December 15, 2010

Bob Feller, The Greatest Cleveland Indian, dies at age 92: The brilliant pitcher who is the only Cleveland pro athlete to be immortalized with a statue, died Wednesday night of complications from leukemia at age 92. The Hall of Famer hurled 266 victories, most in Indians history, from 1936 to 1956, despite losing almost four years at the peak of his powers after enlisting in the Navy during World War II.

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RIP. You were one of the greatest.

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I know that the term hero has gotten tossed at so many people for so many reasons that it no longer has the meaning it did. But Bob Feller was a hero in every meaning of the word.

Baseball player, patriot, hero.


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Bob Feller pitching, in slow motion.

17 year old Bob Feller, "getting a pitching lesson".
(try to make it past the terrible scripted/delivered dialogue)

Famous for his "get-off-my-lawn/baseball-players-suck-nowadays" attittude, his quotability, and his willingness to sign any/all autographs, he will be missed.

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Bob Ryan's memorial to Feller is worth a read (as is almost anything Bob Ryan writes). Ryan captures what Feller was all about, both on and off the field.


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He was my first favorite pitcher when I read about him as a kid. Him and Tom Seaver. Cranky, but always interesting. Will be missed.

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irunfromclones, I couldn't agree more, Bob Feller is a true hero on and off the field. He was the first baseball player to volunteer for service after Pearl Harbor, and won many citations. They say his bunk still has his name marked on the USS Arizona. Wikipedia has a nice list of his baseball accomplishments also. RIP Bob Feller, you will be missed by all.

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That Bob Ryan piece is great sportswriting. Richard Sandomir's remembrance of Feller contains some great quotes too. "I ate Wheaties instead of steroids even before I was paid to eat them. I got $2,500 from General Mills and Shirley Temple got $10,000, and I asked why and they said, 'You weren't cute and you didn't dance.'"

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Sorry, that was supposed to say the USS Alabama. Thats what I get for commenting at 04:12 while trying to feed a baby.

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Feller was a staple at the Toronto Maple Leafs baseball team's winter dinner. On the FAN590 this morning, Roger Lajoie said several years ago he asked Feller what his greatest win was.

Feller stood up, stretched and said, "World War II."

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