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So his coach offers support? Buy him a jockstrap.

The_Black_Hand -- I don't understand what you are talking about. How specific do you need to get. Ricky Williams has been tested positive for drugs more 3 times (YES -- Marijuana is an ILLEGAL drug, like it or not). Is it a far stretch that he would be caught a fourth time. Ricky Williams has done nothing but show a complete disregard for the rules of the NFL. They should ban him from the game. As for Saban, he is an idiot if he thinks that backing Williams makes him look like a "players coach". I would venture to guess that most players don't want to put up with a distraction like him anymore.

posted by mcstan13 at 02:30 PM on February 26, 2006

US MEN Win Curling Bronze 8-6 over Britain

I have become fascinated with curling. It is like bowling, in Antarctica. Wonderful sport.

posted by mcstan13 at 10:10 PM on February 24, 2006

Moore Files Second Suit vs. Bertuzzi, Seeks $15 Million

I hope he takes Bertuzzi for all of it

posted by mcstan13 at 10:39 AM on February 16, 2006

The Rocket to represent the United States.

Who cares, as long as he is pitching for the U.S. Even though he is eligible for Social Security, he is one of the best in the business. He has low ERA's every year and he brings confidence to the team.

posted by mcstan13 at 09:22 PM on February 15, 2006

Remind me not to go hunting with Dick Cheney.

This is hilarious. Luckily for that guy, Dick Cheney has had so many heart attacks he travels with a complete ER staff. I have been quail hunting several times and I was always under the impression that you don't shoot until the birds are high enough off the ground that you won't clip the humans, but who am I.

posted by mcstan13 at 04:31 PM on February 12, 2006

There is more than one way to eliminate the Yankees.

It is great for the kids that they get free jerseys and everything, the question should be, "Why can't the Sox give that stuff away anyways. Why do they have to be acting like little children squabbling over who is bettera before they do something good for the community?" It appears to me that the Yankees and the Sox are jealous because they have to buy fans. The Yankees buy championships and the Sox buy little kids with jerseys. Maybe they should look at the real organizations like the Cubs and the Cards whose fans love them no matter what.

posted by mcstan13 at 07:04 PM on February 09, 2006

There is more than one way to eliminate the Yankees.

The Yankees and the Red Sox are both ridiculous. They spend more money on salaries then most of the MLB combined. Why don't they just pay each other to go home and shut up. It is ridiculous to bring youth baseball into their petty squabbling. Let the kids have fun. The whole point of youth sports is to have fun and learn SPORTSMANSHIP. NOw we are saying that money is what is important. Great idea.

posted by mcstan13 at 02:41 PM on February 09, 2006

Lions ink Mike Martz as Offensive Coordinator

As a St. Louis fan, we are more than happy to give him to you. We will miss his offensive prowess, but he was a cancer to our organization. I hope that he has better luck in Detroit.

posted by mcstan13 at 10:00 PM on February 08, 2006

Super Bowl watched in second-most homes behind final episode of M*A*S*H,

MASH cannot be rivaled by anyone or anything. Seinfeld couldn't lick Alan Alda's boots.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:58 AM on February 08, 2006

Woods beats Els in playoff to win Dubai Classic

Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer ever. He never loses a lead once it is established and if he gets behind, he is never out of the tournament. The man has ice in his veins.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:43 AM on February 06, 2006

Emmitt Smith:

So what we are saying is that, gambling is not OK, but cocaine and prostitutes are. Great message NFL. Especially considering gambling is legal and the others are not.

posted by mcstan13 at 10:47 PM on February 05, 2006


WOW -- 113 in one game is unbelievable. Kudos to her and I hope she does well. Also, I was suprised by the Lisa Leslie note in the article. 110 in one half. Imagine if they had played the second half...200+???

posted by mcstan13 at 09:40 AM on February 02, 2006

U. of Ill. Appeals to Keep Indian Mascot

This is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. No where have I heard the Native American tribes all over the country complaining about the colleges. I would think that it would be an honor that an institution would want to use your heritage to personify their school. (As with Florida State, the Seminole Indians are proud for them to use their names.) If a tribe complains then the NCAA should take a look at THAT INDIVIDUAL SCHOOL, but a blanket ban is stupidest thing in the world. Where does it end??? Why doesn't NOtre Dame have to change their name to keep from offending Irish descendants OR what about Duke/Arizona State -- the "Devil" could offend the Christians, let's make them change their names. THis is absurd.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:59 AM on February 01, 2006

Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

Atheist...On the flip side there ARE many jobs that do require health standards. (Police, Firefighter, Military, etc.) Also if you check the trends in society, many employers are beginning to offer incentives for employees to get healthier. You are right, but I think that the weight problem is becoming a major public health hazard and the Supreme Court may become more lax in allowing certain professions to slim down...Especially athletes who are supposed to be healthy and are in the limelight.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:50 AM on February 01, 2006

Steeler fan has over 200 hours' worth of tattoos

Football fans should not be allowed in tatoo parlors. This guy may be almost as bad as the guy who has the signatures of the Chicago Bears players tatooed on him. I love the Rams, but sports teams come and go.

posted by mcstan13 at 02:37 PM on January 31, 2006

Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

But again, isn't that the point... That the NFL needs to protect these guys from acting stupidly. If you are welder, you are required by your job to wear a hood to keep from damaging your eyesight.

posted by mcstan13 at 02:19 PM on January 31, 2006

Heavy NFL players twice as likely to die before 50

I agree with the premise of the article, that being overweight is the number one contributor to heart disease. I also agree that the weight of the average lineman is getting out of hand. Most of them are no longer athletes, they are just overly strong fat guys. However, towards the middle of the article, Professor Charles Yesalis, who teaches health policy and sports science at Penn State says that he fully supports a weight limit of 275 pounds. That is extreme and ridiculous. What about the athletes who are 6'8"+ and can easily weigh 300 lbs (what about Shaq, are you going to kick him out of the NBA). This absurdity aside, I agree that the NFL as well as all professional sports need to start increasing health standards to protect these guys from themselves. Like or not they are role models and they need promote good health. Plus it is devastating to see these athletes dying at such young ages when it is preventable. However, let us all keep in mind that our society as a whole has this same included.

posted by mcstan13 at 01:50 PM on January 31, 2006

Bode Miller is at it again

I agree. To date there has been no evidence that Armstrong has cheated. The man battled cancer (which is heroic in and of itself), but then came back and became the best in one of the most physically competitive sports in the world. The man is hard core and is above reproach until there is some hard evidence. Miller should be ashamed. As for Bonds, all he did was state the obvious...Move on Miller. I would not be suprised if it came out here soon that Miller is cheating. You know what they say...If all of the sudden your boyfriend/girlfriend starts accusing you of cheating it is probably because they are!!!

posted by mcstan13 at 09:30 AM on January 27, 2006

Woods acquires Jupiter Island property for $38 million

Well, what do we have to complain about. We are the one that gives him the money. Stop buying Nike Shoes, Nike Coats, Nike Clubs, Nike Sports Equiptment, Buick Automobiles. Basically if you move into a cave and kill your dinner with a club, you may be able to force him into a 10,000 sq ft. house. Until then, we have created this monster and we have to deal with it.

posted by mcstan13 at 09:59 AM on January 26, 2006

Who cares what YOU believe, Mikey?

I'm not saying that you shouldn't back your family. What I am saying is that going on the air and saying something that you know to be completely untrue is just stupid. He can say that he supports his brother. But to say that he thinks his brother did nothing wrong is absolutely stupid and shows the measure of intelligence that Michael Vick has.

posted by mcstan13 at 09:57 AM on January 26, 2006

Looking Up for Lund?

Lund just needs to remember one thing "Bald is beautiful." I think that an Olympic Gold Medal trumps a full head of hair any day.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:58 AM on January 26, 2006

Who cares what YOU believe, Mikey?

Accidental, Yeah that is what I saw too. Especially the part where he kinda twisted his foot just for good measure. I am glad that me and Michael were watching the same game. He will be exhonerated...Are you kidding. He has like 5 different sets of charges pending. Are you saying that they are ALL just a big misunderstanding. This just proves my theory that Michael Vick is a complete idiot. It would be one thing to say that you have faith in your brother and you hope that he does well. It is another to say that he did nothing wrong and it is a misunderstanding. Did he forget that the "misunderstanding" was clear to the rest of America.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:57 AM on January 26, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes

Yeah but if you hate Palmiero then you cannot forget to throw in the most egotistical prick to ever play baseball and King of the Roid Nation ... Jose Canseco

posted by mcstan13 at 03:32 PM on January 25, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes

Good point about OJ and Michael Irving. A killer and a coke head, not exactly at the top of the popularity list.

posted by mcstan13 at 03:09 PM on January 25, 2006

Race an Issue, But networking still the key -- Another poorly written article by an ESPN writer blowing off steam

I absolutely agree with the author that there needs to be a better effort made in professional sports in general to try and promote minority coaches. However, the thing that hacks me off about this article, and many like it, is that the author is not reporting facts but spewing his own personal opinion; mixed in with a few facts. This quote came from about halfway down the article. "It's doubtful that Houston (Gary Kubiak), New Orleans (Sean Payton) and St. Louis (Scott Linehan) simply conducted rounds of interviews and picked the guy who impressed them the most." As a matter of fact, the Rams did conduct rounds of interviews and picked the guy that impressed them the most. If the author had taken the time to even read the Rams website, Ron Rivera was originally thought to be the front runner for the Rams job. However, after conducting several interviews with Rivera, Linehan, and Cam Cameron, the Rams settled on Linehan because he had the most impressive interviews as well as having the best plan for the organization as a whole not just specific parts of the team. I understand the authors frustration, but if you are going to write an article, PLEASE stick to the facts and stop trying to pass off your opinion on other people. If you want to give your opinion, BLOG like the rest of us.

posted by mcstan13 at 01:15 PM on January 25, 2006

Haslett signs as Rams defensive coordinator

Yeah, but the Olson hire is not that big of a deal. He may have been hired more for player development or administrative purposes because Linehan has already said that he will be calling the offensive plays. Basically, he will be the Fairchild of the Martz era. Martz was so good with the offense we he first took over, that I didn't even realize we had a true offensive coordinator for a year and half because he did jack squat.

posted by mcstan13 at 12:53 PM on January 25, 2006

The Ten Most Hated Athletes

redsnare is right... Vijay is the biggest ass on the PGA tour. I have never heard a golfer, commentator, or anyone say anything about Vijay except that he is a big old jerk. However; I agree with the comment that the media has a big influence on who the general people adore and hate. I am from Missouri and two of the biggest names in sports from this state are supposed to be first rate jerks...Ozzie Smith and George Brett. As far as the list...How does a bass fisher get on there. Plus Kurt Busch, how about Robby Gordon. At least Busch can keep his car on the track.

posted by mcstan13 at 12:50 PM on January 25, 2006

Haslett signs as Rams defensive coordinator

This is an interesting development. The Rams have decided to clean house and replace not only the head coach but also the offensive and defensive coordinators. It will be interesting to see if the team responds well to so many drastic changes. However, I think Haslett is a good choice. He is a good coach and should be able to assist Linehan in adjusting to his new role. Go Rams and lets hope it all works out.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:25 PM on January 24, 2006

Bonds says he doesn't want to risk injury

Well, he might pass now. Of course, it is a little suspicious that his decision to play did not come until there was discussion about using Olympic style drug testing. We'll see how fast his exit from MLB is if they ever go to that type of testing in the majors.

posted by mcstan13 at 01:09 PM on January 24, 2006

Bonds says he doesn't want to risk injury

bdaddy... just wanted to let you that the secrecy of the grand jury only applies to the prosecutor, court reporter and the jurors, NOT the witness. Bonds can leak anything he wants. And since no one was prosecuted for contempt, you have to wonder where the subject of the leak came from???? Bonds could have told someone what he testified to and they leaked it... who really knows the truth. grum@work...query it all. But I think you will be hard pressed to find anyone with the kind of mammoth improvement as Bonds. All of you who are all up on Bonds can continue to delude yourselves into thinking that he didn't juice, but when it comes right to do it they are simply that ... delusions. If you like Bonds, then like him. If you don't care that he juiced, then say so. But to keep claiming that you don't think he used steroids is ludacris. Especially when the evidence of it is so overwhelming.

posted by mcstan13 at 12:07 PM on January 24, 2006

Bonds says he doesn't want to risk injury

There is a difference between physical peak and FREAKISH developement. If he put up Pujols numbers and then went to Bonds numbers. I could call that development, BUT come on. Are you serious. However, thank you for quoting all that above. I agree that he was a GOOD player in Pit. But I am not talking about his stats in reference to the rest of the league, I am talking about the sudden jump in his own numbers.

posted by mcstan13 at 11:04 AM on January 24, 2006

Bonds says he doesn't want to risk injury

bperk, Don't forget that Bonds trainer was the guy at the center of the BALCO scandal and that it was Bonds who talking up BALCO to other players. To qoute Judge Judy, "If you lie down in dirt, you're going to get dirty." If he didn't use roids, PLEASE explain to me the sudden jump in his statistics when he went to the Bay area. In 19 seasons, he is a career .300 hitter. Now how does a "GREAT PLAYER" who has hit .328, .370, .341, .362, in four of his last five seasons, only have a career .300 average. Why does he not have a .313 or .323, or .333 career average. Well it is because he was averaging .263 his first five years in the league. Albert Pujols is averaging .332. Let us not be naive about the writing on the wall. No one can improve as much as Barry without some kind of help.

posted by mcstan13 at 09:18 AM on January 24, 2006

Bonds says he doesn't want to risk injury

OK...First off, I am absolutely thrilled that the head of the roid freaks will not be playing in the WBC. Let a more deserving player have his spot. Second, to the lively debate about Bonds being a "special player." Bonds is only special because he cheated. If you look at his stats before going to the Bay area, they were not astonishing by any means. Then all the sudden you see a great increase in BA, HR, SLG, etc. Now, I understand that improvement happens. But let us not forget that if you are juicing you are going to be much stronger. When you are stronger, you are more likely to push sloppy hits through the gaps and hit more line drives that drop for hits. Bonds may have a "good" eye, but the 'roids will definitely help that. Third, if we want to celebrate players, lets look at the guys who have done great things WITHOUT the need of juice. If you think that Bonds is a special player, what about Pujols. He has put up consistent, "Bonds like" numbers since day one. Or what about Ortiz, Manny, Ichiro, and on and on and on. Bonds is a cheater, plain and simple. He should be tarred and feathered and run out of the sport. And Hal, as far as the comment about barry being all about the TEAM, did you read the latest article where he said that he would not bat second because he did not feel that was what was best for him at this point in his career. That does not sound like team spirit to me.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:42 AM on January 24, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

I keep seeing all this talk about "Kobe, the best ever..." Please, Kobe Bryant couldn't hold Michael Jordan's jock. Jordan was the best ever. Kobe is a ball hog in a game where nobody plays defense. That is why most college games are around 80 points and pro games are 95+. When you get drafted you forget how to play defense.

posted by mcstan13 at 01:20 PM on January 23, 2006

St. Louis lands the Anti-Martz.

Let's see how jovial and friendly he is after a twenty point loss to Texas... The Rams have all the talent to be a super bowl contender. The only thing that was keeping the Rams down was the negative atmosphere and stupid decision making by Mike Martz. The offense is very stout. Bulger is one of the best QB's in the league and he always puts up top numbers. Jackson and Faulk are a great tandem of hard nosed running and finesse running & catching ability. Big game and Reverend Ike are the best in the business. The O-line is getting better and we have Big Pace. The defense is getting stronger and put up big numbers at the end of the season. (Plus let us not forget that the year the Rams won the Super Bowl, they did not have a great defense, the offense carried the team.) THe team will only be as good as Linehan. Martz was a drain on the team. If Linehan can turn that around, he could easily be in the post-season in 2006.

posted by mcstan13 at 09:35 AM on January 21, 2006

Cuba can now play.

I am glad that Cuba is playing, but if you go solely off the rosters, this will be a showdown between the U.S. and the Dominican Republic. The D.R. has the heavy hitters and the U.S. has the elite pitching. It is going to be very interesting to watch.

posted by mcstan13 at 11:59 AM on January 20, 2006

NBA brawl in the stands repeated

Mike McD has a point. Most of the people who own the rights to the seats near the court are usually upper middle class rich folks. All the blue collar rioters are up in the rafters!!!!! On a serious note. The man has every right to stop some fan from physically harrassing his wife and children. This incident should be used to show how a true man handles a situation like this. He went into the stands and protected his family, no punches, no fights. We revere the athletes who cheat on their wives, don't pay child support, and are generally a scum bag, but we are going to suspend Davis for doing what any decent husband or father SHOULD do in that situation. This whole thing is ludacris. I applaud Davis for doing what he needed to do and doing it in an adult and professional manner.

posted by mcstan13 at 01:27 PM on January 19, 2006

A Wie bit of trouble

Wie should not be on the pro tour. She has not even beat the women in a tournament. It disturbs me that we are so focused on Wie when golfers like Creamer and Pressel are tearing up the competition and they get none of the coverage.

posted by mcstan13 at 02:38 PM on January 13, 2006

Iverson ... Greatest little man ever?

Let us not forget in this discussion that AI was the starting shooting guard and co-captain on the 2004 olympic team that was nothing short of a disgrace. We were bested by Argentina and Italy at our own game. Great leadership skills. To be the best you have to beat the best. Plus, you have to show the leadership and interpersonal skills to be respected by the best. Iverson, NONE of those. Sorry Allen, get another tatoo and you'll feel better.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:50 AM on January 12, 2006

U.S. Hopes for Skeleton Gold Recede

The Bible preaches against vanity, now we know why. However, it sucks for the U.S. However, at least he is going bald. I was expecting to see a guy with a full head of hair when I read the headline.

posted by mcstan13 at 09:34 PM on January 11, 2006

Marcus Vick's downward spiral continues...

I hope they put him in jail where thugs belong. But instead, we will draft him into the NFL and let him make a couple million a year until he becomes such an embarrasment that they kick him off the team. (I.E. Lawrence Phillips). Then he will become a broadcaster (I.E. Keyshawn Johnson).

posted by mcstan13 at 10:42 AM on January 10, 2006

Former Rams Receiver Jack Snow Dies

This is a sad day not only for the Rams community, but for football and sports in general. Jack Snow was first rate all the way. God bless him and his family.

posted by mcstan13 at 10:36 AM on January 10, 2006

Sucker-punch drunk in the NHL front office

This story is long, but I think it is important!!! These types of ridiculous antics are not just for the NHL, they occur at all levels. My father and I went to a Missouri River Otters hockey game of the United Hockey League over New Years. With less than a minute left one of the River Otters flipped the puck down by the empty net of the Muskogeen Fury. Another Otter's player led the chase to the puck. Just as he flipped it into the net, one of the Fury checked him into the boards, smacking his head on the top of the boards. Everyone could see it was cheap shot. Well the players and the coach went nuts. The coach picked up a stick and started pounding on the boards and the glass. He was so out of hand that they threw him out of the game. In the last 00:38 seconds of the game there were two fights because of the incident. Both times, play had not even started. As we are leaving the arena, tons of police cars swarmed down on the arena. We were told by a mom who's son works for the Otters that the Otters coach went into the Fury locker room and tried to fight the player who gave the cheap check. It was the most ridiculous display of ignorant antics I had ever seen. To make matters worse, they had a special halftime program for child hockey players so there were tons of young hockey players watching all of this. I enjoy the fighting as much as the next guy but maybe it needs to stop before there are more Bertuzzi type injuries.

posted by mcstan13 at 04:00 PM on January 08, 2006

Herman Edwards is going to Kansas City after all:

I think Edwards will be a good fit in KC. He has a good team to work with and GM with some brains. He is a good coach and KC is a great football town. I hope they seal up the deal.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:51 PM on January 06, 2006

Urlacher named AP Defensive Player of the Year

Urlacher is one of the best in the business and anchors one the best defense in the NFL. Congrats Urlacher.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:49 PM on January 06, 2006

So long, Blacksburg.

Sad Otter, Thanks for the video. I did not get to watch the game. I have seen alot of dirty stuff, but that is unbelievable. I praise the decision of VT. First because Marcus Vick is a punk and deserves to be behind bars, not taking up a scholarship spot that could go to an athlete who appreciates the opportunity. Second because this will show the younger kids that it doesn't matter who you are, you are not above the rules. Great job Beamer and VT. As for Vick, The Longest Yard is not real. They don't actually make movies about real prison quarterbacks.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:47 PM on January 06, 2006

Alexander Runs Away With MVP

Alexander deserved it. He had a monster year. I am StL Rams fan and I have to say...good job Alexander. As for Brady. Get off his jock. There is no way that he should have been higher than Manning. Manning had less yards, but more TD passes, less INT's, a much higher passer rating, and he sat out much of the last two games. Manning guided his team to one of the best seasons in recent times. The Colts had to beat a 12-4 team to get to the playoffs. The Pats had to beat out the 9-7 Dolphins. Manning would have deserved it more.

posted by mcstan13 at 02:12 PM on January 05, 2006

2006 NFL Mock Draft

Everyone knows that the Bush is going to come out and Houston is going to take him, I just hope that Bush is ready take alot more Texas-sized beatings.

posted by mcstan13 at 02:01 PM on January 05, 2006

Vince Young leads Texas to 41-38 win over USC

Hands down one of the best games I have ever seen. The hype was big and the game lived up to it. Both teams stood toe to toe and slugged it out till the end. USC threw everything they had at Texas, but Young and Co. held up. Congrats to Texas and good riddance to USC. P.S. I hope Bush enjoyed his beating FROM Texas because in about 8 months he is going to start taking a beating FOR Texas.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:35 AM on January 05, 2006

Martz dismissed by the Rams

Not to jump in off the subject, but the I understand the reason why people don't like the CAPSLOCK, not because it is shouting but because I think it is harder to read a long post that is in CAPS rather than in lower case. Sorry for the digress. Martz On...

posted by mcstan13 at 03:00 PM on January 02, 2006

Martz dismissed by the Rams

As a loyal St. Louis Rams fan, I have two opinions on this. As far as losing him as head coach. I say good riddance. He was a terrible head coach. He made poor decisions and was a terrible leader. He was confrontational with the front office, he was rough with the media and his players and the fans did not like him. A new head coach is definitely in order. As far as losing his offensive prowess, the Rams are certainly going to miss that. He was an offensive genius and some other team is going to get the benefit of that. However, overall it was a good decision and I am very interested to see what happens with the coaching staff in the coming weeks.

posted by mcstan13 at 10:14 AM on January 02, 2006

Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

Clarrett has been a trouble maker ever since his freshman year. This is just par for the course for him. I hope he enjoys his new running job...running from Bubba his cellmate. Maurice, enjoy prison.

posted by mcstan13 at 10:07 AM on January 02, 2006

Tiger Makes the Turn at 30

Tiger Woods is the best golfer to ever live. The old boys better move over and make room for the billion dollar man.

posted by mcstan13 at 10:47 AM on December 30, 2005

Brett Favre & Marshall Faulk want to retire,

Neither should retire. Favre still has the gun. With the right coach and a healthy team, he is still one of the best at his craft. He may be reckless, but he is a fierce competitor and knows how to win. He has had one bad year and everyone is jumping ship. Get off his back. As for Faulk, he is doing well in his role and is still very helpful to the Rams. When Jackson is off, Faulk can pick up the slack. Also, like it was said earlier, Faulk also gives the Rams another reciever. There is also the fact that they are invaluable in training the guys that will take over for them in the future. Play on I say.

posted by mcstan13 at 12:17 AM on December 30, 2005

Some honesty, finally

First off for HATER 187, Prednisone is a different type of steroid. It is an adrenocortical steroids not an anabolic steroid. I agree, Lawton is the first one not to point at everyone else and say it is their fault. And if he wants to come back and play for a minimal contract then I am all for it. Everyone makes mistakes. Especially in this case where it was a one time thing. (It would be different if he got to where he was in his career because of the roids, i.e. Jose Canseco, Barry Bonds) BuryBonds, I am not so sure that St. Louis would embrace a known roid user. St. Louis is THE Baseball town and we are finicky about who plays for us. We don't like much drama from our players (Which is why I question the signing of Ponson who got fired from his last team because he was a hot head)

posted by mcstan13 at 05:25 PM on December 22, 2005

No suds in the Meadowlands

I say if the fans cannot control themselves, then take the beer away. A football game is supposed to be fun, not a place where you have to worry about some drunk jerk-off throwing a beer bottle and hitting your kid with it.

posted by mcstan13 at 06:46 PM on December 20, 2005

10-4 Chicago Bears Name Grossman Starter against Packers

Anything is an upgrade from Orton. Orton was useless. With the domination of their defense, if the Bears can muster even an average amount of offense under Grossman, the Bears could win the whole show. Smart move Lovie, hope it works out for you.

posted by mcstan13 at 06:42 PM on December 20, 2005

Royals add 4 Free Agents

All 4 players are experienced and while none are really superstars, they are strong at their positions considering the money that they cost the Royals. Grudzielanek and Mientkiewicz will shore up first and second with solid defense and consistent bats (Both of which the Royals desperately need). Elarton has been around but he put up solid numbers last year and figures into the rotation, while Bako will be Buck's backup, Buck needs all the help can get to help him learn. All told these look great for the Royals and way to go. About time they get some solid players.

posted by mcstan13 at 01:30 PM on December 16, 2005

Meaningless awards for Ozzie, Mo, Ichiro, and Ortiz

Why are these awards irrelevant? These are the awards based on the opinion of the fans.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:24 AM on December 16, 2005

Cuba denied participation in World Baseball Classic

gfinsf -- like I said. I personally think it is stupid.

posted by mcstan13 at 01:41 PM on December 15, 2005