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Other teams, for me the Red Sox and the Patriots, cause just as much schaedenfreude as the Yankees.

I think this would be more of an issue here if there weren't so many fans of these teams here. There are far fewer Yankees fans here, so the Yankees posts get more easily diverted to a hate-fest. We ought to be able to discuss any sports team rationally -- pitching, hitting, coaching without the hate. And, as Nerf pointed out, the thread could have just as easily been focused on the surprising Orioles or surging Rays.

posted by bperk at 03:58 PM on September 06, 2012

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I love to hate the Yankees. It's fun to root against those kind of dominant teams. However, I don't want to do it such that SpoFi loses Yankees fans. I think we lost BullpenPro over that, and he was a great member.

posted by bperk at 08:57 AM on September 06, 2012

Did Troy Play Dirty?

I am a non-Steelers fan and non-Patriots fan, and I saw nothing at all like that. TV so quickly jumps to a replay after the end of a replay that you don't get to see much scrum stuff anyway. If it was very visible on tv, I'm surprised that the commentators wouldn't have mentioned it.

posted by bperk at 02:08 PM on November 03, 2011

SpoFi Growth?

Congrats, jg. I hope you use the same creativity you brought to naming your fantasy teams to naming your baby. That would be fun!

posted by bperk at 10:45 PM on October 16, 2011

SportsFilter and Me

I appreciate your posts, rcade. The low-brow posts seem to generate lots of comments, so perhaps you are accurately judging the community. I get irritated at people getting criticized for doing FPPs when it is a job few members share. (I fail spectacularly in this regard.) I guess that is why I was wearing my cranky pants as LBB said.

posted by bperk at 01:47 PM on September 28, 2011

NYTimes links?

There should be a work-around since they aren't charging anyone who links from google.

posted by bperk at 04:10 PM on March 29, 2011

Profile, Posting Bugs Squashed

In preview, all the apostrophes get a slash in front of them, but it's gone when you post.

posted by bperk at 06:06 AM on April 21, 2010

SportsFilter Turns 8

This is the one site that makes me wish I had a boring office job so I could spend more time here. I resemble that remark.

What user number are we on? I joined five years ago, and I was 1395.

posted by bperk at 07:26 AM on January 26, 2010

Book Giveaway: Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours

I want to know what trouble rcade has gotten into after 2 am.

posted by bperk at 11:17 AM on December 16, 2009

Book Giveaway: Teach Yourself Java in 24 Hours

Why has SpoFi been deprived of your amazing abilities to answer random questions?

posted by bperk at 01:37 PM on December 14, 2009

Should SportsFilter Think of the Children?

No. I like moderating that keeps the discussions civil and mostly intelligent, but not censored for any and all use of a curse word.

Kerrycindy, there are kids specific sports sites like SI Kids where young people write blog stories and such. If you think that any exposure to curse words would be harmful to your son, you could encourage him to use a site like that.

posted by bperk at 12:29 PM on November 05, 2009

Pushing an Agenda on SportsFilter

I'm sure just about everyone here has been in the minority on the side that he/she believed was right. It is always frustrating. Still, it says nothing bad about the community that this happens. In fact, it speaks to the diversity of views here. When this happens, you can do as I do and just assume everyone else is a moron or you can embrace martyrdom. Whatever works.

posted by bperk at 10:14 AM on September 30, 2009

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What browser are you using, bperk?

I'm using Firefox.

posted by bperk at 11:38 AM on February 04, 2009

Comment Formatting

In preview, my comments run all the way to the right of the screen, so that I would have to continue scrolling right to see it all. It doesn't fit in the preview box.

posted by bperk at 04:58 PM on February 03, 2009

Sportsfilter Technology Refresh?

The Great BullPenPro rant can be found here That whole thread is great. Thanks for finding it.

posted by bperk at 12:44 PM on June 13, 2008


There were no accolades to respond to. Only if you didn't read the link.

posted by bperk at 09:03 AM on March 05, 2008

Kudos on the good posts today (March 4).

I don't know. I get somewhat irritated when there is an FPP about some pretty major event with a link just to the news story. Favre's retirement and Walsh dying were good chances to put a fantastic FPP up. However, the news posts are already up before such an FPP can be completed. Of course, it probably only bothers me because I don't think those guys were given their due with those one news link FPPs.

posted by bperk at 08:14 AM on March 05, 2008


I don't really think that because you have issues with something that's related to the topic of the thread, it's automatically appropriate and on-topic for you to vent in the thread. If a thread is about Favre and 10 people post how wonderful he is, I don't think it is wrong to point out the ways in which he wasn't wonderful. Sometimes the accolades are enough provocation to try to throw in some balance. The same goes for the Pats. If it is on topic to talk about how great the Pats are, then it has to be on topic to talk about the ways in which they are not great. Or, what dfleming said.

posted by bperk at 08:05 AM on March 05, 2008

Calling All Rookies

Metafilter recently went through a looong discussion about it. That was a fantastic discussion though I've only managed to get through half of it.

posted by bperk at 04:54 PM on January 26, 2008

Presented without comment,

Part of the problem, though, is that you can post a great FPP that gets very little attention because it's not about basketball, baseball, football or hockey. I still post a few "other" threads but I've mostly given up. I think there is still value in it even if people don't comment. Many times I read a great FPP, but I don't post anything because all I have to say is "great story." Maybe instead of posting Red Sox/Yankees stories to baseball, they should each have their own area. It would help people become aware if a certain team is getting an inordinate amount of FPPs without discouraging people from posting good FPPs.

posted by bperk at 11:22 AM on November 06, 2007

Presented without comment,

So I looked back over the past few weeks and found that other than the world series thread, which will always be posted no matter the teams, the trick or treat thread was the only Red Sox thread I could find. I think there were quite a bit more than that. There was the Manny thread, the Giuliani is a Red Sox fan thread, the Sox are going to the WS thread, and there was also the Ortiz thread. That's a lot of threads about one team. There have also been a ton of threads about Yankees and A-Rod, a former Yankee during that time. I don't know if there is a solution except for people to be conscious of how many stories are being posted in one particular area.

posted by bperk at 10:52 AM on November 06, 2007

Presented without comment,

When a website gains the power to hurt your feelings this profoundly, your problems neither began, nor ended, here. When someone decided that a site that they once enjoyed has now become more hassle and not worth the effort, how does that indicate that their feelings were hurt? Why does every criticism of SpoFi turn into an immediate indictment that the person is too sensitive? It's bullshit. The complete lack of camraderie that people feel for each other is frustrating to me. TCS complains about an FPP, and decided to not post here anymore. Good thing because if he hadn't the asshole comments that occurred in that thread would surely have spurred him in that direction anyway. This seems like an exact retread, but this time let's do the same thing to SE. What a great idea!

posted by bperk at 03:39 PM on November 05, 2007

Editorializing on the Front Page

Ummm, there are plenty of places to discuss the Yankees. Why does SpoFi have to be the place? WTF? The Yankees are a sports team. This is a sports site. Quit, or don't quit, TCS; but enough with the victimhood. What victimhood? He didn't put up this thread. I don't see any examples of him begging for sympathy. You've decided that there isn't any bias against the Yankees. Great for you. Perhaps your own dislike of the Yankees is influencing your opinion? Either way, a complete lack of respect that other intelligent members might disagree is shitty. This thread is really bringing out the worst in some posters here. It seems like we ought to be able to come to some consensus that there might be an anti-Yankees or anti-other team bias that we would rather not have.

posted by bperk at 02:05 PM on October 11, 2007

Editorializing on the Front Page

Please just let it go. If all your complaints are correct (and I do miss Beurnreuther and other Yankee fans of his ilk), all it suggests is the thick skin we Red Sox fans grew over the years serves us well. I think TCS's complaint is legit. There is an anti-Yankee bias here that isn't evident for the Red Sox. I don't think it has anything to do with a thicker skin. Failing to recognize it and calling Yankees fans sensitive or martyrs is a great way to lose articulate, passionate Yankees fans as members.

posted by bperk at 01:21 PM on October 11, 2007

Editorializing on the Front Page

I think "another early exit" is factual -- it's an exit in the first round three years in a row. What makes it early? There is nothing early about their exit unless you have expectations that they should go further. It is editorializing by implying that the Yankees should be disappointed by their "early exit" instead of happy that their team played well enough to make the playoffs. It could have been a what's next for this storied franchise FPP with a different linked article.

posted by bperk at 01:21 PM on October 10, 2007

Link Dump:

Good luck avoiding getting hit in the face, JJ. Go Kings!

posted by bperk at 09:51 AM on June 22, 2007

I found my beret while packing

That's not exactly how I pictured Weedy.

posted by bperk at 07:25 PM on June 19, 2007

I found my beret while packing

I can't imagine that it would be much fun getting email calling you a racist when you aren't. I'm sorry that you had to go through that, chico. Still, you are an important part of what makes SpoFi great, and I hope you change your mind.

posted by bperk at 02:55 PM on June 18, 2007

SportsFilter--The new internet police state.

I'll be happy to take a timeout, but if someone attacks me, I won't bend over. Damn near every comment you make is offensive. Do you have any idea how to turn if off?

posted by bperk at 12:32 PM on May 18, 2007

SportsFilter--The new internet police state.

Just trying to make light of the situation, buddy. Yeah, encouraging yay-yo when he is acting like an ass is really a clever way to extinguish that kind of behavior.

posted by bperk at 08:31 AM on May 18, 2007

SportsFilter--The new internet police state.

I think it really fucks up the discussion when the same people continually ignore the guidelines.

posted by bperk at 11:53 AM on May 17, 2007

SportsFilter Wiki

Yeah, that too. But, when I see a crazy commercial, I remember someone had a blog about commercials and I don't remember who that was. A lot of the wiki user pages have blogs which are easy to find out about now when there are only a handful of them, but will be difficult later.

posted by bperk at 07:54 PM on May 09, 2007

SportsFilter Wiki

Do you think we could have a compilation of member blogs or would that be outside the scope of the Wiki? It would be a great way to procrastinate at work.

posted by bperk at 07:21 PM on May 09, 2007

SportsFilter Wiki

Is there a way to see all the SpoFi pages or do you have to perform searches?

posted by bperk at 08:55 AM on May 09, 2007

Respect for the dead

The faux reverence for the dead just kills discussion on a board like this. If we take it as a given that Hancock's family isn't going to read our comments, then why not have a discussion about forces at play here. LaRussa's arrest, the practice of serving alcohol in clubhouses, playing in a stadium named after a beer - maybe all of this stuff is nothing or maybe it created an atmosphere where Hancock's behavior seemed ordinary to him. To be cliche, I haven't walked a mile in any one else's moccasins, so to comment on the end of their life feels like a failure on my part. I think that is a great plan. It eliminates hypocrisy, which is why I am a defender of grum in this instance. If people are going to put people they don't even know on a pedestal when they pass, then they need to accept that someone may come along with a different perception.

posted by bperk at 11:02 AM on May 04, 2007

Respect for the dead

I should say the tragedy of someone's death seems mitigated.

posted by bperk at 07:42 PM on May 03, 2007

Respect for the dead

I don't think anyone was taking joy in Hancock's death. Somehow though, at least for me, the tragedy of someone's death is mitigated somewhat by them choosing to engage in high-risk behavior. It is no longer so senseless and random.

posted by bperk at 07:35 PM on May 03, 2007

What Makes a Good SportsFilter Post

And, it's "Britney Spears' hair." Depends on who you ask.

posted by bperk at 04:04 PM on April 23, 2007

What Makes a Good SportsFilter Post

Which part is blatantly wrong in your name? I thought he was a fan of the Ying Yang Twins.

posted by bperk at 11:14 AM on April 23, 2007

Punctuation Matters

Choosing a Username: the harrowing tales of Weedy McSmokey, jerseygirl, and bullpenpro.

posted by bperk at 10:01 AM on April 20, 2007

Read post.

And, how it is on the inside page and not on the front page?

posted by bperk at 02:51 PM on April 11, 2007

Punctuation Matters

What did you guys do to luther? He is using punctuation.

posted by bperk at 04:28 PM on April 05, 2007

Punctuation Matters

I always thought that line was pervy. I don't get it. Why would an ass like a 10-year old boy be a good thing? Have I given this too much thought?

posted by bperk at 03:22 PM on April 05, 2007

Punctuation Matters

Let me guess . . . you sell used cars.

posted by bperk at 02:41 PM on April 05, 2007

Happy slightly belated fifth birthday!

Chico, you also guessed that the Jets would be second in the AFC East, that the Cardinals would be 5-11, that the Cowboys would lose their first playoff game, and that Parcells would leave at the end of the season. Your awesome skills are uncanny.

posted by bperk at 10:53 AM on February 02, 2007

Happy slightly belated fifth birthday!

So, because Souse mentioned googling his username, I googled mine. I found the football predictions from Sept. Chico correctly picked the Super Bowl teams. I should also mention that Holden did as well, but not until after Week 1.

posted by bperk at 08:49 AM on February 02, 2007

Happy slightly belated fifth birthday!

We were locked down in my building the other day because someone left a suspicious package in the bathroom. It was a thermos. If a terrorist was going to place bombs all over Boston, I seriously doubt they would have placed them in highly visible locations and made them look like Lite Brites. Common sense never enters the picture when dealing with these things. Everyone immediately skips common sense and goes straight to alarm mode.

posted by bperk at 04:53 PM on February 01, 2007

Prelude to a faces punching

The least members of Team Rooney could do for the delay is to add some Taco Bell packets to their overseas package. I sent mine before I received the entreaty. Yukon, you probably should have received mine by now. If you haven't, I can resend.

posted by bperk at 01:30 PM on January 29, 2007

The music is in the mail

I received lbb's. I haven't had the chance to listen to it. The cd has a beautiful label on it -- much better than a sharpie.

posted by bperk at 08:37 AM on January 18, 2007

The music is in the mail

Here's my song list: I’ll Be Glad When You’re Dead, You Rascal You / Louis Armstrong Awe Mfana / Hugh Masekela My Melancholy Baby / Charlie Parker Stairway to Heaven / Orchestre National de Jazz Blues March / Art Blakey My Sweet Hunk O’ Trash / Billie Holiday (with Louis Armstrong) Moanin’ / Paul Sottile It Never Entered My Mind / Miles Davis My Baby Just Cares For Me / Nina Simone El Burlón (The Joker) / Yosvany Terry Cabrera A Mayra / Bebo Valdes Watermelon Man / Herbie Hancock Jeep’s Blues / Duke Ellington Senegal-Brasil / Cheikh Lo Take Five / Dave Brubeck Did You See Jackie Robinson / Count Basie

posted by bperk at 01:59 PM on January 17, 2007

Images of the 20th Century

Yeah, thanks for nothing, grum. Bear Bryant is the coach around 3:26 with the plaid hat. Joe Paterno is shortly after that with the whistle around his neck.

posted by bperk at 12:09 AM on January 17, 2007

Images of the 20th Century

2:14 is Jim Brown 2:17 is Bill Russell

posted by bperk at 11:41 PM on January 16, 2007

The music is in the mail

Wu-Tang is the CD that I travel with Don't go against the grain if you can't handle it

posted by bperk at 02:51 PM on January 11, 2007

The music is in the mail

The post office is closed on Monday.

posted by bperk at 10:23 AM on January 11, 2007

The music is in the mail

So, geeky guy, that looks like two different addresses. Should I use the one on the left or right?

posted by bperk at 08:54 PM on January 09, 2007

Read the Guidelines

Where's my free stat tracker?

posted by bperk at 12:37 PM on December 27, 2006

Read the Guidelines

Who cares if anyone makes money off of this site? What's that got to do with anything? I hope they do make some money. They do a great job and provide a wonderful service (even if my employer doesn't think so).

posted by bperk at 09:41 AM on December 27, 2006

Read the Guidelines

panteeze, I posted the link to the deleted thread above. Chico pointed out the flawed post and just linked to the guidelines. LBB responded to someone who said who gives a shit. Also, when LBB posted your comments in here, she provided a link so that people could see for themselves the entire context. When the thread was deleted, the context was also deleted.

posted by bperk at 09:26 AM on December 27, 2006

Read the Guidelines

From panteeze: The true reason for this forum is to get people to use Yahoo! and generate numbers to get maximum advertising revenue. Lets not be so nit picky with the rules "people". Also, lbb seems to have had right on her side since the FPP was deleted, so I guess people do give a shit.

posted by bperk at 08:08 AM on December 27, 2006

Read the Guidelines

If I can get MGM Studios out of my life, I'll get back to coding here. You have a lot of drama in your life. When did MGM register their trademark?

posted by bperk at 01:01 PM on December 26, 2006