September 07, 2006

New link dump: I had to make one just for this clip that I found tonight.

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This kid is amazing, too bad there are no competitions for this stuff.

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The Guardian's minute by minute recap of England's 1-0 win in Macedonia in the Euro qualifiers says this about Crouch's goal: "To his credit, the lanky striker got his body shape right as he volleyed from eight yards against the bar and down over the line." And if you look at the picture the BBC has you'd have to admit, that is some shape.

posted by gspm at 08:10 AM on September 07 that leg usable anymore?

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Not a sports related link but I know at least yerfatma will appreciate this one.

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Hater, I can appreciate that too. Presidential Election 2008 (Video and sound)

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Not even a link, but an amusing call from a listener to 606 last night after Germany beat San Marino in San Marino (in front of a crowd that constituted a fifth of that country's population) 13-0. "Typical Germany - twelve offside goals and a lucky penalty."

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Yeah, because with impartial referees, San Marino would have totally taken that match. They were so close.* * to keeping it out of double digits.

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Oldy but goody.

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My favourite commercial. No trickery, outside of one edit half way through because they couldn't find a studio long enough.

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That is great, Mr. B. It reminds of this beautiful classic, which goes seamlessly from a hand-held, to a crane, to a helicopter. And, it's sort of sports related. Sort of.

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Not even close to sports-related.

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Why mom's don't want their kids playing football.

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New Jersey Devils' backup goaltender wins some extra cash at poker tournament.

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The NBA's official explanation for all 30 team names.

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3 of my favorite things violins, flutes and rock-n-roll. An arrangement of Led Zeppelin's "Kashmir" performed by Lucia Micarelli (classical violinist) and Ian Anderson (classic Flautist) with the rest of Jethro Tull. Great clip although its cut short at the end. Sound of course on this one.

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frazer, that's an interesting link.

"The one-syllable directness of the Bulls was also in line with Chicago’s other team nicknames—Bears, (White) Sox, Cubs, and (Black) Hawks."
Yeah, all the major Chicago sports teams are all one syllable, except for half of them.

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Folkways, you might check out Lucia's blog, which is ... interesting. Also, some video of the world's angriest cat. Surrounding ads NSFW.

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This Pro-line commercial will be old hat to all Ontario SpoFites, but it's still pretty funny. It's not as good as the "how much gunpowder did you use?" one, but I'm still looking for an online video there.

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This is a pretty cool site- you need to be a member to enjoy its services, but its worth it. I thought about giving this a FPP, but a link dump is almost as good.

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This one ranks up there with the Theismann injury, imo.

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Did anybody else in these parts make it to the Touch n Go party in Chicago this weekend? It was a great time. Killdozer, Negative Approach, the Didjits, Man or Astroman, Big Black/Shellac, the Ex, and Scratch Acid were all fantastic. I'm really glad I went to the festival.

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This one ranks up there with the Theismann injury, imo. Oh dude! Ouch! I can't watch that again. Disturbing content indeed. That's just plain evil.

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OK, you want play like that... Here is one of the best (or worst, depending on how you look at it) slam sections in a skateboarding video. From the Toy Machine movie, Welcome to Hell. Warning: You will see a shot of Ed Templeton's balls, not pretty.

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Oh ... your ... god, tselson. I never saw that one before. Here is another one, from Transworld's The Reason video. The first bad one happens right at the beginning, the second bad one happens at about 2:12. Here's one, a lot less painful, and a better soundtrack. Birdhouse's The End.

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I had to stop the first one at @ 2:16. Painful. I'll try again after lunch! That second one...damn. I'm sure you've seen this guy before. "Give me another beer."

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That one is pretty nasty tselson. Here is one for you though. The one before the beer guy.

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Has anyone seen my breakfast? I've lost it.

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One last bone breaker for you.

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Jojo, that motorcycle one's great. I probably shouldn't find that nearly as funny as I do, but first there's the big, cheesy-horror-movie build-up as his buddy saunters along to the crash site. Credit him for running 15 feet before giving up and walking. Then the dialogue is fantastic... "It hurts so bad," as his ankle dangles by a sock. "Yeah, it's okay though, it's really not that bad" (same guy, on the phone to the 911 operator) "Motorcycle accident, broken leg, it's like the worst..."

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Northern Colorado's back-up punter stabs the starting punter in his kicking leg.

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Thats my favorite part of it also SummersEve. "Its not that's like the worst." That and in the last one when that kid actually tries to push that back together, ouch. There are tons of them at

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It's never too late to start playing hockey, is it? I guess we will have to wait & see.

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that's awesome

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Nice Post, sk8tr/Dan/Fris/whatsyerface. Thanks for pointing that out - I'll be reading the followups.

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Ref faces suspension as ballboy scores goal. Sadly, after Graham Poll's performance in the World Cup, I can't say anything about this.

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Ref faces suspension as ballboy scores goal. Video. Totally wrong, should have been called a hand-ball, but the goalie has to make that save.

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You are most welcome Sammy. If I understand it right, the followups will be every wednesday on Also, something that might be of interest to you: now about to unleash their eighth album on an unsuspecting and defenseless world. Who could it be you ask? The one, the only, The Lemonheads. Maybe I should try to work a Toadies reference into a hockey thread.

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Good to see Dando is still alive at least.

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I give it ten days before Newcastle sign that ballboy.

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Looking at this boxscore makes my arm hurt. Specifically, Nolan Ryan's line. He faced 58 batters that game. The pitch count estimate is in the neighbourhood of 250. Somewhere, Dusty Baker touches himself while reading this boxscore...

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It's a shame about Ray.

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The one, the only, The Lemonheads. What the hell year is this? The Afghan Whigs are getting back together too.

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Grum: RED SOX 4TH: Yastrzemski walked; Carbo walked [Yastrzemski to second]; Petrocelli walked [Yastrzemski to third, Carbo to second]; McAuliffe was called out on strikes; Hughes walked [Yastrzemski scored, Carbo to third, Petrocelli to second]; Guerrero struck out; Cooper struck out; 1 R, 0 H, 0 E, 3 LOB. Red Sox 1, Angels 0. Man, if that doesn't just totally epitomize Ryan's early work. I lied about being the outdoor type.

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The Afghan Whigs are getting back together too. I'll make the ignorant comment and ask if there's a huge difference between Greg Dulli projects?

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Let's do the lawnmower!

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Sixths time's a charm! tags: football soccer penalty kicks anal referee

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gspm: We need the Turkish translation on this one.

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This is a much better penalty.

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Other person's pain == Our laughter?

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SOCCER RESORT CELEBRITY TOURNAMENT IN ICELAND: Because Iceland in November is exactly where I want to play against "the Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United and Arsenal stars of the 1990's." Though according to the Iceland tourist bureau website the weather corresponds to the weather at the "same time of year in the US northeast."

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Not really a link dump, but just a chance to snicker a bit... Watching Oakland almost sew up the AL West while stomping Chicago almost out of the playoff picture this weekend, I'm reminded of this SpoFi discussion. 6 games against the White Sox .368/.500/1.053 4 HR 4 Runs 9 RBIs Dear Ozzie and Kenny, Ha. Ha. Sincerely, Frank

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Confession Ball$?

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This place needs an "I Told You So" section. You could have posted this thread as well... ...except THERE you were 2 for 3. Piazza might have value as a back-up catcher/DH on an AL team. If you are expecting him to be the core of your lineup, you'll be in trouble. .303 /.359/.542/.900 at the end of July, and a late season swoon of sorts is still leaving him with respectable numbers. No Thomas, to be sure... and Scott Hatteberg is still stealing bases off him... but he does have 22 homers this morning, and his somewhat unimpressive total of 64 RBIs in the four slot isn't entirely his fault.

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tselson: "Pete told me he signed a couple of dozen as a favor to the guys in Cooperstown," Greene is quoted as saying in a story slated to appear in Sports Collectors Digest this week, the Daily News reported. The "guys in Cooperstown" are Tom Catal and Andrew Vilacky, two memorabilia dealers affiliated with Pete Rose Collectibles and the Pete Rose Museum, on the third floor of Catal's collectibles store in Cooperstown, N.Y. Andrew Vilacky. Friend of Pete Rose. Good guy. Also once spiked me hard in the ankle trying to break up a double play in the final inning of a slow-pitch softball game in which his team was leading 15-0. Rose sure knows how to pick 'em.

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.except THERE you were 2 for 3. Definitely. I wiffed mightily about Piazza and (I'm pretty sure there is evidence around here somewhere) Alfonso Soriano. However, what made the Thomas/White Sox thing so sweet was how White Sox "fans" made a big deal about how happy they were that the "Big Skirt" was gone. It's one thing to be wrong about a player/team you have no real rooting interest in (Padres? Nationals? I see them play about once a year on TV), but it's a whole other kettle of kvetch to bad mouth the best player in the team's history and then watch him dismantle your team's playoff chances in front of you.

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However, what made the Thomas/White Sox thing so sweet was how White Sox "fans" made a big deal about how happy they were that the "Big Skirt" was gone. No doubt. Sweet icing if he wins the MVP, too. And my bet is you see the Padres at least three more times this year...

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Perhaps some of the posts we make fun of are really just ahead of their time. They are not misspelling, they are using EuroEnglish.

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Also once spiked me hard in the ankle trying to break up a double play in the final inning of a slow-pitch softball game in which his team was leading 15-0. Rose sure knows how to pick 'em. He must have bet Pete that they'd win 16-0. Yeah, sadly enough, Pete knows how to pick them. Thanks for the link, without it I wouldn't have known that Vilacky was a memorabilia dealer/felon. Damn, Pete.

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I'm going to join Hater in posting to the NotSports section with this beauty.

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Do not read after eating.

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The place: Paupers, Bloor east of Bathurst, early evening, Monday night. The story: While A.J. Burnett is cruising through the lower end of his first run-through the Yankees order on the TV over the bar, a fellow walks up and addresses the bartender. "Can you put the Leafs game on?" The time: 7:48 p.m. Postscript: The satellite dish at Paupers wasn't working so, no, there was no Leafs "action." But I've got 7:48 p.m. in the pool for first "Can you put the Leafs game on?" question of the season. Beat that, kids.

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"Can you put the Leafs game on?" And they get hammered by the Sabres (or what was announced as the Sabres, even though those jerseys look like something you see on a rec house league ball hockey team). "Same as it ever was, same as it ever was..."

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For all you Ultimate players out there: the 11th Edition of the UPA rulebook is now available for player review and feedback.

posted by DrJohnEvans at 12:38 PM on September 20

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