August 21, 2007

Soccer coaching tips?: I don't know who asked, or when they asked, but I do recall someone seeking advice here in the Locker Room on coaching soccer (girl's?). What I do recall was reading the excellent advice members gave. There is a similar question on Ask Metafilter, I wanted to point out in case folks were inclined to help.

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I found it and posted a link to it in the AskMe thread.

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Thanks, NoMich!

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Seems that it's being covered nicely. In case anyone's interested, my U/16 girls finished 5th out of eight this season. They got better every game, had fun and we discovered a couple of players with real potential who were having their first ever season. About 5 of them go up to the women's league next year, including my daughter. Where's the Kicking' Chicks season analysis? Tex? Women's World Cup starts in a couple of weeks, too.

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Yes, I got some really helpful advice from that thread. This season will be even more interesting---my girls team is now co-ed playing in a U14 boys league. I say bring it on. OK owlhouse, here's an article I wrote printed in the local paper: After a hard fought season, the Lake Country Youth Soccer Association Under 12 Girls Team, The Kicking Chicks, captured the Championship at the Georgetown Invitational Tournament the weekend of May 19 and 20. This group of girls, several playing above their age group, came together as a real team and lost only 3 of the 15 games they played throughout the season. The Chicks showed much improved technical play, a terrific spirit, great energy, top class sportsmanship and a hunger for the game unsurpassed by their opponents. This is a team for which the entire North Shore can be proud. You may be surprised to see how far these girls go in their careers. Watch for these names in the future: AB, Captain DC, KC, HF, Captain NG, MK, KM, Captain DP, LP, SS, TS, PS and MW. Most Open soccer tournaments allow for three guest players. One of our guest players, KM, came from the Temple area. Our other guests were both from Cedar Park, FI and AB. Within minutes of warming up with the Chicks before the first game, the girls were made to feel welcome and a part of the team. With first choice goalkeeper SS away for a previous commitment, MW and HF would be called on to step into the game’s most important position. In soccer, without strong, committed goalkeeping, your team will never go far. The first game was against the Georgetown Ambush. With teammates NG, KM and LP winning balls in midfield, MK was able to hold off defenders on her way to scoring the key first goal of the game. The Ambush came back quickly to tie the score, and then it was time for AB, supported by her new teammates, to show what she could do. With help from all over the field, including KM, DC, TS and FI, AB scored 4 goals as the game ended in a 5-1 victory for the Kicking Chicks. The second game of the day was against the Chicks’ friendly rivals, the Round Rock Warriors, coached by MC. The competition between these two teams is a terrific example of youth sportsmanship. Both teams want to win but the games are played with respect between players, their families and coaches. This was the third game the teams played against each other this season, the first two ending in hard fought 0-0 ties. Terrific contributions and hard work were provided by AB, PS, HF, MW and KC. Finally, in this game, there would be a winner. DP scored the only goal in a 1-0 victory and the Chicks were well on their way to tournament success. The day’s third game was against another league rival, the Titans. A physical team, the Titans are difficult to beat but MK, came up with the goal that would secure another 1-0 victory. Again, there was positive influence from all over the field and as it is with all the Kicking Chicks games, it was a true team effort. There was one play in particular that demonstrated what the Chicks are all about. Late in the game, with the Titans becoming frustrated by the iron grip of the Chicks’ defense, one of the Titans players put a strong shoulder challenge into DP. The captain’s head hit the ground hard but after a few anxious moments, she was back on her feet and ready to go. She was applauded by everyone at the game and her teammates were nothing less than inspired by the courage of one of their leaders. The Kicking Chicks last game of the tournament was against the Black Lightning, a team of quick and skillful players. Once again, an early goal from DP set the team off on the right foot. With strong defending from HF, LP, PS, AB, FI and MW, it was difficult for the Lightning to build any momentum. The score stayed 1-0 until halftime and the Chicks knew they had one hand on the trophy. The second half started with wave after wave of attacks from the Kicking Chicks, but they were finding it difficult to get another goal. PS continued her wonderful all around play by scoring what appeared to be the second goal, but it was called back by an offside ruling. LP, having played most of the tournament in defense, was moved up front to forward and within minutes she scored the second goal. LP has been a terrific player all season and she deserved the goal that would clinch the Championship. Just to make sure the trophies were coming to LV, KM held off three defenders in the final minutes to score the third goal to put an exclamation point on the Kicking Chicks first Championship. The Kicking Chicks are coached by JS, AP and CH.

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Congrats on the excellant season texan.

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lern ta spel, yin yang! ;)

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I almost went with excellent too, but for some reason I chose the "a" instead. Oh well.

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In beta, but coaches might want to take a look at this site. The premise is to offer a landing page site for all local sports in a given community, where teams can share information about their players, coaches, stats, schedule, and media like photos and videos. There’s also sections for local news, which are a series of blogs that have been launched in the handful of the cities that LocalReplay has established a presence. Registration link with more info.

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