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Giants accuse Rockies of cheating : SF pitcher Tim Lincecum called a ball "juiced" during Friday's game. Giants sportscaster Jon Miller outright accused the Rockies of using non-humidor balls when on offense this summer. No proof has been offered, but the Rockies agreed to have an umpire supervise entire transport of balls from humidor to field.

posted by MKUltra to baseball at 12:39 PM on September 26, 2010 - 8 comments

How Mariano Rivera Dominates Hitters: Neat video feature from the NYT on how Mo keeps getting it done with just one pitch.

posted by MKUltra to baseball at 10:20 AM on July 01, 2010 - 1 comment

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Fan Dies After Josh Hamilton Tosses Him Baseball

As tragic this is for the guy who died, let alone his family, I shudder to think how this will affect Hamilton, who's got a history of, let's say, emotional frailty.

posted by MKUltra at 02:03 PM on July 08, 2011

Reds' Leake Arrested for Shoplifting

Why so eager to defend him and diagnose mental illness? There's no pattern here. Maybe he's just an asshole who got caught stealing.

posted by MKUltra at 09:59 AM on April 20, 2011

Phil Hughes Put on DL with 'Dead Arm'

Why? Dead arm is not uncommon- what's troubling is seeing it this early in the season.

posted by MKUltra at 05:43 PM on April 18, 2011

Cliff Lee is ... a Phillie?

The Phillies also give Lee one thing the Rangers and Yankees couldn't- a team focused on good fielding. Remember, Lee's one of those rare Stud Pitchers who has never racked up a 200+ strikout season.

posted by MKUltra at 12:39 PM on December 14, 2010

Yankees Caps Popular Among Criminals

I dunno, being the richest, most popular, most successful team in baseball may have something to do with it. What a non-story.

posted by MKUltra at 04:40 PM on September 16, 2010

Manny Ramirez Ejected After Seeing One Pitch

You can replace baseball with [Name Your Sport Here] and it's the exact thing. Stop picking on LeBron. He does it all out of a pure love of the game.

posted by MKUltra at 04:24 PM on September 01, 2010

Manny Ramirez Ejected After Seeing One Pitch

What was up with the press conference he did in Spanish with Cora translating? Publicity stunt? Outreach to the Hispanic community? Cry for help? I'm no Manny hater, but I do find that some of his actions make me scratch my head.

You have heard the phrase "Manny being Manny", yes? Granted, I don't have to deal with him personally, but I thought it was pretty hilarious.

posted by MKUltra at 02:51 PM on September 01, 2010

Klemens Indikted

I'm of such mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, the Federal Government stepping in to "investigate" steroid abuse and slapping a few guys with perjury charges because they've got nothing else is far more embarrassing to the country than steroids are to the game.

On the other hand, dviking is absolutely right. Clemens was not asked to testify- he demanded it. Be careful what you ask for.

posted by MKUltra at 11:01 AM on August 20, 2010

Yankees' Alex Rodriguez hits 600th career home run

I can count the times he's done something likable on no hands.

What, exactly, is the kind of behavior you're looking for here to qualify as "likable"?

He doesn't hog the limelight. He speaks well of his teammates in post-game interviews. I don't think I've ever heard him speak poorly of another player on the record.

Unless your definition of "likable" is so extreme as to only include hyper-gregarious guys like his teammate Nick Swisher, I don't know what you're bar you're expecting him to hit.

Regarding his move to 3rd: It was a bigger thing than people are giving him credit for. Yes, Jeter was captain and Face Of The Yankees. But he was not, at that point, a good defensive shortstop. We all love his beautifully acrobatic throws so much that we ignore they covered up his lack of range. Arod, meanwhile, was (and still is) a much better defensive player- arguably the best at the position. Of course he had to defer as a matter of politics, but he did in a graceful, low-key way that deserves respect.

One last thing- Arod may have a large ego, and clearly has issues with family, identity, image, and who knows what else, but he has been up front about using therapy to help him deal with his personal struggles. It was a brave statement in support of something many consider a sign of weakness.

posted by MKUltra at 11:50 AM on August 06, 2010

Yankees' Alex Rodriguez hits 600th career home run

I don't see why the distinction matters at all if you think steroids helps a player hit home runs.

Look at the year to year OPS of Arod, then look at it for guys like McGwire, Sosa, and Giambi. One is fairly steady. The others have serious peaks in the late 90's that then quickly return to earlier levels.

Of course steroids can help you hit home runs. But there are plenty of other uses for a growth hormone that don't involve hulking out.

posted by MKUltra at 04:08 PM on August 05, 2010

Yankees' Alex Rodriguez hits 600th career home run

Why is it an important distinction that their body changed? A-Rod admitted to using, so obviously body changes are not a reliable indication of steroid use.

I'm drawing a line between a smaller group of guys who abused steroids to turn themselves into different (stronger) players, and a wider group of players who used them as a conditioning cheat to keep their bodies from breaking down. Not to excuse either situation, but I think there's a significant difference.

posted by MKUltra at 01:34 PM on August 05, 2010

Yankees' Alex Rodriguez hits 600th career home run

but did it with a smile and seemed to enjoy the game and be grateful for the opportunity

Want to talk about fraudulent? Aside from being a blatant, unrepentant cheater, Sosa:

- Stopped caring about playing hard once his career took the slightest downturn.

- Blared salsa in the Cubs clubhouse like he owned the place.

- Left Wrigley Field before the game ended during his last game as a Cub.

Fuck Sammy Sosa. You can't smile that kind of behavior away.

posted by MKUltra at 01:02 PM on August 05, 2010

Yankees' Alex Rodriguez hits 600th career home run


Oh, FFS, really? It continually amazes me that people simply don't understand the wide spectrum of steroid use. On the one side, you've got guys like Bonds, McGwire, Sosa, Giambi, and Canseco, who pumped a lot of shit in their asses and completely altered their appearance while breaking records.

Then you've got guys like Arod, who admitted to using steroids while in Texas, but whose numbers aren't out of whack with his career trend. Are you going to tell me that there wasn't rampant use of "healing creams" and pills to help players get through the wear and tear of a season (not unlike greenies in decades past)? That's some serious denial.

And this somehow makes him a fraud or a douche?

Is it that he's just not a Nice Guy? Dude has a fucked up family dynamic and is thrust into superstardom and mega-money at age 25. I'm willing to cut him some slack. I don't need him to be my friend, I want him to hit the ball out of the park and gun a bullseye to first after making a diving stop.

Moreover, I can't believe anyone in their right mind would judge Arod in any kind of harsher light than Sammy Sosa, who so obviously juiced his way into the record books yet continues to deny deny deny, and who was caught using a corked bat in a major league game.

posted by MKUltra at 12:05 PM on August 05, 2010

Yankee PA announcer dies

Sheppard was so eloquent, and so much a part of Yankee history, that Derek Jeter has it in his contract that a recording of Sheppard's voice will announce his plate appearances as long as he's a Yankee.


posted by MKUltra at 06:01 PM on July 11, 2010