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Bob Feller, The Greatest Cleveland Indian, dies at age 92

Sorry, that was supposed to say the USS Alabama. Thats what I get for commenting at 04:12 while trying to feed a baby.

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Bob Feller, The Greatest Cleveland Indian, dies at age 92

irunfromclones, I couldn't agree more, Bob Feller is a true hero on and off the field. He was the first baseball player to volunteer for service after Pearl Harbor, and won many citations. They say his bunk still has his name marked on the USS Arizona. Wikipedia has a nice list of his baseball accomplishments also. RIP Bob Feller, you will be missed by all.

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SportsFilter: The Wednesday Huddle

Just when you thought the story was over...

Braden just moved up a few notches on my list of favorites!

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Raiders release former No. 1 overall pick Russell

He is a great player. Get over it and coach this team on the field," Davis read from a letter he sent Kiffin before the firing. "That is what you were hired to do. We can win with this team."

Excuse me Mr. Davis, you\'ll have a better chance of a winning season using the Cleveland Indians roster in football season. Al Davis needs to step down before the Raiders go anywhere.

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New Orleans Saints Defeat the Minnesota Vikings to Advance to the Super Bowl

Regardless of the OT calls, the Vikings should have won that game before then. You can't turn the ball over 5 times in many games and expect to win, especially a conference championship game to boot.

As for the NFL OT rules, they need change just as bad as the NCAA needs a playoff system. I am tired of seeing the most competitive games decided by a coin toss and subsequent field goal. There is no incentive to go for the touchdown in OT. The current OT rules remove the need to get the most points possible. It is getting nery old.

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Lifetime ban from Dominican Winter baseball for Offerman

Contemplates whether a donut addiction causses anger issues

Get pulled over once by an Ohio State Patrolman and you'll have the answer to that!

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Lifetime ban from Dominican Winter baseball for Offerman

Twice in 2.5 years, Offerman needs to be suspended from all organized baseball. That punch would have hurt, had it actually landed!

I can't help but wonder if that ump learned the art of falling from Sonny Liston?

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Jay Paterno: Coaches Have Lost Touch with Our Mission

There is a national signing day for all athletes to commit to a college. There should be at least a signing day for coaches around the same time. It is getting very old to see a college coach turn a program around and then ditch that same team, they worked so hard with, just before a bowl game. I'm not sure if this can ever be put back to the wat it was, with coaches actually working through the contracts they sign. There needs to be something put in place though.

It does make sense that Paterno's son is the one writting this, sounds like he has learned a lot from pops.

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McGwire Admits Using Steroids

I just watched the video in this link. It has made me realize one thing, Brian Williams is a complete A**hole. His opening line about ow McGwire has stopped lying is a bunch of crap. McGwire never said he didn't take steroids or HGH. It is the Media like tis example that can now leave this alone. Had it not been for them the McGwire thing most likely would not have dragged on as long as it did. Fifty bucks says Williams was cheering both Sosa and McGwire on the whole time in 1998. After all, who would get the credit for saving baseball according to the same media outlets that trash them now.

Am i glad he came out and admitted it, yes. Only for the fact that maybe now he can get his well deserved induction in to the hall. That way he can be where all the other great baseball players that cheated, drank and did drugs are too.

One more thing, Coach McGwire, please leave Alberts swing alone!

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Report: Arenas, Teammate Pulled Guns on Each Other in Locker Room

Maybe they should change their name back to the Bullets!

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Like It or Not, Caldwell Sticks to His Plan for Colts

Here in Ohio there is a radio show that has Bob Golic* for their host from 3-7pm. Even Golic ripped the Colts for resting their key players, and I agree. He said most players he knows would rather stay in the game and get the repetition that they get every week. Especially when they are ahead, there's no pushing anything, it is just sticking to the game plan. Not to mention if I was a paying fan in attendance for that game I'd be pissed about paying to see my team lose the game due to that reasoning. Even as a football fan I am still somewhat mad about not getting to see another run at a perfect season.(I wasn't born in '72 when the Dolphins did it.)

* They broadcast their shows on the web also.

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Mark Ingram Wins Heisman

What a nice heartfelt acceptance speech. Mark Ingram has earned this award. I don't agree with Suh finishing fourth though, he should have been higher, possibly second or third.

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NFL Will End Revenue Sharing

As a Lions fan I have to ask.. uh, what parity?

As a Browns fan I was thinking the same thing. Then I remembered all those first round busts for picks. This will spell blackout for more cities than just Cleveland. Our last two games almost were blacked out, but the local TV channel and other businesses bought the remaining tickets and donated them. Wfrazerjr, you are right on it really is not that much money compared to the income of the large market teams.

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Florida State Lineman Remains Motionless for Entire Play

Looks like someone has alreay ran some extra laps for jumping offsides. That's one hell of a back at ya.

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Rasheed Wallace: Flopping is Watering Down the NBA

I can't wait to go to the Cavs vs. Celtics game in March now. Lets see if LeBron is smart enough to let his play do the talking.

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Mangini wonders if Lions faked injuries

I feel that Mangini should spend a little less time at criticizing the Lions and a little more time analyzing how the Browns managed to blow that game after leading 24-3.

Amen YYM. I was at the MNF game against the Ravens two weeks ago. I think about 2/3 of the stadium started the chant "We want Gruden". I'm not sure if it was heard on TV or commented on by him, but things are getting rough for Mangini around here.

bperk, Mosely was in the air, but he didn't launch himself into Stafford's head. I believe it looked worse due to the way Stafford landed, it looked to me like he may have broke his collar bone, or dislocated his shoulder. The injury he suffered was from his shoulder hitting the ground, Mosley was in the air before Stafford threw the ball.

Curlyelk, that timeout was another stupid move by the Browns, the biggest was giving up that 21 point lead.

posted by jojomfd1 at 12:55 PM on November 24, 2009

Mangini wonders if Lions faked injuries

He needs more excuses than that. When you are up with less than 2:00 left, its 3rd and whatever(I think it was 5) don't pass the ball! Run it and take almost 0:40 off the clock. Detroit had no timeouts left. Take more time off with a delay of game on 4th, and you never have to worry about the injuries or that interference call. I think the Jets should have kept him.

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Devin Hester Loses Pants on Sunday Night Football

How em-bare-ass-ing!

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Stephanie Spielman Dies of Cancer

I was not saying any change in approach is a bad idea...just this new one the government task force came up with. I have been looking at a lot of articles, and it was misstated on the local news channel I watched. There were no oncologists on the task force. It seems they do have medical professionals, they also had insurance company director.

I wouldn't want to tell someone who'd been hit by lightning there's little risk of being hit by lightning.

I wouldn't want to go to a preventative medicine specialist for treatment of cancer either.

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The Hoser's NFL Pick 2009, Week 11

Cleveland against Detroit should be an awe-inspiring game, though possibly not for the right reasons.

Mr. Bismarck don't you mean a nap inspiring game! YYM, everybody around here is saying "they may suck , but god let them be better than the Lions". I wonder what the over/under is on turnovers?

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Stephanie Spielman Dies of Cancer

Very ironic rcade, the groups like Mrs. Spielman's are really fighting the new recommendation. I don't blame them, I saw an interview on our local news with a doctor from the Cleveland Clinic, she said the experts that developed the new guidelines were not even doctors. This is a very real reminder of why those should not be adopted.

RIP Mrs. Spielman.

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Showcase: The Sports of Photography

Those photos of Ali are amazing . Thanks for the FPP spira.

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Supreme Court Refuses to Take Redskins Case

At least there is one government entity who is staying out of pro sports. Even though this is the one they probably should do something about IMO.

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While he may be doing it for the reason he says, you can't tell me the money doesn't help this decision.

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German MNT keeper Enke in apparent suicide

Enke had been getting treatment since 2003. Or are you suggesting that all depression is treatable and curable? If you are, you're one step short of telling us all to just pull our socks up and get on with it, which isn't overly helpful.

Suicide is a potential consequence of untreated depression just as death is a potential consequence of untreated cancer.

Not saying that at all JJ, not everything is curable. Some forms of cancer are not death sentences if treated, all depression does not end in suicide treated or not. Untreated it is more likely to lead to that endind. I know it says he had been treated since 2003, but his wife also says this in the article, "He didn't want to accept help any more." Thats all I'm saying.

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German MNT keeper Enke in apparent suicide

suicide is a potential consequence of depression just as death is a potential consequence of cancer

This statement is missing one word, untreated.

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German MNT keeper Enke in apparent suicide

Thank you for pointing that out rcade. I was just reading this and thinking about all of the shoe leather that will be eaten once everyone realizes they didn't read Drood's entire post very well. I sure hope no one chokes on it.

I think it is safe to say that just about all of us have been depressed about something at one point or another. The problem becomes much worse when you can not break the cycle of depression. Then it becomes a chronic problem, where you can't sleep or eat, you don't want to go out anywhere. You start to alienate yourself from family and friends. Once you feel all alone, sometimes it feels like the only thing to do.

Glad you are ok and here with us today Drood.

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Cal Running Back Hurt on Touchdown Flight

If thats the case that team doc/trainer should be shown the door with a foot attached to his ***. Arms going rigid like that is called posturing, they either push out like this case or curl in to the chest. Posturing means the brain has experienced some trauma. I don't remember which one is the worst though, either way it is not a good thing to have happen. If Best plays again this regular season, I'll be surprised.

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NFL's Dirtiest Player: Hines Ward

people just think I'm biased.

Amen tahoe, every Steeler fan should be forced to read, then re-read this. I am so tired of hearing how great Ward is. Plus when loud mouth Joey Porter was there, they thought he was a god. The big problem is 99.9% of them wouldn't even care.

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Florida Linebacker Tried to Eye-Gouge Opponent

This just shows how much of an ass clown Urban Meyer is. He's always whining about something. Attempting to take the sight of another person is inexcusable, and should be punished more severely. I hope the NCAA does something about it. I doubt the SEC is going to punish one of its own, especially while they're first in the polls.

but what i found out was that on the previous play Ealey spit in his face, and all Spikes did was wipe off the spit and was trying to smear it on Ealey's face.

The statement you made is ridiculous! If he was just trying to wipe the spit back in his face and not poke his eye, his hand would not have been angled right up at his eyes. Watch it again, Spikes is in there so far his glove is falling off.

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Yankees Take 2-1 Series Lead Behind A-Rod, Pettitte

I'm a bit surprised the Phillies are going with Blanton instead of Lee (even though I don't know how effective Lee has been on short rest in his career).

Dyams, I don't think I've ever seen Lee pitch on that short of a rest before. PLus his IP* this year is very high. Even despite those two things, I think you have to put him up against CC, especially down 2-1. Charlie Manuel didn't do it though, noiw they are going to have one hell of a go at it having to win 2 at New York.

*I think they said he is at 265 last night.

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Manu Ginobili Makes Bat-sketball History

PETA my ass, put any of them in a room with one of those flying rats and they'll be calling for pest control themselves. Prior to blowing my back out, we would get these calls at the FD. We would corner the bat on the wall. One of us would stand under it with a pillow case, while the other sprayed it with a co2 extinguisher. They fall right in the pillow case, you take it outside and let it go. Those nasty things still make me itch when I think about it.

It was still a nice swing by ginobili.

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Yankees, Phillies Meet Again in World Series

This looks like an Indians fan's dream, with out the against each other. Here's the new news, if Manny Acta wins manager of the year they're going to trade him to the top team for four minor league prospects also.

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Chiefs' Larry Johnson Flips Out on Twitter

Looks like old LJ could use a Prozac lick next to his locker and computer. This guy is an ass.

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SportsFilter: The Friday Huddle

I wonder if they'll hit Hanson with a filing a false police report charge? Looks as if they should, sounds like they put some time into investigating the situation. If he lied, and caused the use of all those resources that could have been investigating real crimes to be tied up on his lie, then charge him.

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Phillies Move on to World Series

It does look like just a matter of time until the Angels are eliminated. If that does happen (and I am still rooting for them) I will be forced to root for the Phillies. Just to show the Inaians front office one was them!

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Yankees yank Ronan Tynan from lineup after anti-Semitic remark

I would have to agree with etaloh, he is way beyond playing devils advocate. Cabuki, I don't mind the National Anthem being sung at games, doesn't it happen in most places? I do agree with you on the "God Blesss America" though, It's a game, not a rally. As always yerfatma rules!

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

All right, which Bills fan on here did it? A move not even a Lions fan has resorted to, surprisingly!

I want to do one for the browns, but they want triple to put that helmet on anything.

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Mike Blowers sees the future

Truly amazing!

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NFL Study Finds Link to Dementia

Lets see how long it takes the NFL to start paying on some pensions that include this as a diagnosis. Nice job on the new description also, thanks to who ever did it.

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SportsFilter: The Thursday Huddle

Kordell with the UFL.

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Want to Get Away from Baseball?

It is 1681.66 miles and 25hrs 38 mins away from Mark Shapiro!

There are a lot of us praying his brother in law doesn't do things the same way!

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'Reggie Miller Stop Pursuing Married Women'

Just out of curiosity, how did Reggie "The Herasser" Miller even get this woman's cell number to text her?

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Michael Phelps' Endorsement Career Has Not Gone to Pot

Smokingly funny link title rcade! Never tried subway for the munchies, maybe it could be the cure.

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It's tough to replace class

Impressive deal for KC. Cassell may not have been the greatest, but he did enough for NE. Which is Ten times better than what KC had in '08! Not to mention he throw for 3700 yards.

Even with that, the deal maker here has still got to be Vrabel, period, trade accepted! What Vrabel can teach a team has got to amazing! I had to do a double take after reading the quotes made by Vrabel. While he doesn't sound happy to be gone from NE, he still never trash talked anyone or either team. Then promises to give his all on the field and in the locker room too. Not something we have the pleasure to see now days. Hats off to MV.

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Writer: Oscar De La Hoya 'Never Truly Great'

Lets all just pray there is Never another Don "The Killer" King involved in boxing ever again, or any other sport for that matter!

I find it very difficult to agree with what the writer, John Rawling, says about De La Hoya in this article. Especially the "throught his career he has never lived up to the hype" statement. De La Hoya has beat 17 World Champions in 6 different weight classes. His professional record is 39-6, with 30 KO's. Of those 6 losses only 2 of them did not go 12 rounds. One went 8 the other went 9. His amateur record is 223-6 with 163 KO's

While doing the above he has also become the wealthiest boxer of all time, earning a whoping $664.3 million in PPV revenue alone. His promoting business doesn't look like it is going bad either.

People just don't do these things with out "ever living up to the hype," at least once. Sounds to me like Oscar must have cost him some money or something!

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TigerTown could win ESPN'S search for TitleTown!

Thats true steelergirl, about the real tiger. Here is a pic of one of the Obie's of the past. They get a new one every year, then hold fund raisers to feed the thing. They also have a high school kid in a costume that dances around too. I just thought this would be an interesting post, for a look into a high school team trying to earn the "Titletown" honor for its city. I actually live in Massillon, and it is amazing what this city does for its high school football program. This is actually being constructed at this time! It is right on the High school campus and has a full 100 yard indoor practice field, it will also be used for some classes too. By the way, for those that have not seen Go Tigers, it is really a pretty good documentary about HS football. You may want to check it out.

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NFL Owners Vote Unanimously to End Collective Bargaining Agreement

Goodell's e-mail listed three reasons for the early termination: high labor costs, problems with the rookie pool and the league's inability, through the interpretation of the courts, to recoup bonuses of players who subsequently breach their contract or refuse to perform. I can agree with only one of the three things on the owners' list, the last one. Then again, that is partially their own fault for not putting a clause into player contracts to cover that problem. Also, the owners have no room to bitch and moan regarding "high labor costs" and what percent of league revenue the players get. These are the same owners that created the multi-million dollar bidding wars for the players, correct? I understand how profitable the NFL is, but if there is a lockout in 2011, or any season for that matter, I honestly hope the owners never turn a profit again. I would never watch the NFL again.

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Photographer pierced by javelin

Baseball= Newfound fears of fans and participants getting skewered by broken maple bats Don't forget these two geniuses!

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Puerto Rican Track Kills Losing Thoroughbreds

An owner said if the horse doesn't "produce", eventually he will give it away or kill it. He said it bothered him a lot, but it had to be done due to no money to pay for them...and he was not going to keep losing. However, the article also says the vets have an informal system of contacting farmers and breeders when healthy horses are brought in to die, but some are not suitable for adoption due to injuries and bad tempers. One big problem is the vets only charge $20.00 for the chemicals to put the horses down! That 20 bucks the vets charge the owners for the chemicals for the injection sure make this choice easier on the owners I'll bet. This reminds me of Chris Rock talking about gun control, when he said that the bullets need to cost $5000.00. If the lethal injection chemicals cost a lot more I bet there would be less of a problem there.

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Puerto Rican Track Kills Losing Thoroughbreds

Are these horses so high maintenance that the owners couldn't just "leave the gate open"? Once tame, could the horse adapt to the wild again? If so, why not take them to a wildlife preserve? Maybe the county/state could offer up some park acreage. There's plenty of solutions, the problem is that they are not all profitable. Greedy bastards. The following is from the article in the FPP: Unlike on the U.S. mainland, where many former racehorses are retrained for riding or sent to special refuges..... Although I've never seen or heard of it either Bo, it appears that there are some type of preserves for the horses here in the US. I would imagine PR could also do the same if they wanted to.

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Relax! Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James now has mom as an enforcer

rcade and gary, I agree it was a funny and unusual episode, that got it's due air time. The FPP even started out with a humorous tone, that was derailed about two posts into it. In fact, the quotes you cite rcade are exactly what I'm speaking about when I say how LeBron is in front of the mic's. Imagine the fallout had it have been this guy's mom that did that!

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Relax! Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James now has mom as an enforcer

Trying to explain every little detail can sometimes interfere with the point. Or perhaps trying to make the event look like less then what it was to to make a point that was never there in the first place is what did it. The media jumped on a funny story about LeBron yelling at his mom, and even that has died off. Probably could have been a bigger deal, but LeBron handles himself pretty well in front of the microphones. You wanted to make it a bigger deal and about what his mom needed to do. Even taking it personally with the "my celtics" comment, but it's ok Mr. Grousbeck she didn't interfere with the game. By the way you would have helped make your point, had you not agreed with me that you hadn't heard of her doing these things since he turned pro either. Basically all she's done is get the DUI and the other charges that night, NOT AT A BB GAME, and this. She used to be a freak at his games. As I said before, it was really a non-issue. When she starts to pull some shit like she did back in his HS days, from the NEXT article linked above, then we'll discuss it further.

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Relax! Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James now has mom as an enforcer

This article has a video of the whole thing, which is really being blown out of proportion. Paul Pierce held LeBron so that he would not get the 2 points while LeBron was making his move and they moved towards the front row where some fans were. I'm not sure what you saw, but watch the clip above, before LeBron's mom even says a thing the two players are already several rows deep and past her. She was in the first row and had to turn around to say anything.

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Relax! Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James now has mom as an enforcer

BI, people have been saying that about Gloria James since LeBron was playing at St. Vincent & St. Mary's in Akron. Since this is the first time we have heard of her during his time as a pro and LeBron handled the situation well on the court, and in the news conference after the game. I'm pretty sure it was a one time thing, and a non-issue.

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Do not run on Rick Ankiel.

NoMich, never saw it but have read it was one hell of a melt down. That still doesn't take away from his strenght though. Given that he has had all of the troubles he has had and Tommy John surgery, it makes it even more impressive I think.

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Do not run on Rick Ankiel.

Those are the two best throws from the outfield I have ever seen! What an arm, what did they think running on an ex-pitcher with the pitch speed of Ankiel would get them?

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Clemens Get thumbs down for U.S. Olympic Team

I bet Roger is losing a lot of sleep over this too.

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Yankees fan kills Red Sox fan.

Wow, she had to have that car moving pretty quick to put a hole in the windshield that big from hitting him. The pic is on the link from Howard T's above post. It also sounds like the poor guy did not die right away too boot. This lady is in a world of sh!&, and deservedly so. However, it kind of makes you wonder, how little was there in her life that she could go and do something like this and give the rest up so easily? The one article said she had a teenage daughter I believe. It's really sad on both ends of this story.

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So it finally comes to an end. Julio Franco has retired.

Holy smokes did the earth just stop spinning? Julio Franco has Finally retired from somewhere?! This wasn't even an onion article to boot. I am in awe, this man has played baseball "forever" and should be commended for it. That six degrees of Julio Franco above is impressive Grum, thanks. Just one observation/question though. In the article, they refer to the commissioner of the mexican league as "feline", does this mean we can call Big Bud a pu... too? Oh, I guess that already was the translation. My bad, sorry about that. Congrats Mr. Franco, have a great retirement!

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