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EPL Gamblers

Thanks I'll check out the podcast & look for the value bets. I lost on Man City so hopefully AV comes thru.

posted by catfish at 03:54 PM on September 13, 2008


I'll put my Ron Jeremy Award in the attic.

posted by catfish at 06:58 PM on January 05, 2008

Link Dump

Vegas Sports Book To Take Fantasy Bets

posted by catfish at 05:51 PM on August 29, 2007

Soccer coaching tips?

In beta, but coaches might want to take a look at this site. The premise is to offer a landing page site for all local sports in a given community, where teams can share information about their players, coaches, stats, schedule, and media like photos and videos. There’s also sections for local news, which are a series of blogs that have been launched in the handful of the cities that LocalReplay has established a presence. Registration link with more info.

posted by catfish at 01:18 AM on August 24, 2007

Anyone else get spammed by ArmchairGM?

I mean, it's 'newer', which is good, and a 'ma' in front of it, which is also good. Ma-newer , right?

posted by catfish at 09:54 PM on August 07, 2007

Anyone else get spammed by ArmchairGM?

Sorry ma. I'll stop. It just seemed odd. Six comments over spam in March 06 & then rehashing it, well...whatever

posted by catfish at 09:17 PM on August 07, 2007

Anyone else get spammed by ArmchairGM?

So why bring up your spam email. I could care less if you were an "other", it was a joke. This was discussed, in full, a year & a half ago, why do we need another round.

posted by catfish at 08:58 PM on August 07, 2007

Anyone else get spammed by ArmchairGM?

As I said, you commented many times on that thread. You also wrote that you received an invite. Bad memory, that's fine. Viral campaign, that's not.

posted by catfish at 06:48 PM on August 07, 2007

Anyone else get spammed by ArmchairGM?

What's going on JG? We had this same discussion in March 06 (check archives) & you made like 6 comments, including one where you got an invite. Are you one of the others?

posted by catfish at 05:40 PM on August 07, 2007

Free Live Streams of Cricket World Cup

looks like link 2 is no good. sorry.

posted by catfish at 04:43 PM on March 13, 2007

Link dump!

"I'm on this Zoloft thing, right? But I'm on that to keep me from killing y'all!" Tyson quotes.

posted by catfish at 06:18 PM on October 20, 2006

I want my MTV

obligatory myspace page

posted by catfish at 11:12 AM on May 26, 2006

I want my MTV

Speaking of deadspin, watch this.

posted by catfish at 11:05 AM on May 26, 2006

Hey -

If we do that, I so totally want dibs on being the construction worker. Well you'll need to commit a felony to catch up on old times with miss piggy

posted by catfish at 09:00 PM on March 30, 2006

Hey -

Use Gmail. Did get invited. Feel . . . moderately ok about the whole thing.

posted by catfish at 12:18 PM on March 28, 2006

NFL Pick 'Em Contest: Superbowl Mania Edition [MI]

Pats Dillon 11 23

posted by catfish at 02:34 PM on February 06, 2005

Another vote for Scoresheet.

posted by catfish at 02:39 PM on December 11, 2003

thanks tyrone

posted by catfish at 05:06 AM on November 14, 2003

damn i cut loose another RB too early. james jackson joins domanick davis & rudi johnson. i have 3 receivers carrying my team & if one of em gets hurt i'm screwed.

posted by catfish at 01:33 AM on November 14, 2003

well at least he didn't release everyone like in the hockey league.

posted by catfish at 06:38 PM on November 13, 2003

I think this comment ruined my luck you cocky bastard

posted by catfish at 12:55 PM on November 03, 2003

Marshall should take the week off so my new hero Arlen Harris can score another 3 td's. Spacemen is w/out Holmes so Rass should take care of them then i'll knock em out of first the following week. Sound familiar dusted?

posted by catfish at 10:19 AM on October 30, 2003

1 37 Push Ups 59 1 Mr. Freakin KnowItAll 59 3 Crap City Crapaneers 58 4 This Isnt Football! 57 5 Broke leg no hope 53 6 vagabonds 51 6 Favrearinos 51 8 dano likes donuts 50 8 Trendelmaniacs 50 8 kloeprich 50 11 the boston beans 49 12 JasonSpaceman 48 13 mbd1s coin flips 44 14 darling fascist bully boys 34 15 bcb2k2 pix nfl2k3 19 The overall leader on yahoo has 81 correct picks for an unheard of 79%. Break even after the juice is at 54 so we have 4 playas in the $. There were also 3 or 4 pushes which count as losses so broke leg no hope can probably afford that 6 pack of Anchor Steam now.

posted by catfish at 07:17 AM on October 25, 2003

ain't that a bitch. trade for local flavor & now allen is out.

posted by catfish at 01:49 AM on October 25, 2003

first waivers went through & there's also a trade but w/ a veto. please vote & i'll process it by sunday at the latest.

posted by catfish at 04:28 AM on October 24, 2003

mkn : vagabonds = christopher f my team has scored like 5 times this year. i need some goals, anyone need a goalie? make an offer

posted by catfish at 01:59 PM on October 23, 2003

Maybe I'll go that route - trade for the entire Niner roster. hey garcia si start packing

posted by catfish at 12:43 PM on October 21, 2003

yep the 21st not the 14th

posted by catfish at 04:58 PM on October 13, 2003

it's at yahoo

posted by catfish at 03:37 PM on October 13, 2003

i don't even get the pleasure of smashing your goatees during the season bcb. but i can wait until the playoffs. maybe i'll have a rb by then.

posted by catfish at 01:38 PM on October 08, 2003

sorry danO you can't match my receivers so look forward to 2-6.

posted by catfish at 11:22 AM on October 08, 2003

i just stole michael bennett off the free agent list. if he comes back strong it's title time. & yeah i'm kinda drunk.

posted by catfish at 12:10 AM on October 08, 2003

Thanks for the great table.

posted by catfish at 08:25 PM on October 07, 2003

roto - In a Rotisserie League, fantasy teams are ranked from first to last in each of several statistical categories. Points are then awarded according to the order of finish in each category and are totaled to determine an overall score and place. So, if you are in a 12-team league, the team with the most assists will receive 12 points, the team with the second most will receive 11 points, etc. In the case of a tie, each team involved receives an average of the total points due -- i.e., in the above example, if two teams were tied for first in assists, each would receive 11.5 points [(12 + 11) / 2 = 11.5]. fantasy - In a fantasy point league (available only to Custom Leagues), points are awarded based on how well your players perform in each of several statistical categories. All real-life statistics have associated point values, and each player's points are summed to produce your daily total. So, if in your league, an assist is worth two points, a steal one and a blocked shot one, a player with two assists, three steals and 10 blocks would score 17 [(2*2) + (3*1) + (10*1)] fantasy points. head to head - In a Head-to-Head League, your team will square off in a weekly matchup against another manager's to see who can compile the best stats across a number of different categories. A new weekly matchup begins every Monday and will consist of a set number of games based on your league's statistical categories. Each stat category counts as one game, with the win going to the team that finishes the week with the highest total in that category (the cumulative total after each Sunday's games).

posted by catfish at 03:13 PM on October 03, 2003

it's set for roto right now but whatever y'all want.

posted by catfish at 04:25 PM on October 02, 2003

well i set one up but i need some input on the settings. id 18325 password spofi league name spofi live draft 645pm pdt on 10/21 season starts 10/28

posted by catfish at 11:46 AM on October 02, 2003

Catfish, will you be trading half your team next week in this league too? Well i tried to dump em before week 1 but had no takers. i did make 19 roster moves though. my team has been pretty lucky so far. i managed a tie week 1 because FDS had 2 injured players in his line up. week two i won by two. in week 3 i edged the show thanks to his wild receiver. espn has a decent photo(#6) of the swing but i can't seem to copy it.

posted by catfish at 12:42 PM on September 23, 2003

Time to do a catfish. I hope everyone does a catfish & takes the 56 point hit. i know nothing about the sport so i ran with the auto picks. big mistake. after i redrafted i lucked into some players & now i'm getting into euro football a bit. hoping to finish in the top half then dominate next year.

posted by catfish at 06:28 PM on September 20, 2003

group #32919 group name spofi password spofi

posted by catfish at 04:40 PM on September 01, 2003

it was nice while it lasted. there's only so much a whitejenkinscruz outfield can do. So, Biddle for any OF w/ a high average.

posted by catfish at 06:04 AM on August 10, 2003

yes & somehow you've managed to trade for pedro,halladay,gagne,foulke & sir sidney in the past month. the championship is yours to lose.

posted by catfish at 09:29 PM on August 06, 2003

thanks rass that was nice. Life is good

posted by catfish at 11:04 PM on August 05, 2003

your right grum it wasn't week 3 but you weren't in first place alone either. we were tied for the day. i'd let you make it but i'm not feeling so great today. that might have to do w/ the 5 or 6 trade offers made to AI w/ out 1 counter offer. or maybe the fact i have the worst fantasy football team ever assembled.

posted by catfish at 11:31 PM on August 04, 2003

not that anyone wanted to do it but my football contest post from the 25th is already gone. one or two weeks seems reasonable.

posted by catfish at 06:02 PM on July 26, 2003

Pedro hasn't made a move since july 10 so i'm guessing he dropped out. What are you looking for? I need a stick & will part with any pitcher except hudson.

posted by catfish at 05:10 PM on July 21, 2003

I was just blowin steam. No trade should be vetoed unless it's obvious collusion - and this ain't.

posted by catfish at 02:33 PM on July 19, 2003

a lot to give up? a solid set up guy , rookie sp, crap 3b, an outfielder who won't play & 1 player having a good year in Bradley. You got probable AL cy young, top AL reliever & solid 3b. yeah you got a good deal. it will be tough to hold you & rass off. I need a bat in the OF. wolf,chacon,biddle available - make an offer.

posted by catfish at 01:22 AM on July 19, 2003

Can chaz take over the Thugs? Nice trade jerseygirl. LM sure is sweet on you.

posted by catfish at 06:44 PM on July 18, 2003

Nice site BlackTable. Looking good jerseygirl w/ schilling & nevin coming back. Hey Rass, thanks for Cruz but I don't think i have enough to win this thing.

posted by catfish at 04:09 PM on July 11, 2003

Looking forward to reading "This week's leader (again) is catfish! "next week. Great job corpse. Let's subtract a save from AI though. Mets up 7-2 v reds today. bases loaded & griffey just looks at 5 pitches. game over. i thought that the tying run had to be at the plate for a save. well it should be. good luck to all in the second half.

posted by catfish at 05:14 PM on July 04, 2003

That was quick. What's up with the return of the insta-trade. Last week i waited 4 days & missed a start by hudson. Yesterday my trade was approved in 4 hours & i'll miss a start by rogers v indians. Yep i'm crying because i'm starting to fade a little but c'mon commish just be consistent w/ trades.

posted by catfish at 11:28 AM on July 02, 2003

Hey jerseygirl i had no idea about Chacon going on DL. I'd still like Ichiro, so who do you want?

posted by catfish at 11:04 AM on July 02, 2003

You're getting a little to close to first place jerseygirl BACK OFF

posted by catfish at 06:46 PM on June 22, 2003

4 K's in 1 IP

posted by catfish at 05:15 PM on June 12, 2003

It's a little too quite in here. I think my month of first place comes to an end this week.

posted by catfish at 10:08 PM on June 11, 2003

IE users should try the Avant browser.

posted by catfish at 11:11 PM on June 04, 2003

I guess all that sweet talk paid off AI. Kearns for Kazsu is a hell of a deal.

posted by catfish at 07:09 PM on June 04, 2003

Yeah vito I'd like to play one night. It doesn't look like the online game is going to fly though.

posted by catfish at 12:07 AM on May 31, 2003

I play at ($1-2 or 2-4)and while they offer private table play it's the bonus at partypoker that interested me. It seems after depositing an initial fifty we could all refer one player & add $75 to account. As far as % to house I don't know for sure but my guess would be a standard rake once the pot reaches a certain amount. Do you play at any card rooms around Seattle?

posted by catfish at 03:22 PM on May 30, 2003

I thought would be the best site as well vito. I called their cust service & we can start w/ play money but the table wouldn't be password protected. A real money table would be all ours & it looks like their lowest limits for Texas Hold 'Em is .50 - $1. Their bonus program looks great as well. The only drawback is if we decide to play for real money some might be uncomfortable using neteller or western union. Any suggestions for times to play?

posted by catfish at 02:33 PM on May 30, 2003