January 17, 2006

Duke Defeats North Carolina, 3,688-3,444: In the longest basketball game ever, a 57-hour, 24-player marathon at Fetzer Gymnasium in Chapel Hill, Duke eked out a 244-point victory over hometown North Carolina. Justin Dreyfus scored 529 to lead Duke to victory. The marathon raised money for the Hoop Dreams Basketball Academy.

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Thanks for the post, rcade. I was thinking about working something up myself, but you've covered it all. At least at Duke, a lot of the basketball energy is harnessed into community service. There are lots of projects during the campouts and Coach K regularly pushes for Duke Children's Hospital and the Emily K Center. It's too bad they don't get Carlyle Cup points for this.

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Rickmon Logan aka the Kobe of Noth Carolina was the leading scorer with 652 points! That means he probably shot aroung 1,200 shots.

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That's a cool thing to do. It's a great way to have a good time and give back to the community. The baseball team I played on in college used to hold games that would last all day and go over 100 innings in order to raise money for different causes. We'd play against another school and, obviously, would have a pitching machine utilized. It was set up in front of pitcher's mound and set at around 100 mph, so outs were not that hard to get (to keep the game moving). After swinging at pitches that hard, that close for a full day, you can imagine how difficult it was to get your swing back to regular pitching the next day, but the money raised was the point, and always appreciated by various causes.

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We have a 72 hours rain or shine softball tournament in the town where i live. It is a Big Brothers/Big Sisters fund raiser. Usually anywhere from 24-30 teams compete and the umpires all donate their time so all entry fees go tot he cause. It is a load of fun playing especially in the middle of the night in a driving rain storm. Nobody usually gets too competitive so it just is a lot of fun.

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so I'm guessing Duke took about 1768 charges and got called for maybe... 3 blocks?

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Back in high school, we played a basketball marathon that went for over 150 hours. Our dreams of glory were immediately punctured because some high school in Missouri played over 170 hours the same week. Not sure of the rules Guinness sets, but 57 hours? That's barely a weekend.

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but we all still know dat north carolina is the better ball team. duke depends mostly on jj even though he does come through usually North carolina doesn't have the talent they had last year but they are working with what they got

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northcarolinafan, Did you even read the post? It has absolutley nothing to do with either the Duke or North Carolina basketball teams. This was a charitable event to raise funds for the Hoop Dream Academy, benefitting seriously ill children.

posted by willthrill72 at 11:29 AM on January 23, 2006

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