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Martin finds himself odd man out ... again

Well said grumm. If he feels that way about NASCAR he should stay home and do something else. It would be like me going to a Tupperware party. That's the one thing didn't understand when I was in the SCCA, there were alot of people who would only watch one form of racing and have nothing good to say about any other form. I myself will watch anything but monster trucks and F1.

posted by CB900 at 11:10 PM on February 19, 2007

Martin finds himself odd man out ... again

It was not because it was Jeff Gordon, it was because of the nature of the violation. A bolt backed off on a bracket that held the shock in place. It was not the kind of thing a team who likes thier driver would send him out on the track with. It had backed off and the bracket jammed under the bolt head. If it had backed off all the way it would have put him in the wall. The real problem is the press who try and paint a picture with just one color. Not all failures in the tech. line is cheating. Parts do break or loosen up under the stress of racing. That is a world away from drilling holes in the under body of the car, covering em with tape and then slitting the tape so the air can flow through the trunk.

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Martin finds himself odd man out ... again

Their actions caused unnecessary danger The wreck happened at !90 mph between the seconed and third place cars. The leaders were not in danger of hitting anything, and at that speed on the last lap, the cars behind the wreck were going to be part of it or no. Just throwing the yellow flag was not going to stop the wreck from playing out. Goddam, when did NASCAR become such a candy ass sport. Yes safety should be first priority, but lets be real, driving 200 mph does carry a degree of danger. If your goal is to make racing as safe as driving on the freeway, it's going to be about as much fun to watch. NASCAR has taken control of the out of the hands of the drivers and teams by turning em in to speck cars. Anyone who has been watching NASCAR for a long time knows how much better it could be.

posted by CB900 at 01:57 PM on February 19, 2007

Doping in Daytona

I'm with you coach, NASCAR has become a victom of it's own success. The guy who is incharge of tech and tech rules ( Robbin Pembertin) used to be the one of the biggest offenders of bending the rules. I used to do photo work at the races and I have to say the pit road sped limit does make sense. But I agree with you on the rest. Heres a few more. Impound races, closing pit road after the yellow comes out so drivers drive around with shit falling off their cars waiting for it to open. It used to be fun to keep tract of who was running where and when thay might pit. Now ya just watch the pack and wait for the next wreck. Thats when the next pit stop is.

posted by CB900 at 12:54 AM on February 15, 2007

Dallas Cowboys interview Jason Garrett for offensive coordinator

It looks to me as if The Boy' s are looking for someone to keep the seat warm for the next until Cowers can take the job. Hmmmmmmmmm?

posted by CB900 at 01:08 AM on January 25, 2007

Former Nittany Lion faces murder charges.

Stabbed and slashed 93 times and the motive was robbery? sounds a little more personal to me. I mean, if your just taking his money, 93 times sounds like a bit of over kill.

posted by CB900 at 09:35 AM on January 18, 2007

Benny Parsons dies from Lung Cancer

I have long held that the best NASCAR racing was missed by most NASCAR fans. I started following racing in the mid 60's, and what a wild time it was. The 60', 70's and 80's were ball's out without all the rules and constraints of today. BP was not only a part of that racing, but a leader. Very few of today's drivers could keep up with him in his prime. BP, you will be missed.

posted by CB900 at 09:51 AM on January 17, 2007

Cowher resigns, Steelers begin coach search

Wdminott as a Packer fan I sure do hope your wrong, but Cowher's brand of football and Chicago's are one and the same. I think when he comes back will depend on what jobs are open at the end of next season, I don't see him taking a job with a team who's owners don't have the will to win. I.E the Lions, the Raiders or a team with a total lack of talent. I could however see him being the next coach of the Cowboy's when Parcells departs.

posted by CB900 at 03:17 AM on January 06, 2007

UT tells woman she cheers too much

A stun gun comes to mind.

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UT tells woman she cheers too much

I was at a game this past weekend, and the woman sitting behind me had a cow bell. She started clanging the goddam thing before the game even started. By the end of the first quarter I was thinking about beating her to death with the fucking thing. About mid-way through the third quarter as I stood up and started to turn around I think her husband knew he was going to have to raise their kids by himself. He took the bell away from her and saved her life. I'm vary sure this this head case would grind on me the same way. By all means stand up and cheer when the rest of the crowd does. But take a hint, when everyone else sits down, it's time for you to sit down and shut the fuck up.

posted by CB900 at 09:46 PM on October 12, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

He can't play in the NFL until after his high school class has been out of school for three years. Or after his junior year. It's rare for players to make the NFL by comming out of the arena league and unheard of from the minor leagues. So you tell me what choice he has if he wants to play football.

posted by CB900 at 05:51 PM on September 14, 2006

If it quacks like a duck...

Bdaddy, any time a gun is fired at a living thing you have to recognize the fact that there is a chance you are going to kill said living thing. I have heard of many cases of people dying from gun shot wounds to the leg. A person can bleed out in a very short time if hit in the femoral artery. A bullet can also ricochet off a bone and travel to other vital parts of the body. No matter how good a shot he is, he has no way of controlling a bullit after it leaves his gun. If the oficer fired the first shot that hit him in the front of the leg because he was comming tward him, the seconed and third shots should not have been fired. I am in no way saying that Foley is with out guilt in this situation, it sounds as if he was drunk and belligerent. But he did not shoot anyone. As far as I know, being an asshole is not a punishable offense in this country. If it was we would run out of Cub's fan's in a very short time.

posted by CB900 at 03:26 PM on September 14, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

Ctal, with all do respect, please go back and read my posts. My major complaint has not been about money so much as it is about the amount of control that the NCAA has over every part of the player/students life. I have at no time pointed a finger at the schools, other then to compare the coaches being able to take endorsment even though they are paid by the school. Quite the opposite, I have lauded the school and the spouse's of the coach's for being willing to help. Twice I have said that I don't expect the students to get rich, just be treated fairly. I will say it again, this young man should be allowed to take care of his family without having to kiss the NCCA's ass for permission. I have been accused of assuming all students are block heads and corrupt. It's the NCAA that has a rule to cover every situation. So I will say this one more time, HOW THIS MAN TAKES CARE OF HIS FAMILY IS NONE OF THE NCAA's FUCKING BUSINESS. As for the contention that the NCAA is not running a farm system for the NFL, that is precisely what they are doing. The reason the NFL has the three year rule for players is to compel them to play college football. True, an athlete comming out of high school is not ready to play pro-ball. So if the players were not comming from college, they would have to come from somewhere. Which would mean setting up their own farm system.

posted by CB900 at 10:22 PM on September 12, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

Good luck with that one RUN, I have asked that question a few times the only reason anyone can give me is because its against the rules. That if the players took money or gifts they would not be amateurs. Several people have referred to the sleazy way in which alumni give money to the student athletes. When I ask why it's sleazy, the answer is, because it's against the rules. Why is it against the rules? Because the NCAA says so. The other reason people give is because they are getting a scholarship. What does one have to with the other? Under that line of thinking the coach should not be allowed to take the big shoe indorsement money because he is allready being paid a half million or by the school. I asked before and no one gave me an answer, why is it so evil for the players to have some money in their pockets?

posted by CB900 at 04:23 PM on September 12, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

Eve, I don't know how you came to the conclusion that I think all student athletes are block heads. Go back and read my comments, you will see that I have been saying just the opposite. I have contended all along that its time for the NCAA to start treating them as adults. I agree 100% that most student athletes are just good american young men and women. The reason I made the comment about it being rare to be able to use the word responsibile, is because all you ever hear about are the assholes. No, I am not assuming that everyone has a right to be an athlete. All I am saying is this is a two way street. Yes the players are getting a scholarship and a chance to spot light their talent. What I am pointing out is that in return the schools get the use of that players talent for four years. If there was no value to that, the NCAA and the schools would not be making the money they are. I at no time made any comment that the schools are making big money off their other sports programs. I mean how could a school make money off of swimming or cross country. What I did say is that NCAA football is a billion dollar business, and that the players should at least be given some consideration for the fact that between football and basketball they are supporting all the other sports. All that aside, the biggest point I have been trying to make is this, there has got to be a line, a limit, a point beyond whitch the NCAA can not pass. It seems to me that at this time there is no part of and athletes life that the NCAA does not control. They should be allowed to put their first. I'm glad they made an exception for this case. But being the cynic I am, I'm sure they did the right thing for the wrong reasons. I'm sure they did it for PR reasons, but what the fuck, it's more important that they did it, then why they did it.

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Abolish the NCAA

And again I say this has nothing to do with football. The money that was raised had nothing to do with him being paid to play, or for him to go to college. Every day you read about a fund being set up to help pay medical bills for a kid with cancer, or someone who's house burned or what have you. It's called human intrest, an act of kindness to a stranger. People keep saying, well he's getting a college education, yes he is, and in return for that education he is providing a service that also has a value. That aside, just how much control should the NCAA have. He agreed to play football for the school, he didn't sell his sole. There has to be a line that they are not allowed to cross. Having more responsibilites than the average college student doesn't change that. My God, how often do you get to use the word responsibile when talking about student athletes? I have read in many posts on this blog site about how people feel athletes get a slap on the wrist, or get off scott free for doing some really dumb shit. Now in the past week I have read two reports of a student athlete doing something responsibile, only to receive a swift kick in the teeth. Answer me this, if the reason they can do this is because he has a scholarshp, why is a walk on player subject to the same treatment?

posted by CB900 at 05:55 AM on September 12, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

Cta, thank you for a well thought out explanation, but with all do respect, it does not change my mind. I am not saying the players should make millions for playing their sport. But thease are adults who are part of a very lucrative business. My real problem with the NCAA is the level of control they have over not only the student, but the students family. When they get so petty as to assign a value to a ride to school, its time for some major changes. The community and the families of the coaches have tried to rally to help this man to take care of his younger brother. The NCAA has stepped in and said not only can they not help him in any way, he will be punished if he takes help from anyone. Whats next, if his brother goes to a public school for free will it be considered and extra benefit because the other players don't have anyone to send to grade school? While I do agree that there does need to be oversite of college sports, it should be to make sure the students are not exploited, not to exploit the students. Why should the NCAA be able to go after the families of athletes. The money raised was for his younger brother, as were the rides to school. But here we are the NCAA says he can't take them. He's not and student athlete, he's a young kid who needs as much support as posible. It seems to me that the NCAA can come up with a rule to cover any and all situations. They never back down, they are never wrong and there is never room for compromise. I am not saying the NCAA should look the other way on this one, they should ask what they can do to help.

posted by CB900 at 01:39 PM on September 11, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

I guess I really don"t understand why letting the players have a little money in their pockets is such an evil thing. Why is it so important to make sure that the players enjoy none of the spoils of their labor. I have had this discussion with several people today, and the only reason anyone could give me is, because it's against NCAA rules. In this case however, I just don't see how this is any of the NCAA's business. If you ask me, what this guy is doing is way bigger then the game of football. If he does not intervene in his brothers life now, I would foresee a very dismal future. I guess my biggest question is, what part of a players life is off limits to the NCAA?

posted by CB900 at 01:38 AM on September 10, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

Last week it was the football player who took a year off to help with his new child. This week its a player who has taken his brother out of what sounds like a shitty situation. I am going to assume if his little brother can't take rides to and from school from the coaches wives, their not allowed to help with food and clothing. How many football and basket ball players do you think get their girl friend or some one night stand pregnant and just walk away. I don't know the number, but I'm willing to bet it's not a rare event. Just what message is the NCAA trying to send here? I have never heard of a case of a student athlete being in any trouble for not doing whats right. But here they are, going out of their way to make it as tough as they can for this young man. If this is what the NCAA has become, they are not putting the best intrest of the athletes first. A case like this shows me that the NCAA is all about two things, making as much money as possible and making sure the players get none of it. The thing about this that pisses me off the most is that the NCAA is putting their nose where it does not belong. This has nothing to do with football. Where the fuck does the NCAA get off interfering with this man taking care of his family. People, out of the kindness of their hearts, have come forward to try and help, and these assholes want to punish him for this? I'll say it again, it's time to blow up the NCAA and piss on the ashes.

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Abolish the NCAA

Eve,go Wikipedia and look up the NFL or NBA draft , eligibility is on of the areas covered. I must admit I was wrong about the NBA, I thought they had the same rule as the NFL, which is that their high school graduating class has to be out of school for three years. The NBA rule is that the player has to be 19 in the calendar year that the draft takes place. I would like to think that in a perfect world all the student athletes go to class and get straight A's, date a nice girl, and hang out at the malt shop after practice, and before going back to the dorm to do home work. That however is not the reality of a college football or basketball player. Football season starts with preatice in the summer, and at a school with a successful program does not end until after the bowl season in January. It's catch 22 for the athlete, he's told hey we're giving you a free college education just for playing football. So you had better give 110% on the football field. How much time does the athlete really get to be a student.

posted by CB900 at 04:50 PM on September 08, 2006

Abolish the NCAA

Would he be allowed to spend the money willy nilly? of course not, but he'd be allowed to take care of his family and go to school as a student athlete. If it has come to the point that a student athlete needs to get the blessing of the NCAA to take care of his family, it's time to blow up the NCAA and piss all over the ashes. I made this comment a few weeks ago and I'll say it again, Lincoln freed all the slaves. I don't know how the NCAA justifies having ahything to say about how a man takes care of his family, but it's got to stop right fucking now. Most of the arugments in this thread in favor of the NCAA have to do with keeping money out of the pockets of the athletes. So a player was paid $18,000 dollars for a summer job, so what, it's good work if you can find it. This was a summer job, but still the NCAA feels they have total control over the players during the off season. To me it seems like being an NCAA athlete is more like a four year sentence than a four year program. The only way to the pros is through the NCAA. Why? because the NCAA has an arrangement with the NFL and NBA to keep it that way. It works out good for the NFL because they don't have to set up a farm system like the MLB has. Insted they have the NCAA run their farm system, groom and train the players and weed out those who can't cut it. In return, the NCAA gets to ride a billion dollar a year business and does not have to pay the players anything. Yes I can see where if you were to pay NCAA football and basketball players, the swimmers and cross country runners might have a real complaint. I guess the NCAA needs to get a deal in place with the pro-swimming and pro-track leagues so they have to spend three or four years before turning pro.

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

Virdict not guilty Yea , because the on duty cops tried to cover up what happened. Including fileing falsefied reports. One of the cops is now serving two years and, is facing Federal hate crime charges. I was referring to the fact that the cops may have to deal with an inordinate number of drunks... It was the cops that were drunk, not the victom. Every time you show me stats showing how tough it is for the cops to do their job,you reinforce my opinion that this cop should not have tried to pull Foley over. I would think they have these stats drilled into them, so as to know how not to get into this type of situation. All this asshole had to do was take down his plate number, call it in, and wait for back-up. Then him and his fellow officers could have gone to Foley's house and kicked the shit out of him. Instead Dirty Harry with his whole one year of service pushed the situation to the point of shooting him.

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

Sorry EVE it was MJK who put those stats up.

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

In reading this thred and thinking about some of my encounters with the local constabulary, I know I would not stop for someone who just said they were a cop. I ride a motorcycle and have long hair. When its not to hot I wear a black leather coat. I was stoped sometime back and the officer asked what I was doing in that part of town. He ran my plate and checked for warrants then told me he did not want to see me in his part of town any more that night. When I ask why he pulled me over, his answer was, no particular reason. I have mellowed with age, but I could see a time in my life that it could have gotten ugly.

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

I am not going to get into the fight over weather this was about race or if the cop was afraid of him because he is black. Insted I ask this, how many Americans are afraid of the cop that pulls them over. In Milwaukee this summer a mentally ill man died after an on duty officer used a taser on him. The officer claims he used it five times, however the tell tail chip in the gun said he used it on him twelve times. Also in Milwaukee six drunk, off duty cops beat the shit out of a man on a public street because one of them thought the guy had stolen his badge and gun. The cops who reasponded to the call from a neighbor tried to cover up what happened. The cop that started the whole thing was on paid leave for two years. The guy they beat was in the hospital for a month. These are just two cases that come to mind, I know there are alot more. So I hope you will forgive me if I don't put my hands behind my back and get on the ground for some guy who says he's a cop. I can see where I might do the same thing as Foley did. Some guy who says he's a cop but does not show a badge, is not in a squad car or in uniform, tries to pull me over, no fucking way do I just pull over. It sounds to me like Foley was doing the same thing I would do, try to get home. The officer may say he was following Foley and trying to pul him over, Foley may have thought some crazy fucker with a gun was chaseing him. I think the stats Eve brings up work against what this officer did. If you know that this is what could happen when your on duty and have all the tools of the trade with you, why would you put yourself in that situation when your off duty?

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

My comments are based upon him being a repeat offender in instances resisting of arrest and DWI. MJK, these are your very words, and I repeat what I said, his past record has nothing to do with what happened that night. I am basing my comments on the facts that are known. 1. The officer was off duty. 2. He was not driving a squad car, he was driving a car with no lights, radio or computer. 3. He fired eight shots in a residential area, at an unarmed man. 4. The reason he gave for shooting was that he reached for his wastband. No weapon was reported to have been found. 5. He determined without a field sobriety test or breathalyser test that Foley was drunk. Having a badge does not mean you have unlimited power to run roughshod over the populace. The whole situation could have been defused if he had just called for help.I have on more than one occasion called to report something I have seen on the interstate. The response time was a matter of moments. Turn the situation around and say it's the cop who kills someone while he is doing 90 trying to pull Foley over. By trying to keep up with Foley he doubled the amount of danger to the public

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

MJK, he had no fucking idea who he was pulling over. He had no way to ascertain that information, because he was not on duty and had no way to run his plate. Even if he did know who it was, past charges do not give him the right to try and kill him. Any one who thinks it is possible to shoot someone with any other intent, have no grasp on reality. as soon as this cop felt he was not in control of the situation he should have backed down and waited for help. I am so fucking tired of this post 9/11 mentality of shoot first and to hell with constitutional rights. I can't how many people are willing to take the cops word at face value.

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

First off, for the cop to know he was going as fast as 90MPH he had to going that fast also. He was in his own car with know lights or siren. That means there were two idiots weaving in and out of traffic. Second, more then one of the comments on here point out that Foley had a prior for risisting arrest. You know this because the news story says so. This off-duty cop had know way of knowing this, because he had no radio or computer to run the plates. He had know idea who he was dealing with. Third, He couldn't pepper spray or use his taser because he was off-duty. In other words he did not have the tools of his trade to do the job. There is no doubt that being a cop is a very tough job, or that a traffic stop at that time of night can go bad in in the blink of a eye. So why put yourself in a situation like that? Why not just take down the plate number and report it. He was not equipped to make a traffic stop and should not have tried. Ask yourself this, if someone pulled up along side you at that time of night, said they were a cop and told you to pull over, would you?

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Off-duty police officer shoots Chargers LB Foley

Why is it people immediately want to take the side of the criminal in these cases? I thought he was a football player. I have not seen any reports as to his BAC, just the word of an off duty cop. Imagien the reverse in the case-the off-duty cop calls it in, awaits back-up and Foley kills a couple of people running a light. Are you cool with it then? Yes I am. It would not be on the cop, but on Foley for killing said people, he was the one driving. How do we know that Foley's driving was not a direct result of this guy chasing him. Anyone can say they are a cop. I have a badge that says I am the Sheriff of Dodge City. Foley was stupid on too mant levels to list, and many of you are criticizing a cop who decided that it was unacceptable to allow a drunken idiot to continue to endanger the public any longer than absolutely needed. Un-friggin-real! What happened to presumed innocent? you are thaking the word of the cop as proof. As for calling Foley and idiot, this asshole fired his gun eight times, he is just as dangerous if not more. How does he know where his warning shot went.

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Katrina strikes again

"If you come play for us son, we will make sure your family has a nice house to live in rather than a flea-bag motel or a FEMA campsite." I am a world class cynic, and even I have to believe that the educators and administrators of Bastrop High and the school district put the well- being of the students first. To think that the coaches hand picked the students by how good a football player they are is ridiculos. Familys and people were scattered all to hell and gone. Am I to believe they went to the Super Dome to recruit only the best players, I think not. And even if they did, don't take it out on the kids, I think they have suffered enough.

posted by CB900 at 12:27 PM on August 30, 2006

Should male athletes be permitted an extra year of NCAA eligibility if they take a season off for paternity leave?

Yea I'll give ya that one tommy.

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Katrina strikes again

What the fuck is wrong with thease people? I'm sure to the kids that came from the other schools this was the only bright spot in an otherwise really shity year. The more I think about this the more pissed I'm getting about it. Let the kids play the games, not the adults. What satisfaction can there be in taking the championship by any other way then winning the championship game. I am going to surmise that because thease kids are still going to Bastrop, it might be possible for the team to repeat. How better to stop this, DQ the players who made the difference. You have to give Bastrop credit, covering up their recruiting violations by stageing a hurricane and wiping out a major U.S. city.

posted by CB900 at 03:28 PM on August 29, 2006

Should male athletes be permitted an extra year of NCAA eligibility if they take a season off for paternity leave?

This is just one more case of the NCAA showing they just don't get it. The atheletes they are dealing with are real adults, with real adult things to deal with. I am sick to death of the NCAA acting as if every athelete between the age of 18-23, and all aspects of their life are the property of the NCAA. If he had wanted to go pro two years ago they would have stepped in and said no. Why? because they can. If this were any other business the government would step in and break them up as being a monopoly. This is a billion dollar business that does not pay its employees. I wouldn't say the NCAA is obtuse, so much as it is vindictive.

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Edwards fined for hitting Earnhardt

As I said before, the answer is to change the motor specs. to to give the cars more throttle response. Had Edwards been able to put his foot down and power out of the slide he would not have gotten hit by Jr.. The problem is people want to see these big packs of twenty or thirty cars running inchs apart. NASCAR gives this to there fans by making sure no one car can pull away from the rest of the pack. Days gone by it was not unusual for ten or less cars to finish on the lead lap.Now unless a car has a problem or a penalty, all the cars finish on the lead lap. The only thing left for drivers to do when they get loose is to lift off the gas and hope to catch the car with steering. As soon as the driver lifts, the car that is just five inches behind him is going to catch up real quick. Yea the drivers get pissed about it, but who is really to blame. Three cars running that close, a lap or two to go, how long do you think the driver that lifts is going to kep his job?

posted by CB900 at 11:37 PM on August 24, 2006

Edwards fined for hitting Earnhardt

My intent was to say this: If the car in second is faster, then he needs to pass, not wreck the first place car. Just how would you go about doing this? You have three or four cars running nose to tail and side by side, how do you stop one car from taking the air off another. NASCAR is not willing to take the steps that would solve the real problem. Insted they are going to come out with a kit car and make everyone drive it. If NASCAR would just mandate a smaller motor with bigger carburetors, the cars would regain throttle response while still running at a slower speeds. Then some of the spoiler and other down force rules could be changed so the cars are more stable in traffic. If the cars still ran to fast, all that they would have to do lower the compression. The main reason for not doing this? Sound, the cars would not sound the same. A small block motor turned at the same rpm's would have a higher pitch and not the rumble they have now.

posted by CB900 at 12:54 PM on August 24, 2006

Edwards fined for hitting Earnhardt

Mike Helton came out a few years back and said NASCAR is about "Entertainment". Ge, what happened to Racing? Racing IS about entertainment. The guys who do it, do it because they love it, and before they made it to the big time most did it out of their own pockets as their form of entertainment. The people who go to the races are spending their entertainment dollars to see a race, and there by be entertained. I have over the last few years met a lot of people who are very knowledgeable about NASCAR, but know very little about racing. NASCAR has done a masterful job of marketing their product and have expanded their fan base ten fold. However there is alot more racing then just NASCAR. And that is where the fun starts. A lot of people who drive to Daytona or INDY for a race, don't know there is great racing every weekend in their own back yard. While this may be new to some of you, it goes on at every dirt track and dust bowl every weekend all race season.

posted by CB900 at 11:32 PM on August 23, 2006

Edwards fined for hitting Earnhardt

Wow, Bud Lang. Do you know who killed Kennedy to. If Jr. and Gordon could plan and execute this in the nano-second it took to unfold, wow they are far better then I thought. What really happened was that three very competitve drivers were going for the win on the last lap and shit happens. I have followed this sport for a long time and this is what used to be expected from drivers. On the last lap you give no quarter. Think back to the very first Daytona 500 on CBS. Bobby , Donny and Cale getting together on the back stretch to talk over what happened. People who have just started following the sport (i.e. the last five to ten years)are seeing a watered down version of what NASCAR used to be. It used to be a sport where the weak had no chance. Guys like Tony Stewart, Jeff Gordon and Robbie Gordon would have done fine in days gone by. However guys like JR. and Carl Edwards would have gotten their asses kicked every week. I watched the race and from what I saw from the replays is Edwards lost the back end of his car and slowed. That was when Jr. got into him and spun him. You can bet your ass if it had been Sr. behind him the same thing would have happened. However if it had been Sr. behind him he would have just flat out run over him. As for Edwards actions after the race, come on Carl, be a man. Go to the garage and kick Jr's as if ya think he did ya wrong.

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Bryant Gumbel in Trouble With NFL Network?

I'm sorry MJK, there is no way the NCAA can be defended. Coaches at the big schools are signing contracts paying seven figures a year. The football side of the NCAA grossed about one billion last year, and the guys who go out on the field and play the game not only don't get a share of that, they are not even allowed to hold a job. Every dime the players put in their pockets has to be approved by the NCAA. As for the NFL, I would love to make the league min. for a few years. Shit the guy that is third on the depth chart makes six hundred grand.

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Bryant Gumbel in Trouble With NFL Network?

I have never had an opinion about Gumbel one way or another, and have maybe gained a little more respct for him for speaking his mind given the situation. This respect will last right up to the time he files a lawsuit because the NFL dumps him on his ass. If on the other hand he stands by his convictions and really believes what he said, he will accept whatever the NFL does like a man, and not take court action.

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Bryant Gumbel in Trouble With NFL Network?

I agree with a lot of what has been said above, however, most of it has nothing to do with the story. If ya start drilling holes in the boat your sitting in, someone is going to throw you overboard. If Gumbel wanted to maintain the right to comment on the performance of the NFL commissioner or blast the head of the union, he should nat have taken a job that in essence had him working for the commissioner. As the host of Real Sports he is well within his rights to make the comments he did. However as the play-by-play guy for the NFL Network, he was commenting on things way over his pay grade. This has nothing to do with PC or race. Pure and simple, if ya spit in your bosses face you will pay a price.

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It's never too arly to teach them...

bperk, I personally don't feel they should be judged harsher because they are athletes, but this is not even close to being harsh enough. As far as if this is about athletes, the judge did that. But by the grace of God these to morons didn't kill someone. The long list of shit they could have been charged with could have put them behind bars for alot longer then sixty days.

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It's never too arly to teach them...

They should have been tried as adults and had their asses hauled out of the court room in cuffs. They have just been told a winning season is more important then social resonsibility. I do not for one moment believe this was just some kind of childhood prank gone wrong. This was a pre-meditated plan to create a dangerous situation and see how people would react, and they did it just to amuse themselves. I have to wonder what this bonehead judge would have done if the kids involved had not been on the football team. If he really wanted to punish these two little shits, they should not be allowed to play footbal til they turn twenty one.

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Vikings' Robinson Arrested; Season May Be In Jeopardy

Just put yourself in his shoes. I can't afford his shoes, nor can I afford the high buck attorney he will have to, drag this out for the next year or so. ur telling telling me that you never went to a bar/club and after having a few, got behind the wheel? I am sure if we are honest with our self's, most of have, but not at over 120MPH. For his driving to amount to the level of a felony goes well beyond that. Not a day goes by that there is not a story about some young sports star fucking up. But rarely do you here what the out come is. Eighteen months from now there will be a small storey in the back of the Saturday paper that says he got community service and a fine. But if on the front page there is a story about him catching two TD passes or making a great catch, well, no one will give a shit.

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Green Light... RED LIGHT! haha go back to the beginning.

Im not a fan of the Busch Bro's, but I do think he got hosed. As a driver nears the line he has to be looking at his tack to make sure he's not speeding. Add to that the HANS device, the helmet and the seat there is no way he should be trying to look for a stop light. Coach I agree with you, but ya don't have to go that far back to find drivers who would not like the changes that have been made. I don't think Dale Sr. or Neil Bonnet whould like the changes. I could not believe Jeff Gordon got a ten grand fine for that little shove of Matt Kenseth. If it had been A.J. Foyt or Buddy Baker or Cale Yarborough, Kenseth would have gotton the shit kicked out of him. I will never forget the thrill of watching NASCAR pit stops at Talladega and Indy cars at the Brick Yard. Yea it was a bit nuts when thirty car came screaming down pit road at 150 mph but it sure was fun to watch.

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Titans Mascot Runs Cart Into Saints QB

A friend of mine's seven year old son was killed by a golf cart at a baseball game. Unless its for an emergence reasons carts should not be driven in crowds.

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Little League controversy

In situations like this there two kinds of people. The first one , upon seeing their best hitter take an IBB strides to the plate with cofidence and says, great now I get to be the hero. The second, upon seeing their best hitter take an IBB, walks reluctantly to the plate knowing the game is lost. What is this man teaching his son. His son has for now ( and I hope forever ) beat cancer. Stop turning the boy into a victom and start instilling some self-confidence In him. As for all this baseball as a metaphor for life horse shit, just teach them not to swing on 3-1, the play is on the lead runner with less then two outs and put on clean underwear.

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Al and Bobby Unser charged with resisting arrest and obstructing officers

True the Unser clan are old school, but I have never known them to instigate trouble. I don't know how things are done in New Mexico, but here in Wi when an area is blocked off its along ways away from the scene of the crime. The cops that man the road blocks are new on the force, they have a gun, an attitude and no sense of how to deal with people. Im not saying the Unser's didn't speak their minds when the cops yelled at them, but it sounds like the road block was right at the end of his drive way. I would think the roadblock was a safe distance from from what was going on. I would think the whole situation could have been defused by checking their ID's and letting them go to his house. It sounds to me like the cops were just being dicks about the whole thing.

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From Bad to Worse for Maurice Clarett

The sad part about all this is if the guy would have finished collegeand kept clean, he'd be sitting in a jacuzzi with four professional cheerleaders right now as oppsed to prison... The only difference I see is that if he had made it to the NFL he would have been driving a better car, had more guns and would not get any jail time.

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From Bad to Worse for Maurice Clarett

Still another success story from the NCAA run, NFL school of football. Some of thease kids can really show the pros up when it comes to felonious behavior. He sounds like another Brent Moss, all the talent in the world and not one living brain cell.

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Pistons' Davis Arrested in Miami Beach

Why does anyone need three cell phones?

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Pistons' Davis Arrested in Miami Beach

Amen to that Rabbit, and if a white person points that out they are called a raciest and a bigot. Problem is, with all the cries of wolf, its hard to tell who has a legit complaint. If Dale Davis was such a big man to call out the cops, he should be a big enough own up to what he did.

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Pistons' Davis Arrested in Miami Beach

Unless you were one of the cops,you don't know why he was targeted. I quote from the story.Police were called to the hotel by security workers and Davis was repeatedly asked to leave, but refused, according to the report.I don't know, sounds to me like he was beiing a problem before the cops got there. The story does not say what the race of the cops were, and does not say what percipitated the cops being called. Im sure they didn't say let's throw the black guy out just for the hell of it. Saying he was targeted makes it sound like he was minding his own business and the cops decided to fuck with him for no reason.

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Pistons' Davis Arrested in Miami Beach

It has been my experience that how cops treat you is a direct reflection of how you treat them. Yes some do come on strong at first, but they don't know you or how you are going to react. The only thing they have to go on is what they were told when dispatched to the scene. Before it got to the point that they used a taser he was given a chance to back down. He was not targeted because he was black. He was arrested for being an asshole. For the most part street cops are just like everyone else. Regular people just trying to do a job. As for the hotel, yea most hotels are in the practice of throwing millionaires out.

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Champ Car Driver Hits Deer on the Track

I live in Wi and have spent alot of time at RA. It is not uncommon for wildlife to wander out onto the track. The track is in a very rural area. The year Al Unser won his forth Indy 500 he hit a rabbit during the race. The rabbit liquefied on contact and sprayed onto his teammates (Rick Mears) car behind him. Dviking, does your source say how many people are killed by pigs each year? I hope Cristiano has a full and speedy recovery.

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Bomar gone at OU

What I mean by that is that the NCAA treats college athletes like property. While others are making huge sums of money, the NCAA works overtime to make sure the football players get no more than their basic needs. I have had this arugment more than once. The arugment that is always used is that thay are getting a free college education. But I think we all know that education is secondary to playing football. The NCAA has worked out agreements with the NFL and the NBA under which thay will not take any athletes until after their third year of eligibility. That means the path to the pros means three years of servitude to the NCAA. The number of athletes who actullay get the big payday at the end of the rainbow are just a small percentage. The rest have just donated three years to the NCAA. Again, I was not compareing college athletes to slaves. I was talking about the way the NCAA treats college athletes.

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Bomar gone at OU

OSU grossed $51.8 mil off of football alone last year. The coach of the OSU football team makes $2 mil a year not counting side deals for shoes and what ever other deals he has made. OSU makes money selling shirts with the players names on the back, and the players get no part of that income. The NCAA and the schools make money by selling the players likeness to EA Sports for video games, and the players see none of it. Football is no longer an extra currcular activity, its big business. The NCAA has set up a system under which any player of talent who wants to go to the pro's has to play for an NCAA school for three years. During that time the player is under their thumb. Not allowed to work during the school year, only allowed to make a set amount during the summer. Everyone makes money off the players talent but the player. I would like to know how much the top administrators of the NCAA make. Its a big scandal if a player takes a free pair of shoes, but the coach can take big money from the company who made the shoes. Someone needs to tell the NCAA that Lincoln freed all the slaves.

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Brewers trade Lee to Rangers, get Cordero

The Brewers offered Lee 52 million over four years and he turned it down. The Brewers did what they had to do. If the Brewers stick to what they have been doing, they will keep building a strong farm system. Building the team with young players out of minors seems to be working, slowly. Signing big buck FA does not fit in this plan. Beside that, Lee isnt worth 52 mil to a small market team.

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Chorizo joins the sausage race

I hear it was a toss up between Chorizo and the Tube Steak. But Bud already has a job.

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Bill Belichick, Home Wrecker?

Wow, I thought the Oxycodone I'm taking is strong stuff. I want some of what jerseygirl has.

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Column: Stewart not following own advice

What about the guy who leads the points week in and week out Jimmy Johnson? I think he has every bit as much talent as Tony Stewart. Jimmy Johnson is good stock car driver. Dale Sr. was a great stock car driver. Tony Stewart is a great race car driver. Whats the difference you say? The good driver with a great car can contend for a win in any given race. A great driver with a good car will contend in most races, and the great driver with a great car will contend in every race. What makes Stweart a great race car driver is that he can contend to win in any type of car he gets into. Clint Bowyer did get up too high on Tony but I mean come on it's not like he totally destroyed his car. He didn't just get up to high, he ran him into the wall. I don't condone what Tony did next, but alot of drivers would have lost control comming off the wall and taken out half the field. I will admit I am a big Stewart fan. I have been following NASCAR for forty years (sense I was 9 yrs old) and I think he is one of the best ever. That said, I could see probation for what he did, he was out of line. I can also see why he lost his temper. This was the second time in as many races he's been put in the wall. I do have to laugh, this reminds me of Dale Sr., every time Geoff Bodine crashed it was Sr's fault. After a while every crash was his fault, no matter where he was on the track.

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