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This just in: Isiah Thomas just said that if Donovan McNabb was white, he'd be just another quarterback... Not really, but I hope you get the point...

posted by Conquistador at 04:34 PM on October 01, 2003

Giguere wins Conn Smythe playoff MVP trophy:

"re: the Celtics' fans - weren't they razzing JKidd about his domestic abuse problem? That doesn't seem classy." DEVIL's ADVOCATE: Should we cheer Mr. Kidd for his domestic abuse problem? Methinks that anyone who abuses his wife deserves ridicule. Considering that this type of behavior almost always goes unchecked among professional athletes, the fact that Celtics fans still remind Kidd of his transgressions is actually quite refreshing to me.

posted by Conquistador at 12:56 AM on June 11, 2003

Joumana Kidd on Monday Night Football?

Well, comparing the two resumes, there's no contest. Joumana edges Melissa in the hottie department. Stark destroys Kidd with her experience.

posted by Conquistador at 11:19 PM on May 27, 2003

Joumana Kidd on Monday Night Football?

C'mon. Melissa Stark has been in the business for over seven years, and has an impressive resume. Being a hottie is only part of the package.

posted by Conquistador at 07:04 PM on May 27, 2003

Joumana Kidd on Monday Night Football?

If she is even considered for this job, it would be an absolute travesty. Argue the value of a sideline reporter all you want, but aside from a little bit of spoon-fed TV work for the NBA and a TV station in Phoenix, I fail to see what qualifies her over virtually any weekend sports anchor in the nation. If the AP asked any of them, they'd all express interest in the job, too.

posted by Conquistador at 09:29 PM on May 26, 2003

What's worse: Bob Ryan exercising his first amendment rights and exaggerating that (i.e. "I'm gonna kill you for that!") she should be smacked, or Jason Kidd smacking his wife, barely getting a smack on the wrist, and then acting like everything's hunky-dory? If NBA players were suspended for a month for every offense of theirs comparable with that of Ryan's, the league would shut down. Ryan is one of the best sportswriters in the country. Bar none. He slipped up on TV, and even that's highly debatable. This wasn't misogyny, this was hyperbole. Anyway, Ryan's been banned from TV and the newspaper, but they said nothing of the Internet. The door is open, Bob. Come join the staff of my Boston Sports Blog.

posted by Conquistador at 09:42 PM on May 07, 2003

NCAA Hockey Tournament Seedings.

Go BU!

posted by Conquistador at 05:12 PM on March 24, 2003

"You don't make that call in overtime and in a playoff game."

Bill Cowher has been crying for years. This is the same coach that nearly came off the sideline to tackle a kick returner on MNF a few years back. I wish I could remember the specific game, but no matter. Cowher has no class, and neither does his team. The Steelers have been crying about last year's AFC Championship game since last year, and its not like they got hosed on any game-deciding calls in that one. Bottom line is that Cowher and the Steelers are crybabies. As for the overtime debate, the college format puts too much emphasis on offense, whereas sudden death requires your defense to actually play. Seeing as "defense wins championships", I think it's the right method to decide playoff games. Spend that two cents however you see fit.

posted by Conquistador at 03:34 PM on January 14, 2003

Go C-Train! The Celtics...this train is bound for glory!

posted by Conquistador at 04:42 PM on October 29, 2002

Is Favre indestructible?

I think its definitely more impressive. Football is a destructive game for which the human body is inadequately designed. 164 straight games is amazing.

posted by Conquistador at 04:37 PM on October 21, 2002

Lennox Lewis' Next Opponent: WWE Champ Brock Lesnar?

There's no chance this would be a real competition. If this match actually transpires, it will transpire as a WWE match because the WWE would be putting up the money to get Lewis to appear.

posted by Conquistador at 10:54 AM on October 12, 2002


He's already been trying new things in Indiana every time I've seen the benching his starters for inexplicable reasons, having no reason to substitution patterns, and for whatever reason, not letting Austin Croshere play. I can only imagine what Zeke has up his sleeves...

posted by Conquistador at 06:03 PM on October 10, 2002

Why put it like this?

Sherman is an advanced T-1000 model. Made of a liquid polyalloy, he sampled Lewis through physical contact during practice, and then morphed into an exact replica of him. He found him alone in the locker room and stabbed him in the face with his hand, which had taken the shape of an ice pick. Sherman then mentioned something about Judgment Day and finding Sarah Conner...

posted by Conquistador at 12:33 PM on October 05, 2002

Female sports reporter suspended for 'frolicking' with team in the locker room.

One of the papers linked above has some Real video...

posted by Conquistador at 05:07 PM on October 03, 2002

Greatest commericals...ever. I love those songs.

posted by Conquistador at 05:06 PM on October 03, 2002

Female sports reporter suspended for 'frolicking' with team in the locker room.

Hey, anyone who thinks that sports journalism, especially the TV variety, is serious journalism, is kidding themselves. That said, her alleged actions were wildly inappropriate.

And with that said, I've worked in the TV sports industry, and women in the TV sports industry face plenty of mixed messages. Men at the station don't think they should be there. Meanwhile, TV producers hire them for sex appeal, then tell them how to do their hair. And the second there's even a hint that they might get along with the players, gossip columnists start insinuating that they are sleeping with players.

It's easy to see how this kind of thing can happen.

posted by Conquistador at 10:06 PM on October 01, 2002

MLB Firings Begin.

Grady Little's job should be taken away. How can you let Pedro say he's shutting it down before they are mathematically eliminated from contention? It would be one thing if Little came out and said, "we want to keep him healthy for next year, etc...." but when players have more clout than the manager, and there is no attempt to mask the situation to the press and fans, well, that's a problem in my book. And to miss the postseason with the seasons that Manny Ramirez, Derek Lowe and Martinez had, with Cliff Floyd and Nomar on that same team, well, that's downright inexcuseable.

posted by Conquistador at 08:56 AM on October 01, 2002

Is Tice Toast?

Hey, if XFL MVP Tommy Maddox doesn't step in yesterday, the Steelers would be looking pretty awful right now too. Bill Cowher should be sending a gift basket to Stamford, CT to thank Vince McMahon.

posted by Conquistador at 09:50 AM on September 30, 2002

How to Fix Football

Add me to the list of people who think football is just fine. I absolutely love the NFL, even the shoddy replay officiating. If there is any one problem, it seems that every referee in the league has a different and far-too-often disputable interpretation of "indisputable evidence", which makes for problems.

Otherwise, the NFL is far and away the most healthy American sport and is the real national pastime. I mean, I'll watch ANY game of the NFL, no matter who is playing. How many people would watch a random Pirates-Astros game, a Grizzlies-Warriors or Oilers-Coyotes contest? Yet, millions will tune in for this Sunday Night's Bengals-Flacons tilt.

posted by Conquistador at 10:18 AM on September 17, 2002

Um, Kordell, sometimes, the best team wins...again!

Classy? If they had said anything else they'd be lying. Of course they got their butts kicked. The whole world saw it. Besides, where was the class after the AFC Championship? All of the sudden the Steelers are classy? I mean, they're not the Ravens or anything (urinating on the field before the game), but your coach running on the field to challenge a play and calling timeouts to score a meaningless touchdown as time expires doesn't really exude class.

Meanwhile, what does this game say about Bill Cowher's coaching? If I'm not mistaken, this guy's got more tenure than any coach in the NFL, but he let his guys talk trash all off season and then brought a woefully ill-prepared team into Gillette Stadium. When the Pats line up with a no-huddle, empty backfield set to pass 25 straight times, he sits back and plays essentially a prevent defense, which prevents nothing. No blitzing, nothing. So Brady picks them apart.

Shouldn't Cowher's job be in serious jeopary? If they lose to the Raiders on Sunday Night Football, the rumblings should start, if they haven't already.

posted by Conquistador at 01:58 PM on September 10, 2002

Man, and I was beginning to think that my web development skills were outdated. Let's just say that by comparison, If I was the Ricky Williams of Web Development, Ricky Williams is the Reggie "One Yard" Dupard of web development. If that makes any sense.... Either way, I can throw a spiral, but I don't play football. Ricky might know some HTML (or have FrontPage), but he shouldn't design websites. Can't you just see him at his PC (there's no way he uses a Mac...) with his helmet on, writing BLOCKQUOTE tags? I hope he never finds a copy of Flash or the Internet is doomed.

posted by Conquistador at 01:04 AM on August 28, 2002

CBS Sports' Jill Arrington posed for FHM

Considering that most TV "journalists" have everything spoon fed to them and they are rarely "reporting" more than they are rehashing, I don't think it matters. As for Rudy Martzke, how do you get a job watching TV? Is THAT serious journalism?

posted by Conquistador at 09:31 AM on August 15, 2002


Slamball is excellent. The last two weeks it has been on at 11PM on Monday nights after WWF (Get the E Out!). Much better than I thought it would be. The dunks are unreal, and there's some interesting strategy decisions.

And the best part about it? Dick Bavetta doesn't fix the games. Think NBA mixed with NHL and WWF with a side of NFL and a sprinkle of XFL...It's original enough that it probably has a better shot at surviving for a while. I'm still a bit sketchy on some of the rules, but last night's broadcast was excellent.

posted by Conquistador at 02:41 PM on August 06, 2002

Leslie Dunks

I hope everyone on this list who is making fun of this dunk can actually dunk a basketball themselves. I can't stand watching women's basketball, and would never pay to watch a WNBA game, but it's pretty impressive nonetheless.

posted by Conquistador at 04:55 PM on July 31, 2002

Sports Fantasy Is Catching Up With Reality

"Blades...of Steel!"

posted by Conquistador at 08:46 AM on July 25, 2002

Sports Fantasy Is Catching Up With Reality

There's not a better game right now than Madden 2002. Or, at least until Madden 2003 comes out in August...

posted by Conquistador at 08:45 AM on July 25, 2002

Ted Williams' body to be frozen.

This is horrible. Just when you think John Henry Willliams can't be any worse, he does this. If you follow the Sox you know the stories...This is the same bastard who rolled his dad out at the All-Star Game at Fenway in a hat (one of his many failed ventures, all of which exploited his father or his resources) rather than a Red Sox cap, sold autographed American flags on e-bay (which, to my understanding, qualifies as desecration and is illegal) after 9/11, sold internet space to porn operations, had run-ins with the FBI and forced his dad to sign bats and do autograph shows last year as his health was fading, because he was afraid he would die and lose out on potential money.

John Henry has been pimping his father out for decades. This is tragic. Can we freeze John Henry alive now and force him to look in a mirror for eternity so he can contemplate what he's done?

posted by Conquistador at 10:34 PM on July 07, 2002

Roid Rage?

That was a set-up. It's one thing to ask him, "Well, why wait." It's another to give him the number and a cup...

posted by Conquistador at 09:57 PM on July 02, 2002

Finally, somebody admits, "It's about the money"

My point here was that while American born players love to insist that their choices "aren't about the money" when we know they are. So it was refreshing to see someone actually indicate that the money may have something to do with what NBA team they sign with. Maybe I was not clear enough on this point. My post stated that "the best part of this story is the last quote when he discusses his NBA options as a restricted free agent and whether he'll return to the Mavs." I was not implying that money was influencing him one way or the other in terms of defection, but like every other NBA player, influencing which NBA team he inked with. If his words (via interpreter) aren't really what he's feeling, he should seek new management. Then again, he probably doesn't know that he's being misrepresented, if in fact he is. And with that said, if he doesn't know that his interpreter is misleading people, how could anyone else? The sad thing is that he's a pawn; whether he's being controlled by the Chinese government or David Stern is irrelevant. Then again, if it weren't for the NBA, this guy wouldn't have much choice at all, would he?

posted by Conquistador at 06:45 PM on June 26, 2002

Of course NBA Finals ratings are down...without U2

U2 has been arguably the largest rock act in the world over the last 15-20 years, and the band has legions of rabid fans, of which I am most certainly one. And I'm a diehard Pats fan since the early 80s. But it wouldn't have mattered who won that game, or who played in it; I would have bought that DVD for the halftime show only, and I'm certain that scores of U2 junkies did the same, Pats fan or not. [off topic response] BlueTrain, as the The Dude from The Big Lebowski would say, "Yeah, well, that's like...your opinion, man." [/off topic response]

posted by Conquistador at 11:18 PM on June 10, 2002

"Once they saw us, it didn't matter. They recognized us anyway, and they were ruthless.

Give me a break. Jason beats his wife and then he can't take it when somebody reminds him he's a wifebeater? Are wifebeaters now a politically correct protected class? Any feminist sports fans out there care to weigh in?

Two years ago when Kidd came back from his self-imposed "suspension" with the Phoenix Suns, his first game back was in Boston. And the crowd booed him every time he touched the ball.

Honestly, when you play in another team's gym, you are the enemy. You should expect to be treated as such. And let's be serious, no one would know who Joumana and TJ Kidd are if Jason hadn't gone of his way to parade them around the media in an attempt to restore his image.

Paul Pierce did nothing, he was stabbed. If any fan is out of line, it's the one with the sign that suggested that someone stab Pierce. Pierce's response? They can say whatever they want as long as they keep it in the stands.

posted by Conquistador at 11:58 PM on May 31, 2002


Danny Ainge is the best color guy in the NBA. Tells it like it is, backed up by plenty of playing and coaching experience. He knows the league inside and out, because he's actually played against most of these guys and coached against the rest of em. That goes a long, long way. As far as baseball goes, Red Sox color man Jerry Remy is amazing, and should be doing national games. He always knows what managers are going to do before they even know. And he explains things in a way that let the average baseball fan understand the nuances of the game.

posted by Conquistador at 01:13 PM on May 30, 2002

Valentine: 'It will be very difficult for us to hit him'

Roger Clemens usually tries to duck the Red Sox when the Yanks go to Fenway, and if he has his druthers, you know he'll find a way out of playing against the Mets. If he does pitch, look for him to get hammered by the Mets. And Valentine's comments just made it even harder for the Mets to get revenge. He should have "no commented" that question. Instead, he's just adding fuel to the flame.

posted by Conquistador at 10:42 PM on May 27, 2002

The greatest fourth quarter comeback in NBA history

That collapse tells me that anyone who voted for Byron Scott as Coach of the Year is nuts. How can you let your team fall apart and blow 21 points in 12 minutes? Inexcuseable. Meanwhile, after the game he just blames his players for failing to run their offense rather than make some adjustments to the fact that the Celtics are swarming Jason Kidd on the pick and roll.

Jason Kidd is the reason that team is where it is, and Scott is simply riding the coattails. Kidd runs their fastbreaks, and his passing becomes contagious.

Watch what happens when the Celtics call timeouts. They almost always get a bucket when they return to the floor. That's a mark of good coaching.

posted by Conquistador at 10:38 PM on May 27, 2002

WWF title goes to World Wildlife Fund.

HULKSTER:"Well, you know something Mean Gene, when it comes to the World Wildlife Fund, brother, it doesn't matter what those Green environmental freaks want, man. Cause when all my Hulkamaniacs start droppin' the Greenhouse effect on them, brother, their gonna wish they were already extinct, man. Whatca gonna do, when the 24-inch pythons run wild and endanger you???" GORILLA: "Jesse The Body, we have just witnessed history in the making!"

JESSE: "You said it, Gorilla Monsoon! That's a blatant chokehold from those panda-loving tree huggers at the World Wildlife Fund... ".

VINCE:"Anything can happen in the, WWE!"

posted by Conquistador at 01:07 PM on May 08, 2002

Drew Bledsoe thanks Patriots fans in full-page ad

The Patriots will regret it. Draft picks are empty promises. The Jets got Shaun Ellis for Bill Belichick, who masterminded the Pats Super Bowl run. Think that was fair? And when the Pats allowed Bill Parcells and Curtis Martin to go to the Jets for a pile of picks, what did they get?

Check this list of immortals: Chris Canty, Tebucky Jones, Rod Rutledge, Tony Simmons, Sedrick Shaw, Chris Carter, Ed Ellis, J’Juan Cherry and Robert Edwards. Of that group, only Tebucky Jones has panned out. Edwards' career came to a halt after a beach football mishap nearly forced amputation of his leg.

The NFL trading deadline is too early (usually like Week 4), so teams never actually trade players during the season. If the deadline was closer to the postseason, teams making a run might actually swap player-for-player to make a postseason run. And if you were going to make a deal with a contender in this case, you wouldn't want one of their picks because it would be at the end of the round.

In summary, Bledsoe is a hell of a player and a class guy, period. And the Pats got a quarter on the dollar for him. What a shame.

posted by Conquistador at 12:04 AM on April 27, 2002

Welcome to Winnersville

Is Dan Marino a Hall of Famer? Bledsoe's got more rings...

posted by Conquistador at 10:20 AM on April 23, 2002

Welcome to Winnersville

Drew Bledsoe's trade ruined the day for me. Good luck finding a classier, harder-working player. He took all of the hits (literally and figuratively) for the Patriots for nine seasons and was never properly appreciated. Tom Brady is incredibly overrated and quite simply isn't half the quarterback Bledsoe is. Brady just happened to be in the right place at the right time and the beneficiary of a running game (something Bledsoe hasn't had since Curtis Martin bolted), the arrival of David Patten from literally nowhere, and an overachieving defense that made many more plays than Brady ever did. The Pats dumbed down the offense for Brady, everything was a five-yard slant and a quick reciever screen. Troy Brown was more important to the Patriots in 2001 than Brady. You could almost say the same for Antowain Smith. And Adam Vinatieri was robbed of the Super Bowl MVP award. Brady's pedestrian statistics did not warrant a Pro Bowl appearance -- compare his numbers to the rest of the guys selected for this year's game (try Rich Gannon, Kurt Warner, Jeff Garcia etc..) and those of year's past. Brady can't throw downfield and gets sacked just as much as Bledsoe did. He will be exposed this season. Just watch. Brady became a media darling, and he's a great story and a likeable guy, but the press and apparently the Patriots' braintrust have overlooked his shortcomings. Look, I know everyone is going to say, "Well, Brady just wins and he won the Super Bowl." Time will tell, and I hope I am wrong, but I'm sure the Pats will regret this move, and they will especially regret trading Bledsoe within the division. I love the Pats, but I'll be keeping an eye on the Bills.

posted by Conquistador at 11:13 PM on April 22, 2002

Bleacher-Bum Cone ready to start "Yankees Suck!" chant at Fenway...

Yeah, I see your point, he's been around the league, but to me as a Red Sox fan, when a guy plays for the Yankees, he's pretty much always a Yankee.

I mean, Roger Clemens spent a good amount of time in Boston, and then proceeded to go to the Yankees by way of Toronto. He's forever altered his legacy by playing for the Yankees. He had a few great years with the Jays, but Sox fans will always remember him for going to the enemy. Had he stayed in Toronto or just gone to Texas, he wouldn't be held in the same contempt he is for going Pinstripes on us.

If he ever showed up in the bleachers, it would probably get ugly.

posted by Conquistador at 12:34 PM on April 11, 2002