September 22, 2008

Miami Springs New Offense on New England in 38-13 Upset: The Fifth Down blog at the New York Times shows how the Miami Dolphins used the Wildcat offense -- a scheme new quarterbacks coach David Lee brought with him from college at Arkansas -- to end the 21-game regular season winning streak of the New England Patriots. The offense put running back Ronnie Brown as quarterback six times, resulting in three touchdown runs and one scoring pass.

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This offense was responsible for one of the most memorable (to me, at least) upsets of last year's college football season, Arkansas 50 -- LSU 48 (3OT). As an LSU fan, that game had my stomach all twisted up in knots, but damn if it wasn't entertaining. I think I can enjoy that game now more in retrospect in light of the fact that it all worked out in the end for the Tigers after WVU choked away its national title shot to Pitt and Mizzou lost to Oklahoma in the Big XII title game.

posted by holden at 12:35 PM on September 22, 2008

After this week, I'd like to recommend that Ronnie Brown play QB from now on, with Ricky Williams as the starting halfback, and Chad Pennington at FB.

What a joy for us Dolphins fans; not just a win, but a dominating win! Not just a dominating win, but a dominating win over the Patriots! Not just a dominating win over the Patriots, but a dominating win over the Patriots in Foxboro!

Now, if only I didn't live in the Midwest, I might have actually been able to see it.

posted by The_Black_Hand at 12:50 PM on September 22, 2008

Next time this happens TBH, let me know and we can trade games. I can't believe I sat through all of that. I even paused the DVR a couple of times when I got up to get something to eat. Not sure why.

posted by yerfatma at 01:51 PM on September 22, 2008

I think it would have been a good game to watch. It sucks I can't choose. Maybe it'll be on NFL network this week. I'll have to look. It's amazing what 10% of a teams snaps will do for a team.

posted by adammcd at 02:32 PM on September 22, 2008

Yeah, I don't think that would have been a game I would have chose to watch for four quarters, unless I was a Dolphin fan. The Bills comeback win I watched was exciting (even though I wish they wouldn't have had to wait until the end to beat the Raiders. Oh well, a win is a win).

posted by dyams at 03:28 PM on September 22, 2008

Like I said before,New England is very mediocre without Brady. When they get savaged by Miami that proves my point. Couldn't happen to bigger asshole coach.Is his name changed to Belichoke?

posted by Doehead at 03:42 PM on September 22, 2008

How can anyone or anything be "very mediocre"?

posted by lil_brown_bat at 03:56 PM on September 22, 2008

I'm surprised that the Pats got out game-planned that badly. No effective halftime adjustments, nothing.

Other NFL teams have been showing a taste of the Arkansas-type collegiate offensive sets now and then during this season. Not exactly a big secret around the league.

Hard to say why it caught the Pats napping so badly and why they couldn't adjust.

The Pats having been the kings of the direct snap once upon a time now getting caught flat footed by opponents' direct snaps?

It all starts with how long that elderly Pats D has to remain on the field.

I'm not convinced the Pats youthful OC is such hot stuff. I'm thinking that Weis would be getting more production out of the personnel that they have to work with.

Remember how well Sammy Morris did last year until he got hurt. They ought to be able to run the ball well enough to keep their D off the field with Morris, Maroney and Jordan.

Looks like moving the chains and putting up points is going to be a struggle week in, week out with Cassell. His lame misfires and overthrows continue. It appears that this may be as good as he's going to get. After yesterday, Belichick should be thinking about a Plan B at QB right now.

There's got to be a guy out there somewhere who can manage a game plan effectively and make first down throws to a possession receiver as good as Welker.

There is. His name is Pennington.

Chad gets let go while Cassell is on his way to stinking up the preseason and the Pats stick with Cassell over the guy who's carrying the Jets playbook around in his head.

Guess that doesn't matter if you have the illegal sideline game footage on hand.

Charlie and Romeo, if your squads go .500 or worse this year, c'mon back!

posted by beaverboard at 05:33 PM on September 22, 2008

How can anyone or anything be "very mediocre"?

Heh. I guess that's like being the most unique.

I didn't watch the game, but it sure is a shocker to see the Pats beat like this right before the bye week. There wasn't any looking past this game, even if the team had been so inclined.

posted by rcade at 05:41 PM on September 22, 2008

It all starts with how long that elderly Pats D has to remain on the field.

I think this is the main thing; the Pats D (especially its secondary and linebackers) is just not that good. I read today on Football Outsiders what I thought was a really good point:

Let me point out something else about the Dolphins running the Wildcat against the Patriots today. When people ask about why a college offense like the spread option would not work in the NFL, the typical answer is that NFL linebackers are simply too fast; most of the time, you would never be able to turn the corner on them. Even if you make them hesitate for a moment with the fake, they'll catch up to you. But the Patriots may have the slowest linebackers in the league. They value intelligence and experience much more than speed and youth. So this makes sense as an answer: to run an offensive scheme where the Pats can't use experience to make up for their lack of speed, because nobody would be expecting it in the NFL.

posted by holden at 06:05 PM on September 22, 2008

I'm stuck in the Nevada desert again, so all I got to see was high(?)lights. From what some of my colleagues back at the main office in NH told me, that was Foxborough High School on the field. NE played with no intensity, no passion, and most of all no clue. The way to break any single wing or variant thereof is to have your defensive line penetrate straight ahead without looking for the ball carrier, then have your linebackers and safeties (if run is apparent) pursue to the ball. The penetration by the offensive line forces the runner to stay deeper in the backfield while he looks for a hole, and this allows the rest of the defense to find him sooner. I'm amazed that NE did not do this.

posted by Howard_T at 08:20 PM on September 22, 2008

Is his name changed to Belichoke?

After their first regular season loss in 21 games? Get a grip.

posted by dfleming at 10:45 PM on September 22, 2008

He lost his Q/B and he can't spy on the other teams now. That is why I called him Belichoke.

posted by Doehead at 07:47 AM on September 23, 2008

There's a lot of coaches out there doing less with more.

posted by tahoemoj at 11:07 AM on September 23, 2008

He lost his Q/B and he can't spy on the other teams now. That is why I called him Belichoke.

No, you call him that because you are a doughhead. But since you're apparently happier with whoever is coaching your team, whatever works for you.

posted by lil_brown_bat at 11:20 AM on September 23, 2008

Wait, wait: "Belichick" + "choke" -> "Belichoke". Oh, oh! I get it! Ha.

posted by yerfatma at 01:08 PM on September 23, 2008

"Oh, I get it...a black Russian!"

posted by lil_brown_bat at 02:07 PM on September 23, 2008

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