January 26, 2006

Who cares what YOU believe, Mikey?: Here another big blower says he thinks his brother will be exonerated. Of which charge, Michael? Or is it everything? I really doubt the team that kicked him out will be reinstating him, but the NCAA isn't the NFL, either.

posted by mrhockey to football at 07:36 AM - 20 comments

"He didn't do anything wrong. The world will all know when the truth comes out." The same goes for Saddam.

posted by Turbo at 08:12 AM on January 26, 2006

The truth? What, was the video evidence doctored?

posted by garfield at 08:20 AM on January 26, 2006

It looked "accidental" to me to!! It's a shame with some of these kids. They have it all given to them for their talent and then piss it all away with their ignorance

posted by Pa Winemaker at 08:44 AM on January 26, 2006

Wow, he should of just kept his mouth shut, now besides being totally overrated he's also a moron. Oh wait...my emotions are taking over me right now i gotta go kick someone in the groin.

posted by chuy at 08:50 AM on January 26, 2006

Accidental, Yeah that is what I saw too. Especially the part where he kinda twisted his foot just for good measure. I am glad that me and Michael were watching the same game. He will be exhonerated...Are you kidding. He has like 5 different sets of charges pending. Are you saying that they are ALL just a big misunderstanding. This just proves my theory that Michael Vick is a complete idiot. It would be one thing to say that you have faith in your brother and you hope that he does well. It is another to say that he did nothing wrong and it is a misunderstanding. Did he forget that the "misunderstanding" was clear to the rest of America.

posted by mcstan13 at 08:57 AM on January 26, 2006

Marcus Vick later claimed the incident was accidental and that he apologized to Louisville's Elvis Dumervil, If it was an accident, why apologize?

posted by Bill Lumbergh at 09:07 AM on January 26, 2006

Those guys are living together? How do they fit both their heads through the door? "Brandishing a firearm" is doing nothing wrong? Sorry guys, just because your last name is Vick doesnt mean shit. Get Michael to hand off to Maurice Clarret, turn Marcus into a "tight end"(it will prepare him for the big house)and line TO up on the other side. What an ass-squad!

posted by GoBirds at 09:22 AM on January 26, 2006

"I know Marcus. He's not the kind of kid that's going to do something like that on purpose. " No, he's just the king of kid who will wave a gun at people outside a fast food restaurant, but he would never purposely step on another player and bring him injury. (sarcasm) Yeah. Right.

posted by Rino23 at 09:31 AM on January 26, 2006

This is the exact kind of loyalty that you want from your family. I guarantee you that you wouldn't catch me going on television calling my sibling an idiot and vice versa. And, if anyone asked, I would defend my family to the last -- even if the whole world disagreed. So, I wouldn't make any more of this than evidence of family loyalty.

posted by bperk at 09:33 AM on January 26, 2006

I'm with bperk on this one. I'm not gonna jump on Michael Vick for this. His brother might be an idiot and did do some stupid things, but I'm hard pressed to judge his older brother for coming to his defense when asked about it.

posted by 86 at 09:52 AM on January 26, 2006

I'm not saying that you shouldn't back your family. What I am saying is that going on the air and saying something that you know to be completely untrue is just stupid. He can say that he supports his brother. But to say that he thinks his brother did nothing wrong is absolutely stupid and shows the measure of intelligence that Michael Vick has.

posted by mcstan13 at 09:57 AM on January 26, 2006

The media shouldn't have shoved the microphone in Mike's face if they were going to bring up that issue. Mike has nothing to do with it. That being said, Mike's response, if he had any brains, should have simply been, "I have always supported my brother, and will continue to do so."

posted by dyams at 10:02 AM on January 26, 2006

wait 'till he signs a big money contract, we may see some real misbehavin......and then again, he is just a kid, and perhaps he will learn the error of his ways. Dyams would make a good pr man, for indeed that is the only proper response for Mike to have made.

posted by mjkredliner at 10:27 AM on January 26, 2006

If it was an accident, why apologize? Maybe because you're sorry? If you accidentally ram your car into mine, I would hope you would apologize. The fact that you didn't do it on purpose doesn't excuse you from having done it, it just makes it more foregiveable.

posted by fabulon7 at 10:46 AM on January 26, 2006

Exactly, fabulon7 (not that I think this particular situation actually was an accident). Double-edged sword, man.

posted by redsnare at 12:26 PM on January 26, 2006

That being said, Mike's response, if he had any brains, should have simply been, "I have always supported my brother, and will continue to do so." That is so true. What was he thinking. Oh yeah and good luck getting a contract. He's just another T.O. But see T.O. will always have someone desperate enough to take a chance. Because he's just that freakin good. But why would you do anything to destroy your future or "piss it all away"

posted by threemoney21 at 12:41 PM on January 26, 2006

I used to think think of Mike as a smart, well-mannered proffesional but after reading what he has to say my opinion has just changed. I understand that it is his brother but to say that he didn't do anything wrong is just plain dumb.

posted by pepitothechihuahua at 01:00 PM on January 26, 2006

There are cases where you stick up for family members, but in this case where your younger brother has so many obvious charges pending and there is evidence against him, standing up for him is just going to hurt your reputation. Vick, you just did something stupid and if I haven't lost it already, I have now lost all respect for your family.

posted by Ying Yang Mafia at 02:02 PM on January 26, 2006

Ron Mexico's reputation cannot be sullied. Don't hate.

posted by fabulon7 at 02:27 PM on January 26, 2006

Ron Mexico, I love that.That's the name Vick used when he (reportedly) raped a woman in Atlanta, isn't it? Lakerfan, I have an IPO address tracer. 'Enough said. (you CAN'T buy one at Wally World).

posted by mrhockey at 07:43 PM on January 27, 2006

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