

Eagles' coach Johnson dies of cancer

Though I never liked the Eagles, I admired this guy for his blue-collar mentality and toughness. He brought pressure every play and you never knew when it would come from... safety blitz, corner blitz, lb blitz,,,,,,

I have always been a Cowboy's Homer, and I believe it it weren't for him that Troy would've had at least two - three more years in the NFL....

He will be SORELY missed..... God Bless

posted by Mickster at 12:22 AM on July 30, 2009

T.O.'s a judge of character?

I think they should reinstate Vick and suspend TO...

posted by Mickster at 09:12 AM on July 27, 2009

Romo does endorsement spoof

Oh, and a dropped pass is one that hits the player in the hands or is a catchable ball, not one that is overthrown or some nonesense... thus the term "dropped pass".

posted by Mickster at 06:38 PM on July 18, 2009

Romo does endorsement spoof

Well, I wouldn't get too happy about the Ravens just yet as they lost Mr. Ryan to the J E T S, Jets, Jets, Jets, Jets...... I doubt that the Ravens make the playoffs this year either. It is only because of their D that they have won in the past year or so and the mastermind behind it is gone. I would take a real good look at the coming year and throw pressure on the kid and he might not do so well. The part about saying Dallas has a great defense.... what were you watching. Did he or did he not rally said Cowboys team to a lead twice and have the defense blow it by not 1, but 2 longest runs from scrimmage all year... How is that great D. Great D shuts down the other teams when you offense gets you the lead late in games...

As for the guys you list above him, what do you have to back it up? If you are going to play the game, put it in context like sgtcookzane did.... he at least gave you that stats to prove it.

posted by Mickster at 06:36 PM on July 18, 2009

Romo does endorsement spoof

Yeah, for a guy that has only been around for about a full 3 years, I would take him over just about anyone.... no, make that absolutely nobody..... Keep you other guys and I think I will root for mine. And if he doesn't win the big one or get past a NFC championship, then he will be remembered with guys like Donovan McNabb...

posted by Mickster at 02:31 AM on July 18, 2009

Romo does endorsement spoof

After seeing the video, it is hillarious... from the perspective of tongue in cheek... I like the dude and think he is a decent guy. You won't see him doing situps in his driveway when he gets media attention or posing naked on magazine covers, but everyone NOW says the pressure is on him. It always was. He is just more of an ordinary guy that because of who he plays for and who he was dating is subject to headlines every time he opens his mouth.

posted by Mickster at 03:52 PM on July 17, 2009

Romo does endorsement spoof

I can't believe that this is news.... Like rcade said, everyday I see some commercial with Peyton or Eli Manning kicking each other, I see nothing but these stars doing commercials. So, why is it a big deal when he does a spoof of a commercial. As it said in the post, he only endorses one product and that is STARTER. People need to give the dude a break. He hasn't done anything to warrant this other than dating / ditching Jessica.

I see it this way... He gets the snap down and they kick the extra point... Seattle had way too much time and would have only needed an extra point. No guarantees they would have won.

Against the Giants, the O-line got their asses whopped by the D-line of the Giants.... just as the Packers and Patriots found out. But, it is his fault.... then why not Favre's or even Tom Brady's.... It's such a double standard when it comes to him and other QB's in the league. I would rather have him and his winning percentage than any (maybe except one or two) other QB's in the entire league. He is a good player that had to play with TO.... "Throw me the ball and we win" TO.... threw his QB under the bus and thank goodness he is gone. I think they stand a much better chance now as he can throw to the open guy instead of trying to have to get player X a certain number of throws.... A guy that was second in the league in dropped passes.

posted by Mickster at 12:28 PM on July 17, 2009

SI Writer: LeBron Snubbed Magic to Send 'Clear Message'

I will say first and foremost that I truly like Lebron. I think he has freakish talent and for a guy his size to be able to handle the ball, shoot three's and drive to the bucket from one end of the court to the other reminds me of Magic Johnson. I have even seen him with a couple of the no-look passes. He is an incredible talent and at the time of my post - now has been fined.

Stern issued a $25,000 fine and that is nothing to someone that makes the coin they do, but it was the right thing to do. The only point of the entire conversation is that he acted "inappropriately" in the grandest of stages. Could you imagine last year when the Celtics beat LA (never gets old saying that either) if Kobe would have just walked off and not given hand shakes to the opposing team? It would have been a media nightmare for Kobe and a long-term display of how not to act when you loose.

My point is that if Lebron wants to make a point to the Cleveland Cavaliers, his team, his management, the coach.... whatever the point was he could have done so without doing what he did. There are many ways to make a point. The issue of SuperBowl and said "Hoodie" are no more dispicable.

Lebron will someday (in my opinion) probably make it to the finals and probably win one or two. But, hopefully that type of behavior will never happen again.

posted by Mickster at 03:20 PM on June 05, 2009

SI Writer: LeBron Snubbed Magic to Send 'Clear Message'

I think it is a total show of poor class. Just think about all the teams they beat. What would have been made of the Pistons not shaking his hand after they lost. What if Kobe hadn't shaken hands with Paul Pierce, KG, and Ray after the finals last year. They would still be talking about it and it would be a highlight reel of how not to be after loosing.

But, for some strange reason they seem to treat "King James" as if he really were some sort of royalty. Forget that they had all these little commercials with the puppet Lebron and Kobe figures... forget that he was supposed to be the MVP of the league... The new "fresh" face of the league... well, maybe a bit of a stretch on new...

But, you get the point. Any other human being that displayed such a classless act would have been crucified on all the sports talk shows, Sportscenter, and any paper, magazine, etc.... The days of the crybaby, treated by different standards players is now showing up on the grandest of stages. What a total embarrasment.

posted by Mickster at 12:28 PM on June 03, 2009

Tony Kornheiser Out at Monday Night Football

Funny thing about Aikman... I am a Cowboys fan (demographics started it) and I have rooted for them through thick and thin. I would find anything Troy says as almost anti-Cowboys. I don't know if he had a bad exit that went under the radar or what, but every game I've watched him broadcast, he has thrown players, coaches, and especially the QB at the time under the bus.

posted by Mickster at 04:22 PM on May 18, 2009

Tony Kornheiser Out at Monday Night Football

All I can say is YAHOOOOO!!!!! Kornholio is gone. He is gone... now if we could only get him off sportscenter. He should be somewhere like the old Siskel and Ebert. I realize that they are not still with us (one of them) but as far as Kornheiser goes... I agree that he is not really a fan of football.

I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I would be listening to him telling what he was going to be watching on tv that night and he would go off into some story of "Idol" and how so-and-so was being pushed out the door, or how Simon was especially nasty to one of the candidates... That's not sports. I would rather watch Womens badmitten than American Idol. And he is a goon. He reminds me of the guy that was in Drama in school and somehow got into sports as he couldn't do anything else with his degree....

posted by Mickster at 01:57 PM on May 18, 2009

Terrell Owens Signs with Buffalo Bills

Well, they might get one good season, but remember that Parcells and the Hoodie can devise ways to keep him in check. A simple cover two at Buffalo with the whirling winds, a youthful QB, and I don't think he will even last a year this time.

It is never his fault. They don't get "him" the ball, they don't include "him" in the gameplan, etc... Well, I don't see a wealth of offensive talent to throw to and unless he decides to become a blocking receiver now (not a bad blocker) he might implode before the 9th week.

I get the one season - "This season" deal with the Bills, but how can any GM, owner or coach not cringe at the mere thought. I was bettinig that he would be blackballed and not find a team this year. Too bad I lost that bet.

posted by Mickster at 12:18 AM on March 09, 2009

Terrell Owens Signs with Buffalo Bills

Though he is a cancer and the Dallas Cowboys are ridiculed not only for picking him up, but for all of the simplest of outbursts, yelling matches, "Throw me the ball". to the point where he split the locker room in half by saying how Romo and Witten had designed plays secretly to keep him from gettin' his to now being some sort of bargain... What is it with people?

This dude is pure toxic and he has wrecked each of the franchises that he has been to. But, somehow that it is Buffalo and not Dallas or the Raiders - how pathetic. The guy might take a year of being a good player and maybe that is the thinking, just sign him for one year. Then, next year let another team that needs an explosive receiver do the same.

I feel as though I am in some type of time-warp continuum where he keeps doing the same thing in different laundry and we all keep watching to see not if, but rather "When" he will blow up.

Why are these pages not filled wit outrage by Bills fans or other fans. Nobody can control TO, he thinks he is better than everyone else. Mariucci couldn't control him, Andy Reid, and not Parcells or the Staypuff Marshmallow man (Sorry Wade Phillips - just joking). This guy is all about himself. If it had been some other team such as the Redskins or Raiders, the venom would not have stopped until he quit playing football period.

posted by Mickster at 07:53 PM on March 08, 2009

Bye, bye, T.O.!

I can't fathom how great of a receiver he could have been if he only would have learned to shut the #%$@ up!!!! His talents were as good as any receiver I have ever seen, effort running down the field on a play for Felix Jones, and others to mention. But, when you have someone that believes they are allowed to say whatever they want, about whomever they want, there is a price to be paid.

See, this is the lesson. Everything in life has a pricetag. Certainly he could be a first ballot HOF, and rich and famous for the rest of his life. But, who in their right mind would put him in their clubhouse if Jerry "The Warden" Jones throws him out? I cannot see one team picking him up (though it will happen probably for a much smaller price). Yeah, got his 12 mil guarantee, but who will pay him again. He is 35, and he has more drops than TD's each year now.

What a waste of talent....

posted by Mickster at 11:41 PM on March 05, 2009

Bye, bye, T.O.!

I am not surprised and I believe this will make them a better team. That's right, a BETTER team. Though he has the stats and the game to be as good as any receiver in the game, he is never going to live in harmony with the other teamates. Yeah, we all saw the tears and "That's my QB" speech, but truth be known, he had the receivers split, the OC constantly on the defensive, and he demanded the ball be thrown to him.

When Dallas and specifically Romo were at their best, they were that way because of Romo's ability to move around, escape the rush, and see the whole field. He was able to distribute the ball to a variety of playmakers. At that time, TO just happened to be having a great season. But, when the passes stopped going to Crayton, Witten, Miles Austin, and especially Marion out of the backfield, they became too predictable. I figure this will open up the offense again, allow them to control the running game with the massive line, and then get away from forcing the ball to a guy that is double covered. The cover-two schemes they used were in many points just to keep hiim from having the type of big game he thrived on, knowing he would eventually blow. ANd he did.

TO is about TO. He wants to have x amount of yards, x amount of touches, and x amount of TD's. If he truly cared about the team first, he would have stopped his whinning about not being involved in the offense. And, it worked because I saw many (too many to count) times when they forced it into a covered TO.

And by the way, didn't he drop an awful lot of passes?

posted by Mickster at 04:41 PM on March 05, 2009

Tim Tebow Leads Florida to BCS Title Over Oklahoma

I am not a Tebow hater. I believe he is loosing some talented receivers to the draft / senior.... but I might be mistaken. I heard something to that affect on the game the other day.

I realize he was instrumental in helping FL to win their first BCS game, but he wasn't the starting QB. Kornholieo (Tony Kornheiser-sp) claims he is already one of the 5 best of all time.... phooey.

I don't dismiss Alabama, Georgia, and even Tenessee (maybe Ol Miss again). They will have Monty Kiffen running their defense and like all "new" wrinkles that come around, defensive coaches will eventually figure a way to stop them. OU did decent for three quarters except for Percy and his two long runs.

Now for Colt, he is going to probably win the Heisman if not for anything else, the sympathy vote for getting jobbed this year. He finished 2nd and I really thought he would win it. I don't even know if Tebow is coming back, but would assume he does.

posted by Mickster at 03:24 PM on January 10, 2009

Tim Tebow Leads Florida to BCS Title Over Oklahoma

I just don't see a 240 lb Tebow taking on a Brandon Jacobs (260+) in the open field and making the tackle. Plus, who is going to spend a high draft choice on a player that will have to change positions. I know "SLASH" did it for awhile, but that was a novelty and eventually, they figure it out.

I do believe he will stay in college one more year. I also know that McCoy came in second this year due to an unbelievable completion percentage, plus him leading his team in rushing. Jordon Shipley, his roomate and best friend has applied for a hardship year and was granted it. He will be back as well. The core of the TX team is not laden with seniors and I think they will be more likely to unseat Tebow / FL if not another SEC team such as Alabama.

posted by Mickster at 01:11 PM on January 10, 2009

Tim Tebow Leads Florida to BCS Title Over Oklahoma

I bet Colt McCoy will outplay him next year and take the Heisman from him. Probably the BCS crown as well. He's a 240 lb fullback or H-back that has the ability to throw with decent accuracy. He will not last long in the NFL.

I did hear some chuckles today when the comparrisons of Greatest College Player ever get bunked by names like Herschel Walker, Roger Staubach, Reggie Bush, Matt Leinert, Barry Sanders, Jim Brown, and I could list at least another ten.....

I think Corso has the biggest crush on him though.

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Tim Tebow Leads Florida to BCS Title Over Oklahoma

First of all, I see Tebow as a good college QB, period. He isn't the GREATEST college player ever. He isn't in the top 10. He will be a decent H-Back in the NFL for maybe a few seasons if that. He has so far won 1 BCS Trophy (the other belonged to Chris Leak), he won an SEC championship, and a Heisman. I fail to see this love affair with him. And, when he gets up and starts flexing after a simple first down on their own 40 yard line, a bit pathetic if you ask me.

Here is what I see is wrong with the whole BCS crap. These were the best two teams (forget about the TX, USC, etc...) at the end of the season. They won their League Championship games and they should have met on a field a week or two later - NOT SIX WEEKS. They might have well gone though spring ball by now. That is the first part that really sucks.

Secondly, OU gets the ball and is moving it down the field and picks up a first down, and they blow Phil Loadholt for following through his block. What the hell was that. Give a verbal warning or something, but that was not unsportsmanlike. They were both locked up on each other. Then, a long pass is thrown down the sidelinie to a receiver - who just before he reaches for the ball - is hammered out of bounds. PASS INTERFERENCE. Don't you have to at least allow him to try to get his hands to touch the ball before he is beheaded? What a ruse??? The great catch by Gresham at the five.

Now I do agree that the play calling sucked on the goal-line and that is nobodys fault but the OC. But, call a roll-out to the opposite side- TD. Same on throwing to the goal liine when Iglesias was open on the other side. But, that was on OU.

Sam Bradford should stay another year (better than being a Detroit Lion), but he did his usual pinpoint passing for the majority of the game. It was Manual Johnson that dropped a beautiful pass that should have been caught. It was Iglesias that bobbled the ball and had it stripped at FL 25 with OU only down by 3 in the fourth. That had them at least in FG range.

Lastly, the mess about OU talking trash was nothing more than the media's love affair with Tebow. He started the jawing with the "I can't wait to face a Big 12 Defense". Florida showed no class at all - including the Tebow chomp. Tebow didn't will anyone to victory. There were eleven men on the field blocking, pushing, fighting, etc... HE might have tried to psych them up, but we all know that is showmanship. He ws playing to the audience. I bet he does go back to FL for another year. HE wouldn't make it in the NFL as more than a 2-3 round pick. And, if he does come back, I still don't think they win the SEC again, much less the BCS.

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Eagles Make Playoffs in 44-6 Rout of Cowboys

I've long been a Cowboys fan, but yesterday was the worst. I became so angry that I threw the jersey (Romo # 9) in the trash - where it belongs.

I don't fault a team for loosing, happens every week. But, they showed no heart and I am through rooting for a so-so QB that shrugs off these things as "oh well". The whole team is awful. The quality of individuals is great, but they don't play as a team, certainly not as if there was any sense of urgency.

I have watched weekly to see if the coaching staff could correct some of these "ills", but they are contributing to the fall of the franchise. You have an "aw shucks" head coach that has lost the team, an OC that can't seem to devise a decent game plan, and the O-line can't protect the QB or open holes for the RB (yeah the tough guy that sits out for numerous games with a hurt toe???).

Go Colts....

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Dallas Cowboys: America's (Most Watched) Team

I grew up a Cowboys fan when Staubach was QB and battling Morton for the starting job. Things were so much simpler then. I do begrudge the guy that put the tab of "America's Team" on them.

With that said, it has become a circus with Jerry Jones. At first, I began to dislike him for running off Jimmy Johnson, who at the time was the best thing that ever happened to the "New Age Cowboys". Then he continues to have the light shine on him.

My problem is this. He claimed that he enjoys the headlines, to include the nonsense that went on with the drama after the Pitt. game. He seems to thrive on that and he even admitted that he has an office there at Valley Ranch for media. I guess he is more about the money aspect of it than winning and loosing. I used to believe he really cared buy buying up as much talent as he could. But, he undervalues the team chemistry aspect and that is why they haven't won a playoff game in so long. It is a collection of star players and not a great team.

Sad, sad times. I look for them to win one of the last two games, but not sure if that will be enough to get them in.

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I will break you!

He will probably pay that to EMS staff for his treatment on-site and enroute to the hospital. Dude he is fighting is HUGE.

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I will break you!

Though I have always loved the "Warrior" heart that he possess, he no longer throws enough punches to make a ripple in the giants he now faces.

He was once the toughest fighter I ever saw. When he fought Quawi (sp), that was a fight for the ages. He would take devastating blows, then fire back his own. It went on through the entire fight. I became a true fan that day.

But, he lost his desire or his stamina somewhere along the road. He no longer throws enough punches to do much damage and it seems as if he is simply trying to prove he can withstand the barrage he will certainly face. I don't want to watch a fighter survive, but rather to see one create havoc.

Time to hang up the gloves....

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Writer: Oscar De La Hoya 'Never Truly Great'

I liked the "Golden Boy" early on in his career, but he long ago became more enamored with the money aspect of boxing than the fights themselves. By starting his own promotions, involvement with The Contender (series on ESPN), he always seemed more interested in being on the outside looking in.

Only problem with that is that he could have been really good if he would have trained harder and had more heart. I felt that he tanked it in a couple of his last fights.

To get beat is one thing, but to not put up a good fight is completely something else. I thought he never threw enough punches in fights with better oponents. He would routinely get hit too often, and never let loose with his punches.

Definately time to call it quits in the ring and just become another Don King outside of it.

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OU Fans Launch Air Attack on Texas

Hey ksb122, what planet are you from? Bob Stoops isn't the only coach to play his players into the fourth quarter. Colt McCoy was playing in the fourth quarter of the Texas A & M game when there was absolutely no chance for the other team to win. They were up by over 30 and if my memory hasn't failed me, they were still running offensive plays.

So, what do you suggest that they do? Kneel on the ball with 12 minutes to go in the game? I think if you go back you will find two things wrong with your post.... Bob Stoops pulled his starters in the fourth quarter many times throughout the season. Also, OU led TX by at least 11 points throughout the game. They are neither scared of / or fearful of TX. What happened in Oct. is done. What is the excuse for TX loosing to Tech?

You need to understand that the rules are what they are. All coaches play by the same rules. If there is anything wrong with this, it is the system and not the coaches.

Finally, with the chance to break a record easily within grasp, do you sit on the ball, or try to break a record? If the roles had been reversed, bet Mack Brown would do the same. If he needed to win big in every game to overcome OU he would do it without hesitation.

And it you wish to talk about classless coaches I give you Mack Brown. To go on TV and beg for votes - how can you defend that. He knew the rules and the only way he could overcome OU was by the human votes - those which he was begging for. That my friend is classless. He knew the computers would not reward him because he plays too soft of non-conference schedules. His only hope in hell was to try to swing voters.

The ironic thing is that all the coaches that played against both teams rated OU in front of TX.

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OU Fans Launch Air Attack on Texas

To say that Bob Stoops would have complained / whined or any of that stuff that Mack Brown was doing is nothing more than conjecture.

Here is the plain truth. Mack Brown and the TX alumni did its very best to print up flyers, fly planes (not once, but twice), go on the air live at halftime of the OU / OSU game to try and persuade voters his team was MORE deserving. He even called (along with staff) people at the halftime of OU's game against Texas Tech to remind them that they had beaten OU in Dallas (the neutral field). To me, that is nothing more than politicing for your team. Hey, it worked in 2004 right? They jumped another team and won the title. But, isn't that a bit demeaning? Bob Stoops was asked to come on the air at the half-time game of TX - Texas A & M and he declined. He has been asked point blank to say why he felt his team was "as deserving" and he replied by saying 7 straight wins and dominating some really strong programs.

I guess I was like so many others in that I would vote for a playoff system anyday. I don't see this as ever happening thought. The only problem with this is that you would have basically the same 8-10 teams would be in the playoff year after year. With some it is a populararity contest.

Now, how do you not put Texas Tech in a BCS game instead of TX when they beat the Longhorns head to head? I have heard all the "with 1 second remaining..." But, Tech led most of the game and had only to kick a field goal with the time left. Had Crabtree stepped out of bounds with just a few seconds left and had a chip shot field goal, it would be no different than the finish between TX and OSU. A loss is a loss. If they wish to redo the rules, great. I am for it, but don't change them after it goes to a fifth tie breaker.

Last bit to get off... I am sure that many people believe that TX got robbed. I would feel the same if it was reversed, but I would have said "that was the rules, so be it" rather than to drag this on.

Texas had their chance and nobody to blame but themselves. They did manage to sway many of the pollsters to change their votes for them. But, they couldn't fool the computers. OU beat at least 5 ranked teams... including TCU and Cincinnati. Who did the Longhorns beat outside of the Big XII? Nobody. These schools that put cupcakes on the schedule year after year to avoid having to risk their perfect season must realize that there is a price to be paid. Auburn 2004 or so was also proof of that. Yeah, I have heard about the TN - Chatt. game, but that was due to a cancellation and nobody else would play them then. It hurt them more than it could have ever helped them.

Lesson learned????

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OU Fans Launch Air Attack on Texas

I must admit that I really got tired of hearing Mack Brown campaigning for his Horns... I realize it worked in 2004, but OU isn't CAL.

But, way I see it... Cost for flying plane at OU's game in Stillwater - $10,000. Flyers with 45-35 printed in large letters - $5,000. Having to sit and watch the Sooners dismantle the Tigers - PRICELESS.

I realize that TX gained in the human polls. But, if you want to take the computers out of it, or better yet get them to push you to the front.... then play someone tough - out of conference. That, or if you are going to loose, do it early. How it's always been. It's what is fresh on the voter's minds.

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Cowboys Acquire Roy Williams in Trade with Lions

I believe that the O-Line should be the center of all the media hype. They should be docked money for the beating that Romo and Barber took against the Cardinals. Anyway, I believe that they should try to establish the run game again, using Barber and Tashard Choice.

As for TO, he is what he is. He will always want the ball and never be happy with his "role" in the offense. Pacman was a distraction and he didn't really make the impact that Jones thought he would. He only averaged a measley 5.0 return yards and the pass defense was in the lower half of the league averages. Not really a big loss in my opinon.

I also see where so many people say that "on paper...." That's the great thing about the NFL, on any given Sunday...

Just think how all of this would have played out if they held on to win the game against Arizona. Instead of all of this, they would again be talking about how great they were and what a comeback. Irony at its best.

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Cowboys Acquire Roy Williams in Trade with Lions

Hey BornIcon, I get it that you care. I do too. The message was aimed at "who cares" what all the so called experts say. Half to three quarters praise them as they beat the Eagles and Packers. Then when they loose a game or two, everyone jumps in to say that TO is gonna implode, or that Jerry Jones is criticized for the Pacman deal. He took a chance and I am ok with it. Heck, I couldn't care if he sends Pacman packing...

I believe they will be fine, but so much interest with everything they do. When Washington lost to the winless Rams, at home mind you, it was like nobody noticed. IT is such a winless situation. If they win, it is never by enough points, or an ugly win. It is bad because TO is pouting. If they loose, then the sky is falling.

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Cowboys Acquire Roy Williams in Trade with Lions

I grow tired of the media's fascination with every little thing they do. I don't think that the sky has fallen as they are portraying.

First of all, I can't say how many times I saw Pacman getting burned in coverage or missing tackles. This was a gamble at best. They have some young corners that should be able to step up at least somewhat.

Secondly, the way that teams consistently double TO makes this a good move (trading for Roy Williams). If they start throwing to him initially, then it might loosen up the other side. If not, they can throw to Witten and the backs out of the backfield. They have Choice to fill in for Felix and with Crayton at the slot, he should find the middle of the field to his liking. I just think it does more to help them than to hurt them. So what if they give up a first and third for someone that has already been to the pro-bowl. If they get the choice from the Titans (via Pacman violating his conduct policy) that would more than wash the additional 7th or 6th rounder they lost.

Third, Brad Johnson should (the key here) be able to step in and at least run the offense. With so much talent on offense, they should be able to spread the field the way they thought they were going to be able to when they had Terry Glenn originally on the other side. It should be fine for now. And, I don't think Romo will take the full 4 weeks unless they win a couple of those games.

Lastly, if they don't do really great this year, so what. The league is meant to be balanced. If St. Louis can go to WA and beat them at home (and Cleveland over the G-Men), it goes to show how little the margin is from the have's and the have not's. I thought it was crazy to heap so much "Super Bowl" hype at them anyway. The defense needs to step up and be more accountable. They are giving up way too much yards on the ground, and their pass defense is only average at best (and that was with Pacman in there).

So, let the media disect and tell how they are doomed. What they say (as well as us on the blogs) should have no bearing whatsoever on how they perform. Who cares

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Cotto-Margarito: It Was That Good

A truly classic fight. I was for Cotto at first, but I give all props to Margarito. He obviously has a good chin to take the shots he did early on. I could feel the fight turning as he began to take control. This was worth every penny and I would love to see them fight again.

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Boston Herald Apologizes for False SpyGate Story

I guess I have known for sometime that "Spygate" would again rear it's head through the Sportsfilter. I do find it very unfortunate that the Herald gave a false account and damaged the image of the hometown team. But, I am still certain that the revelations that I have seen only serve to convince me further that the "Hoodie" knew he violated the rules and got caught. Walsh stated that he had to conceal the practices for fear of being caught. He was instructed to tape the games by the head of the video department, and he turned the tapes over to Ernie Adams. The tapes were intercepted by the league officials as they were being sent at halftime to the Pats, and even Godell said he never believed the Coach's take that he thought what he was doing was legal and a simple misinterpretation of the rules. I guess if you believed they were corrupt that this will only serve to strengthen your views, as well as if you believed they were wrongly accused that you will still feel they were wrongly blamed. But, back on topic - shame on the Herald. They really blew this one....

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Ultimate Fighting Robs The Cradle

I have waited and finally decided to chime in. I have two sons, one is a wrestler and the other is into Kung Fu. Both love to watch the MMA and UCF matches on TV. I somewhat enjoy watching the shows with them. BUT, I do not in any way condone the children in this sport as acceptible. First of all, my oldest son has been wrestling since he was 46 lbs. He was in set weight divisions and against kids his weight and age. This part I do condone. But, we are expecting the parents of these kids to be responsible and to do the right things by their kids. I am here to tell you that it doesn't happen. In fact, my oldest is now on the high school wrestling team (9th grade) and went to state. I have heard throughout the years overzealous parents prodding their child to "suck it up", "stop being such a sissy", and of course my favorite one "the next time you get his arm in that hold, fucking break it off". Now, I am sure that most of the readers will say that this is just an overblown example of poor parenting, to which I would mostly agree. But, this is not an isolated thing. I have watched in horror at the parents of kids especially in wrestling. Kids come off the mats crying and are met by the father that is trying to relive their childhood through the kid. They will say the most horrifying comments. I get sick to my stomache at the behavior some parents display. My other son in Kung Fu has been in this sport since he was about 8. He is now 12 and has progressed to the level of Sr. Gold Sash. He is now able to spar for the first time. It is monitored very closely and they wear protective head gear, foot and hand covers, and the black sash instructors are the only ones that can monitor the sessions. But, they are too young to engage in full-contact matches at this time. I do agree with that. In mixed martial arts, though parents should do the right things - they often don't. I watch as the parents get more excited than the kids and they will tell their kid to strike an oponent in the groin or to knock the smile off his face. This is common for the contact sports. Anyone that has seen contact sports at this young age will be able to spot these adults easily and often. To say that it doesn't exist is naive. To say that it should be the parents responsibility is a cop-out. It is a nice idea, but not reality. It will take a child being hurt badly before this is stopped, but it will happen. In MME for this group, I see that they can't strike another kid in the face when they are on the ground, but they do and with force. I also see them strike each other pretty good in the face while standing. What do you tell a 6 yr. old that has been hit in the nose and bleeding? Tell him to act like a man?

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Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss?

So again an exec makes an ass of himself. He sounds like the kid that got left out of the picture and says, "hey, what about me?". I just don't get it with him. Why would you go and make such remarks just because they have finally put all the nonsense of curses and bad memories behind them. I am glad that the Sox finally broke out with a couple of World Series championships. It's great for their fans that have suffered through years and years of failed seasons and empty finishes. I personally don't see any NY Yankee hats or shirts where I live, but I see an awful lot of the Red Sox merchandise.

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Vivian Stringer reaches 800 wins

A truly great accomplishment.... one of three women to reach this platform. I applaud her coaching and wish her the best.

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Tony Kornheiser Hates Sportsfilter

Put the vast majority of these poseurs in an deadline environment, forced to write a Game Seven story or interview an unwilling subject, and they'd fold up like your grandmother's Murphy bed. Those guys with the "cushy jobs" writing columns generally slogged their way through the backwaters and the weeklies to get where they were, learning the business and getting better. In other words, they became professionals. Tony, is that you???

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Tony Kornheiser Hates Sportsfilter

The new phone books are in, the new phone books are in. Now I'm somebody. By the way, isn't Kornhole on with what's his name????

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

"from the start to the finish of any game in which such club is a participant" This means that you cannot tape the game that you are playing in. I figured this out and it wasn't all that hard. That is why his statement stinks!!! He was caught taping a game from the sidelines (with a video camera). He knew the rule and was caught taping the other teams signals "during the game". That is why they confiscated the tape. What part of this is confusing? I mean really, are we supposed to believe that it was only so they could use it after they played the team. That way they could study their formations to know what they did wrong???

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Belichick and Pioli speak out.

The rule states: "Any use by any club at any time, from the start to the finish of any game in which such club is a participant, of any communications or information-gathering equipment, other than Polaroid-type cameras or field telephones, shall be prohibited, including without limitation videotape machines, telephone tapping, or bugging devices, or any other form of electronic devices that might aid a team during the playing of a game." Sounds pretty simple to me. The rule is hard to misunderstand. But, I am not going to sit and spend a few days dealing with this article again. He can profess his innocence, but he taped the other teams signals during a game and got caught. The part with "including without liimitation videotape machines" makes it a real slap in the face. How do you not know that it is illegal? Did I expect anything else from a man that says "I didn't know that was impermissible." So, I am supposed to believe him now. Hardly.

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

He came down pretty hard on The Hood, but some think not hard enough. He knows that you could probably infer everything from unfair competitive advantage to child porn from the tapes and notes. All I can say is what have you got in your pipe? Child porn? You must be kidding....

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Let's face the fact that we DO know, which is that one coach (not the entire NFL) admitted that he was doing this illegal taping since he became coach in 2000. I believe this is all about him, not the Patriots. The team is full of talent and team players. I like the players and the way they band together. But, this isn't about them, it is about their coach. Now, in the SB victories over the Rams, Panthers, and Eagles, they were all very close games. In fact, one might argue that any of those could have gone to either team. But, any advantage no matter how small we might consider it, it still an advantage in an otherwise equal playing field. Any advantage could give you the necessary 3 pts. you would need to sneak out a victory. If anyone could give me a really good and rational explanation of "WHY" the tapes were destroyed, I might be a bit more able to let this go. There is no valid explanation I could have thought of. I know they say they reserve the right to go back and revisit this issue, but why would they destroy the evidence that Belichick admitted to? He confessed he did it. You would keep the proof and lock it up - not throw it away. Goodell cannot really explain other than to say "yep, he cheated so let's burn those tapes so they can't be used to help another team"?

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Belichick has been taping since 2000, Goodell tells Specter

Let's not stray from the issue here. This is about Bill Belichick "confessing" that he has been doing this since he took over in 2000. The rule is very simple, do not videotape opposing teams signals. He claims he didn't understand the ruling, that's poo-poo. It's an insult to our intelligence. I am sure that I can read the rule and make a good interpretation from it. As for the Senator getting involved. I say good for him. I could care less if he were an Eagles fan or not. If this did occur, and I was an Eagles fan, a Ram's fan or whatever, I would be very pissed. I can only imagine the questions as I watched them shut down the "greatest show on turf". The seemed to be especially good at the beginning of game as well as in the red zone. I am really disturbed by this. I am glad that it is being looked at. I don't think the NFL has given a sufficient answer as to why they would destroy such evidence without having experts or other coaches look at the tapes to see how they could have benefited. I think to destroy them after he already dished out the punishment of nearly 1 million dollars between the coach and owner, plus a first rounder was indicative of the seriousness. Now you see Goodell laughing and looking like a real arrogant ass when discussing it - uh, I was afraid that other teams might be able to use this or I was afraid it would help other teams..... Bullshit. That is a copout. I believe that after he gave the fines, he then recieved the tapes and notes two weeks later. He then destroyed them in 2 days time after getting the tapes. It shows of cover-up. And to say he wanted to talk to Matt Walsh, to "if he has anything that belongs to the league that he took, all he has to do is to turn the tapes over to the league"..... yeah right. They will take less than two days to destroy this time. I think that Goodell is trying to protect the league and that is all. I am all for Spector getting involved. I believe that someone needs to in this case. All Goodell can say is "I am sure it had no affect on the outcome of the game with Philadelphia" as if he were poking fun at the Senator. If I were the Senator, I would be talking to the "video assistant" really fast.

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