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The poetry of JJ Redick

so awful even Creed would be embarassed.

posted by drjimmy11 at 10:43 PM on February 10, 2006

All the skills and no future

40% of the active NBA players, by one authors count, have been accused of a felony or convicted of one Does this author wear a white bedsheet on his head by any chance? Lots of people commit or are charged with crimes. Some are rich, some are poor. Some are pro athletes, most are not. Yawn.

posted by drjimmy11 at 04:29 PM on January 27, 2006

Kobe drops 81 for 2nd most in a game in history of NBA.

PassingJudgementOnThe PersonalLivesOfPeopleYou'veNeverMetFilter is two sites to the right- this one is SportsFilter. There is no credible evidence that Kobe "forced" Shaq out either- all that is gossip that has become accepted as truth because it sounds like a good story. Mitch Kupchak is a jackass who wouldn't give Shaq a new contract. And the Lakers could have easily won 4 out 5 titles and kept the dynasty going if they had signed one young, athletic player who wanted to contribute- rather than old, slow and egotistical Malone and Payton. And for God's sake, the man forced out Phil Jackson and then seriously considered offering the job to Mike Kryshewski!

posted by drjimmy11 at 12:12 PM on January 23, 2006

Fans Storm Court After Hoyas Stop Duke

My program beat Duke 3 out of the last 4 times. My program beat Duke the last time they played for the conference title. My program won the national title in 2002, or one year more recently than Duke. See if you can guess my program? Sincerely, Hater witn an IQ of about 3

posted by drjimmy11 at 08:31 PM on January 21, 2006

Browns fan to be jailed for Super Bowl

I actually dont get why the Steeler who hit him isnt charged with assault and battery. If I see someone committing "misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct while intoxicated and criminal trespassing" on the street, I either a) dont care or b) call a cop or at most c) peacefully restrain him until a cop arrives. I dont physically assault him, (from behind no less) especially if I am 3 times his size and wearing a potentially deadly helmet. But just because this guy violated the "sacred turf" of a football field it's perfectly OK? Just playing devil's advocate here.

posted by drjimmy11 at 07:06 PM on January 17, 2006

Duke Defeats North Carolina, 3,688-3,444

so I'm guessing Duke took about 1768 charges and got called for maybe... 3 blocks?

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Official was wrong

The pass interference rule is just silly and needs to change. Minor pass interference (hand check, incidental bump) should be 5 yards and a first down. Major (tackling the guy b/c he beat you) should be spot of the foul. its just gotten silly where people chuck the ball up and hope for a flag.

posted by drjimmy11 at 11:51 PM on January 16, 2006

A Wie bit of trouble

interesting thing about golf, and all sports that have tournaments. Only one person can win each event. A lot of players never win, regardless of their sex or age. Should they stop playing too?

posted by drjimmy11 at 05:57 PM on January 13, 2006

Steve Francis Suspended

I'll take him on the Lakers in a heartbeat. I liked him just fine at Maryland- he played out of his mind. He did highlight one of the few flaws in Gary Williams' coaching approach- his stubborn insistence that a point guard is not a "real" point or is somehow not playing the position right if he scores points. I certainly preferred watching him over Steve Blake's "nightly fiesta of forced bounce passes into the post."

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Vince Young turning pro

The Ravens need to trade up and get this guy. Anybody want Jamal Lewis?

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from the article: or, as Hemingway’s Jake Barnes said, isn’t it pretty to think so? I read that book in 9th grade English too. But I get your point: you're the New Yorker, and you're not about to stop being pretentious just because you're talking about sports.

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What these guys lacked in size they made up in heart. They also took it one game at a time and put their faith in God. The whole point of pro athletics is that these people are exceptional enough to be the very best at what they do. if that doesnt appeal to you, go watch a game at your local park, or play yourself for that matter.

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Who is

viral marketing? when's the movie out?

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Ex-Ohio State Star Runner Wanted for Armed Robbery

well put. the other thing is the bullshit about the lawsuit and him "quitting school." The thing is, he was over 18, an adult by any legal definition (why anyone would ever call a 22 year old a "boy" or "kid" is beyond me)- he wanted a job he was qualified to do and could have made a lot of money at, and the NFL denied him the job on the basis of age and tried to say it was for his own good- and look where he is now. Why anyone would endorse this moronic age discrimination is beyond me.

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if they earn it let 'em celebrate

They could all learn something from the PGA white people

posted by drjimmy11 at 05:32 PM on December 30, 2005

"The truth is: the reason for the draft is to control competition in the market not on the playing field."

from the article: Even if Duke does seem to get more than its share of All-Americans, it does so by offering the most to its recruits: a great coach, a quality education, a history of not simply using its young talent but helping them grow into quality human beings Jesus Christ, can I not read ANYTHING without the goddamn Duke propoganda? Attention everyone: when you're looking for a college basketball program that is synonymous with class and success over time, you're looking for North Carolina. I know it's confusing b/c their coach isnt being rammed down your throat on American Express ads and everywhere else, but trust me on this- if you want to sound like you have a real understanding of basketball, you mean North Carolina. Possibly Kentucky or Kansas if you're looking for historical perspective, but North Carolina is your best bet.

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if they earn it let 'em celebrate

(the above story takes place in Nineteen dickety two. We had to say "dickety" because the Kaiser had stolen our word for "twenty." I chased him down the road but gave up after dickety-six miles... )

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if they earn it let 'em celebrate

I remember when players had class in the "old days." They would sit the football down and walk quietly back to the sideline, stopping only to pat an adorable orphan on the head. That also reminds me of the time I caught the ferry over to Shelbyville. I needed a new heel for my shoe, so, I decided to go to Morganville, which is what they called Shelbyville in those days. So I tied an onion to my belt, which was the style at the time. Now, to take the ferry cost a nickel, and in those days, nickels had pictures of bumblebees on 'em. Give me five bees for a quarter, you'd say. Now where were we? Oh yeah - the important thing was I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. They didn/t have white onions because of the war. The only thing you could get was those big yellow ones...

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"Honestly? I can't say I ever spend $100 a day,"

I find this giving of money to young black men simply scandalous. They'll probably just waste it on the "bling bling" and absurdly large combs!

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No suds in the Meadowlands


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Packers Coach Sherman Has To Go

Do you think this should be bretts last sign he needs to step aside and call it quits? Not as long as people insist on making exuses for him. He was simply awful last night, but people will keep blaming everyone but him. yeah, he has a bad team around him, but so does Kyle Boller.

posted by drjimmy11 at 04:58 PM on December 20, 2005

Packers Coach Sherman Has To Go

As a ravens fan, this is the worst thing that could've happened to us. Now we get a worse draft pick and another year of Billick/Boller ineptitude. Boller will be starting next year based on this performance, and as soon as he gets back in a meaningful game against a team that hasn't quit he will be awful again. The Ravens wil go 7-9 or maybe 8-8 next year and pretend they are making progress. Sometimes you're better just dynamiting the foundations and starting over.

posted by drjimmy11 at 04:56 PM on December 20, 2005

"Univ of MD Men's B-ball Coach Gary Williams got a new contract that could keep him at his alma mater for the next eight years."

Perhaps its just has something to do with budgets and the end of the year? Keep in mind public school coaches are state government employees and subject to the same bureacracy as everyone else... ps my brother got kicked out of Calvert Hall halfway through his senior year- random but true story

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"Univ of MD Men's B-ball Coach Gary Williams got a new contract that could keep him at his alma mater for the next eight years."

I dont know why he got the contract now as opposed to in the off-season- but its not confidence or distraction. Everyone around Maryland and the ACC knows Gary Willaims is the coach as long as he wants to be. One sub-par season doesnt change anything. Yes, biased Maryland grad here, but the man's record is simply amazing. Go back and check how many McDonald's All-Americans were on the 2002 title team (hint: none) Go back and check how many other major schools recruited Juan Dixon (hint: none) he has been David throughout his career and he has killed Goliath again and again.

posted by drjimmy11 at 01:12 PM on December 20, 2005

Owens Says He Felt 'Used' by Eagles

TO = Looser Its amazing how stupid humans can be! Id rather loose with class than be connected with this looser in anyway. I think that pretty much sums it up. There sure is some intelligent commentary on the lose around here!

posted by drjimmy11 at 07:45 PM on December 16, 2005

Charges brought against 4 Vikings for events occurring during "Love Boat cruise"

What Culpepper and the boys did was terrible it doesnt need to be glorified. And can "editorializing is not necessary, let people form their own opinions" be added to the posting guidelines?

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Charges brought against 4 Vikings for events occurring during "Love Boat cruise"

well upon reading the charges, apparently the nudity is what prompted the charge. Still silly, though.

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Charges brought against 4 Vikings for events occurring during "Love Boat cruise"

Am I missing something? "recieving a lap dance" is a crime? Everyone is just reporting this as if that makes sense. And I thought Minnesota was a liberal state? What exactly is a lap dance? if you go to a club and your groin contacts a woman's groin in the course of dancing, can they arrest you???

posted by drjimmy11 at 12:40 PM on December 16, 2005

Why does Joey suck, but Carson doesn't?

Some guys are pro QBs, some aren't. Some look good in college b/c of the system (I'm looking at you, Kyle Boller), but its not any kind of indication they can make it in the NFL.

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Smush Parker would get my vote, but then again i watch the Lakers almost every game.

posted by drjimmy11 at 01:24 PM on December 15, 2005

Why does every white basketball player get compared to Larry Legend?

Grant Hill HA HA HA hahhahhhahhhahha! Ok, I'm done. No wait. Hahhahahhahahhahhahahhaha! really, there is more to the game than stats. There is more to being a basketball player than being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, scoring the softest 20 points in league history for a few years, then getting hurt often enough to let people invent a fiction that you used to be a great player.

posted by drjimmy11 at 01:11 PM on December 15, 2005

Why does every white basketball player get compared to Larry Legend?

I was thinking Reggie in terms of being a great clutch shooter, great free throw shooter, and not particularly athletic, to put it kindly. In today's game, you could say McGrady maybe, although he is more of a guard and far far too athletic for it to be a good comparison.

posted by drjimmy11 at 07:36 PM on December 14, 2005

Why does every white basketball player get compared to Larry Legend?

and Reggie Miller was pretty clearly the closest thing to another Laryr Bird in recent history.

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Why does every white basketball player get compared to Larry Legend?

Why does every white basketball player get compared to Larry Legend? because if sportswriters knew how to have an original idea or write well, they would be real journalists? Seriously, "White Men Cant Jump" is a funny movie but that was like 20 years ago now. Lots of white players can run, jump, dribble behind their back, and lots of black guys are slow and unathletic.

posted by drjimmy11 at 06:36 PM on December 14, 2005

Pat Riley - New Heat Coach

I have always thought that Jeff van Gundy looked like an accountant trying unsuccessfully to hide a cocaine problem. nevertheless he is (was?) a good coach.

posted by drjimmy11 at 06:43 PM on December 12, 2005

Will Pete leave USC for the NFL?

see coach krzyzewski - he was offered the lakers job and lots of money Minor nitpick but I dont think that "offer" ever happened- it was more a media invention. Coach K is monumentally unqualified to coach in the NBA and I think even Jerry Buss knows that. tangentially related, but I think the the NFL just got a draft lottery yesterday. I mean, did anyone see that kick by the guy for the Texans? I usually dont believe in these conspiracy theories but did he miss on purpose or WHAT??

posted by drjimmy11 at 06:39 PM on December 12, 2005

NBA to create huge digital archive

Better yet, they could include footage from when the players were in college and their postseason games were actually exciting. (I do like the NBA but it really is boring a lot of the time)

posted by drjimmy11 at 12:45 PM on December 10, 2005

World Cup Draw Now!

A Jizzbot? Didnt Jude Law play one of those in "A.I.?"

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World Cup Draw Now!

The question is when do we become Duke? Well, the rest of the world already sees us as a buch of spoiled rich assholes, so we're most of the way there. If we can just get the referees to call fouls on the other team when our players take a dive, I think we've got it.

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Coach Leach Goes Deep, Very Deep

oops Still an awesome article though.

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Dance on the Web

I have used this the last couple of years. Even when they charged, it wasnt much (10 or $20 i think) and it beats the HELL out of going to a sportsbar and trying to see your game on one little screen through the crowd of drunk dumbasses. The picture is suprisingly good and there werent any major technical problems. There is a delay of a few minutes from the TV broadcast, though, so I found that when i watched another game on TV, the score update on the upper right would end up showing the score of my game ahead of what I had seen so far on the computer. I ended up putting a post-it over that part of the TV.

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The Silencing of Carlos Delgado.

I refuse to go to any more MLB games until they cut the Nuremberg rally crap. last one I went to was with my dad, the only reason I stood for "GBA" with everyone else is I didnt want to start an incident with him there. But I felt really dirty doing it. Besides the general stupidity of this song, could there be any less appropriate choice under the current circumstances? A song that says "our God is better than your God" in so many words- the exact same sentiments going through the heads of the hijackers as they rammed into the towers (only with the gods reversed). I love the story about the writing of This Land Is Your Land. Woody Guthrie heard God Bless America and it pissed him off enough that he wrote if you get Springsteen's live box set, he tells that story before he sings "this land is your land," "about one of the prettiest songs ever written" as he puts it.

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41 percent of bowl teams miss academic standards

ps was anyone else amused by the fact that, in a thread bemoaning a lack of education, someone talks about money given by "doners" and then someone else copies it-- not in a copy and paste but types it again-- clearly believing it to be the right spelling?

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41 percent of bowl teams miss academic standards

if that's true, it's a shame because James Brooks was a great player for the "Bangles." (he also sang backup on 'Walk Like an Egyptian") But I fail to see how his life would've been better had he never gone to college or been kicked out for failing to meet academic standards. He was a star in the NFL for many years, so it seems his problem was squandering the money he earned- in which case the solution would be for the NFL to better educate its players on managing their finances.

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Parity in the NFL has gone too far.

The Baltimore Ravens have a marching band, which was once the Baltimore Colts marching band, and stayed in existence through all the years the city had no team at all.

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Bruce Arena - Wanker.

actual quote, in context: "All the groups are going to be hard, and there are no givens," he says. "The last time around the easy games were China and Saudi Arabia. This time around you'd probably say Australia and Trinidad & Tobago are the weak ones. But Australia has basically all its players in Europe, and Trinidad has a guy [Dwight Yorke] who was once arguably the top striker in soccer."

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41 percent of bowl teams miss academic standards

99% of college students are over 18, and thus adults, not "kids" as people are so found of patronizing them as. Thus, what grades they get are their business- I dont care any more than I care about the average student or judge him for getting a less than stellar GPA. And the school certainly doesnt care about them any more than a huge faceless institution "cares" about any of its students, except in the sense that it can exploit these particular students to make money.

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Interesting article from Michael "Moneyball" Lewis

As his team raced onto the field, he gazed into the stands filled with screaming fans and wondered about the several thousand "cadets" from Texas A.&M. clustered in one end zone. They wear military uniforms and buzz cuts, holler in unison and stand at attention the entire game. "How come they get to pretend they are soldiers?" he asked. "The thing is, they aren't actually in the military. I ought to have Mike's Pirate School. The freshmen, all they get is the bandanna. When you're a senior, you get the sword and skull and crossbones. For homework, we'll work pirate maneuvers and stuff like that." I like this guy.

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Interesting article from Michael "Moneyball" Lewis

Last year, after a loss to Texas A.&M. in overtime, Leach hauled the team into the conference room on Sunday morning and delivered a three-hour lecture on the history of pirates. Leach read from his favorite pirate history, "Under the Black Flag," by David Cordingly (the passages about homosexuality on pirate ships had been crossed out).

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since ya'll needed a thread I'll now reiterate =D who was the best back of all time

or my vote.

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since ya'll needed a thread I'll now reiterate =D who was the best back of all time

Why does Emmitt Smith never get mentioned in these things? He had a complete game and unlike some great backs was willing and able to block (I'm looking at you, Jim brown) he played at an incredibly high level and was incredibly consistent, if not the flashiest guy out there. If we're talking about best at the RB position, not just best at running the ball, he gets my vite.

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Top 10 All-Time Point Guards

does anyone else hate SI's layout for their top 10 lists does anyone else hate SI 's layout for their top 10 lists?

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Man Runs Onto NFL Field to Spread Mother's Ashes

Of all the stupid things about American sports, and there are a lot, the stupidest has to be the anger of announcers when someone runs on the field. Someone got drunk and committed a minor act of tresspassing. No one gets hurt expect maybe the perpetrator. Some people might even describe these incidents as amusing. Seriously, guys, its not that big a deal. Take the rod out of your butt.

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Today's the day:

upon further reading, apparently the Stallions became the Montreal Alouettes. Small world.

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Today's the day:

here's a link re: the above

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Today's the day:

does anybody else remember the CFL's bizzare expansion into the US in the 90s? I do b/c I lived in Baltimore at the time and it was the best we could do for a pro football team. Baltimore tried to name its team the Colts, only to be threatened with legal action by the NFL. For a while the team had no name, then ended up being called the "Stallions." I cant remember if they just folded along with all the other US teams, or if the Stallions ceased play when Baltimore got the Ravens.

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NFL to return to LA...sometime...somewhere...somehow...

mom of 2 boys that arent foo foos or freaks here in Southern California Thanks for all the wonderful stereotypes. This foo foo freak avacado-eating Hollywood phony would also like a football team I can support in between bouts in rehab.

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JoePa adds his Two Cents to the discussion

Chuck Berry learned about rock and roll from his cousin, Marvin Berry, who learned about it from Marty McFly, a white guy.

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Phil Jackson: Zen-aphopbic

A google search for the 2nd quote turns up only one obscure blog, where I found this substantially softer and more self-effacing version of what Phill allegedly said: The players have been dressing in prison garb for the last five or six years," Laker Coach Phil Jackson said. "All the stuff that goes on, it's like gangsta, thuggery stuff. It's time. It's a good time to do that. But one must remember where one came from. I was wearing bib overalls when I was a player." I call BS on Sccop's "journalism."

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Phil Jackson: Zen-aphopbic

more seriously: assuming these are accurate quotes, (which is a very big "if", as there's no specific date or context given, or link to a news source where they were printed), they are very ignorant and poorly thought out. But a few ill-advised comments do not make a racist- I'm sorry, they just don't. I hardly think Phil could've commanded such respect from black players all these years if he was some kind of closet klansman. Mostly, this article just seems like a chap shot- another in a long line of people queueing up to kick the Lakers while they're down.

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