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Beckham spills guts for England;

That Russian ref needs to be red carded and banned from International Football. Heck a lot of the refs in this Cup should be never ever used again.

posted by riffola at 08:38 PM on June 25, 2006

No World Cup love for Team USA

On the other hand the Italy vs. Czech Republic game was great. Even the ESPN2 guys were saying that Italy was playing very differently from how they normally play, very Brazil like. They only went back to their usual defensive mode after they had scored once.

posted by riffola at 06:45 PM on June 22, 2006

No World Cup love for Team USA

That second goal by Italy was just fantastic to watch. I feel bad for CZE & Nedved, I think he was great, no wonder Italy had him surrounded by 3 - 4 guys most of the time. Buffon was the man of the match in that game, he made some brilliant saves. As for the US game, in full speed that looked like a penalty but in slow mo' we found out it wasn't, but eh it happens. US needed to win and they couldn't even tie the game.

posted by riffola at 12:25 PM on June 22, 2006

US Stumbles Out of the Gates

Did anyone catch Alexi Lalas saying Kasey Keller was the #1 goalie at this Cup? Everyone in the SpoFi chat was laughing their butts off when we heard that. Later during the Italy match, the commentators tried to cover up for that when they mentioned that the Italian goalie is probably the second best goalie out there, and Keller "is in conversation... Maybe Top 5... Top 10... Top 5 - Top 10"

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Ah thanks.

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Is there a live thread?

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World Cup Draw Now!

Thanks Ufez!

posted by riffola at 09:34 PM on December 09, 2005

World Cup Draw Now!

What channel is airing the games in the US? Please don't say it is pay per view only. I think Italy will win the group, and USA will have to fight very hard to come in second. I'm rooting for Italy vs. Germany in the finals.

posted by riffola at 08:22 PM on December 09, 2005


Thanks for your comment ergos, while it's true that I am not professionally involved with any company that has any stake in F1, either as a manufacturer, supplier, technical sponsor, sponsor, or events management, so I guess I only see it from a fan's point of view. The thing I sort of worry about is the fate of BAR, those poor guys are already under a six month suspension, so when the FIA dishes out punishment they're most likely going to get hit the hardest.

posted by riffola at 05:21 PM on June 21, 2005


I have no qualms with Michelin saying they screwed up, and their tyres are unsafe at any speeds (especially looking at Zonta's accident), so they can not give a go ahead to their teams to race on their tyres. In fact it was brave & honourable of them to be open about that aspect of it and to put driver safety first. My problem is with the teams wanting the chicane, which I felt was just stupid since Michelin did not suggest using a chicane, their solution was having their teams drive slower through Turn 13, mostly using the apron, and with higher pressure in their tyres than normal, it was the teams that wanted a chicane. And in my opinion that's unfair to the Bridgestone teams, especially because their cars & tyres were tailored for the high speed Turn 13 - long straight aspect of this circuit. Regarding the tyres being unsafe at any speed, that was mentioned by Jarno Trulli, Peter Windsor, and if I am not terribly mistaken Christian Horner of Red Bull & Pedro De La Rosa. I think Nick Heidfeld's tyre was found to be near failure too. I agree that a tyre failure on Turn 13 is far far worse than a failure on the back straight as literally shown by the differences between Ralf & Zonta's incidents. Based on that I find it hard to believe that a chicane would've solved the issue. As for Bernie, as odd as it sounds, Bernie was doing his very best to get the FIA to budge, and find a solution, but they didn't, Bernie was pretty annoyed, it was reported by both ITV & Speed during the pre-race and race that Bernie tried to find a solution, so for once I think Bernie too was not the main reason for the race we ended up with. As much as I don't like Bernie or Tony George, the farce's blame lies on the Michelin teams. Here's how I see it in terms of blame. Michelin are guilty of screwing up and bringing a subpar tyre. Michelin teams are guilty of screwing the fans by not accepting they and their supplier made a mistake, since the teams are to blame for not picking a good tyre in testing to bring to Indy, and for not accepting a solution within the framework of the rules. They could've pitted every 10 laps and changed a tyre, as suggested by the FIA, they could've run slow through turn 13 as recommended by Michelin & the FIA, they could've used the pitlane to bypass turn 13 and fought to salvage some points as recommended by the FIA, or lastly they could've used the Barcelona tyres and accepted whatever penalty was to be had. The teams instead tried to get a chicane, and when they found out that the FIA was not going to budge, they suggested that the Bridgestone teams can take up the first three rows, and the first six points paying positions. Ferrari claim they were never asked for their opinion on the chicane, but if they were, they would be against it, but if the FIA agreed to install it, they would accept it. Ferrari Totally Innocent, Says Williams by Alan Baldwin, Reuters

Williams said the Italian team, who use Bridgestone tyres, were blameless for everything that happened at Indianapolis. "They were totally innocent in this affair entirely," Williams told Reuters. "They had no reason not to race."
Also an interesting read: Dupasquier: "We Screwed Up" by Will Gray You need an Autosport-Atlas subscription to read the articles linked above.

posted by riffola at 07:05 AM on June 21, 2005


Fascinating comment ergos, although I do find it to be a bit biased towards the end, but one the whole I respect his opinion and comment. What happened on Sunday had little to do with Ferrari's position wrt to GPWC. Even Sir Frank Williams says Ferrari were totally innocent. I'd rather believe Frank Williams on this than ergos. As far as I can piece this together, Michelin were invited to test the new surface prior to the race, and they did go. At a later test in Europe, Davidson & Massa were the only two drivers present for testing tyres that they were going to take to Indy, the rest of the Michelin drivers were at Silverstone doing something else. After Ralf & Zonta's tyre failures, it was learnt that up to 9 other Michelin tyres were close to failing. It had nothing to do with a single tyre compound or running on low pressure, Jarno Trulli of Toyota said that Zonta & Ralf were running different tyre compounds with pressure within the specified margins, which was confirmed by Dupasquier, the Michelin boss for F1. The problem with the tyres was rather apparent by Saturday after Practice, and it was not until Sunday morning that the Michelin teams tried to bully the FIA into changing rules for their sake to make up for Michelin & the 7 teams' screw up. I, personally, doubt that the Michelin tyres could hold up for more than half distance even if the teams ducked into the pits every lap to avoid Turn 13 (Turn 1 in regular Indy 500). Because Zonta's accident happened on the twisty inside bits of the course. Also a few people including I believe the Red Bull team have said that Michelin were not even sure that the Barcelona tyres could handle the track, so the whole flying in a new batch of tyres was more for show than a genuine safer alternative. Switching to tyres that were not submitted to scrutineering prior to the start of the Grand Prix weekend (Practice session 1) would break at least 4 different rules of F1. Allowing that or a chicane to make up for one supplier's mistake would be grossly unfair to the teams who had done their homework and arrived prepared, and worse than a 6 car race. So what we had a TKO for the Michelin teams, and it happens, no one went out of their way to help Ferrari at Barcelona earlier this year when they had tyre troubles, no one went out of their way to help Sauber when their wings were falling off at Brazil a few years back.

posted by riffola at 04:27 AM on June 21, 2005

Schumachers to race despite tragic personal loss.

werty, Michael said his mother would've wanted them to race. While I personally would be in no condition to do it, but I do see why Ralf and Michael did it. When it's something your parents have spent their entire lives working on, the greatest tribute you could pay them on that day is to carry on with what they wanted you to do. Also for some people doing what they do best is a good form of expressing their pain. The first few laps of that grand prix had everyone impressed by how hard Ralf and Michael raced each other.

posted by riffola at 04:38 PM on April 21, 2003

Schumachers to race despite tragic personal loss.

Michael won the grand prix, and Ralf finished fourth.

posted by riffola at 08:33 AM on April 20, 2003

Shumacher 1-2 on the grid at Imola..

Sorry about that, it's almost a double post, except she passed away earlier this morning.

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New York is US candidate for 2012 Olympic bid

Where the hell are they going to build the Olympic village? I can just see it being completely spread out. Tennis at Flushing Meadows, Shot put, Javellin throw, etc in Central Park, Gymnastics, Basketball, etc at MSG. I just hope that NYC doesn't expect to win the final bid because of a sympathy vote.

posted by riffola at 08:19 PM on November 02, 2002

Schuey also broke the record for most consecutive points finishes. As for the race, unbelievable, like Michael I was starting to believe that the WDC won't be won until Germany, but seeing Kimi go off because of the oil McNish spilt, that was a heart stopping moment. I absolutely loved the weave Michael did as he went down the pit straight. Best image of the day, Michael standing on his F2002.

posted by riffola at 10:09 AM on July 21, 2002

Brazil wins!!!

I was rooting for Germany but today was Brazil's day. Ronaldo was priceless. Feel bad for Oliver Kahn, the man was solid throughout the cup.

posted by riffola at 08:11 AM on June 30, 2002

Ferrari, Schumi, and Rubens fined US$1 million for Austrian GP.

Well Jean Todt and Michael were called in by Bernie a day or two before the Euro GP, and I believe that Bernie must have struck a deal with Ferrari. It did make the last ten laps of the race exciting because everyone was waiting to see when Rubens would pull over for Michael, very few thought that Ferrari would let Rubens win especially because Michael was reeling Rubens in every lap. That's good action as far as the entertainment aspect is concerned. Letting Rubens win might have been a part of a deal with Bernie or atleast a very transparent PR move to make themselves look good before the FIA hearing last Wednesday.

posted by riffola at 09:29 AM on June 28, 2002

Ferrari, Schumi, and Rubens fined US$1 million for Austrian GP.

As I commented when this topic initially came up here, no way the WMSC could change the result of the race because they (Ferrari, Schumi, and Rubens) broke the rules only after the race was completed. For a team that is spending $30 million on a driver (yeah I know Marlboro pays the salary), can definitely afford to pay half a million fine due right now.

posted by riffola at 08:07 AM on June 26, 2002

Brazil v Turkey.

Brazil 1 Turkey 0, I am guessing that the scores remains the same at the end of the game. Now Germany vs. Brazil, I am expecting it to be 2 : 1

posted by riffola at 08:00 AM on June 26, 2002

Germany vs. Korea Republic.

Slightly disappointed that it was such a low scoring game, but as they say whether you won by 1 goal or 15, it doesn't matter as long as you won. I want Germany to defeat Brazil in the finals, so that in 2006 they will be the defending champions and the host nation.

posted by riffola at 09:21 AM on June 25, 2002

Germany v Korea is semifinal 1.

I want Germany to win. Would be great to see a Germany vs. Brazil match.

posted by riffola at 08:16 PM on June 24, 2002

Report: Schumacher to be stripped of Austrian title.

Just because the Bild reported it, it's not one hundred percent certain. Only Michael and Rubens are going to Paris for the hearing, none of the Ferrari management is going, so if the ruling reversed the result of the team order, the team would have been going. Team orders are within the rules of Formula 1, Ferrari's only mistake was to not hide it, they did it out in the open just like they have been doing all this while. My opinion is that Michael will be heavily fined for letting Rubens stand on the top most step on the podium and in the center during the press conference.

posted by riffola at 09:39 PM on June 12, 2002

Big Sports Weekend

Formula One: Grand Prix of Canada

posted by riffola at 11:06 AM on June 08, 2002

Oh yeah I'd totally forgotten about that one, thanks grum@work.

posted by riffola at 01:29 AM on March 27, 2002

On a related note, what are other good football (soccer) movies? I liked When Saturday Comes, but can't think of any other non-US movie that was about Football. (I've heard about Soccer Dog, and The Olsen Twins soccer movie, but haven't seen any of 'em)

posted by riffola at 06:11 PM on March 26, 2002

What the hell is Broomball?

Broomball (also often called Athletic Broomball in it's competitive rather than recreational guise) is a sport similar to Ice Hockey. Except that a number of significant details separate the two sports. Broomball is played on an ice rink in sandshoes (sneakers) instead of skates. The game consists of 6 players from each team, on the ice (Goal tender, 2 defenders, 3 forwards) with up to 14 players on the bench as reserves. The object is to (hopefully) score more goals than the opposition. A small ball about 5 inches in diameter is propelled about the rink with a paddle shaped stick. The game consists of 2 twenty minute periods. Two referee's control the match. We used to play intramural Broomball at Clarkson, and it was fun, especially since I couldn't skate well, but I could run on ice without falling down. Have you played this awesome game?

posted by riffola at 01:37 PM on March 23, 2002

FIA introduce one-engine per weekend rule

I agree the 2 day GP weekend would have hurt the Michelin runners a lot, the good thing is that they have enough teams running on their tires to vote against such a move. Apparently Williams and McLaren both voted against the one engine rule, they had 4 votes, they needed 9 to overturn the motion. The teams actually had come up with a solution which would allow them to use two engines per weekend per car, but apparently Eddie Jordan and Tom Walkinshaw were the only two against it, so I am surprised that the one engine rule was made.

posted by riffola at 08:00 PM on March 20, 2002

FIA introduce one-engine per weekend rule

Ugh... I meant the Ferrari's current engines are not designed with next year's rules in mind.

posted by riffola at 06:51 PM on March 20, 2002

FIA introduce one-engine per weekend rule

Actually what sucks is that it's the teams that voted on this, this past weekend. It is supposed to reduce costs for the smaller teams. I don't see how this is going to reduce costs. Engine manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Honda, Toyota, Ford Cosworth and Renault, all have big budgets and resources, they can just use the current team to build reliable engines that will last the weekend, yet be fast. It's the teams like Minardi (Asiatech engines based on 3 year old Ford engines), Sauber (Ferrari customer, uses a year old engines), etc that have all to lose with this move. Next year when this rule is enforced, Sauber will be using this year's Ferrari engines, which are obviously not designed with next year's rules in my mind. So in the end this rule will hurt the smaller teams more.

posted by riffola at 06:49 PM on March 20, 2002

FIA introduce one-engine per weekend rule

Engine limitation during the event: From 1 January 2004, each driver may use only one engine for the three days of a Grand Prix weekend. Each time his engine is changed during the event, the driver will move back 10 places on the grid. The FIA, in consultation with the teams, will define an engine change so as to prevent the rebuilding of an engine at the circuit. Use of its spare car counts as use of an additional engine.
That's totally stupid. As Steve Matchett said during the race last weekend, the cost of the engine is dictated by the development process, once the die is made, it doesn't matter if they make 10 engines or 100 engines. Also they are not specific about the spare car counting as an additional engine. What if a driver crashes during Qualifiying, if he switches to the spare car, will that count as a new engine? If so will it not be dangerous if teams attempt to repair a damaged car so as not to lose ten spots on the grid?

posted by riffola at 02:42 PM on March 20, 2002

Timeouts In Soccer!?!?

Thanks timberlog, I can't wait for it now. :)

posted by riffola at 07:49 PM on March 06, 2002

Timeouts In Soccer!?!?

(c) Pay per view Speaking of which anyone know if the World Cup is going to be shown on normal digital cable channel? I really don't think I could afford to watch every single game this year, if it's PPV.

posted by riffola at 01:12 PM on March 06, 2002

Schumi wins

Yeah everyone I've spoken to, or chatted with hates Rick DeBruhl, atleast he didn't comment during the press conference today like he did yesterday. As for the red flag, I don't get it either, it should have been stopped. Although the marshalls did clean up the track fairly quickly. I am guessing the reason it wasn't red flagged was because most of the debri was off track. Although Trulli did get a puncture due to debri. I still haven't figured out whose fault it was, from Ralf's on board cam, you can clearly see Rubens swerve into Ralf, while the other angles show Ralf misjudging it. I can't wait to hear what David Coulthard has to say. Also great passes by Schumacher and Montoya.

posted by riffola at 11:50 PM on March 02, 2002

Schumacher second best driver ever

Personally I think people don't value Fangio's achievements as they should (51GPs, 24 wins, how can you beat that?). Although Fangio himself claims Jim Clark was the best driver.

posted by riffola at 04:31 AM on February 28, 2002

Schumacher second best driver ever

Spa '96 had Schumi driving an underpowered car and winning. I agree that Hill was amazing in Hungary in '97.

posted by riffola at 04:18 AM on February 28, 2002

Schumacher second best driver ever

asses looks like a typo to me too.

Murrary retired from ITV's commentary team at the US GP last year. Supposedly he did retire, but there have been rumours he will be commenting on a digital broadcast in the U.K. One of the reasons he retired is because he is too old and makes way too many mistakes. Not just his usual Murrayisms (Well he's world champion, and we only get one of those a year & Looking good for his 8th win of the year, which would make him World Champion for the third time. But let us not count any Ferrari chickens before they are hatched) either.

posted by riffola at 01:15 AM on February 28, 2002

Schumacher second best driver ever

Murray Walker has been commenting on F1 races for about half a century. He retired last year.

posted by riffola at 11:43 PM on February 27, 2002

This Nike Commercial

Wasn't it on Fox on Sunday during prime time?

posted by riffola at 01:52 PM on February 19, 2002

Schumacher breaks track record

Both Rubens and Michael wrecked their F2001Bs at Barcelona on 30/1/02.

posted by riffola at 04:53 PM on February 13, 2002

Schumacher breaks track record

Actually Schuey broke the record twice in the F2002. Which is really amazing considering it's faster than the F2001 out of the box, and he driving without the new barge boards, which accounts for about 4% loss of aerodynamic force. Ferrari was supposed to be in Mugello today, but it was postponed because the aero parts were not ready. They should be their tommorow. However Michael did test at Fiorano today. He began the programme at 15.45, ending at 17.15. He completed a total of 25 laps, with a best time of 59”253. You have to realise the car is less than a week old, wheras the Williams have been running their new car for three weeks. Also for everyone in the US SpeedChannel (née Speedvision) will air Formula 1 in 2002.

posted by riffola at 01:27 PM on February 13, 2002

Ferarri F2002

The launch video at is in Italian, but if you wanna get a good look at the new car, be sure to watch it. The camera lovingly explores the entire car. It's beautiful! Regarding Williams, I think they are sandbagging, they want people to think that it's only going to be a Ferrari and McLaren year, and then surprise people. I find it very strange that Williams allowed R. Schumacher, Montoya, & Berger to openly criticise the new chasis.

posted by riffola at 12:29 PM on February 06, 2002

Ferarri F2002

Oops sorry about the typo. Well Ferrari is the only top team to have made radical changes to their 2002 car. They've got a very different back-end this year, and their new nose looks very interesting.

posted by riffola at 11:12 AM on February 06, 2002